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Layla Hybrid Review

Layla Hybrid Review

Of all the innerspring bed reviews we've published, the flippable Layla Hybrid mattress might just be the most unique.

Last Updated: January 8, 2021

Matt Ross

The Layla Hybrid is the latest addition to the company's mattress lineup. It's Layla's first bed that uses coils for its support framework. In this review, we cover everything you need to know about this double-sided mattress, including feel, firmness, ideal sleeper types and much more.

Who Is This Best For?

If you really like memory foam

People that want/need a soft mattress

If you’re open to a flippable mattress

Who Won’t Love It?

People on a limited budget

Strict back and stomach sleepers that want a firm bed

Layla Hybrid Mattress Review

The Layla original is one of the most popular flippable mattresses on the online market, and for good reason (it’s ultra comfortable). Thankfully, they’ve since released a hybrid version to the well-received Layla Mattress which offers the same versatile flippable design with a supportive innerspring core. Therefore, if you’re a heavier sleeper or somebody who is willing to spend the extra money on a more durable mattress, keep reading to find out all there is to know about the Layla Hybrid Mattress.

This is a somewhat lengthy review so we’ve included links below so you can quickly navigate to the exact section you’re looking for.

Layla Hybrid Video Review

The Layla Hybrid is similar to the Original Layla mattress in many respects; however, it also differs in several areas as well. Here’s a short video explaining the key points you need to know about this flippable hybrid mattress.

We hope the video above gave you a good idea of what to expect with the Layla Hybrid. As always, we’ve complied a more detailed review below in case you want additional information.

Layla Hybrid Mattress Two-Sided Design

All in all, the Layla Hybrid is comprised of five different layers that total 13” thick. Below you’ll find a short summary the different layers within the Layla Hybrid starting with soft side facing upwards.

layla hybrid mattress review layers
A closer look at the layers within the Layla Hybrid mattress
  • Copper Infused Memory Foam – Acts as the proper comfort layer for the soft side of the bed. Its 2.5” thick.
  • Max AirFlow Foam – Serves as a transition layer for the soft side. This layer is divided into three sections. The top and bottom portions are designed to be more forgiving under your shoulders and legs. The middle portion is a little firmer to provide more reinforcement under your lower back and trunk. This layer is 2” thick.
  • Pocketed Coils – Combine to form the primary support structure for the mattress. The coils are 6” in height.
  • Max AirFlow Foam – Same foam described above except its 0.5” thinner. This is the transition layer for the firm side.
  • Copper Infused Memory Foam – Just like the comfort layer on the soft side except it’s only 1” thick.

Like the Original Layla, the Hybrid is also double-sided and flippable, which helps differentiate it from competing beds on the market like the ones listed in the section above. One side of the bed is more plush, and the other side is designed to be slightly firmer for support.

Layla Hybrid Cover

Layla Hybrid Mattress Review Cover
A look at the Layla Hybrid’s textured cover

Wrapping the various layers of coils and foam is a soft and breathable charcoal colored cover that is removable. The cover even comes equipped with handles to make moving and rotating the bed super easy. Keep in mind, although the cover is technically removable, it is not machine washable. If you have an accident and it somehow gets dirty, you should spot clean the area using a damp cloth and mild, safe detergent. This is how you clean the covers on the majority of bed-in-a-box mattresses so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Mattress Feel And Firmness

The Layla Hybrid Mattress has a similar memory foam feel to that of the Original model. If you’re not familiar with that particular bed, allow us to give you a quick refresher. It’s essentially a memory foam feel, but not your standard deep, dense memory feel like you’d find with the Nectar mattress, for example. Instead, it has a lighter, more airy feel to it that our team here finds quite comfortable.

As you lay down on the soft side, you’ll sink a little and feel the top memory foam layer contour and conform to your body’s shape. On the firm side, you sleep more on top of the bed but you can definitely still feel the memory foam below.

Firmness Ratings

The soft side of the Layla Hybrid is eerily similar to the soft side of the Original model. We think it garners the same medium-soft rating on the firmness scale.

layla hybrid mattress review firmness

The firm side, in our opinion though, is actually a tad bit softer than the firm side of the Original model. We think it deserves a medium plus firmness rating. This might sound counter intuitive given the Hybrid obviously contains coils, which are known for being firmer and sturdier than dense foundation foams. Really, the difference in firmness boils down to the fact that the firm side of the Layla Hybrid utilizes a transition layer, while the Original model does not.

Remember though, firmness is very personal. In large part, it depends on your weight and body type. The ratings above are based on average size individuals. Heavier folks will likely the both sides feel slightly softer, while lightweight individuals will likely think the opposite.


We wouldn’t consider the Layla Hybrid Mattress to be a cooling mattress, however, the bed does do a decent job of regulating heat so we don’t think you’ll warm up either. Instead, other factors like what type of pajamas you wear, the climate you live in and the insulation in your home will play more of a role in how warm or cool you sleep.

Is Layla Hybrid A Good Mattress For Couples?

There are always two topics that couples in particular will want to pay special attention to when shopping for a new mattress. We’re referring to motion isolation and edge support.

Edge Support

layla hybrid mattress review edge support
A look at the edge support with Layla Hybrid mattress

Edge support refers to how well the perimeter of a mattress holds up against pressure. Couples will want a bed that does not compress around its edges so that both individuals can spread out and utilize the entire surface area of the mattress.

We think edge support definitely checks out on this mattress. Learn more about edge support and how we judge it on our blog.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation relates to how well a bed is able to deaden the movement that transfers from one side of the bed to the other after one person rolls over, gets up to use the restroom, etc. In simple terms, the better your mattress is at dampening movement, the less you’ll be disrupted, which should translate to a more restful night of sleep.

Luckily, the Layla Hybrid Mattress isolates motion well and we don’t foresee couples having any issues with the bed.

Sleeper Type Analysis

We’ll keep this section brief because we think the Layla Hybrid is a good option for all types of sleepers. That’s one of the benefits of going with a double-sided, dual firmness mattress. If one side is too soft or firm, the opposite side will likely suit your needs.

Side sleepers

layla hybrid mattress review side sleeper
The soft side of the Layla Hybrid is ideal for side sleepers

With that said, we think the soft side is most ideal for primary side sleepers given the level of pressure relief from 2.5” memory foam top layer.

Back and stomach sleepers

The firm side is best for primary back and stomach sleepers since it provides a little more support under your lumbar region.

Combo sleepers

As mentioned above, the ability to flip the mattress to either its soft side or its firm side makes it ideal for all types of sleepers, combo sleepers included.

Body Type Analysis

Heavy Individuals

This is one area where the Layla Hybrid is clearly superior to the Original Layla. Given the bed uses coils, it’s the more suitable bed for heavy people. In short, larger individuals exert more pressure and force on beds than smaller size individuals, and as a result, generally require more supportive foundations (i.e. coils).

With that said, considering the firmness profiles of the bed, the Layla Hybrid might not be ideal for heavy people who fall into a certain category. To be specific, we think there are more optimal hybrid beds out there for larger folks who primarily sleep on their back or stomach. If you’re a heavy back or stomach sleeper, Layla Hybrid might just be a little too soft.

If you fall into this category, you may want to check out our list of the best beds for heavy people.

Average individuals

We think the Layla Hybrid will work for people of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter whether you weigh 100 pounds soaking wet or tip the scales at 275 pounds.

Petite individuals

We think petite side sleepers should probably stick to sleeping on the soft side, while petite back and stomach sleepers can probably get away with either side.

Layla Hybrid Price & Discounts

As you would expect, the Layla Hybrid costs more than the Original model. After all, it’s the more premium mattress so this shouldn’t be a big surprise. Below is a breakdown of the MSRP by size.

Twin XL$1,349
Cal King$1,849

Compared to the average three layer foam bed-in-a-box, the Layla Hybrid might seem expensive, but in reality, it’s actually on par with other premium coil mattresses like the Casper Hybrid, Leesa Hybrid and Tuft & Needle Hybrid, especially after applying a coupon code.

Speaking of coupon codes, Layla likes to offer discounts so it wouldn’t shock us if you end up paying less than $1,500 for a queen size when all is said and done. In most cases, you can usually expect to receive at least $150-$200 off the Layla Hybrid come checkout. Be sure to check the green box on your screen for current pricing and promotions.

Layla Hybrid Review Verdict

The Layla Hybrid is one heck of a mattress. It’s one our favorite beds. It’s comfortable, supportive and we like its double-sided design. If you’re a memory foam fan, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more functional and accommodating bed.

With that said, the Layla Hybrid is not going to be perfect for everyone out there. Obviously, if you’re on a budget (less than $1,000) or you dislike the feel of memory foam, it’s not going to work. Additionally, if you’re the type of person who prefers firm beds over soft ones, it’s likely not the best option either.

Thanks for visiting our Layla Hybrid Mattress review, we hope we made your decision a little bit easier, whether you decide to purchase this bed or not. If you’re interested in memory foam beds in particular, check out our Best Memory Foam Mattress blog.

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  • Amazon Reviews: The Layla Hybrid mattress receives good reviews from Amazon shoppers, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 on the site. The reviews are mostly positive and touch on the quality of construction, how nice it is to have a soft and firm side, the responsiveness of customer support, and the pain relief many have observed. The only real negative is in regards to the smell, and that will pass within 48 hours.

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Overview Of Layla Company Policies

The Layla Hybrid mattress comes with customer friendly policies. If you’ve never purchased a bed online before, below is a quick summary of what to expect.

  • Free shipping and returns 
  • 120-Night Trial Period 
  • 10 Year Warranty

Company Info

Layla mattress contact information

Layla Hybrid vs Layla Original Comparison

By this point, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that the two Layla mattresses are similar in many respects, most notably feel, firmness and appropriate sleeping positions. In our opinion, there are really only a few key differences.

The Layla Hybrid uses 6” pocketed coils for its support structure. The Original Layla uses a 4” support core foam. The Layla Hybrid also uses a transition layer for its firm side, which makes it slightly more forgiving than the firm side of the Original model. Lastly, the Layla Hybrid is 3” thicker. Those are the three main differences in terms of design.

The Layla Hybrid is about $500 more expensive than the Original model, depending of course on discounts and the size you’re looking for. Bottom line, if money is tight, the Original model is the clear winner. Though, if you’re a larger individual, we’d recommend going with the Layla Hybrid due to its coil construction.

Layla Hybrid vs Casper Wave

Let’s start by looking at the price differential between these two. It certainly isn’t as large as between the Layla original and Layla Hybrid, but there is a difference. The Casper Wave is clearly more expensive, and while it’s only $250 more for the twin size, that jumps up to an $1,150 difference for the king/cal king mattress. That’s enough of a difference to buy an entire mattress in some cases! 

The Casper Wave has five layers with a zoned support design, and at 13”, it is billed as one of the thickest online mattresses, but the Layla Hybrid is right there, also composed of five layers and coming in at 13” thick. 

In terms of feel and firmness, the Casper Wave falls right in the middle of the firmness scale, while the Layla Hybrid brackets that with a soft side that falls softer than the Casper mattress and a firm side that falls firmer than the Casper mattress. And since the Casper Wave falls right in the middle of the firmness spectrum it works well for all types of sleepers, as does the Layla Hybrid mattress.


How did Slumber Yard get this mattress?

Layla sent us this bed for free so we could test it. Please note that we do not accept any monetary compensation from brands to publish reviews. We test products independently and brands have no influence over our opinions and commentary.

Is the Layla Hybrid made in the USA?

Yes, the Layla Hybrid is made in the United States. However, the handles and zipper on the cover are imported from Asia.

Does Layla ship to Hawaii and Alaska?

Yes, the Layla Hybrid can be shipped to residents located in Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. However, the company does charge an extra shipping fee for these locations.

Does it have any certifications?

Yes, the foams used in the Layla Hybrid mattress carry the CertiPUR-US certification. This means the foams do not contain any harmful or toxic VOCs. In other words, the bed is safe to sleep on.

Will the Layla Hybrid work with an adjustable base?

Yes, the Layla Hybrid is indeed compatible with adjustable bases and bed frames. In fact, Layla actually sells their own adjustable base that you may want to check out.

What other products does Layla sell?

Besides mattresses, Layla also sells a variety of other bedding accessories, including pillows, sheets, weighted blankets and bed frames.

Is Layla Hybrid a soft mattress?

Yes. Both sides of Layla Hybrid are quite soft.

Will side sleepers like Layla Hybrid?

We expect that they will. There’s a lot of pressure relief with the Layla Hybrid mattress.