Who Is This Best For?

People that want a natural/organic bed

If you want a firmer mattress

Who Won’t Love It?

If you need a soft mattress

People that don’t like innerspring beds

Joybed Mattress Reviews

Many people like to incorporate more natural materials into their life, so it’s no surprise that people want their mattresses to be green too. If you want a “greener” mattress without spending a huge amount of green, the Joybed LX series might be what you’re looking for. This review will explore the different materials used in this Joybed mattress, how firm it will feel to certain sleeper positions, and if we think it’s suitable for you! Continue on below for our Joybed mattress reviews.

Honest Joybed Mattress Review Video

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Because we do try to keep our video reviews fairly brief, you’ll find more details and extra commentary in this written Joybed mattress review.

Joybed LX Mattress Construction And Design

Joybed LX has a five-layer construction that is predominantly composed of the individually-wrapped coils that serve as the foundation and support of the mattress. On top of the coils are four layers of comfort materials, all of which are natural. The layers are cotton, wool, and a cotton, plant fiber blend.

These materials are certified but not organic. However, the cotton cover on the Joybed mattress is GOTS organic material.

joybed mattress review construction
A look at the Joybed LX mattress
  • Joybed LX – 11″ in total with coils topped with cotton/wool.
  • Joybed LXC – 12″ by default, or 16″ if you get the “medium-plush” option with topper.
  • Joybed LXP – Measures 13″ thick, or 17″ if you get the “medium-plush” version.

Joybed states it choses non-organic natural materials for the bed’s internal layers to keep the price down. We can understand that, and we agree that there’s space in the marketplace for a budget-friendly “green” mattress.

Joybed Has An Organic Cotton Cover

joybed mattress review cover
A closer look at the cover on Joybed

Like we mentioned in the previous section, Joybed’s cover is made with a GOTS certified organic material. It’s not the softest material, but it does have a nice neutral smell, rather than any of that “new” smell that can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

Also, part of what sets the cover apart from others is that it does not have any polyester, which is why there’s little stretch built in. As such, you’re getting more organic cotton than anything else.

Joybed Reviews Firmness And Feel

The Joybed mattress is fairly similar in feel to a traditional innerspring mattress. Because there’s no foam, you don’t have any of the cushiony, foamy feel. Instead, you get those layers of cotton and wool for comfort. Overall, Joybed feels like an innerspring bed with a mattress topper on it.

joybed mattress review firmness

The LX version is certainly a firm bed, landing right there at a firm on our scale. Joybed recently introduced new additional firmness levels. Take a look at our graphic below to see where they land on our firmness scale. You can see all three firmness models on Joybed’s website.

  • Joybed LX – The firmest and most affordable option.
  • Joybed LXC – Available in a “medium-firm” and a “medium-plush,” which has a 4″ topper.
  • Joybed LXP – The most luxurious option that is also available in the two firmness options above.

The All-Cotton LXC is a nice option not only for folks who want something a bit softer than the flagship Joybed, but also for folks with sensitive wool allergies or lifestyle vegans looking for a natural mattress that doesn’t use any animal byproducts (like wool).

What Does Joybed Feel Like?

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Because the construction of Joybed is primarily coils, it’s highly responsive. You won’t sink into the bed or feel stuck at all like you might with a memory foam mattress.

Good responsiveness is a feature you’ll appreciate if you tend to turn over frequently throughout the night or you have a hard time getting up from a sleeping position. There’s plenty of bounce back with the Joybed mattress.


Not at all. Because the construction is almost entirely coils, air flows really well through the mattress. Plus, the other materials used are more breathable than synthetic foams you’ll find in a lot of other beds. Ultimately, if you’re overheating on a Joybed, it’s not the mattress’s fault—that’s between you and your thermostat.

Is Joybed A Good Mattress For Couples?

Edge Support

Joybed might be good for couples, as long as both individuals are pretty sound sleepers. Overall, it has good edge support to ensure that everyone has enough room to spread out.

Motion Isolation

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Motion isolation on this bed isn’t fantastic, but that’s typical of a coil bed, so what can you do? It’s certainly better than your 15-year-old innerspring, just don’t expect to sleep perfectly undisturbed while your partner thrashes through their recurring nightmare on the other side of the bed.

Sleeper Type Analysis

Side Sleepers

The “medium-soft” option for Joybed LXC and LXP models is made specifically for side sleepers. It might not be the softest mattress in the world, but it does have a lot more fluff than the other two models.

joybed mattress review side sleepers
Side sleepers will want to look into the LXP model

Back and Stomach Sleepers

Joybed is a good mattress for back and stomach sleepers. As mentioned above, the LX model is firmer and the medium-firm LXC and LXP is a tad softer but still firm enough for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

We’d say that of the various sleeper types, back and stomach sleepers will be happiest on this mattress.

Combo Sleepers

As for combo sleepers, we think the LXC and LXP will be just fine for them. You’ll be able to easily roll between positions without encountering resistance. Comfort will just come down to whether you prefer to sleep mostly on your side, stomach, or back. If you’re a primary side sleeper, look at the LXP model first. If you’re a primary back or stomach sleeper, the LXC model is likely the one you should research.

Body Type Analysis

Petite Body Types

Petite people will want to keep to the “medium-soft” or “medium-firm” depending on their preferred sleeping position and firmness expectations. If you’re 150 pounds or under and want a softer bed, the LXP is the one. If you’re in that same weight range but spend a significant amount of time on your stomach or back, the LXC is probably the one to go with. Remember that softness/firmness is relative.

Average Body Types

Average-sized people will be fine on the Joybed mattress, assuming they like a bed with an innerspring feel. For reference, we write our reviews from the perspective of an average-sized person.

Heavy Body Types

Joybed is a viable option for folks with a heavier body type (250+ lb). The coils provide good bidirectional support, meaning the push up against the sleeper’s weight as. Coils are also more durable than foam materials, so a coil system will likely last longer, even with nightly use by someone who’s heavier than average. For more beds that we consider good picks for heavier folks, check out our list of best beds for heavy people.

Joybed Mattress Cost?

Compared to other mattresses in the space, Joybed has a fairly average price tag, and we count it as affordable in the eco-friendly space. Similar “green” mattresses like the Avocado Green Mattress and Nest Bedding Latex Mattress are a good deal more expensive than Joybed. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing by size for Joybed LX (the most affordable option):

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$890
King / Cal King$1,490

We always do our best to provide discounts or promo codes for our readers, so if we have any deals on Joybed, you can find that information in the green box on the right side of the page. For discounts on other mattresses, take a look at our Mattress Deals/Coupons page.

Joybed Mattress Review Verdict

Here’s the bottom line of our Joybed review. In summary, we like the use of natural materials and we think the no-foam approach is unique within the bed-in-a-box space. If you are looking for a “green” mattress that ditches the foams, Joybed is one of very few options out there. We think the comfort layers work just fine and there’s plenty of support with this bed. We also don’t hate the price tag, especially considering it’s in the eco-friendly category.

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Joybed Mattress Reviews Company Policy

Joybed’s policies are fairly standard for the online bed industry, although they do give you a slightly longer trial period than what’s average. With Joybed, you get free shipping, a 120-night trial, free exchanges, returns with a $139 processing fee, full refunds, and a 10-year warranty.

The mattress will arrive compressed and rolled up inside a box, so all you have to do is bring it in, pull in out onto your frame, and then unwrap it and let the bed take its full shape. Because Joybed has coils and doesn’t have any foam, it won’t take quite as long to shape up as other bed-in-a-box mattresses, like Casper or even a Bear Hybrid, which has coils of its own.

Company Info

Joybed Mattress Physical Store Locations

While Joybed doesn’t operate any of its own stores, you can try its mattresses at US Mattress locations in Michigan.

Joybed Mattress Contact Information

Comparing Joybed vs. Other Greener Mattresses

Avocado — Joybed is a no-foam mattress that uses natural, non-organic materials within the bed, and an organic cotton cover. Avocado is a hybrid mattress made with natural latex foam, recycled steel coils, and various certified organic materials throughout. Avocado’s optional pillow top and latex foam layer give it perhaps a touch softer, more cushioned feel than Joybed’s cotton comfort layers.

Zenhaven — While Joybed has a no-foam construction, Zenhaven has an all-foam construction. Other than the cover, Zenhaven is entirely natural latex foam. Because of its construction, Zenhaven has an almost soft, spongy, responsive feel.

My Green Mattress (Natural Escape) — The Natural Escape model from My Green Mattress is a latex foam hybrid made with natural and organic materials. Like Joybed, it has an organic cotton cover. Both beds are reminiscent of traditional innerspring mattresses (they have some bounce), but Joybed has the cotton type feel to its comfort layers.

How did you get this bed?

Joybed sent it to us to review. However, we’re never required to say good or bad things about a product. Our opinions are entirely our own in this Joybed review and all of our other product reviews.

Will Joybed remove my old mattress when they bring my new one?

Yes, for $150 Joybed will arrange for your new mattress to be delivered by a specialized carrier that will bring in and set up your bed, as well as remove your old mattress.

Are the materials in Joybed all natural or organic?

Yes and no. While Joybed uses natural materials, they decided not to go the certified organic route in order to keep production costs down and in turn keep their prices down.

Does Joybed have coils?

Yes. All of the Joybed mattresses have coils for support.

Is it made in the USA?

Yes. Joybed is made in the US with materials sourced in the US.

What’s inside the mattress?

Joybed is made with pocketed coils, cotton, and wool.