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If you like firm mattresses
People that need a supportive bed
If you want a really good value
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Sleepers on a tight budget

Helix Luxe Overview

Helix takes a different approach than the typical bed-in-a-box company. Instead of just offering one or two models, the company offers more than ten options. The company’s goal is to match you with a specific mattress that meets your particular needs. In fact, one of the company’s taglines is “Mattresses Designed For Every Body”. The Luxe option on their mattresses adds more features.

Helix Mattress Options

There are two ways to determine which Helix mattress is best for you. The first option is to take the company’s sleep quiz. You’ll fill out a questionnaire that asks about your weight, primary sleeping position and preferred firmness level. Helix will recommend a model based on your answers.

helix sleep mattress review sleep quiz online
Step 1 of the Helix Sleep Quiz

You can also research Helix beds yourself. The company provides a detailed mattress comparison page so you can determine which of their models might be a fit.

Helix categorizes its mattresses based on two main criteria factors – firmness and sleeping position. Here is a quick breakdown of the six most popular models and who each bed is designed for:

  • Sunset — Soft mattress that is best for primary side sleepers
  • Moonlight — Soft mattress that is best for side sleepers who want a tad more support
  • Midnight (flagship model) — Medium firmness mattress for side, back, stomach, and combo sleepers
  • Dusk — Medium firmness mattress that is designed with back, stomach, and combo sleepers in mind for a tad extra support
  • Twilight — Firm mattress that will accommodate primary back and stomach sleepers
  • Dawn — Firm mattress with more support than Twilight that is best for back and stomach sleepers
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Beyond the six models described above, the company also offers one specialty bed called Helix Plus (formerly known as Nightfall), which is specifically built for heavy people.

Helix Luxe vs Helix Standard

Once you determine which of the main models is right for you, you have to decide whether you want the standard model or the Luxe model. Here are the primary differences between the standard models and the Luxe models:

  • Price — The Luxe models are more expensive than the standard models. For example, a queen-size standard Moonlight has a MSRP of around $1,000, while the queen-size Moonlight Luxe goes for around $1,950.
  • Construction — The standard models have four layers and are 12″ thick. The Luxe models contain six layers and are 14″ thick.
  • Coils — All Helix beds contain both coils and layers of foam, but the Luxe models incorporate special zoned lumbar support coils. In short, this zoned support system is supposed to provide a slightly softer feel under your head and shoulders and a slightly firmer feel under your lower back and trunk.
  • Quilted pillow top — Every Helix Luxe mattress contains a thick, quilted pillow top for added comfort and pressure relief.
There’s a lot to like about the standard Helix mattresses

Based on this information, if you think the standard models are more up your alley, you can check out our full review here. From here on out, we are going to focus on the Luxe models only. We tested the Helix Moonlight Luxe model.

Helix Luxe Beds Construction And Design

Every Helix Luxe mattress is comprised of six layers and totals a whopping 14″ thick. Here is a quick summary of the layers within the beds:

  • DuraDense base foam — This is a thin layer of dense foam that serves as a foundation for the coils above.
  • Zoned lumbar support coils — The coils are split into sections. The coils under your head and shoulders are slightly more forgiving to provide more pressure relief and the coils under your lower back, hips and trunk are slightly firmer to provide additional support.
  • Polyfoam — This layer simply serves as a soft transition from the hard coils below.
  • Helix Dynamic Foam — This layer is designed to react and conform to your body’s shape for additional comfort.
  • Gel Visco memory foam — This memory foam offers ample pressure relief for sleepers.
  • Pillow top — This adds additional comfort for the sleeper.
helix moonlight luxe mattress review
Helix Luxe Moonlight mattress construction

Differences In The Luxe Models

There are six models to choose from, so they aren’t the same The polyfoam, Helix Dynamic Foam and Gel Visco memory foam layers change in firmness and order depending on which model you choose.

For example, if you choose the Helix Luxe Sunset model, the three layers are designed to be softer for extra pressure relief. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you choose the Helix Luxe Dawn model, the three layers are designed to be firmer for additional support.

Mattress Cover

Each Helix Luxe mattress contains a quilted pillow top cover that is non-removable. If you have an accident or happen to spill a beverage on the cover, spot clean the dirty area using a mild detergent and some water to dab the soiled area.

helix moonlight lux mattress cover
A closer look at the pillow top on Helix Luxe beds

To safeguard against spills and stains, you may want to look into purchasing a mattress protector. Helix offers a waterproof option or you can shop the dozens of options on Amazon.

Helix Luxe Feel And Firmness

Although the Helix Luxe beds use memory foam, we wouldn’t say the mattresses have a prototypical memory foam feel. Instead, we think the mattresses have more of a soft, neutral-foam feel. You feel more of the soft, pillow-top than you do the memory foam. The beds are super comfortable, but the top layers don’t contour to your body’s curves. You also won’t get that stuck feeling memory foam sometimes have.

If you prefer the deep, conforming sensation that memory foam is known for, take a look at our list of the Best Memory Foam Mattresses. If you like more of a universal, soft foam feel that still provides a good amount of pressure relief, the Helix Luxe mattresses are a good choice.

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The top layers on the mattress aren’t all that responsive, but it is easy to switch positions. You get the soft, pressure-relieving qualities of memory foam without any of the downsides.

Firmness will depend on which model you select. Here’s a graphic that shows the relative positioning of each model on the soft-to-firm scale:

helix mattress review firmness and models
Take a look at where each Helix mattress falls on the firmness scale

The Helix Luxe Moonlight model lands somewhere around a medium-soft on the firmness scale. It’s the second softest model in the lineup. If you want to go even softer, check out the Sunset model. If you want to go firmer, look at the remaining four models to the right of the Moonlight on the scale above.

Is Helix Luxe Good For Couples?

Let’s quickly discuss a few things that are particularly important for couples.

Motion Isolation

First, the Helix Luxe Moonlight mattress we tested did a great job of isolating motion. The bed did a good job of deadening the movement applied by our testing team.

This is a good sign for people who share a bed with an active sleeper who moves around a lot throughout the night. Beds like the Helix Luxe that do a good job of deadening motion will hopefully translate to a more restful night of sleep.

Edge Support

The Moonlight mattress passed with flying colors. The bed is solid around the perimeter. As we inched toward the side of the bed, we still felt properly supported.

helix moonlight mattress edge support
Solid edge support

Edge support is important for couples who either prefer not to cuddle or share a smaller size bed like a full or queen. Beds that provide solid support around the perimeter offer more useful surface area for both partners to spread out and get comfortable.

Temperature Regulation

Overall, we think the Helix Luxe beds sleep temperature neutral. We don’t think the mattress will be the primary reason why you warm-up or cool-off throughout the night. The cover uses special breathable technology, but at the end of the day, we didn’t notice that it was actively cooling us down during the testing process.

If you need something cooler, check out the best cooling mattresses.

Helix Luxe Sleeper Analysis

Your sleeping position and weight affect how a mattress feels to you. Again, this section largely depends on which model you choose. Bottom line, Helix makes a Luxe model to accommodate all sleeper types.

ghostbed flex sleeping positions
  • Side Sleeper

    You’ll want to go with the Sunset, Midnight or Twilight models. These are purposely designed to provide a good amount of pressure relief for side sleepers. The difference between the models comes down to firmness. If you’re a side sleeper that prefers more of a soft, plush feel, the Sunset model would be the best choice. If you prefer a slightly firmer feel, the Twilight model would be the best choice. And lastly, if you want something in the middle, go with the Midnight model.

  • Back And Stomach Sleepers

    Helix offers three models (Moonlight, Dusk and Dawn) that are specifically constructed to provide additional support where you need it most (lower back and trunk). If you spend the majority of the night on your back or stomach and you like a softer feel, the Moonlight model is the way to go. If you want a firm feel, the Dawn model would be best, and if you want something in-between, the Dusk model would be the choice.

  • Combo Sleepers

    We think the Moonlight mattress would be an excellent choice. We found this model strikes a nice balance between support and pressure relief. It’s soft and comfortable yet it also does a good job of keeping your body and spine in a neutral alignment (i.e. your hips don’t sink too far down into the bed). Alternatively, we think the Midnight and Dusk models would be solid choices as well because they have a medium firmness.

helix moonlight mattress stomach sleeper
The Moonlight, Dusk and Dawn models are best for stomach sleepers

Body Type Analysis

  • Heavy Individuals

    However, there is one tiny wrinkle. Although the Helix Luxe beds accommodate all sleepers, people who weigh 250+ pounds generally think most mattresses feel quite soft because they sink further into the soft top layers. In this case, heavy people will feel more the memory foam secondary layer than an average or petite sized person.

    For example, if you’re a large back sleeper and you want a medium firmness, instead of going with the Dusk model (which Helix recommends), you may want to go with the Dawn model since it will feel a tad bit softer to you compared to an average size person.

  • Petite Individuals

    Small individuals (150 pounds or less) will generally feel like most mattresses are quite firm. Petite folks place little pressure on the surface of a mattress and as a result, tend to sleep more on top of the bed rather than it.

Helix Luxe Mattress Pricing And Coupon Code

The term “Luxe” in the name says it all with these beds. To put it simply, the Helix Luxe mattresses are premium, luxury beds and their prices reflect that. However, with that said, they’re still more affordable than some of the big name mattress brands you’ll find in your local brick and mortar mattress store. Here’s how pricing breaks down by size for the Luxe models.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,349
King / Cal King$2,349

Helix is fairly aggressive when it comes to sales, discounts and coupon codes. You can almost always take advantage of a promo code or discount code to save money. Check the green discount box on the right-hand side of the screen to see what the company is currently offering. Chances are, you’ll be able to save around $75-$150 on your mattress purchase.

Helix Luxe Review Verdict

Overall, we are big fans of the Helix Luxe mattresses. The beds check almost every box there is. They’re comfortable, they have a durable, high-quality construction and they accommodate all sleepers and body types. Our entire team really enjoyed testing out the Luxe Moonlight model.

Really the only downside we see is the price tag. We’re just not 100% sold that the Luxe version is worth an additional $400-$800 over the standard model. If you have the money and you want the zoned support coils, pillow top and phase change cover, go for it. But if money is tight, we’d recommend sticking with the standard Helix mattress models, which we think highly of as well.

Other Helix Reviews

Helix Luxe Reviews

  • BBB Rating: A
  • Amazon Reviews: Helix Luxe is currently not available on Amazon. 
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Helix Company Policies Overview

  • Shipping — All Helix mattresses ship for free. The bed you order will arrive at your door compressed and rolled in a box about the size of a bag of golf clubs. As with most online beds that arrive compressed, you’ll want to wait about 24-48 hours before sleeping on the mattress.
  • Trial period — From the date of delivery, Helix offers customers a 100-night sleep trial. Essentially, you can test out your new Helix bed for about three months risk-free.
  • Returns — If, after 30 nights, you decide the bed isn’t right for you and want to try your luck with another bed-in-a-box brand, call the Helix customer support team to schedule a time for the mattress to be picked up from your home. After pick up, email the company a copy of the removal receipt to get your full refund.
  • Exchanges — If the Helix model you originally ordered is too soft or firm, you can exchange it for another model that better suits your needs. Contact Helix customer support to start the exchange process.
  • Warranty — Helix backs the Luxe mattresses with a 15-year warranty. For more details about what exactly the warranty covers, be sure to visit the company’s website.

Here’s a look at the Slumber Yard team unboxing the Helix Luxe Moonlight mattress.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How did the Slumber Yard team get this mattress?

Helix sent us the Luxe Midnight mattress for free in order to test the product. However, we are an independent company and retain complete control over the content we produce.

What certifications does Helix Luxe have?

All Helix mattresses are Okeo-Tex certified, meaning they are free from harmful substances and chemicals.

Is the Helix Luxe mattress flippable?

No, Helix Luxe beds are not double-sided. The grey fabric cover displaying the Helix logo should be near the bottom of the mattress.

Should I rotate the Helix Luxe mattress?

According to the Helix website, you do not need to rotate any of the Helix Luxe mattresses. However, as with most beds, it’s typically a good idea to rotate your mattress every 6-8 months or so to protect against sagging and body impressions.

Do Helix Luxe beds have a weight limit?

According to the company’s website, Helix beds are designed to support up to 500 pounds of combined weight. The one exception is the Plus model, which is designed to support up to 1,000 pounds.

Is there free shipping and returns?

Yes. Inside the Contiguous US, Helix offers free shipping and free returns on all of their mattresses.

Where do I try a Helix Luxe Mattress?

Visit a Helix Partner showroom in cities in several states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts and others. If you don’t live in a city with a Helix showroom, order the mattress online for a 100-night free trial.

Is there a Helix Luxe Mattress discount code I can use?

Helix often offers sales and coupon codes! Find them on our website or on Helix’s official site.

Do I need a boxspring for Helix Luxe?

Technically speaking, the answer is no. However, you’ll enjoy greater comfort and longer durability from our Helix Luxe Mattress with a foundation.