Who Is This Best For?

Those who want to really customize their mattress

All body types (multiple firmness levels)

All sleeper types (again, multiple firmness levels)

Those looking for a neutral-foam feel

Who Won’t Love It?

People who don’t want to put their mattress together

Those looking for a memory foam feel


Morphiis is now out of business. Their mattress is no longer available, but a similar product that you might be interested in is the Helix mattress.

Morphiis Mattress Review: Overview

Morphiis is a newer mattress brand that’s centered around the idea of personalization. Rather than offer different mattress models, they allow you to choose the firmness and feel of the bed once it arrives at your home.

Morphiis might not be the most luxurious mattress we’ve ever tested, but the concept is clever. Below you’ll find even more details about this bed.

Morphiis Company Policies

When it comes to shipping, returns, trials, and warranties, the online mattress shopping industry has some fairly consistent policies. Generally, you’ll get free shipping, free returns, a 100-night risk-free trial, and a 10-year warranty.

Of course, some companies diverge from the standard, so it’s always a good idea to read the fine print on the Morphiis website.

In the case of Morphiis, you get free shipping and free returns just like you would any other bed-in-a-box mattress. It also comes with a 100-night trial and a 25-year warranty (2.5x normal warranty length).

When the bed arrives, it will be compressed and rolled in a bag. We always suggest that you unpack it as soon as you can and in the room where it’s going to be used. Just pull it out of the bag, set it about where you want it, and remove the plastic wrapping. This particular bed comes with interchangeable foam slabs, and those will be compressed in the plastic along with the mattress.

Just set aside the Firm and Soft foam pieces (the Medium pieces are inside the mattress already) and allow the bed time to fully take shape. This can sometimes take up to 72 hours. The mattress will also have a chemical smell to it. It’s called “off-gassing” and it generally dissipates within a couple days.

Morphiis Mattress Price And Coupon Code

The Morphiis is on the lower end of average for online mattress pricing. You can see a breakdown of the prices by mattress size in the table below.

Twin XL$650
King / Cal King$1,195

If you’re looking at these numbers and you’re not sure how you feel about them, take a scroll through our Mattress Deals page, which is a repository for all of the discounts we find on a daily basis.

Construction And Design Of Morphiis

The Morphiis is a 10” all-foam bed with an interesting construction. Its thickest layer is the base of dense poly foam. On top of that is an outer barrier of proprietary poly foam that gets filled in with the foam pieces of your choice.

morphiis mattress review custom bed construction and layers
Mix and match inserts (36 in total)

The bed comes with 36 foam inserts of varying firmness levels (12 Soft, 12 Medium, and 12 Firm). To customize the construction of the mattress, you unzip the cover, which has a top layer of softer foam incorporated, and put your chosen inserts into the middle section of the mattress.

You can choose to arrange them however you like and have the option of making one side of the bed firmer or softer than the other, which may be appealing to couples with different sleep preferences. The biggest thing that we don’t like is that you can sort of wedge yourself in the center slat (i.e. in between the foam top layers), which creates a little divot. Don’t be surprised if you every so often need to reset the foams. Not a dealbreaker, but we don’t love this about Morphiis.

Morphiis Mattress Cover

The cover material on the Morphiis is soft to the touch and is marketed as being breathable to promote cool sleeping. You can remove the top of the cover by zipping it off along with the top foam layer, but that function is for changing the inserts.

morphiis mattress review custom bed cover
Removable, soft-to-the-touch cover

If you need to do any clean up, we like to suggest spot cleaning with warm water and a some mild detergent.

When it comes to flipping this mattress, you can actually skip it because this bed has a defined top and bottom. You don’t really need to rotate it either because of the moveable inserts. It might be a good idea to switch out or rearrange the inserts from time to time, though. Basically, you just want to prevent any uneven wear on the material.

Different Firmness Levels For Morphiis

This is a tough section with this particular mattress because it’s so changeable.

In terms of feel, we’d call this a neutral-foam. The Morphiis doesn’t include any memory foam, but its proprietary poly materials still feel like foam, just not any distinct kind.

The firmness of this mattress is really up in the air. If you want a soft bed, use all the Soft inserts. If you want a super firm mattress, go with all Firm inserts. Plus, you can mix and match as much as you want between Soft, Medium, and Firm panels to create a blend that’s just right for you.

All of these foam panels have good responsiveness, though. So even if you’re going for a softer level of firmness, the material is still going to quickly bounce back into shape after being depressed.

Sleeping Positions: Stomach, Back & Side

This is a good bed for back and stomach sleepers. If you sleep on your back and/or stomach, you need to be sure your bed is supportive around your hips and shoulders. If it isn’t, you’ll end up sleeping with an arched back, which will likely result in a sore morning.

morphiis mattress review custom bed sleeping positions

Morphiis is also good for side and combo sleepers. Side sleepers need a mattress that relieves the pressure under your hip, shoulder, and arm. If you don’t get enough pressure relief, you’ll end up feeling squished against the bed, wake up with that dead-arm feeling, or even have a sore back in the morning.

Again, because this bed is customizable, you can arrange the foam pieces however suits you best.

Can Heavy People Sleep On A Morphiis Mattress?

We’d say this is a decent pick for heavier folks because you can use the Firm inserts for a more supportive and durable construction.

However, we don’t generally suggest 10” all-foam beds for people with larger body types because we’ve found that coils can really benefit a bigger sleeper. For that reason, we usually steer heavier folks towards hybrid mattresses. You can also check out our list of best beds for heavy people.

What About Other Body Types?

We keep saying it, but because this bed is customizable, it’s quite accommodating.

Our tip when it comes to deciding how to put this bed together would be to keep your body type in mind. Remember that the heavier you are, the softer the materials will feel, and the lighter you are, the firmer they will feel.

Does Morphiis Sleep Hot?

Morphiis sleeps at a neutral temperature, meaning that it doesn’t hoard your warmth throughout the night, but it doesn’t help you cool down either.

It’s typical of all-foam beds to stifle airflow more than a hybrid mattress would. If you struggle with sleepless, sweaty nights, check out our list of best cooling beds.

More Factors For Couples

Morphiis is a good mattress for couples in that you can personalize each sleeper’s side of the bed.

The edge support, though, is just average. Couples who share a smaller size mattress, like a full or even a queen, will want good edge support on their bed. Sturdy edges are what prevent you from feeling like you’re about to roll off the side of the mattress when you sleep on those outside inches.

morphiis mattress review edge support
Giving the edge support a whirl

The Morphiis does have good motion isolation, as is pretty typical of all-foam beds. Good motion isolation means that you won’t disturb your partner when you toss and turn a bunch. It also means you can get up and eat their leftovers in the middle of the night.


Overall, the Morphiis isn’t one of our favorite beds we’ve ever tried, but we think its customizability makes it an accommodating option for all sorts of sleepers. If you don’t mind literally putting your mattress together and you’re cool with storing 24 slabs of foam somewhere in your house, you might like Morphiis and really appreciate its changeability.

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How did you get this bed?

This bed was sent to us for a review. However, we’re never obligated to say good or bad things about a product. All opinions are 100% that of the Slumber Yard team.

Can I try Morphiis in a store before I buy it?

No, you can’t. Like a lot of online mattresses, you’ll have to trust your gut (and our reviews) and just pull the trigger on a Morphiis purchase without ever touching the product. Remember, though, you do get a 100-night trial period to make sure it’s right for you. You aren’t stuck with the bed if you hate it.

How is Morphiis different from Helix?

These are both custom beds (sort of). Morphiis actually allows you to adjust the feel of the bed, while Helix just makes 9+ mattress models and has a sleep quiz to line you up with the best bed for you.

Where is the foam in the Morphiis mattress made?

According to their site, the foam is imported.