leesa hybrid sapira mattress review and coupon code deal bed in a box

Leesa Sapira Mattress Review

Get all the details about Sapira, the Leesa Hybrid mattress.

Sapira is the coil/spring version of the popular Leesa mattress. It still ships in a box, but it has pocketed coils for durability, bounce, airflow, and support. In this post we cover the most notable pros and cons of the Sapira mattress, including about firmness, feel, sleeper type, pricing, coupon codes, and more.

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • Back, stomach, and combination sleepers (and, heavier side sleepers)
  • Anyone that wants a responsive, yet very comfortable mattress
  • Heavy, medium, and petite individuals (Sapira has 6″ coils)
  • Hot sleepers
  • People that want to patronize a company with a strong social commitment

Who Won't Love This Bed?

  • People that don’t want to spend more than $1,000 on a queen size mattress
  • Petite side sleepers looking for a “soft” mattress
  • Anyone that has to have a true memory foam mattress

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Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review Outline

Leesa Sapira Mattress: Buying Process

Like the rest of the bed in a box industry, you get completely free shipping on the Sapira mattress and the Leesa mattress. Your new mattress will show up in a box that’s about four feet tall. It’s actually pretty amazing that inside that box is a full size, real life mattress. They can even fit a king size bed in that box.The neat thing about Sapira is that since it has coils, it will pop back into shape quicker than a lot of beds after you unbox it. Here’s a look at the unboxing process.

leesa sapira mattress review unboxing process
Unboxing and setting up the Leesa Hybrid mattress

As you can see, the unboxing process is a two-person job, but if you were really brave (or had no one else available), you could manage by yourself. If you have a friend with you, though, unboxing Sapira is a lot more fun.

Once you’ve removed all of the packaging and setup your brand new mattress, you have 100 nights to sleep on it, risk free. Leesa, like Casper, GhostBed, and others, are aggressively trying to get consumers to test out their beds and are willing to put up with returns if it means that more people will give their bed a shot. And it must be working for them, otherwise these companies wouldn’t offer the trial periods.

Just a bit of advice: give your body time to acclimate to the mattress. Sapira is likely different than your older mattress, so you need to recognize that your body will feel interesting (probably better) after sleeping on the mattress. I bring this up because Leesa gives you over three months to say “yay” or “nay,” so there’s no reason to make your mind up in the first few days. Give it a while and thick intently about if Sapira is what you want to sleep on for the next several years.

Inside the trial period, if you decide that the Sapira mattress is not for you, call Leesa up and request a refund. As long as you haven’t exceeded 100 nights with the Sapira mattress, you can get 100% of your money back if you decide that you don’t want the bed anymore. Pretty sweet. You don’t even need a reason. They might ask for one, but regardless of what you say, they should still honor the money back guarantee during the trial period.

If you do end up keeping Sapira, which, let’s be honest, you probably will, it comes with a 10-year warranty. We’ve seen stats that suggest more than 90% of people that buy a bed online end up keeping them. I stole that figure from a competing brand, but it should apply to Sapira as well, so long as you know what the bed is all about.

Sapira Mattress Price & Coupon Code

Given that Sapira is Leesa’s premium mattress, it’s a notch up in terms of price. It’s not egregious, but it’s not cheap, nor should it be—this is a very nice mattress. Here’s a pricing breakdown before any discounts.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,195
King / Cal King$1,895

As for coupons, Leesa often runs specials on their mattresses. They follow the normal retail cycle, though, and typically offer their steepest discounts during major holidays such as Black Friday and 4th of July. You can check Leesa.com to see what promotions they’re running right now. We should also have an evergreen coupon on this page for you. Typically, they’re offering something like 15% off, but, again, that depends on the season.

What Is The Sapira Hybrid Mattress Made Of?

Sapira has a five layer construction that starts with a 1” layer of support foam that serves as the foundation for the mattress. On top of that is a layer of 6” pocketed coils. These make the bed more durable, supportive, and responsive. And since the coils are individually encased, they act somewhat independent of each other, proving more localized support and motion isolation (which we discuss more later).

leesa sapira mattress review construction and layers
Construction breakdown of the Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress

On top of the coils is another layer of support foam, which acts as a transition between the softer top layers and the firmer coils. On top of that is 1.5” of memory foam for pressure relief. And the top layer is 1.5” of aerated Avena foam, which is a softer, more neutral foam.

leesa sapira mattress review construction and layers
A closer look inside the Sapira Hybrid mattress

All together, the Leesa Hybrid mattress is 11” thick and weighs 115 lb for a queen size. Unfortunately, it does not have handles, so moving Sapira from house to house isn’t a fun experience, but then again, is moving ever fun? I’d rather move Sapira than a lot of the beds we’ve tested.

Sapira has a soft, stitched cover that’s made of a polyester and rayon blend. It’s actually really nice and is one of the better covers that we’ve seen, at least on the mattresses that we’ve reviewed. We really like its design and appreciate just how soft it is.

leesa sapira mattress review stomach sleepers
JD apparently really likes the cover on Leesa Sapira

While the cover on the Leesa Hybrid mattress is removable, you should not do so. If you need to clean it, you should spot clean with a rag, mild detergent, and warm water. The cover is not machine washable. Most beds are this way, even if they have a removable cover.

leesa sapira mattress review cover
That’s a good looking mattress

If you’re particularly concerned with keeping the mattress clean you might want to look into a mattress protector. They are plenty of mattress protectors available at Amazon and other stores. Just keep in mind that adding a mattress protector can (and often does) alter the way the bed feels.

Firmness Rating For The Leesa Hybrid Mattress

As for how the Sapira mattress feels, well, it uses softer foams, but it’s a slightly firmer bed, if that makes sense. The top two layers (Avena and memory foam) are soft to the touch and provide a really comfortable sleeping surface, while the coils provide tremendous bi-directional support.

The best way that we can describe the feel is: a soft-to-the-touch mattress with plenty of bounce. It’s not like a bed with a pillow top where you will nestle into the top layers. They might be softer, but the sensation that you get with Sapira is not “fluffy” or “airy,” it’s more “buoyant” than anything—it feels almost like you’re floating there.

Sapira is about a medium-firm on the soft-to-firm scale. We should point out though, that softness/firmness is subjective. The heavier you are, the softer a mattress will appear to you. The opposite is true of petite individuals.

leesa sapira mattress review firmness and feel

Given that the mattress has several layers of poly foam, alongside pocketed coils, it is quick to respond to pressure. This makes it easier to switch positions at night and means that Sapira has zero of that stuck-in-the-mud feeling that so many people loath.

leesa sapira mattress review
Sapira bounces right back

As you can see, the bed is great in terms of responsiveness—and this is despite the fact that it actually has a 1.5” layer of memory foam.

Suitable For Back And Stomach Sleepers?

Yes. In fact, we think Sapira is ideally suited for back and stomach sleepers. As mentioned above, it’s a medium-firm mattress and provides plenty of support. We could see back and stomach sleepers raving about how much they like Sapira.

leesa sapira mattress review back and stomach sleepers
Sapira is great mattress for back and stomach sleepers

Generally, back and stomach sleepers prefer (and require) a firm mattress. This is to ensure that their hips don’t sag down too much and put excess pressure on their low back. Sapira does a wonderful job of providing the support and firmness necessary for back and stomach sleepers.

How About Side Sleepers?

Not really. Sapira would not be on our short list of the best mattresses for side sleepers. While the foams are softer, the overall feel is simply too firm for petite side sleepers.

leesa sapira mattress review firmness and feel

You will be fine if you rotate occasionally to your side, but unless your around 200 lb or more, you should not spend a lot of the night on your side with the Sapira mattress.

We actually think Sapira will be just fine for combination sleepers, that is, as long as 90% of your night isn’t spent sleeping on your side. If you occasionally roll to your side, you should be just fine. Also, given how responsive this mattress is, switching positions takes next to no effort (i.e. it’s ideal for combo sleepers).

Can Sapira Handle Heavier People?

There is no black and white answer here. We are all different and there is no single best mattress for everyone. Having said that, generally heavier individuals need more supportive mattresses, which tend to be hybrid or innerspring mattresses.

leesa sapira mattress review durability

Given that Sapira is firmer and has coils, we actually think it will be a pretty good mattress for heavier folks (around 250 lb). Certainly, if you compare Sapira to foam mattresses such as Zinus, Tuft & Needle, or Lucid, it will be far more ideal for heavier folks, especially over the long run.

How Good is Sapira At Regulating Temperature?

There are a number of factors that affect how hot or cold a bed sleeps at night, including room temperature, material makeup of the bed, and firmness level. Because Sapira is firmer, you end up sleeping more on top of the bed versus in the bed. This actually helps you to sleep cooler because you’re not sinking into the mattress as much and therefore less of the material is touching your body.

leesa sapira mattress review temperature regulation and hot sleepers

As for the construction of the bed, it uses coils, which tend to be great for circulating airflow, and aerated foam on top that’s designed to help with airflow as well. Considering all of this, Sapira sleeps more neutral. It’s not actively cooling you down, but it also does not heat up excessively.

Two Factors That Are Important For Couples

Finding the right mattress for one person is tough, but finding a bed that pleases two people is a whole other beast. Beyond firmness, feel, support, and material preferences, couples also need to be mindful of two other important factors: motion transfer and edges support.

Motion transfer refers to how efficient a bed is at deadening movement. It is mostly important when one couple is active in their sleep or habitually gets up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or sneak cookies. You do not want this excess movement waking you up and therefore you should look for a bed that’s better at isolation motion.

leesa sapira mattress review light sleepers
Actually, not bad for a hybrid mattress

Generally, beds made entirely of foam are the best at isolation motion. However, mattress with pocketed coils aren’t bad either. Because the coils are separate from one another, the pressure on one doesn’t necessarily impact the others. This is the case with Sapira. It’s fairly good at isolating motion, but it’s not the absolute best bed for light sleepers. Still, it’s much better than your traditional innerspring mattress.

Edge support is primarily important for couples that share a smaller size mattress such as a full or queen (i.e. tight quarters). In this scenario you need to be able to use the entire surface of the bed, including the edges.

A mattress with poor edge support will compress excessively along the edges and give a roll-off sensation that can be a bit unnerving. You see this more commonly with all-foam beds, but some coil mattresses have pretty bad edge support as well.

leesa sapira mattress review edge support
Sapira has darn good edge support

Lucky for you, Sapira has really great edge support. In fact, this is one of the best things about this mattress—it holds its shape along the perimeter nicely. We would consider Sapira a great mattress for individuals sleeping in a smaller room, apartment, or studio where a king size bed just won’t fit.

Leesa Sapira Mattress Review: Verdict

This is a well-made, comfortable, and supportive mattress. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, well then, Sapira could be the right bed for you. If you like coils, you favor sleeping on your stomach or back, and you like the idea of a soft foam feel, Sapira is that bed. If, however, you sleep exclusively on your side and want a true memory foam feel, that is not really the Sapira mattress—check out our list of the best memory foam mattresses. The bottom line is that Sapira isn’t cheap, but it is a good mattress and there is a large subset of people that will really like this mattress.

Related Content

Comparing Leesa Mattresses

We made sure to do this in our full review of the Leesa mattress, so we figured it would be a good idea for this post as well. There are two major things that separate Leesa and Sapira:

  • Construction — Leesa is made entirely of foam while Sapira has the support coils underneath. This has all sorts of implications in terms of feel, firmness, support, bounce, and more. For instance, heavy people can sleep on Sapira, but we don’t recommend they do so for extended periods of time with Leesa. Also, Sapira has fantastic edge support and Leesa is about as good as any other foam mattress.
  • Price — For the more premium bed (i.e. Sapira), you will pay more. Sapira is about $400-500 more expensive than Leesa, which usually retails for just under $1,000 for a queen size before any discounts.

Which mattress is better? That’s hard to say because it depends on what you’re looking for and your sleeping preferences. If you’re a 170 lb side sleeper, Leesa should do the trick. If you’re 245 lb, Sapira is the more ideal bed regardless of your dominant sleeping position.

Generally speaking, we like Leesa better for people that want a general, soft-foam bed. It’s a safe pick that won’t alienate many people. We consider Sapira the next step up in terms of quality, support, and design. Of course, for that “next step up” you will pay higher prices, so there’s always a trade off. Leesa is basically the head-to-head competitor with Casper, while Sapira compares more directly with Brooklyn Bedding Signature or Saatva.

Review Team

Jeff Rizzo

Jeff Rizzo

Combo Sleeper

Jon Gomez

Side Sleeper


McKenzie Dillon

Combo Sleeper


Matt Ross

Back Sleeper


How did the Slumber Yard get the Sapira mattress?

We were sent the Sapira mattress by Leesa so that we could post a review about it. We are under no obligation to write good or bad things about this mattress. We retain full editorial control over this review and have not allow Leesa (or any other brand) to dictate our opinion about the Sapira mattress.

Where is Sapira made?

According to Leesa’s website, the Sapira mattress is made in the United States, just like the standard Leesa mattress.

What is Leesa’s 10-For-1 Program?

Leesa donates 1 mattress for every 10 mattresses they sell. As of the date of this post, Leesa has donates over 30,000 mattresses, which is seriously impressive. They even have a program with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant one tree for every mattress they sell. They have a goal of between now and 2025, planting one million trees.

Are there financing options available?

Yes. Financing is provided by Affirm, which is widely used among mattress companies for financing. According to Leesa's website, payments start at around $50 per month for a twin size bed.

How long does it take to receive the Sapira mattress?

It takes Leesa about 1-5 days to prepare your bed for shipment and UPS takes another 1-5 days to deliver it.

What foundations will Sapira work on?

The Sapira mattress should be used on a flat, firm surface with next to go flex. It will work on the Leesa Foundation, solid platforms, slatted bases, solid box and springs/foundations.

Is white glove delivery available?

Yes, but it costs $100 and is only available in select areas since Leesa is outsourcing this to a 3rd party delivery firm. For an extra $50, they will even remove your old mattress.

Will Leesa ship outside of the United States?

Yes. They ship to Canada, the UK, and Germany. Keep in mind that if you take their products outside of the country in which you purchased them, the trial period and warranty are voided.

Is there a recycling fee assessed at checkout?

If you live in California, Connecticut, or Rhode Island, there will be a modest "recycling" fee assessed at checkout.

What other products does Leesa sell?

They also sell the Leesa adjustable bed frame, a mattress foundation, metal bed frame, sheets, hybrid pillow, foam pillow, and blanket. That is in addition, of course, to the flagship Leesa mattress.

Is Leesa available at any physical retail locations?

Yes. You can find Sapira at certain Pottery Barn and West Elm locations. It looks like Leesa and Sapira are more widely available at West Elm, though, because on Leesa's website they say you can find their beds in more than 95 West Elm stores.

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