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Level Sleep Mattress Review

A detailed look at the bed chiropractors and doctors recommend for back pain relief

Last Updated: July 1, 2020

According to multiple media outlets, over 50% of Americans who spend their workday sitting experience some sort of back pain. Given this trend, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that mattress companies are starting to produce beds aimed specifically at fixing this issue. Level Sleep, the focus of today’s review, is one such example.

Who Is This Best For?

If you’re intrigued by a new “zoned support” design

Medium and petite sized individuals

People that want a comfy foam bed

Who Won’t Love It?

Heavier people

If you want a firm or soft bed (it is in the middle)

Level Sleep Review Outline

Our reviews are quite extensive so we thought it would be helpful to provide the links below for easy navigation.

If you don’t feel like reading our full, detailed review, we’ve also put together a short video below outlining what you need to know about the updated Level Sleep mattress.

We hope you found the video above helpful. Keep reading to learn more about the Level Sleep bed.

Level Sleep Company Policies

Like most online, direct-to-consumer mattress companies, Level Sleep offers extremely friendly customer policies. In fact, they actually go above and beyond the industry standard in several respects. Let’s dig a little deeper and discuss exactly how purchasing a mattress through Level Sleep works.

After you click purchase on your computer, the Level Sleep mattress will ship for free and arrive at your door compressed in a box typically within 1-5 business days. Once you see the box has arrived, just grab a family member or friend and move it to the desired room. From there, you’ll want to remove the bed from the box, cut the plastic and watch it magically inflate. Keep in mind, you’ll most likely want to give the bed at least 24-48 hours to fully inflate before actually sleeping on it. Here’s a quick peek at the Slumber Yard team unboxing the Level Sleep mattress.

Once the bed has been delivered, the company offers customers a 365 night risk-free trial period.Yes, you read that right. The company actually allows you to sleep on the bed for almost a full year before deciding whether you want to keep it or not. If you do like the bed, great, it comes backed by a “Forever Warranty”. According to the website, the company guarantees the quality of construction, materials and durability of the mattress for as long as the original purchaser owns the bed. For more details on what exactly the warranty covers, be sure to check out the company’s website.

If, during the first year, you decide the mattress isn’t quite right for your particular sleeping habits, don’t worry, the refund/return process is very straightforward. All you have to do is contact the Level Sleep customer support team and they’ll effectively take care of everything. First, they’ll schedule a time for a third party logistics company to pick-up the mattress from your home free of charge. Once that occurs, the company will then issue you a refund. It’s that easy. We’ve returned plenty of online mattresses here at The Slumber Yard and never had any issues.

Just for reference, the industry standard when it comes to all these policies is free shipping, free returns, a 100 night trial period and 10 year warranty. As you can see, Level Sleep exceeds these standards in almost every regard.

Level Sleep Background

Before we begin discussing the mattress, let me first give you a little background on Level Sleep. The company describes itself as a science-based sleep company rather than a mattress company. That’s because they do a lot more than simply producing mattresses. The company invests a tremendous amount of time and resources into research, development and clinical trials in order to help consumers sleep better. In fact, the company actually holds a patent on their special three-zone mattress design, which is aimed at reducing pain and preventing pressure build-up. Given the company’s commitment to science and their purposeful mattress design, chiropractors and doctors often recommend the Level Sleep mattress. On that note, here’s a chiropractor explaining what he likes about the bed.

You can read more about what doctors and chiropractors say about the bed on the company’s website.

What Is The Level Sleep Mattress Made Of?

If you look at the Level Sleep mattress in a vacuum, it has a very basic construction. It’s comprised of three layers of foam and totals 11″ thick. However, as you will find out, the design of the mattress is actually more intricate than you might think. Here’s a quick explanation of the different layers within the bed.

level sleep mattress review zoned support
A look at the different zones within the Level Sleep mattress

On the bottom is a 7″ layer of dense support foam. This layer serves as the foundation for the bed. On top of the support foam is what the company calls its Zoned Performance Layer. This is what separates the mattress from the average bed-in-a-box. It’s an Energex Adaptive Foam that is actually split into three different sections. The portion under your torso is slightly firmer to provide more support under your lower back. Next, the portion under your hips and legs is more of a medium firmness, which is designed to absorb and align your hips with your spine. Finally, the portion under your head and shoulders is slightly softer to provide ample pressure relief. This three-zone layout is patented by the company and known as its TriSupport design.

We’re not scientists here at The Slumber Yard but according to the company’s website, the patented three-zone system is designed to accomplish a few different things. Beyond reducing pain and preventing pressure build-up, it’s supposed to reduce compression of soft tissues, which in turn improves blood flow. Next, the different firmness sections allow for your hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress a little, while still keeping your lower back properly supported regardless of sleeping position. This not only helps relieve back pain but it also keeps your spine in neutral alignment, which should help reduce morning stiffness.

Now a little disclaimer here, most of the statements above are based on results from the company’s clinical trials. Again, we’re not scientists so its difficult for us to opine of the efficacy of the findings. If you’re interested in learning more about the company’s clinical trials, be sure to check out their website. They provide plenty of information on the science behind the mattress and the data they’ve collected from trials.

level sleep mattress layers
A peek inside the Level Sleep mattress

Rounding the mattress out is a 1″ layer of Enduroplush HR Foam. In other words, this is the true comfort layer for the bed. It’s worth noting this layer is new to the mattress as of late 2019. Previously, the Zoned Performance Foam served as the top layer. However, some consumers felt this layer was too intense given the firmness profiles of the different sections. The new comfort layer now provides a smoother, more uniform feel along the surface of the mattress. Overall, we’re happy the Level Sleep team added a new top layer. We think it’s a positive addition for sleepers.

Level Sleep Mattress Cover

Wrapping the three layers of foam is a removable, stretch fabric cover. However, the company recommends you do not actually remove it. There’s really no reason to anyways unless it gets dirty somehow. In that case, the company recommends you spot clean the soiled area with a safe, mild detergent or hand soap. That’s how you clean most covers on bed-in-a-box mattresses so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

level sleep mattress cover
A look at the updated cover on the Level Sleep mattress

Not that it’s a big deal, but we’d like mention that the cover also got an upgrade in late 2019. It now has a much sleeker look to it.

Pricing & Coupon Code

The Level Sleep mattress is priced near the middle to higher-end of the bed-in-a-box industry. This might come as a shock to some given the bed’s three layer foam construction, however, after taking into account the patented TriSupport design, we can see why the mattress is priced slightly higher than the likes of Leesa, Puffy and Lull.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$899
King / Cal King$1,399

For reference purposes, the Casper Wave, which might be the closest competitor to the Level Sleep mattress, ranges from about $1,300 for a twin to $2,700 for a king.

Also, the prices in the table above are just for MSRP purposes. Typically, Level Sleep is quite aggressive when it comes to discounts, sales and coupon codes. In most cases, you should expect to receive a 15-20% discount on your mattress purchase. That would take a queen size below the $1,000 mark. You might want to check LevelSleep.com to make sure that deal is still live.

Feel & Firmness Analysis

The Zoned Performance Layer and top comfort foam combine to give the mattress a soft, airy foam feel. All in all, we’d say the bed falls into the neutral-foam category rather than the memory foam or latex foam categories. All this means is that the top layers don’t quite conform to your body like memory foam nor do they have the bouncy characteristics of latex foam. Rather the feel lands somewhere between the two. Overall, it’s an extremely comfortable and accommodating mattress.

level sleep mattress review stomach sleeper
Comfortable neutral-foam feel

In terms of firmness, we’d rate the bed around a medium on our soft-to-firm scale. It finds a nice balance between comfort and support all things considered.

level sleep mattress firmness

Keep in mind, firmness is subjective. It largely depends on your height, weight and body type. Larger individuals will likely think the Level Sleep mattress lands closer to a medium-soft, while smaller individuals will likely think it belongs closer to a medium-firm.

Appropriate Body Types

Given the bed is comprised of just three foam layers, we think it’s most ideal for petite and average sized individuals. If you weigh more than 250 pounds, we suggest you check out our list of the Best Hybrid & Coil Beds. This isn’t a criticism of the Level mattress by the way. We almost always point heavy people towards mattresses that contain coils or innerspring units. That’s because coils tend to more durable and supportive than the dense foam foundations that all-foam beds (like Level Sleep) utilize. This incremental amount of support is key for large folks since they exert more force and pressure onto a mattress compared to average sized individuals.

We’re not saying the Level Sleep mattress won’t work if you weigh more than 250 pounds. We think people of all shapes and sizes will find the mattress to be comfortable. We’re just simply saying that, in our experience, coil beds do a better job than all-foam beds of supporting large individuals. Please keep this mind as we begin to discuss sleeper types. In the following sections that describe sleep positions, we’re primarily referring to small and medium sized individuals. If you fall into the large body type category, you may also want to check out our list of the Best Beds For Heavy People.

Side Sleepers

We think side sleepers will find the Level Sleep mattress extremely accommodating. The bed is soft-to-the-touch and offers a good amount of pressure relief.

level sleep mattress review side sleeper
Good amount of pressure relief for side sleepers

We especially like that the areas under the hips and shoulders of sleepers are slightly softer. These are typically the areas of the body that can start to experience aches, pains and discomfort if the mattress is too firm or unforgiving. Luckily, with the Level Sleep mattress, our testing team never experienced any of that. Overall, we definitely think primary side sleepers will be quite pleased with this bed.

Back & Stomach Sleepers

It’s largely the same story for back and stomach sleepers as well. We think the bed will definitely do the job for people who spend the majority of the night on their back or stomach.

level sleep mattress review back sleeper
Properly supports back sleepers

Although the bed is soft and comforting, it does a good job of keeping your spine in proper alignment. In other words, the split firmness design of the mattress ensures your trunk doesn’t sink too far down into the bed. You always feel like you’re properly aligned.

Combination Sleepers

All in all, we think the Level Sleep mattress is an excellent choice for combination sleepers who rotate between their back, stomach and side throughout the night. Regardless of the position you’re in, the mattress provides the necessary support under your lumbar area as well as a good amount of pressure relief for your hips and shoulders.

level sleep sleep positions

In addition, the top layer on the bed is rather responsive. This means sleepers will find it very easy to switch between between positions. In other words, there’s very little resistance when you go to switch from your stomach to your side, for example.

Does The Level Sleep Mattress Sleep Hot?

No, we think it falls in line with the majority of online beds in that it sleeps temperature neutral. That means our testing team found that the bed didn’t actively cool them down but they also didn’t feel the bed slept overly warm. Given this, we think external factors like how often you turn on your AC and what kind of pajamas you wear to bed will have more of an affect on how warm or cool you sleep. If you’re an especially hot sleeper, you may be interested in checking out our list of the Best Cooling Mattresses.

Will Couples Like The Level Sleep Mattress?

In short, yes, we don’t think couples will have any issues with the Level Sleep mattress. The bed performed decently well in both our motion transfer and edge support tests.

First, as you can see below, the bed does a good job of deadening any movement that is created on the surface of the mattress. The water in the glass barely moves despite the Slumber Yard team member rolling around near it.

This is a good indication that the bed will hopefully be able to mute most of your partner’s movements throughout the night. Obviously, the less you’re disturbed, the better night sleep you’ll get.

Next, we thought the mattress provided fairly decent edge support given its all-foam construction. The members of our testing team never felt like they were about to slip off the side as they approached the edge.

level sleep mattress review edge support
Good edge support for a foam bed

This is a positive sign for couples who share a smaller mattress or prefer not to cuddle. Beds that provide good edge support allow both partners to spread out and have their own space since the entire surface area can be utilized.

Level Sleep Review Verdict

The Level Sleep mattress is definitely one of the more unique beds we’ve ever tested. We happen to really like the differentiated “zoned” design of the secondary comfort layer. Ultimately, we do think the bed is a great option for people suffering from back pain. The bed is soft and comfortable yet it does a fantastic job of providing support in key areas, which is crucial for back pain sufferers.

However, with that said, the bed is on the expensive side. As such, if you’re just looking for a comfortable foam mattress, there are plenty of more affordable options out there that will suffice.

How Level Sleep Compares

Often times our viewers are curious as to how each mattress stacks up against other popular beds on the market. If you fall into this category, then this section is for you. These aren’t meant to replace our full mattress comparisons but they’ll at least give you a brief overview of how Level Sleep stacks up.

Layla – While the Level Sleep mattress has more of what we consider to be a neutral-foam feel, the Layla mattress has more of a soft memory foam feel. This means as you lay down, you’ll slowly sink into the memory foam top layer and feel it start to conform to your body’s shape. The Layla mattress is also double-sided, meaning you can flip it over anytime and sleep on either side. One side is meant to be slightly softer (for side sleepers) and one side is meant to be slightly firmer (for back and stomach sleepers). Lastly, the Layla mattress is quite a bit more affordable than the Level Sleep mattress.

Nectar – Nectar and Level Sleep, believe it or not, are actually owned by the same company. Nectar’s parent company Resident Home acquired Level Sleep in 2018. As far as the mattresses go though, the beds have a couple key differences. First, the Nectar mattress has a dense memory foam feel. Like Layla, you can feel the layers of memory foam conforming to your body as you nestle into the bed. Second, the Nectar mattress is more affordable by a pretty big margin. In fact, Nectar even made our list of the Best Budget Beds.

Saatva – The Saatva and Level Sleep mattresses are quite different. While the Level Sleep mattress is comprised of just three layers of foam, the Saatva mattress is comprised of both layers of foam and coils. To be specific, the Saatva mattress uses dual layers of coils, including an innerspring support system. As such, we think the Saatva mattress is more ideal for heavy people. Beyond construction, the feel of the two beds is different as well. While Level Sleep has a soft foam feel, the Saatva mattress has more of a prototypical innerspring bed type feel. Saatva also gives you more options in terms firmness. You can choose between Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm models.

Loom and Leaf – The Loom & Leaf mattress is similar to the Level Sleep mattress in that it’s comprised entirely of foam. However, that’s where the similarities stop for the most part. The Loom and Leaf mattress uses multiple layers of memory foam in its construction and as a result has a dense memory foam feel. Like Saatva, the Loom and Leaf mattress also comes in multiple firmness profiles. You can choose between Relaxed Firm and Firm models.

Review team

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    JD Christison

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    Combo Sleeper

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    Side Sleeper

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How did the Slumber Yard team get this mattress?

The company sent us this mattress for free so that we could test it. We received no monetary compensation from Level Sleep to produce this review though. We retain full editorial control over the content we publish. In other words, the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the Slumber Yard team.

Does the Level Sleep mattress off-gas?

Yes, you may notice that the mattress emits an odor for up to 72 hours after completing the unboxing process. This is completely natural and not due to any harmful chemicals. In fact, the Level Sleep mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they are free from harmful toxins and materials like flame retardants, ozone depleters, heavy metals and formaldehyde.

Is there a specific frame you need with the Level mattress?

The Level Sleep mattress is compatible with most bed frames, box springs and foundations. In most cases, you do not need to purchase a new frame. Just make sure your existing foundation has little to no flex and is able to properly support the weight of both the mattress as well as you and your partner.

When will the mattress arrive after I purchase online?

Typically, it takes 2-5 business days for the mattress to arrive at your home. Of course, processing times may vary depending on demand and seasonality. If you opt for white glove delivery, a customer service representative will normally reach out within 1-3 business days to schedule delivery and set-up.

Does Level Sleep ship mattresses internationally?

No, unfortunately, the company only ships to the United States. If you live in Hawaii or Alaska, the company charges an additional fee.

Where can I test the Level Sleep mattress?

As of the date of this post, the Level Sleep mattress is not sold in any brick and mortar mattress stores. It’s only available to purchase online. As such, you’ll have to rely on the company’s 365 night trial period to test the mattress. This should be more than enough to figure whether the bed is right for you and your partner. No word on whether the mattress will be sold in stores in the future.

How firm is this mattress?

Our editors rate the Level Sleep mattress as around a 5/10 on the firmness scale. It’s a “medium” in terms of firmness.

What is this bed made of?

This is a foam mattress that measures about 10″ thick.

Will this work for side sleepers?

It should work for all sleeping positions. It’s not overly soft or firm.

What types of foundations work with Level Sleep?

You can put Level Sleep on any foundation that is sturdy and has little-to-no flex. Certain platform beds and slatted bed frames should work, as well as the floor and adjustable bases.