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MemoryLux Mattress Review

MemoryLux Mattress Review

Check out our detailed review on WinkBed’s MemoryLux mattress.

Last Updated: September 3, 2020

WinkBed states their MemoryLux bed is the world’s first non-viscoelastic memory foam mattress, meaning it shouldn’t give you that traditional viscous feeling memory foam is known for. In this post, we’ll reveal if this claim holds true and give a thorough explanation of its innovative construction, feel, firmness, and more.

Who Is This Best For?

If you like the feel of memory foam

Consumers who want to choose their firmness profile

Who Won’t Love It?

Consumers seeking a cheap memory foam mattress

If you prefer hybrid or innerspring beds

Intro To WinkBed And Their Company Policies

WinkBed manufactures all of their products here at home in the United States, and are primarily known for their luxury mattresses worthy enough to be furnished in a four star hotel suite. If you order a MemoryLux mattress from WinkBed, you’ll receive free shipping and White Glove Delivery. So you can expect a person to show up on your front porch with your mattress in about 2 weeks, though probably sooner. When you receive white glove delivery, a professional will set your bed up for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Upon first glance, you might be surprised that your mattress fits inside a box the size of a 10-year-old—but we promise it’s in there. Since WinkBed wants you to be satisfied with your purchase, they give you a 120-night free trial so you can give it a try. If you don’t like it by the end of the 4 months or sooner, they’ll stop by your home and pick it up for free. There’s no catch, it’s just the standard bed-in-a-box mattress promise most brands uphold.

If the MemoryLux mattress strikes your fancy and you decide to keep it, you’ll get a generous lifetime warranty policy. All WinkBed mattresses are subjected to a grueling simulation which replicates 20 years of wear and tear, and the results showed only a 2% sag rate (as folks who test mattresses for a living, this stat is extremely impressive). We hope and pray you don’t sleep on the same mattress for two decades, but it’s still nice to have the peace of mind that your mattress is that durable .

It’s pretty uncommon to see a lifetime warranty, but they’re also one of the few brands who offer a “Lifetime 50% Off Comfort Replacement Option,” which means you can purchase a new WinkBed at half price once your free trial expires. At the top of our heads, Nest Bedding is one of the only brands who have a similar policy.

Price and Coupon Code

Even though we consider the MemoryLux mattress a luxury bed, the price isn’t outrageous. It’s more expensive than your average bed-in-a-box mattress, but it’s comparable to the price of the GhostBed Luxe mattress that’s made with memory foam. The size options include twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and CA king. A queen size MemoryLux mattress will run you about $1,600, and the king and CA king will cost you around $1,800.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,199
King / Cal King$1,799

We should have a discount for you, and you should find it on the right hand side of this page. If you don’t see one, feel free to head over to the company’s website to check current prices and double check if they’re running any promotions.

Our main complaint is that the price is pretty much the same as their flagship WinkBed mattress, which contains foam and a thick layer of individually wrapped coils. Hybrid mattresses are beds containing both materials, and they’re usually more expensive than all-foam mattresses. So we were a little surprised to see these two beds priced the same.

MemoryLux Materials and Construction

If WinkBed is going to claim their mattress as “the next generation of memory foam,” we expected the construction to be different than anything we’ve seen before. And for the most part, we think it was.

The entire bed is 12” thick, and the first layer of material starting from the bottom is made with 1.8lb dense ATLAS core foam. It’s a type of proprietary foam the company made themselves to ensure their mattress was durable and impervious to sagging.

WinkBed MemoryLux Mattress Review Overview
An overhead look at the MemoryLux mattress

The next layer is constructed with another proprietary foam called “Zoned Progression Foam,” and it’s meant to provide support in five targeted areas with various firmness levels to suit the different parts of your body; firmer by your lumbar, lower back, and hips, but softer in the shoulders and legs.

This is one feature we really like about WinkBed, since not too many brands are manufacturing their beds with zoned construction, even though it proves to be pretty beneficial. In fact, Casper Wave and Helix Luxe are two of the only mattresses that come to mind with a similar zoned support design.

MemoryLux WinkBed Mattress Review
The layers that make up a MemoryLux mattress

Now here comes the kicker, and a major contributing factor to why this memory foam bed stands out from the rest. The third layer is made with patented AirCell foam which contains billions (yes, we just said billions, that wasn’t a typo) of air capsules which act as tiny little cushions that absorb shock. They individually release air as pressure is applied, and provide your body with localized support and pressure relief.

The air capsules also contribute to regulating the bed’s temperature because they absorb your body heat and help with limiting motion transfer.

All of the foam inside MemoryLux is CertiPUR-US certified, which means they are manufactured without ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury, and other chemicals you really don’t want to sleep on every night.

Cover On The MemoryLux

The cover on MemoryLux is made with Tencel, derived from Eucalyptus trees found in forests that are Forest Stewardship Council-certified, meaning everything is done sustainably. The material is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 certified, meaning it’s 100% safe, even for kids. It’s also more eco-friendly than other materials like cotton, because it needs 10-20% less water to make.

WinkBed MemoryLux Mattress Review cover
The soft Tencel cover on WinkBed

As far as the look and feel goes, it’s definitely up to standard with the rest of the WinkBeds. It’s flat white, bright, fresh, and expensive looking — not to mention soft-to-the-touch. Earlier in this post we said it belongs in a four star hotel, and the aesthetically pleasing cover has a little something to do with that.

The cover isn’t removable or machine washable, so you’re going to have to spot clean if you get a little coffee or wine on your mattress. To do this, dab the spot with a mild detergent and water. Try not to get it too wet, and wait until the mattress is completely dry to put your sheets back on.

What Does The MemoryLux Mattress Feel Like?

We would describe the feel of the MemoryLux mattress as memory foam (not much of a shocker) with a fluffy pillow top. It kind of reminds us of the Loom & Leaf mattress actually, but slightly softer. To be completely honest, we thought it was a little underwhelming for how much the site seemed to hype up the mattress. But with that said, it’s still a pretty comfortable bed — just a little boring.

One thing we were surprised by was MemoryLux’s quick responsiveness. Usually, memory foam is pretty slow to bounce back after pressure is applied, but that wasn’t the case here for MemoryLux. It really didn’t have that deep viscous feel we’re used to. This is tremendously comfortable bed.

So we think it could even be a good mattress for folks who feel indifferent towards memory foam mattresses, since the feeling isn’t very prominent in this bed.

MemoryLux WinkBed Mattress firmness graphic

We received their “Medium” firmness model, which we also rated as a true medium on our scale. You can also choose a “Soft,” which we rated as medium-soft, or a “Firm” model that we rated medium-firm.

Which Sleeper Types Will MemoryLux Work For?

Since there are a range of firmness levels to choose from, we think that any range of sleepers can find a MemoryLux mattress that would suit them best. Generally, side sleepers should go for a softer model or one in the middle, while back or stomach sleepers should consider a medium to firm mattress.

WinkBed MemoryLux Mattress Review Stomach Sleeper
WinkBed is an accommodating mattress for all sleeper types, including back sleepers

Side sleepers need pressure relief for their hips and shoulders, while stomach and back sleepers need a surface that’ll provide them with support and keep their spine in proper alignment. For combo sleepers or folks who share a bed with a partner with a different sleeper type, medium is always a safe pick because it’s a nice compromise between supportive and pressure relieving.

Analyzing Body Types

Medium to petite individuals can usually get away with any type of mattress they want, but we always recommend that folks 250+ lbs seek out a mattress with coils. Coils make a mattress more supportive, durable, and will turn out to be longer lasting. So in the case of the MemoryLux mattress, we think it’d be best for petite to medium sized folks. For those of you who are more heavy set, take a look at the flagship WinkBed mattress or our post on the best mattresses for heavy people.

Does MemoryLux Sleep Hot?

This can get a little tricky to discuss, because temperature is relative to the person and their circumstances. For example, people who sleep in sweats and a shirt will probably warm up faster than somebody who sleeps naked. Same thing goes for somebody who’s located in Arizona versus somebody who lives in Alaska. So with that in mind, we’re going to discuss what we generally thought about the bed’s temperature.

Memory foam has a reputation to sleep hot because it retains your body heat, but this mattress was designed to prevent that. Remember those air capsules we talked about? They absorb the heat from your body, and release it throughout the rest of the mattress to keep you cooler during the night. We aren’t saying it sleeps cool, but it doesn’t sleep hot either.

We think it’s safe to dub this mattress temperature neutral. If you’re a particularly hot sleeper, no matter your location or your clothing, take a look at our post on the best cooling beds for hot sleepers.

Would We Recommend MemoryLux To Couples?

This section goes out to the folks who sleep with a loved one, or perhaps a very large dog. Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night because your loved one got up to use the restroom for the 5th time? Or have you ever felt the sensation of almost falling (or even falling) off the mattress in the middle of the night because your S.O. unknowingly forced you to the very edge? It’s probably because your mattress’ edge support isn’t very great, and it’s also not the best at limiting motion isolation.

The MemoryLux mattress has passable edge support, but it should be workable for most people. Remember, edge support is only really important if space is limited with your mattress.

It was also pretty great with limiting motion isolation. We had a 6’5 200+ lbs Slumber Yard member roll around the mattress to see if a glass of water would stay steadily on top. As you can see, the results were pretty positive. It didn’t topple over, and the water didn’t even splash around. So overall, we think couples should have a restful sleep throughout the night on MemoryLux.

Our Verdict

There are a few things we really like about WinkBed’s MemoryLux mattress, including its zoned support construction and impressive response to pressure. The one thing we don’t love is the price compared to Winkbed’s flagship model, we just aren’t sure how to justify it. But if you’re not in the market for a hybrid bed and you have the means to spend around $1,600 on an all-foam bed, we say go for it. It’s comfortable, luxurious, and has a construction we’ve never seen in a memory foam bed.

Thanks for choosing the Slumber Yard, and we encourage you to check out the other mattress reviews we have on our site if you’re interested in learning about other bed-in-a-box mattresses.

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How did you get this bed?

WinkBed sent us their MemoryLux mattress so we could test it out, and write a review. We aren’t partnered with or paid by any mattress brands, so everything you read is our real and honest opinion.

What are other products from WinkBed?

They sell two other mattresses besides MemoryLux, along with an adjustable base, a foundation, a bed frame, sheet set, and mattress protector.

Can I try this mattress in a store?

Yes, you can now try a WinkBed at a few different locations throughout the US, including in New York.

Does WinkBed ship internationally?

No, WinkBed currently only ships to the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

What bed frame/foundation do I need?

The bed can be used with just about any foundation, so long as it doesn’t have any “flex” in it. Even adjustable bases will work with MemoryLux. You can read more on WinkBed’s website.

Is this a coil mattress?

No. MemoryLux is a foam mattress with a new style of memory foam.

Where is the MemoryLux made?

It is made in the USA.

Will side sleepers like this mattress?

Yes. We expect that the Soft and Medium options will work for side sleepers. It just depends on your firmness preferences.