For those of you who would rather watch than read, here is a quick overview of the Freya mattress.

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However, we could only fit so much detail into one video for brevity sake. Keep reading to learn more about the Brooklyn Bedding Freya bed-in-a-box.

Buying A Freya Mattress

A lot of people out there are hesitant to buy a mattress online. The whole direct-to-consumer bed-in-a-box concept is still too new for many consumers. They’d rather try their luck at their local mattress store. However, most of these consumers don’t realize just how easy and convenient these online mattress brands make it for shoppers. Brooklyn Bedding is one such example. Let’s dig a little deeper.

The Freya mattress ships for free and arrives compressed in a box (hence the term bed-in-a-box). Once you move the box to your bedroom, simply unbox the mattress and unroll it onto your frame or foundation. From there, just make sure to let the mattress breathe and fully inflate for about 48 hours before sleeping on it.

After the mattress is delivered, Brooklyn Bedding gives you a 120-night risk-free trial period. This is the policy that a lot of brick-and-mortar shoppers overlook. Essentially, the company is giving you four months to test the bed in your own home and decide whether you like it or not. I’m not a mathematician, but I’d take four months in my own home over a couple minutes in a store.

If, after 30 nights, you decide the bed isn’t for you, don’t worry, you’re not going to be stuck with a mattress you don’t like. All you have to do is contact Brooklyn Bedding and they’ll schedule for the bed to be picked up from your home for no additional charge. Once the mattress has been removed, just email Brooklyn a copy of the pick-up receipt and they’ll give you a refund in full.

Brooklyn Bedding also backs the Freya mattress with a 10-year limited warranty, which protects against large body impressions and other manufacturing defects. You can read more about what the warranty entails on the company’s website.

Just to be clear, Brooklyn Bedding is not the only online brand to offer such customer friendly policies. Most beds you buy online come with free delivery, a risk-free trial period, and an extended warranty.

What Other Mattresses Does Brooklyn Bedding Offer?

In addition to Freya, Brooklyn Bedding offers several other models. Here is a quick synopsis of each one.

Bowery — This is Brooklyn’s most affordable mattress. It’s an all-foam bed that has a soft, neutral-foam feel.

Bowery Hybrid — Similar to the all-foam Bowery, except it uses 6″ pocketed coils for its primary support structure.

Signature — This is Brooklyn’s flagship mattress. It’s an extremely comfortable hybrid bed that comes in three different firmness levels.

brooklyn bedding mattress review signature side sleepers
Slumber Yard team member Jeff taking a cat nap on the Brooklyn Signature bed

Aurora — Similar to the Freya mattress and is also an excellent option for hot sleepers.

Plank — A flippable (you can sleep on both sides) mattress that is great for folks who want/need an extra firm bed.

Bloom — A premium hybrid mattress that is made with organic and natural materials and foams.

Also, it’s important to note that Brooklyn Bedding actually owns and operates their own manufacturing facility. This gives them complete control over the manufacturing process and is a big reason why their beds are of such high-quality.

Cooling Features And Construction Of Freya

If you take a quick look at the Freya mattress on the company’s website, it’s clear the company is targeting sleepers who tend to warm up at night. The Freya logo even includes a little snowflake. As you will find out below, the bed incorporates special textiles and materials to help people sleep cool.

As far as the actual mattress goes, it’s made of five layers (six if you count the cover) and totals 13.5″ thick.

For the very bottom, the mattress uses a 1″ layer of dense base foam. This is a simple poly foam that serves as a foundation for the coils to sit on.

Now that I’ve let the cat out of the bag, the next layer is comprised of 8″ individually pocketed coils. Together, these coils act as the primary support structure for the mattress. Depending on which size Freya mattress you purchase, the bed will contain up to 1,189 individual coils.

Next, the bed uses a 1″ layer of transition foam. The name says it all. This layer just serves as a transition from the firm coils below to the soft foam on top.

freya mattress review cooling mattress from booklyn bedding
A peek inside the Freya mattress

Sitting just below the top layer is a 1.5″ layer of copper-gel Energex foam. This is actually a patented foam that is supposed to provide deep support and responsiveness.

Finally, for the top layer, the bed uses a 2″ slab of visco-elastic memory foam. This is the true comfort layer of the mattress. It’s soft, comfortable, and provides a good amount of pressure relief.

It’s important to note that the two top layers are infused with what the company calls its “TitanCool” material. This is a water-based, phase change molecule that is supposed help draw heat away from your body. According to the company’s website, this material is designed to keep your body temperature around 88°F.

The cover is also injected with this special cooling material. We’ll cover temperature regulation in more detail later in this review.

How To Care For The Freya Mattress

Wrapping the mattress is a soft, non-removable cover. As we mentioned above, it’s injected with a special material which actually makes the bed feel slightly damp/cool. The cover gives the bed a premium look and feel.

brooklyn bedding freya mattress review
A closer look at the cooling cover on the Freya mattress

If you happen to spill something on the mattress or it gets dirty somehow, the company recommends you spot clean the cover with a mild detergent. Also, when spot cleaning, it’s important you dab the spot instead of rubbing it.

If you’re a clean freak and the thought of your mattress getting dirty makes you pull your hair out, you may want to look into purchasing the Brooklyn Bedding mattress protector. You can also check out popular mattress protectors on Amazon.

Let’s Talk Weight

When shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to keep your weight in mind because your weight determines how you perceive a mattress to feel. The same mattress will feel quite different to various sized individuals.

Generally, heavy people (250+ lb) will feel like most mattresses they lay on are quite soft since large individuals place a lot of pressure on a mattress and subsequently sink further into the top layers.

More petite sized individuals, on the other hand, exert very little force on the bed and sleep more on top of the surface. As a result, lighter people feel like most beds are on the firmer side.

In our reviews, we write through the perspective of an average size sleeper (about 160-190 lb), although we will reference all body types throughout this post so everyone can get an idea of how the Freya mattress will feel.

Freya Mattress Price And Coupon Code

Given its high-quality construction and special cooling materials, the Freya mattress is considered a luxury online bed. As such, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the mattress is priced near the higher-end of the bed-in-a-box industry. This isn’t your typical 10″ all-foam bed-in-a-box mattress. Rather, it’s geared more towards people who have a little coin in their pocket and want to sleep cool. Here’s how pricing breaks down by size.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,449
King / Cal King$2,399

Before you let the MSRP get you all hot and bothered (pun intended), we have some good news for you. Brooklyn Bedding is known for being very aggressive when it comes to sales and discounts. They almost always offer some sort of promo code or coupon code to make their mattresses more attractive for coupon clippers. Check the discount box on the right hand side of the screen to see what kind of savings you can get right now.

Our Thoughts On Firmness And More

Although the Freya mattress uses a thick layer of memory foam for its top layer, we wouldn’t say this mattress has a stereotypical memory foam feel. It actually has more of a mixed-foam feel. You can definitely tell the bed uses memory foam, but you can also feel a little bit of the responsive Energex foam second layer. As a result, the bed is very soft and comfortable, but the top layers don’t quite conform and contour to your body’s shape the same way as, say, the top layers on the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid.

brooklyn bedding freya mattress review stomach sleeper
Extremely soft, mixed-foam feel

Regardless, we think this bed is very comfortable. We’ve actually found that beds with a mixed-foam feel generally please the vast majority of sleepers. Traditional memory foam fans seem to like it as do people who dislike memory foam. Bottom line, if you like extremely plush, soft mattresses, you’ll dig this bed.

In addition, we found this bed to be a bit more responsive than the typical memory foam bed. Thanks to the bounce from the coils and the responsive Energex foam near the top, the bed actually pops back to position fairly quickly after pressure is released. Accordingly, you really don’t get any of that stuck-in-the-mud feel that memory foam is known for.

This responsiveness is nice for sleepers who move around a lot during the night. With a lot of memory foam beds, active sleepers will have to exert more energy in order to switch positions. Luckily, with the Freya mattress, active sleepers will have no issues switching from their side to their back or vice versa, for example.

In terms of firmness, we think the Freya mattress lands around a medium-soft on our scale. As we alluded to previously, the bed has a very soft feel to it. It’s one of those beds where you can’t help but let out an audible sigh of pleasure as you lay down after a long day.

freya mattress review firmness

Remember, though, your weight matters when it comes to firmness. Petite sleepers may find the mattress feels more like a medium on the firmness scale, while heavier folks may find it feels more like a proper soft.

Sleeping Positions That Freya Can Handle

We would actually say the Freya mattress is ideal for primary side sleepers. In general, side sleepers prefer soft beds that are gentle around their pressure points and the Freya definitely delivers on that front. The bed is very accommodating and does a good job of cradling your hips and shoulders.

brooklyn bedding freya mattress review side sleeper
The Freya mattress offers ample pressure relief for side sleepers

Since the Freya mattress is fairly new, it didn’t make it on our most recent list of the Best Beds For Side Sleepers, but after testing the mattress, it’s safe to say there’s a good chance you’ll see it on there next year.

As for stomach and back sleepers, this is a little trickier to answer than the last section. In our opinion, it depends on your weight. We think petite sleepers (call it 150 lb or less) who primarily sleep on their back or stomach will be just fine on the Freya mattress. To reiterate, these types of sleepers will likely find that the mattress is a bit firmer than the average sized sleeper.

brooklyn bedding freya mattress review back sleeper
Good option for back sleepers who weigh less than 150 lb

When it comes to medium and large sized individuals, we’d say the Freya mattress is a little too soft. These body types just sink into the mattress a little further than you’d like. Typically, back and stomach sleepers prefer slightly firmer mattresses that keep their hips and trunk in horizontal alignment with the rest of their body at all times.

All in all, if you’re a primary back or stomach sleeper and you weigh over 175 lb, we recommend you check out our list of the Best Beds For Back Sleepers.

In the case of combo sleepers, we actually think the Freya mattress will work for all body types as long as average and large sized individuals don’t spend too much time on their back or stomach.

brooklyn bedding freya mattress sleeping position

Again, the nice thing about this mattress is that the top layers are actually pretty responsive, so combo sleepers will find it effortless to switch between positions.

Designed For Petite Sleepers?

Absolutely. Folks who weigh less than 150 lb will find the mattress extremely comfortable. For small sized individuals, the bed strikes a really nice balance between pressure relief and support and will be very accommodating in all sleeping positions.

What About Heavy People Over 250 lb?

Yes, but with a few caveats, which we’ll get to in a second. From a construction standpoint, the Freya mattress checks all the boxes heavy people generally look for.

First, it’s a thick mattress that is made with premium materials. Thicker beds are more difficult for large individuals to bottom out. Compared to a typical bed-in-a-box mattress, the Freya mattress has an additional 3.5″ of high-quality materials between the sleeper and the foundation.

More importantly, though, the bed uses 8″ coils for its foundation. Coils have proven to be more durable and supportive than the dense poly foams that a lot of bed-in-a-box mattresses use for their main support structures.

As such, if you look at the mattress purely in a vacuum in terms of construction, the Freya bed is a great option for folks who weigh more than 250 lb. However, you have to keep in mind your primary sleeping position. If you primarily sleep on your side, you’re all set, buy the Freya mattress and have a wonderful night of sleep.

If you’re a primary back or stomach sleeper, though, we’d recommend you either check out the Brooklyn Aurora firm option (just like Freya, but a tad bit firmer) or peruse our list of the Best Beds For Heavy People.

Just How Cool Is The Freya Mattress?

This is one area where the Freya mattress excels. A lot of online bedding companies like to claim their mattresses sleep cool, but in reality, it just turns out to be false marketing rhetoric the majority of the time. However, in Freya’s case, it’s actually true. We consider Freya to be one of the few true “cooling mattresses” on the market.

As we alluded to above, the bed incorporates a special phase change material in its cover and top two layers that make the mattress literally cool to the touch. Bottom line, if you’re a person who warms throughout the night or just lives in an extremely hot climate, the Freya mattress is an excellent option.

However, keep in mind there are other factors at play, as well, when it comes to temperature regulation. For example, what you wear to sleep (flannel pajamas vs shorts and a tank top) and how often you run your air conditioner are a couple of the many things that can affect how warm or cool you sleep.

Will Freya Work For Couples?

In short, yes, we think the Freya bed is a viable option for folks who share a mattress. Again, this holds true as long as both partners spend a good portion of the night on their side. If that’s the case, then you’re in luck because the mattress performs extremely well in terms of motion isolation and edge support.

First, the top layers on the bed do a good job of drowning out the bounce from the 8″ pocketed coils. In our tests, we noticed very little cross-mattress motion. Here, take a look for yourself.

As you can see above, the water in the glass stays fairly steady. This is good news for couples with one partner who moves around a lot. Having a bed like Freya that deadens movement well means you won’t be disturbed every time your partner gets up off the mattress or switches positions.

Further, the Freya mattress also provides pretty decent edge support. As you inch toward the side, you still feel supported and never feel as if you’re going to slide right off the edge.

freya mattress review edge support
No issues with edge support on the Freya mattress

Edge support is particularly important for partners who sleep on a full or queen size mattress. When space is limited, it’s crucial both partners can use the entire surface area of the mattress. On the Freya bed, both individuals will be able to spread out comfortably.

Our Final Verdict For This Bed

It’s hard not to like mattresses from Brooklyn Bedding. It seems like all of their beds have high-quality constructions and are extremely comfortable. The Freya mattress is no exception.

However, Freya is not going to be the right mattress for everyone. We see it being best for folks who sleep particularly hot and spend the majority of the night sleeping on their side.

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How did the Slumber Yard team get this bed?

Brooklyn Bedding sent us the Freya mattress for free in order to test the product. However, we received no compensation from the brand in order to publish this review. We retain full editorial control over the reviews we publish.

Where is the Freya mattress made?

The Freya bed is manufactured in Brooklyn Bedding’s facility located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Is the Freya mattress safe?

Yes, all the foams Brooklyn Bedding uses are CertiPUR certified, meaning they are free from any harmful chemicals, sprays, or toxins.

Do I need a special frame for the Freya mattress?

No, your existing foundation will likely work just fine. The Freya mattress is compatible with most box springs, slatted frames, and foundations. However, it’s important your existing foundation is flat and supportive. In other words, it should have little to no flex in it.

How long will take to break in the mattress?

Typically, it takes around 30-45 days in order to break in a new mattress.