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Layla Mattress Reviews

Layla is a memory foam mattress that's flippable and will work for all sleeping positions, including your side.

Last Updated: July 22, 2020

In this review, we explore the best and worst features of the Layla mattress—we’ve updated this review for the new Layla mattress. This is a unique bed in a box that’s constructed mostly of memory foam and is double-sided. Who is it best for though? That’s what we cover in this review.

Who Is This Best For?

People that like memory foam mattresses

If you want a soft bed

Who Won’t Love It?

If you want a firm bed

Heavier folks

Framework For This Review

Layla Mattress Reviews: Updated YouTube Video

Before we get into the juicy details, here is a quick video that explains the basics of what you need to know about the updated Layla mattress.

However, we can only fit so much detail into one video. Keep reading to learn more about the Layla bed-in-a-box.

Layla Company Policies—Shipping, Warranty, etc.

Given that Layla is a bed-in-a-box mattress, it follows (and in some cases exceeds) standards set forth by the online mattress industry. The first of which is completely free shipping.

After you make your purchase, you can expect it to arrive at your doorstep rolled up and compressed in a cardboard box the size of a mini fridge. Try to unpackage your Layla bed as soon as possible, as it’ll need 24-48 hours to fully decompress and air out. To make the process as easy as possible, unpackage your bed on the foundation that you plan on using.

Just so you know, about 80-90% of the beds that we’ve reviewed have this “waiting period” after you unbox them. It’s purely as a result of being compressed inside of a small box during the shipping period—the bed will return to its intended form shortly. In other words, your bed won’t be fully inflated until a day or so after unboxing.

From the day of delivery, you’ll have a 120-night in-home trial period, so that you can really test out your new bed to see if it’s the right fit for you. If you decide that it isn’t, no worries. Layla will give you a full refund and even send someone to come remove the bed for you, at no extra cost to you.

In other words, Layla offers 100% free returns inside the trial period just like the rest of the online mattress shopping industry. And while this is pretty standard in the online space, we do still contend that it’s very friendly to the consumer. If you just think about it for a second, what other products could you use for 99 nights (as intimately as a mattress) and still return? Not many. We joke at our company that bed-in-a-box mattresses are like the Costco of furniture in that the return policies are highly favorable to consumers.

The only wrinkle with Layla is that they require you test the mattress for a minimum of two weeks before you initiate a return. This policy is becoming more and more popular because it takes a few weeks for your body to adjust to a new bed (and companies want to cut down on returns, clearly). Not a big deal.

If you decide to keep your Layla mattress, it comes with a lifetime warranty that covers, among other things, manufacturing defects. You can read the full warranty on LaylaSleep.com.

Layla Mattress Prices And Table

Layla is priced affordably, but we would not consider it a cheap, budget mattress. It doesn’t look like the type of bed that belongs in a luxury hotel, but there are plenty of people that will really like this mattress. The MSRP for a queen size bed is under $1,000, which puts it in the same tier as Nectar, Casper, and plenty of other brands. In other words, it’s competitively priced for what it is: a foam mattress.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$699
King / Cal King$1,099

Is There A Layla Mattress Coupon Or Discount Code?

It’s important to note that since the bed-in-a-box industry is highly competitive, most companies offer mattress deals, especially during holidays. Layla typically offers discounts in the $100-$150 range, but it does change from time to time. You can check LaylaSleep.com for current promotions or the green discount box on your screen. Sometimes they will bundle in accessories like pillows or sheets in order to entice consumers. If you see them run these sorts of promotions, that’s typically a sign that they’re going above what they normally do.

A Look Inside This Double Sided Mattress

Layla is a 10” all-foam mattress, but what really sets it apart is the fact that it’s flippable and double-sided. As such, it is in a very small class of beds that allow you to try out two firmness levels in a matter of seconds. The flippable feature is a major advantage, in our eyes, to the Layla mattress.

The main support structure for the bed is a 4.5″ slab of dense poly foam. Under this layer is 1” of copper-infused memory foam. This is the firmer side of the mattress because there is less memory foam between you and the support core.

layla mattress review updated construction
A look under the hood of the Layla mattress

On the other side of the support layer is 2” of convoluted polyfoam (it kinda looks like egg crate foam). This acts as a transition layer to soften up the mattress. On top of this is a 3” layer of copper-infused memory foam. As you might have guessed, this is the softer side of the mattress.

In early 2019, the Layla mattress got a major overhaul. In previous models, you had to remove the cover, flip the bed, and then put the cover back on to try out both the Soft and Firm side. Not anymore—all you need to do now is flip the bed and lay down. We really like the new system.

Getting back to the copper-infused memory foam for a second, though. In addition to its cooling benefits, copper was used in the mattress because of some old folklore. Apparently, the Ancient Egyptians thought copper released positive ions, and they would wear it in their garments to promote health and wellness. This isn’t really an actual, scientific fact, but more of a fun fact for anyone that’s into positive ions.

All foams in the Layla are safe and certified by CertiPUR-US, which means the mattress is made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, mercury, lead, other heavy metals, formaldehyde, or phthalates. Any mattress that you buy should have this certification.

Caring For The Layla Mattress

Layla has a thick, soft cover made of polyester, viscose, and poly/lycra, much like the cover on the Leesa mattress. It also has a thermoGEL cooling agent woven in to help reduce heat buildup. We really like the look of the Layla cover, with its geometric grey pattern. In fact, we sort of hate putting sheets on the mattress because the cover is just so cool and unique. You probably should, though, if you’re sleeping on it every night.

layla mattress review cover soft and firm side
Layla has a super-soft cover with a neat look to it

While the Layla cover is removable, it’s dry clean only. To make things much simpler, we recommend not even removing the cover if you have a spill. Just mix some warm water and mild soap and spot clean the area.

layla mattress review cover soft and firm side
We really like the cover on the Layla mattress

If you want to make absolutely certain that your mattress doesn’t get stained, however, you can purchase the Layla mattress protector. You can find it on their website, or even on Amazon. Layla offers three different mattress protectors: the Layla Essential Mattress Protector, the Layla Cooling Mattress Protector, and the Layla Full Encasement Mattress Protector. All three are breathable and protect the mattress from liquids. 

The only real downside with mattress protectors is that they can change the feel of the bed since you’re adding more material. All this is to say that you have a few cleaning options with the bed, but if you’re really concerned, a mattress protector might make sense.

Feel And Firmness Ratings For Layla Beds

In prior models of the Layla mattress, both sides of the bed were pretty soft. Now, however, we’ve found the Firm side to be, well, more firm. We put it at about a medium to medium-firm on our firmness scale, and the softer side to be about a medium-soft. Basically, you have a choice between a soft side and a slightly firm side.

layla mattress review firmness softness of the bed

Given that Layla uses quite a bit of memory foam, naturally, it has a memory foam feel, on both sides, but more so on the soft side. We actually think it finds a nice balance between feeling like memory foam, but also appealing to people that don’t tend to love the material. Based on our own independent research about 90% of people are completely fine with (or really like) memory foam.

Laying down on this bed feels like a soft and airy hug because you’ll sink into the material and it’ll cradle your body. Because it is a soft memory foam, you’re going to see slower response times than with, say, a latex mattress. Despite the fact that you can tell this is a memory foam bed, there’s no deep, quicksand-like feel—it’s actually really comfortable and reminds us of the older Puffy mattress (before they updated it).

It offers great pressure relief, but still responds back relatively quickly, at least on the firm side. It’s not your typical memory foam mattress and for some people that might be a really good or bad thing.

Can Layla Handle Side, Stomach, And Back Sleepers?

Since the Layla mattress was updated in January 2019, we’ve changed our stance with regard to back sleepers and stomach sleepers. We now hold that Layla is a suitable mattress for back and stomach sleepers, so long as you weigh under 230 lb and you don’t want a truly firm mattress. Remember, the firm side is between a medium and medium-firm on the soft/firm scale.

Having said all of that, if you’re really petite (i.e. under 150 lb), the bed will feel even firmer to you since softness/firmness is a relative measure that depends on your height-to-weight ratio.

Both sides of the Layla are good for side sleepers, although, if you want maximum pressure relief, you’ll prefer the Soft side. Side sleepers need a soft mattress that will be pressure relieving enough for their hips and shoulders. Layla does a good job of being accepting of curves, instead of fighting against them.

layla mattress review updated for side sleepers
Layla offers great pressure relief

As for combo sleepers, we’d say yes, if you’re medium or petite. The more you weigh, the more you’ll sink into the bed and the softer it’ll feel, versus the lighter you are, the less you’ll sink down and the firmer the bed will feel. More petite combo sleepers might like this bed more than heavier combo sleepers, because they’ll be less “stuck,” making it easier to switch positions.

Layla Mattress Performance Ratings

  • Off gassing: Off gassing is the smell a new mattress emits from the materials after it has been pressure packed. Many beds in the mattress-in-a-box industry often have this problem, but it will typically go away in a few days. It just needs some time to air out and it certainly isn’t a deal breaker for us. Layla’s off gassing isn’t bad and does dissipate after a couple of days.
  • Durability: Durability is how well a mattress supports the body and how well it stands the test of time. The best way to prolong the durability of your mattress is by flipping it head to foot around every three months. In our opinion, Layla’s mattress is quite durable. The firmer side will naturally remain durable for longer than the soft side, however, because you sit more on top of the mattress than inside the top layers. 
  • Pressure relief: When you’re looking for pressure relief, like side sleepers for example, you’ll want something conforming and soft that cushions your pressure points. As a rule of thumb for side sleepers, if you wake up feeling a pain in your side, your mattress might be a little too firm. You’ll want to sleep on the soft side if you’re looking for maximum pressure relief. 
  • Motion isolation: Motion isolation is something for couples to consider. If your spouse is getting up during the night or moving around a lot in their sleep you’ll probably want a mattress with good motion isolation so you won’t be bothered. Layla is one of the best mattresses for motion isolation, and we added it to our list of best mattresses for light sleepers
  • Temperature neutrality: A mattress can do one of three things: help keep you cool, remain temperature neutral, or retain heat. A good temperature neutrality will help you stay comfortable. Layla’s mattresses are infused with copper, which draws heat away from your body to help keep you cool while you sleep.
  • Edge support: Edge support refers to the strength of a bed’s perimeter. It’s usually great with the coil/spring mattresses or hybrid beds. However, edge support isn’t always great with foam mattresses. We think the edge support on the Layla mattress is good on the firm side and okay on the soft side, which is to be expected because soft beds don’t usually have that much edge support. 
  • Noise: The noise a bed makes depends on the materials in which it’s made. We didn’t notice any noise when bearing weight on the Layla mattress. 
  • Sex: Foam mattresses are comfortable for sleeping because you sink into the memory foam. However, this means there is little bounce back for sex. And considering the fact that it’s made with viscous memory foam, it’s not the best. 

Ideal Body Types For A Layla Mattress

Heavier Individuals

No. This is a soft, 10”, all-foam bed that has a layer of convoluted foam. For heavy people, it’s just not going to be supportive or durable enough over the long run for. We usually recommend heavier individuals go for beds with coils, or that are at the least much firmer and/or thicker. If you’re over 250 lb, make sure to check out our list of the best mattresses for heavy people.

Layla will work in a pinch for heavy people, but it’s not technically a heavy person’s mattress—nor is it marketed as such.

Sleepers Under 230 lbs

The bed is made for individuals weighing under 230-250 lb. For the record, we have the same stance for just about every all-foam 10″ mattress. It’s just the nature of that type of mattress construction.

Pregnant Women

We also think this bed is a nice option for pregnant women, who need to sleep on their sides once they start showing. They can sleep on their back/do some combo sleeping on the firmer side, then flip the mattress to the softer side for more pressure relief while pregnant. Following the pregnancy, they are able to return back to the firmer side.

What About Other Body Types?

We think this bed is a great option for children and teens, especially if they love the feel of soft memory foam. If they’re super petite, they’ll probably even get away with sleeping on their back or stomach. Just make sure they’re on the firmer side of the mattress and that their hips and shoulders aren’t dipping into the bed enough to make their back arch.

layla mattress review sleeper type and body type
Layla is a 10″ all-foam bed that’s best for individuals weighing under 230 – 250 lb

We also think this bed is a nice option for pregnant women, who need to sleep on their sides once they start showing. They can sleep on their back/do some combo sleeping on the firmer side, then flip the mattress to the softer side while pregnant, then flip it back post pregnancy.

Will The Layla Mattress Sleep Hot?

Not really. It’s fairly good at regulating heat, especially for such a soft memory foam bed. This is because it uses copper-infused memory foam, which helps to pull heat away from the body. This is not the best cooling mattress for hot sleepers, but it’s certainly not the hottest bed we’ve tried.

Remember that a lot goes into how hot or cold you perceive a bed to be. For instance, your sheets play a major role, despite the fact that most people want to blame their mattress. Also, your pajamas are key—the less you have on, the cooler you will sleep. That’s fairly intuitive. Room temperature is also obviously important. The reason we bring this up is that while a mattress plays a role in temperature regulation, there are other factors that you should consider as well.

Is This A Good Mattress For Couples?

Depends how you and your partner tend to sleep. With the Layla mattress, the edge support is good on the “Firm” side and ok on the “Soft” side. This is to be expected since, in general, softer beds don’t have the world’s best edge support. It’s usually the firm beds and coil beds that have above-average support along the perimeter.

layla mattress review edge support
The Firm side has better edge support—it’s just ok with the Soft side

To be fair to Layla, in a lot of our mattress reviews—particularly for foam beds—we complain about edge support. It tends to be just average on a lot of all-foam beds with, perhaps, the exception of Nest Alexander Signature Series and a few others.

On a more positive note, you might like Layla if you’re a sensitive sleeper. Layla does a very good job of isolating any movement, so if your partner has one of those nights where they get up to pee five different times, their movement probably won’t wake you up.

There’s little to no movement transferring through the bed. This is to be expected since we’re dealing with such a soft memory foam bed. Layla is so good at motion isolation, however, we put it on our list of the best mattresses for light sleepers.

Pros And Cons Of The Layla Mattress


  • Good pressure relief
  • Two options (soft or firm)
  • Great for all sleepers (side, stomach, back)
  • Free shipping and returns 
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not good for those over ~230 pounds
  • Not good for those wanting a firmer bed
  • Must test for two weeks before returning

Other Layla Products

Layla Mattress Reviews: Final Verdict

Layla is a great all types of sleepers who want a softer memory foam mattress. Plus, it has the added benefit of being double-sided and flippable, so you have two chances to get things right with Layla. All-in-all, we really like the Layla mattress, especially the updated 2019 version.

Other Two Sided Mattresses

Layla might not be the only flippable mattress sold online, but it very well could be the most popular. Here’s the short list:


This is a firm mattress. There’s no other way to put it. Plank is designed for people that want a minimalist mattress that has a truly firm feel to it. On one side is a firm surface and the other, a slightly less firm surface.

IDLE Sleep Mattresses

IDLE has built its entire brand around the concept of a flippable mattress. They make several that are double-sided, including a coil, all-foam, air bed, and latex model. They’re a good deal more expensive than the Layla mattress, however—especially the IDLE Air mattress.

Nolah Signature 1

This mattress flips the way that the old Layla mattress used to: you take the cover off entirely, flip the bed, and put the cover back on. Not a huge deal, but clearly not something that you’d want to do everyday. Other than that, it’s a very nice mattress with an organic cotton cover. This can be a soft mattress or a somewhat firm mattress depending on which side you have facing up.


This is technically a flippable mattress, though, there is some effort involved since you’re flipping the interior layers of foam (which by the way are not light). Even so, Spindle is one of the most affordable latex mattresses out there.


From an affordable latex bed to a luxury latex bed, Zenhaven is one of the more sought after natural/organic beds online. It has a truly firm side and medium-firm side.

Nest Bedding Latex

Just like Spindle, this mattress is not presented to the public as being “flippable,” but the layers inside can be rearranged to create a similar affect. As an example, you can swap the medium and soft layers to make a bed that’s firmer or softer. Keep in mind, latex mattresses are on the pricier end. They also make an innerspring mattress version, but that’s not flippable.


Ok, this one is not a serious mattress, nor is it really marketed as a “flippable” mattress, but it still technically is usable on both sides. CouchBed is half couch and half bed, though, it’s not really great in either category. It will work for game rooms, spare bedrooms, garages, RVs, campers, and college student apartments / dorm rooms, however.

Layla Mattress Reviews

  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Amazon Reviews: The Layla Mattress has 65 ratings on Amazon with an average score of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Customers are satisfied with the comfort, softness, and pain relief this mattress provides.

Company Info

Layla Mattress Physical Store Locations

  • Online only

Layla Mattress Contact Information

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How did we get this bed?

Layla sent it to us so that we could publish this review and others. But don’t worry, we are in no way obligated to say good (or bad) things about it and, as always, all opinions are that of the Slumber Yard team.

Where is the Layla mattress manufactured?

It’s made in the United States. In fact, according to the label on the mattress, it’s made in Phoenix, Arizona.

What carrier does Layla use for shipping?

They ship via FedEx. Shipping in the contiguous United States is free. If you want the mattress shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada it will cost $125, plus any taxes and duties. This is pretty standard in terms of shipping policies. Unfortunately, Alaska and Hawaii are often times carved out of the “free” shipping policies given that shipping something there is prohibitively expensive.

Does Layla offer financing?

Yes. They use a company called Affirm that’s commonly used in the mattress industry.

Can I find Layla at any mattress retailers?

As of now, the answer is no. We might see Layla show up in certain stores in the future, but for the time being it is an online-only mattress. We think that’s just fine considering you always have the free return option available to you during the trial window. That said, we have seen Purple and Casper start to sell at brick and mortar retailers, so you never know. If there were to start selling at retail locations, it would most likely be a specialty retailer like Lowe’s (in the case of Tuft & Needle). Off the top of my head, I’m thinking of Bed, Bath & Beyond, which I don’t believe sells a competing brand of mattresses.

Does Layla offer other products?

Yes. So far, we have posted reviews of the following products: Layla Pillow and Layla Topper. We have their sheets, but have yet to post a review of them. In addition to those products, they also sell a metal bed frame and foundation.

How firm is the Layla mattress?

It has a “Soft” side that is a medium-soft and a “Firm” side that is around a medium.

What does Layla feel like?

This is a soft memory foam bed. It has a light and airy feel, but it definitely feels like memory foam.

Is this an innerspring mattress?

The Original Layla mattress is not an innerspring mattress. It measures 10″ thick and is made of foam. The company also offers “Layla Hybrid” which is the innerspring version of the Original mattress.

Is this a good bed for side sleepers?

We think it will be. It’s on the softer side, which means side sleepers should appreciate how much pressure relief it offers.

How often will I find  a sale on layla?

You can always find promotions from Layla on holidays, but you should check this review or the brand’s website periodically to see if they’re running a discount. 

WIll stomach sleepers like the Layla Mattress?

Yes! This mattress has two sides and two firmness levels, and we think back sleepers will like the firmer side.