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Helix Mattress Reviews Overview

Helix has built a reputation of being a trusted online mattress brand determined to bring sleepers a mattress that matches their own unique “Sleep DNA.” Rather than offer just one Helix mattress model, they make over 10, but we actually think they do a good job of keeping it simple for the consumer. It’s a rather interesting concept compared to a lot of other online beds. While the whole idea might seem a tad bit overwhelming, Helix offers a helpful sleep quiz to help you through the selection process and pairs you with a mattress that works best for you based on the answers you selected.

In this Helix mattress review, we’ll discuss, compare, and contrast the many different beds offered by Helix Sleep. As you’ll see in the review, Helix seems to have made a mattress for every kind of sleeper and essentially tailored a customizable experience for their customers, who can buy beds made with their specific needs in mind. It truly is one of the best mattresses in the market if you want a supportive and versatile hybrid bed.

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    Whether you want a soft foam hybrid or an environmentally-friendly latex mattress, Helix Sleep has you covered.

    Whether you want a soft foam hybrid or an environmentally-friendly latex mattress, Helix Sleep has you covered.

Helix Sleep Mattress Quiz

helix sleep mattress review sleep quiz online

One of the more unique things about Helix is that they run consumers through a Sleep Quiz on their website that matches them with a suitable mattress. The quiz takes about a minute to complete, but it allows Helix to provide a more accurate recommendation to you.

Here’s a look at the different models that Helix’s sleep quiz could set you up with:

  • Sunset

    This is the softest and most pressure-relieving mattress that Helix makes. It will also have a slight memory foam feeling since both the transition layer and comfort layer are memory foam. Though, it’s not Sunset is made for side sleepers of all body types, but especially people under 230 lb. who don’t need additional support.

  • Moonlight

    This is still a soft mattress but has more support than Sunset does. If you look at the construction, it has a memory foam transition layer and a neutral foam comfort layer. As such, Moonlight will be soft but have an overall neutral feel to it. This is a very nice option for side sleepers and lighter back/stomach sleepers.

  • Midnight

    Helix Midnight is the most popular model. It has a memory foam top layer and is good for all sleeping positions (which might be why it’s their most loved mattress).

  • Dusk

    This is basically the big brother of Midnight. It has the same design (for the most part), but the top layer is a neutral foam as opposed to memory foam. You won’t get as much pressure relief, but you should be able to sleep in any position that you’d like.

  • Twilight

    This is a great option for more petite and moderately-weighted back and stomach sleepers who need a firm mattress. Its firm profile and hybrid makes it perfectly supportive, so you don’t have to opt for that extra supportiveness factor that Dawn offers.

  • Dawn

    Perhaps the most supportive and firmest model we found in our Helix mattress reviews, Dawn is the best choice for back and stomach sleepers that prefer a very firm bed to keep their spine in proper alignment.

  • Plus

    Helix Plus is extra supportive to accommodate people who weigh 250 lbs. and over. Plus uses special XL wrapped coils and higher-density foams, which is a great option for individuals that want a comfortable mattress that will be both durable and supportive under heavier body types.

  • Luxe Models

    The six core models are also available in a Luxe version, which will have a pillow top, zoned support coils, and two extra layers of foam. The Luxe models are 14″ thick whereas the standard models are 12″. We are huge fans of the Luxe models. Somehow, they’re even nicer than the original Helix Sleep mattresses.

  • Birch

    In 2019, Helix launched a separate natural and organic mattress called Birch that we think is just fantastic. It also has pocketed coils for support, but then uses latex foam and wool as the comfort layers. They even offer an optional topper to make the mattress softer and more accommodating for side sleepers. All-in-all it’s a really nice bed and it’s more affordable than the other natural and organic mattresses out there.

Comparing The Different Helix Mattress Models

Below is a table illustrating the major differences between the multiple different Helix Sleep mattresses.

Side SleepersBack SleepersStomach SleepersCombination Sleepers
Helix SunsetX
Helix MoonlightX
Helix MidnightXXXX
Helix DuskXXXX
Helix TwilightXX
Helix DawnXX
Helix PlusXXXX
Helix Luxe ModelsXXXX
Helix BirchOver 250 lbsXX

More About The Helix Mattress

As we’ve been mentioning, Helix offers an array of different mattresses to choose from: their six core models, a luxe version to each of their core models, Helix Plus for folks with heavier body types, and the natural/organic Birch Mattress. We went over their major differences above, so here is a breakdown of what you can expect from the Helix mattress models.

What Does Helix Mattress Feel Like?

Although the core, Luxe, and Plus models contain memory foam, none of them actually feel like memory foam mattresses. Nor do they remind us of your traditional innerspring mattresses with pillow tops. Instead, we think you’ll like Helix if you’re looking for a neutral-foam bed with the support, responsiveness, and durability of coils. Of course, the exact support and firmness of the bed will vary from model to model, but the overall feel is soft, neutral, and accommodating.

Birch, on the other hand, is a completely different ballgame. The Birch Mattress has a bouncy latex foam feel thanks to the natural tendencies of latex foam and the springy coils in the support layer of the mattress.


Helix truly made a mattress for everyone when they designed their beds with multiple different firmness levels. The Helix core models and the Helix Luxe models all have soft, medium, and firm options, as shown in the graph below. Note that there is also a Helix Luxe version for each of these core models.

helix mattress review firmness and models

Birch Mattress, like many latex foam hybrid beds on the online market, is more of a medium-firm level and is most recommended to back and stomach sleepers who prefer firmer mattresses.

The Helix Plus mattress (formerly called Helix Nightfall), however, is only offered in one firmness level, which is rated around a medium (for heavy individuals) or a medium-firm for more petite and average-sized sleepers. Though we don’t suggest Helix Plus to petite sleepers because it’s more expensive, and they don’t really need the additional support it provides.

Construction And Design

helix mattress reviews construction and layers

This will depend on which exact model you select, but for six of the core models, the construction is fairly similar. They are all 12″ thick with 8″ pocketed coils and 4″ of foam.

Helix Luxe, which is the higher-end Helix mattress line, adds a pillow top, zoned support coils, and a thicker comfort layer.

The Helix Plus mattress is extra supportive and designed specifically for heavy body types. It’s 12″ thick with XL-wrapped coils and four different types of foam. The bed itself is about a medium or medium-firm on the firmness scale but is very responsive.

The Helix Birch Mattress is the brand’s natural and organic mattress made with pocketed coils, natural Talalay latex, eco-friendly Birch wool, and soft organic cotton.

Helix Mattress Review Pricing

Prices for Helix mattresses aren’t crazy high, but they are not super cheap beds or an imported mattress that you buy on Amazon.

Helix does tend to offer promotions during major holidays—they basically play the coupon game just like any other mattress company. You can check HelixSleep.com for current discounts and promotions. We also have an evergreen coupon linked here on the page that should work for you year-round. The prices listed below are for their popular Helix Midnight mattress.

Twin XL$799$1,160
Cal King$1,449$1,833

Helix Reviews Sleeper And Body Type Analysis

Sleeper Types

We think side sleepers would love Helix Moonlight, Helix Sunset, or their Luxe models. Meanwhile, strict back and stomach sleepers may want to consider Helix Dawn, Twilight, or their Luxe versions. Dusk, Midnight, Dusk Luxe, and Midnight Luxe are best for combo sleepers or those who want a nice balance between soft and firm.

Body Types

All of the mattresses in the Helix mattress catalog, including the six core models, Helix Luxe, Birch, and Helix Plus contain pocketed coils in the base layer. For this reason, we would recommend these beds to any body type from petite to plus size. Helix Plus is the only exception, which will be best for those who weigh over 230 lbs.

Other Mattress Considerations

When shopping for a mattress, here are a few secondary features you should take into consideration after you determine your ideal firmness level and construction.

Temperature Regulation

Since all of these mattresses have hybrid constructions, we think they’ll sleep cooler than your traditional memory foam or poly foam mattress. However, Birch might sleep a tad cooler thanks to its aerated memory foam in the top comfort layers, which provide even better temperature regulation. Though, none of these mattresses will actually sleep cold. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out our best list of the best cooling beds.

Motion Isolation & Edge Support

These are two mattress attributes that couples should keep an eye out for if they don’t want their partner to disturb their sleep at night.

Helix is one the best mattress companies for couples because they give you so many options and offer hybrid beds that perform well in both of these categories. For most couples, the six core models should be more than enough to choose from, but if you and your partner sleep completely differently, you might want to consider the Helix Dusk or Helix Midnight, as these will have the most accommodating feel. The split firmness beds are no longer available.

Helix Mattress Award

Helix Mattress Alternatives

These mattresses are all similar to the Helix Mattress but at varying price points.

Mattress TypeFirmnessTempBody TypeThicknessStarting Price
Helix Midnight Helix Midnight productMixed FoamMediumNeutralAll Body Types12inch $1099* *Queen mattress
Allswell Allswell productMemory FoamFirmNeutralAll Body Types10inch $389* *Queen mattress Read Review
Leesa Sapira Hybrid Leesa Sapira Hybrid productSoft FoamMediumNeutralAll Body Types11inch $1899* *Queen mattress Read Review
Casper Original Casper Original productSoft FoamMediumNeutralUnder 230 lb11inch $1095* *Queen mattress Read Review
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Helix Mattress Review Verdict

There’s a heck of a lot to like with Helix, and it’s hard to poke holes in their business model. It makes a lot of sense to run consumers through a questionnaire to match them up with the appropriate mattress. And the mattresses themselves are well-made, durable, and very comfortable. If you’re a side sleeper, you can opt for one of the softer core or Luxe mattress models, while back and stomach sleepers can choose one of the firmer models or the Birch Mattress if they’re in the market for a hypoallergenic natural and organic bed. On the other side of the token, plus-size sleepers might love the Helix Plus mattress instead! The only type of person who may not love Helix are those who are looking for an ultra-low-budget mattress or someone who seeks simplicity and is immediately turned off by too many choices.

Other Helix Reviews

How Helix Compares to Other Brands

Here is how Helix compares to other popular bed-in-a-box mattresses you might’ve heard of or seen before.

  • Helix vs. Casper

    Like Helix, Casper is one of the big fish in the big pond of online mattresses, and is likely the most well-known online mattress brand to date. Unlike the Helix mattress models, Casper has an all-foam construction made with zoned support to offer targeted pressure relief and support, and neutral-foam comfort layers. As such, it has a medium firmness level and a classic, soft neutral feel that many people seem to really love. We recommend it most to petite or average side sleepers, since it doesn’t have the coil support systems that Helix mattresses do.

  • Helix vs. Nectar

    The biggest differences in the story of Nectar vs. Helix would be price, construction, and feel. Opposed to Helix, Nectar actually has a memory foam feel that’s very dense and viscous while Helix feels more like soft neutral-foam. It also has an all-foam construction like the original Casper, and is most suitable for petite to average body types. Finally, Nectar is one of the most affordable online mattresses and costs less money than all Helix beds.

  • Helix vs. Purple

    Purple is unlike any other mattress on the online market, and it’s certainly very different from the Helix Mattress. Purple is made without coils, and the top layers are made with Hyper-Elastic Polymer instead of foam. This material is stretchy, soft, supportive, and pressure relieving, but it’s more gel-like — similar to a Dr. Scholl’s insole. We think Purple is best for those who are yearning for a bed that’s outside of the traditional norm. Though, you should note it’s a little more expensive than Helix (by a few hundred dollars).

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Helix mattresses good?

We think they are! We really like Helix Sleep as a brand and think their products are great.

What is Helix Plus?

The Helix Plus mattress is a bed that’s specifically made for heavy people. It’s meant to compete with Saatva HD, WinkBed Plus and Big Fig.

What is Helix Dynamic Foam?

This is a latex hybrid foam that’s unique to Helix mattresses. To be clear, it’s not actually latex foam, but it reacts a lot like latex foam.

Should the Helix mattress be flipped?

No. This is not a flippable mattress. You should rotate your mattress several times per year if you’d like it to wear evenly, though.

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