ghostbed flex mattress review

GhostBed Flex Mattress Review

Everything you need to know about the hybrid mattress from GhostBed

GhostBed continues to innovate and introduce new products despite already being considered one of the top bed-in-a-box brands on earth. In today's post, we take a detailed look at their latest mattress, which is named the Flex. We cover feel, firmness, sleeper type and a whole lot more.

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • Folks of all shapes and sizes
  • All types of sleepers (back, stomach and side)
  • Consumers seeking a thick, durable mattress

Who Won't Love This Bed?

  • Budget shoppers
  • Petite individuals who want a simple foam mattress
  • Folks who prefer ultra-soft beds

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GhostBed Company Policies

A big reason why online bed-in-a-box companies like GhostBed, Purple and Casper have been able to steal a large portion of market share from brick and mortar retailers is due to the generous polices they offer consumers. In short, these new age, direct-to-consumer bedding companies make it very easy and convenient for consumers to test and purchase their products. Let’s jump into the details of GhostBed’s policies so you have a better idea of how this whole mattress-in-a-box concept works.

First, the GhostBed Flex mattress comes with free shipping and will arrive at your home or apartment vacuum-compressed and rolled-up in a medium-sized box. This type of delivery makes it super easy for consumers. You no longer have to bother your friends to borrow a truck or beg them to help you move a floppy mattress up flights of stairs. Once you move the box to your room, all you have to do is remove the bed, cut the plastic and then sit back and watch it magically inflate. Keep in mind, it often takes a couple days for the bed to fully inflate and expand to its true size. According to GhostBed, it may even take up to five days in extremely cold climates.

The Slumber Yard team unboxing the Original GhostBed mattress

Starting the day the bed is delivered, GhostBed offers customers a 101 night risk-free sleep trial. In simple terms, the company allows you sleep on the bed for more than three months before making a final decision on whether you want to keep it or not. If you end up liking the Flex mattress, great, it comes backed by a 25 year warranty, which protects against material failures and structural defects. If you want to learn more about what exactly the warranty entails, we recommend visiting the company’s website.

If you decide the Flex mattress isn’t quite right for you after testing it for at least 30 nights, no problem, the return/refund process is very simple. Just contact the GhostBed customer support team and they’ll schedule a time for a third party logistics company to come retrieve the bed. After the pick-up has taken place, the company will issue you a full refund. It’s as easy as that. You’re probably now starting to see why bed-in-a-box companies are becoming so popular.

Also, just you know, the majority of online mattress companies offer free shipping, free returns, a 100 night trial period and a 10 year warranty. Obviously, GhostBed meets these standards except they go above and beyond by offering a significantly longer warranty.

What Is The GhostBed Flex Made Of?

To put it simply, the GhostBed Flex is a beast of a mattress. It’s comprised of six different layers and totals a whopping 13″ thick.

For the bottom layer, the bed uses a 1″ layer of high density support foam. From a practical standpoint, you won’t even notice this layer. It’s more so there to serve as a foundation for the coils above. On that note, the next layer is comprised of sturdy 8.5″ individually wrapped coils, which give the bed a strong support framework. GhostBed also made sure to include reinforced coils along the perimeter of the bed to ensure sleepers receive solid edge support as they roll-over towards the sides.

ghostbed flex coils
Coils lined along edges for added support

On top of the coils is a 1″ layer of soft transition foam. As the name implies, this layer is simply there to serve as a transition from the firm steel coils below. Next, GhostBed uses two separate 1″ layers of gel memory foam, which combined provide sleepers with pressure relief and act as the true comfort layers for the bed.

GhostBed Flex mattress layers

Finally, within the cover, GhostBed uses a special cooling fabric, which is supposed to help you sleep cool throughout the night. We’ve seen this before with GhostBed. Their Luxe mattress uses a similar type of material in its cover to help regulate heat.

Overall, we’re pretty impressed with the construction of the Flex mattress. If you’re looking for a thick, durable bed that will last a long time, the Flex definitely fits the bill.

Pricing And Coupon Code

In terms of price, the GhostBed Flex is a little more expensive than the typical bed-in-a-box but honestly that’s expected given its high-quality construction. This isn’t your typical two layer all-foam mattress like Tuft & Needle. So with that in mind, we actually think the Flex is a pretty decent value, especially compared to similar beds that you would find in your local brick and mortar mattress store. Here’s how pricing breaks down by size.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,250
California King$1,825

By the way, don’t let the pricing above scare you off. GhostBed is almost always running some sort of sale or promotion to make their beds more affordable. On average, we’d say expect to receive at least a $100 discount on your purchase. However, we have seen the company offer even larger discounts in the past. It might be a good idea to check what the current promotion is on the GhostBed website.

Alternatively, if the Flex mattress is out of your price range even with the discount, no need to fret, we got you covered. Be sure to check out our hand-selected list of the Best Cheap Mattresses on the market.

Feel And Firmness

Full disclosure here, we don’t actually have the GhostBed Flex yet. The bed was just announced a few days ago. However, the bed is on its way so we will be updating this review over the next few weeks as we test it. If we had to guess though based on specs and construction, we expect the mattress to have a slightly firm memory foam feel (somewhat similar to the GhostBed Luxe shown below).

ghostbed luxe mattress review back sleeper
The GhostBed Luxe has a firm memory foam feel

Additionally, given the coils in the bed and the similarities to the GhostBed Luxe mattress, we think the Flex will likely land around a medium-firm on our soft-to-firm scale.

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Body Type

Based on the construction and firmness profile of the mattress, we think the GhostBed Flex will accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter whether you weigh 100 pounds soaking wet or 300 pounds after a five day all-juice diet. The 8.5″ individually wrapped coils in the bed provide more than enough support.

Time to celebrate – The Flex mattress works for all body types

However, keep in mind, although the mattress properly supports all body types, that doesn’t mean the bed will feel the same to every person. In general, heavier individuals tend to feel like most mattresses are on the softer end of the spectrum since they exert more force and sink into the soft top layers more than average or petite sized individuals.

Speaking of smaller sized individuals, they typically feel like most beds are on the firmer end of the spectrum given they exert very little pressure and sleep more on top of the surface. Keep your body weight in mind as you progress through this review.

Side Sleepers

Again, we haven’t properly tested the mattress yet. We will be updating this section in the coming weeks with our findings. We’re hoping the GhostBed Flex mattress will provide a good amount of pressure relief for people who spend a lot time on their side.

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Back And Stomach Sleepers

Same story here. We will be updating this section after we have a chance to sleep on the bed for an extended period of time. We’re hopeful the Flex will provide the necessary support under your lower back and trunk.

Combination Sleepers

Although the bed uses two layers of memory foam, we fully expect it to be a good option for combination sleepers who rotate between their back, stomach and side throughout the night. Again though, stay tuned for our updated thoughts and opinions.

Does The GhostBed Flex Mattress Sleep Hot?

We will opine on this section after our testing team gets the chance to actually sleep on the mattress.

Keep in mind, temperature regulation is a delicate subject in the mattress industry. A lot of companies like to toss around scientific terms and claim their beds sleep cool but the truth is external factors often play more of a role in terms of how warm or cool you sleep. To use an example, it doesn’t matter what kind of special cooling materials a bed uses if you live in Arizona and refuse to turn on your air conditioner during the summer.

Obviously, that was a severe example but I more so just wanted to get the point across so you understand that your mattress isn’t everything when it comes to temperature regulation. Other common factors that affect how warm or cool you sleep include the types of sheets you use, what you wear to bed and how often you cuddle with your partner.

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Will Couples Like The GhostBed Hybrid Mattress?

Our hunch is that the GhostBed Flex mattress will perform quite well in terms motion isolation and edge support. However, like many of the other sections in this review, we don’t feel comfortable enough yet to provide a definitive opinion. Check back in about two weeks and we will have updated data for you.

GhostBed Flex Review Verdict

Based solely on construction and price, we’d have to give the GhostBed Flex mattress two thumbs up. However, we’re going to reserve our final opinions until we’ve had a chance to fully vet the mattress.

GhostBed Flex vs Original Comparison

The Original GhostBed and Flex mattresses are two different animals in almost every respect. Here’s a quick overview of how they compare.

  • Price – The Original GhostBed mattress is quite a bit more affordable than the Flex mattress. For example, a queen size Original GhostBed is about $500 less than a queen size Flex mattress (based on MSRP).
  • Construction – As you read earlier in the review, the Flex mattress has a durable, hybrid construction. The Original GhostBed mattress, on the other hand, is comprised entirely of foam. The differences don’t stop there. The Original model also incorporates a layer of aerated latex foam.
  • Body Type – Given the constructions of each mattress, we’d have to give the edge to the Flex for large body types. It’s just going to be more supportive for heavy people, plain and simple. Small and medium sized folks will be fine on either mattress though.
  • Feel – We will update this section in the coming weeks after we spend more time with the Flex mattress.
  • Firmness – We think the Original GhostBed mattress lands around a medium on the firmness scale. We’ll update you on the firmness of the GhostBed Flex mattress in the coming weeks.
  • Sleeper Type – Overall, we think the Original GhostBed mattress accommodates all types of sleepers. It strikes a healthy balance between pressure relief and support. Check back in a few weeks to see what types of sleepers we think the Flex mattress is best for.

In our eyes, the decision between these two beds really comes down to your budget and weight for now. Once we test the Flex mattress, we should have some more insight here for you.

Review Team

Jeff Rizzo

Jeff Rizzo

Combo Sleeper


Matt Ross

Back Sleeper


Kaite Johnston

Combo Sleeper

Kelsie Longerbeam

Stomach Sleeper


How did the Slumber Yard team get this mattress?

The company will be sending the Slumber Yard team a free sample unit for testing purposes. We retain full editorial control over the content we produce. In other words, the views and opinions stated in this review are those of the Slumber Yard team.

Where is the Flex mattress made?

GhostBed manufactures its beds right here in the United States. GhostBed's parent company, Nature's Sleep, is a well known bedding company that has been around for decades.

Does the GhostBed Flex require a special frame?

No, the GhostBed Flex mattress is compatible with most box spring foundations, slatted frames and adjustable bases. In other words, you most likely will not need to purchase a new frame. However, with that said, you'll want to make sure your existing frame or foundation is able to support the weight (see next question) of the mattress as well as you and your partner.

How much does the GhostBed Flex mattress weigh?

The weight of the mattress depends on which size you purchase. It ranges from around 76 pounds for a twin size to around 141 pounds for a California king size.

When will I receive the mattress?

GhostBed typically fulfills new orders within 2-5 business days. Of course, that's not always the case. Sometimes mother nature and holidays can interfere with shipping times and logistics.

Where does GhostBed ship products?

GhostBed ships for free to the contiguous 48 states. They also ship to Alaska and Hawaii for an additional fee. However, the company does not ship internationally.

Where can I test the GhostBed Flex mattress?

Last we checked, the GhostBed Flex mattress was only available to purchase online. GhostBed does not operate or partner with any brick and mortar mattress retailers. That means you'll have to rely on the company's 101 night sleep trial in order to test the bed. Honestly though, that should be more than enough time to decide whether the Flex bed-in-a-box is right for you.

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