Who Is This Best For?

Individuals seeking an affordable latex mattress

All types of sleepers (side, back and stomach)

Who Won’t Love It?

Shoppers looking for a hybrid mattress

Heavy people (250+ pounds)

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If you’re a fan of reviews in video format, take a look at JD’s breakdown of the Latex For Less Mattress.

Latex For Less Pricing & Discounts

As its name implies, the Latex For Less brand is all about value. Although latex is generally more expensive than other common bedding materials like memory foam or polyfoam, Latex For Less manages to offer their mattresses for a price point right around $1,000.

Twin XL$1,299
Cal King$2,049

The MSRP of the bed ranges from around $700 for a 7” twin (we’ll discuss the different height options a little later) to $1,500 for a 9” king size.

We should also mention that Latex For Less regularly runs sales and promotions. That means you likely won’t pay full price come checkout. In most cases, you can expect to receive $100-$200 off your bed. That would take the queen size Latex For Less mattress below the $900 mark, making it one of the most affordable latex beds on the market. Be sure to check the green discount box on your screen for current pricing and promotions.

Natural & Organic Double-Sided Design

The construction of the Latex For Less Mattress is unique in two respects. First, the bed is made solely of natural and organic materials. Secondly, and perhaps more noteworthy, the mattress is double-sided and flippable. That means you can sleep on either side of the bed. One side is slightly softer, while the other side is slightly firmer.

Below is a brief rundown that outlines the design of the mattress starting from the top of the softer side.

  • Organic Cotton Cover – provides a soft, healthy sleeping surface.
  • 100% Natural Wool – provides additional comfort as well as acts as a natural fire barrier.
  • 100% Natural Talalay Latex (“Medium”) – Forms the true core of the mattress along with the layer below.
  • 100% Natural Dunlop Latex (“Firm”) – A different type of latex that is slightly firmer than the layer above.  
  • 100% Natural Wool – see description above.
  • Organic Cotton Cover – see description above.
An overhead view of the Latex For Less mattress

The Latex For Less mattress is made in the USA and holds multiple certifications. The latex used in the bed is OEKO-TEX certified and the organic cotton in the cover is GOTS certified.

Latex For Less Firmness & Height Options

As we alluded to above, the Latex For Less mattress comes in two different thickness options – 7” and 9”. The 7” model is the exact same as the 9” model except the layer of Dunlop latex is 2” thinner.

The Latex For Less mattress is available in two different thickness options

Per the company’s website, they only recommend the 7” model for individuals who weigh less than 100 pounds. As such, it’s most likely going to best for kids, teenagers and very small adults.

As far as firmness, consumers have their choice between two different profiles. Latex For Less calls one side of the bed “Medium” and the other side “Firm”. However, after testing the bed, we disagree with those particular designations.

We think the “Medium” side is actually a bit softer than its title. We place it somewhere between medium-soft and medium on our scale. Likewise, we consider the “Firm” side to be a little softer than its designation as well. We give this side a medium plus rating, meaning it’s just a hair firmer than a true medium.

Overall Feel Of The Latex For Less Mattress

As you would expect given its construction (and name), the Latex For Less mattress has a (wait for it)….. latex foam feel. If you’re new to latex foam, allow us to give you a quick rundown so you know what to expect.

Traditional latex foam feel

Most of you reading this review are likely familiar with the feel of memory foam so we’ll use that as a starting point. In short, compared to memory foam which provides a dense, conforming sensation, latex foam provides a much more buoyant, responsive sensation. In other words, unlike memory foam, you won’t feel as if latex foam is hugging your body. Instead, it will feel a little spongier and bouncier.

We’d also like to point out that there’s no advantage when it comes feel. Memory foam is not necessarily better than latex foam, nor is the reverse true. It ultimately boils down to the type of feel YOU like better. There’s no right or wrong answer.

Ideal Sleeping Positions

Due to the fact the bed is flippable with two different firmness profiles, the Latex For Less mattress properly accommodates all types of sleepers. This is one of the benefits of double-sided beds. Essentially, you get two shots to get it right. If you find one side is too soft or firm for your body, flip it over and give the other side a try.

  • Side Sleepers

    With that said, each side is somewhat geared towards different types of sleepers. If you primarily sleep on your side, chances are you’ll like the “Medium” (or what we call medium-soft to medium) side a little more. This side is designed to provide a little more pressure relief for your hips and shoulders.

  • Back and Stomach Sleepers

    If you primarily sleep on your back or stomach though, you’ll likely prefer the “Firm” (or what we call medium plus) side. Generally speaking, these types of sleepers prefer firmer mattresses that provide a little more support under their lumbar region.

  • Combo Sleepers

    Lastly, if you’re a combination sleeper that switches positions throughout the night, it will be a toss-up. We’d recommend testing out both sides for about a week to see which side better suits your needs. Regardless, one of the nice things about latex is that it’s ultra-responsive. This means combination sleepers will find it effortless to switch between positions.

Suitable Body Types For Latex For Less

Although this review has been largely positive up to this point, there is one negative aspect about the bed that we must mention. That is we don’t feel the Latex For Less mattress is ideal for people who weigh more than ~225 pounds. If you fall under this weight range, you’ll likely be fine with the bed, but if you’re not, we’d recommend choosing a hybrid mattress that uses coils for its support foundation instead.

The Latex For Less mattress is best for small and medium size individuals

There’s a few factors at play here. First, heavier people exert more pressure on mattresses than smaller/average size people, and thus, require additional support. Unfortunately, all-foam beds (like Latex For Less) generally do not provide the same level of support as hybrid mattresses.

That’s because coils are more resistant to force. In other words, coils compress (just like foam), but also spring or push-up against pressure. Therefore, in summary, if you’re larger in stature, we’d point you towards a hybrid bed. A few of the popular latex hybrid mattresses include Avocado, Awara and Birch.

Other Considerations

To round out this review, we need to discuss two other considerations that are especially pertinent to couples.

Edge Support

Generally, hybrid beds perform better in this category than all-foam beds, but overall, we didn’t notice any significant issues with the Latex For Less mattress. We think it’s a viable option for couples who prefer not to cuddle.

Good edge support for an all-foam bed

Motion Isolation

Memory foam beds typically outperform latex beds in this department due to the lack of bounce, however, we found the Latex For Less mattress to be just fine. Like with edge support, we don’t envision couples experiencing any issues with the bed.

Latex For Less Customer Policies

Like the majority of beds purchased online, the Latex For Less mattress comes with friendly customer policies. Below is a quick summary of what to expect when you buy from Latex For Less.

Free Shipping – The Latex For Less mattress ships for free inside a small box and will be delivered directly to your door. Once you move the box to your bedroom, simply cut it open, remove the packaging and unroll the mattress onto your frame or foundation. It’s as simple as that.

120 Night Trial Period – From the day your bed is delivered, Latex For Less gives you 120 nights to test it out risk-free. During this period, if you decide you do indeed like the bed, great, no additional action is required. If, for some reason during the trial period, you decide you’re not a fan of the Latex For Less mattress, you can return it for a full refund. There is one caveat to that point – the company strongly urges consumers to try the bed for at least 30 nights before making up their mind. They claim this is the necessary amount of time your body needs to adjust to a new sleeping surface. If you decide to return the bed before the 30 night mark, the company charges a $99 convenience fee.

20 Year Warranty – The Latex For Less mattress is backed by a 20 year warranty. This is double the standard warranty length in the online mattress industry. With that said, we always recommend shoppers read the warranty of beds before purchasing. You can dive into the details of the Latex For Less warranty on the company’s website.

Verdict: Latex For Less Mattress Review

Given its price point (less than $900 for a queen size after discounts) and double-sided versatility, we think the Latex For Less mattress is an excellent value. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a natural and organic mattress, but your budget is limited, then Latex For Less should definitely be on your shortlist. With that said, this bed isn’t going to be right for everyone. More specifically, if you fall into the heavyweight category, we’d recommend checking out our best hybrid mattress guide.

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How cheap is the Latex For Less mattress?

The Latex For Less mattress is one of the most affordable natural and organic beds on the market. A queen size after discounts is typically under $900.

What makes the Latex For Less mattress unique?

The Latex For Less mattress is unique in that it’s (1) comprised entirely of natural and organic materials; (2) double-sided and flippable; and (3) cheaper than most latex beds.

Is the Latex For Less mattress good for side sleepers?

Yes, the softer side of the Latex For Less mattress provides ample pressure relief for side sleepers.

Is the Latex For Less mattress safe to sleep on?

Yes, the mattress is safe to sleep on. The bed holds multiple certifications.