Who Is It Best For?
If you want a mattress with a lot of pressure relief
People that want a comfy hybrid mattress
Who Won’t Love It?
People that want a firm bed
If you have a tight budget

Hopefully you enjoy our review. Feel free to reach out should you have any questions about the Leesa Legend mattress, or any other sleep-related product for that matter. As always, we reviewed this bed independently, with only our own staff members. We take great pride in delivering the best mattress reviews out there.

Leesa Legend Mattress: YouTube Video Review

This is the newest bed from Leesa, but it’s also the most interesting from a design and comfort perspective. It’s essentially their competitor to WinkBed or Big Fig in that it’s designed to be extra-supportive without compromising comfort. Here’s our video review:

  • Leesa Legend Review

We have to say that Legend is objectively an extremely nice bed. As you’ll soon find out, we don’t love the pricing Leesa has chosen, but it’s hard to find many negatives with the mattress—or the company’s overall mattress lineup.

Price Of The Legend Bed

We mentioned that the Legend has a premium price, and that’s true, but for the exact pricing and current offers you should check Leesa.com.

As of now when we’re writing this review, the Legend’s queen size mattress has an MSRP of about $2,200. That’s up there with the price of Casper Wave and even certain Beautyrest mattresses—clearly you’re not getting this bed if you’re on a tight budget.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,799
King / Cal King$2,599

With a discount, however, you can expect the queen size Legend mattress to be in the $1,800-$1,900 range. We can’t promise anything, but Leesa does seem really aggressive with discounts. We would expect discounts to remove a few hundred bucks from the actual selling price.

Construction And Design

This is a 12″ mattress that starts with supportive dense foam. On top of that are 6″ pocketed coils, followed by a transition foam layer.

That’s all fairly standard, but what’s new with the Legend mattress is a 1.5″ layer of foam and microcoils. There are only a few other beds that come to mind when we think of microcoils. Brentwood Oceano and WinkBed both have microcoils as an additional layer of support and to offer more localized compression. Similar story for Leesa Legend.

But it’s not the materials that make Legend different—it’s the way in which they are arranged. The foam and microcoils are part of the same layer, allowing Leesa Legend to offer more/less pressure relief in certain areas. Here’s a look inside the bed.

video thumbnail

The one thing that the video above doesn’t really show is that 1.5″ microcoils do not span the entire length of the mattress. Interestingly, Leesa chose to include denser foam in the center third and the micro springs at the top and bottom. This is Leesa’s take on a “zoned support” design.

The intent here is to provide support for your hips and low back, and also pressure relief for your shoulders, in particular. Another supposed advantage of the design is that the foam will help reduce motion transfer. To be honest, this bed does a great job of deadening movement, especially considering it has two layers of coils.

On top of the mixed layer is memory foam, which is intended to prevent you from feeling the coils, and also to offer pressure relief. The main comfort layer is a responsive, soft foam, similar to what you’ll see on the Original Leesa mattress.

leesa legend mattress review organic cotton wool cover
We are big fans of the soft, organic cotton cover on the Legend mattress

The Legend mattress has the nicest cover of any Leesa mattress. It’s made in part of organic cotton and merino wool for a super soft feel, and pleasant earthy smell. As you can see in the image above, it has the little ridges as well. You’ll be able to feel these if you lay directly on the mattress, but as soon as you put sheets on it, you won’t be able to tell. We actually really like the design to the cover.

Overall Feel Of The Bed

In terms of how the bed feels, it’s really close to the other Leesa mattress. While it has memory foam, you’d have no idea. It just feels like a crazy supportive, soft foam mattress. There are some other online mattress brands that make beds with a soft foam feel, but very few have a similar construction to Leesa Legend. It manages to be familiar, but also unique at the same time.

leesa legend mattress review stomach sleeper
There are two words that best describe Leesa Legend: soft and supportive

There’s a good chance that Legend is the most comfortable mattress that Leesa makes. We really appreciate its neutral, soft foam feel and the fact that the coils provide a little bounce, but not too much. In other words, you can tell that it’s an innerspring mattress, but it also has most of the advantages of a foam mattress.

Our Firmness Ratings

The Legend mattress falls somewhere around a medium on our firmness scale. We’d say it’s actually slightly softer than the Original and certainly softer than their coil bed. Of course, if you’re a heavier person, the bed will feel even softer—probably between a medium-soft and medium.

leesa legend mattress review firmness

Leesa Legend Sleeper Type Analysis

  • Side Sleepers
    Good For

    All of our editors agree that Leesa Legend is best for side sleepers. That said, if you’re what we consider a “combo sleeper” and you switch between two or more sleeping style during the night, we expect that Leesa Legend will be agreeable for you as well—especially if you favor or prefer sleeping on your side. So, in general, it’s more of a side-sleeper-friendly mattress, but the other positions aren’t out of the question whatsoever.

  • Stomach and Back Sleepers

    Let’s discuss stomach and back sleepers as well. It’s not all about side sleepers, despite the fact that about 60% of people sleep mostly on their side. If you’re petite (i.e. you weigh under about 150 lbs), we expect that sleeping on your back or stomach will not be an issue at all with Leesa Legend. You will consider the bed to be firmer because you weigh less.

    For people that weigh between about 150 lbs and 230 lbs, we think that stomach and back sleeping is ok, but it will be on a case-by-case basis. If you weigh over about 230 lbs, you should stick to side sleeping on Leesa Legend. As supportive and comfortable as this mattress is, it will just be too soft for back/stomach sleeping if you’re heavy or obese.

Any Temperature Concerns?

The short answer is “no.” Based on all our testing, and experience with 150+ beds, Leesa Legend is pretty much a temperature neutral mattress. It’s definitely not as cool-sleeping as Purple Hybrid Premier, but it also doesn’t warm up the way a cheap memory foam mattress will.

Temperature regulation, however, is quite subjective. What we mean is that there are several factors—not including the mattress itself—that would cause you to sleep hotter or cooler. Everything from the room temperature to your sheets can impact your sleeping temperature. Even the firmness level of the mattress can impact your temperature during the night.

Will Couples Like It?

We fully expect that couples will like the Leesa Legend mattress. We say this for a few reasons. For starters, it’s an accommodating mattress in terms of feel and firmness, and those are the two most important elements. Beyond that, however, it checks the box in two key areas.

Edge Support — This refers to support, but specifically along the perimeter of the mattress. Measuring this is not an exact science, but we have been plenty happy with how strong the edges of Leesa Legend are.

leesa legend mattress review couples
We didn’t experience any of that “roll off” sensation with Leesa Legend

We’d give Leesa Legend a passing grade with respect to edge support, but it’s probably actually better than that when you compare it just to the typical plush mattress.

Motion Transfer — It used to be that coil beds would allow motion to slosh all over the place, a bit like a water bed. That’s not the case anymore, and it’s especially not true with Leesa Legend. We have been impressed with how well this bed deadens movement.

video thumbnail

Like we said before, it’s really good at deadening movement for a bed with dual layers of coils. As you can see in our video above, Leesa Legend just eats up motion such that even light sleepers should feel at home on this bed.

Leesa Legend Review: Our Final Verdict

If the price doesn’t intimidate you, and you want a slightly softer mattress, we think you’ll really like the Leesa Legend mattress. The only people we can’t recommend this bed for are strict stomach or back sleepers who want a truly firm mattress. Other that that, our review is overwhelmingly positive for Leesa Legend.

We can’t necessarily say that it’s designed to be the best value, but we can confirm that it’s a very nice bed—in the luxury tier—that has very few flaws. Sure, the foam/coil layer is a bit odd, but we don’t see it turning away any consumers. We also really appreciate that it comes with free returns because mattresses can be a fickle thing.

In any case, our review can be summed up with one statement: Leesa Legend is a comfortable, supportive, and pressure relieving mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions
How did the Slumber Yard get the Leesa Legend mattress?

Leesa sent us this mattress so that we could review it. We review products independently and did not accept any money to say good or bad things about it.

How is this bed different from the others offered by Leesa?

It has a similar neutral feel to the others, but it’s more expensive with an upgraded design. None of the other beds from Leesa feature the zoned support either, and the Legend is the softest bed from the company.

Do I need a special bed frame for Leesa Legend?

No. In fact, this bed is compatible with a wide range of bed frames and foundations. You can find the full list on Leesa’s website.

Where is the Leesa Legend mattress made?

Like Leesa’s other beds, the Legend is made in the United States.

How firm or soft is this mattress?

Leesa Legend is about a 4/10, meaning it’s slightly softer than a true “medium.”

Does Leesa offer white glove delivery with the Legend?

In fact, they do. It’s not free, and it’s not available in all regions, but for a fee you can usually upgrade to white glove delivery.

What other beds feature a tri-zone design like Leesa Legend?

There are quite a few now. The one that started the craze is Casper Wave, but you can also find a somewhat similar breakdown in the Original Casper, the coil version of Amerisleep, Zoned, and the Level Sleep mattress.

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