Who Is It Best For?
All sleeping positions
People that want an affordable cooling mattress
If you like memory foam
Who Won’t Love It?
Heavier people
If you want or need a coil mattress

Overview Of This Review

Muse is one of the more interesting foam mattress online right now. As such, we couldn’t really contain ourselves in this review—it’s quite lengthy and in depth. We’ve included the links above to allow you to easily navigate to particular sections and quickly learn about the Muse mattress. If you’d rather watch a video to learn about the bed, you can do so below.

  • Honest Muse Mattress Video Review

Keep in mind, we can only squeeze a limited amount of information into a single video. Keep reading for more details regarding the Muse memory foam mattress.

Shipping & Returns Policy

The entire mattress shopping experience online is great, and it’s no different for Muse Sleep. Here’s what you can expect if you purchase the Muse mattress. The first thing is free shipping. We find this to be believable and unbelievable at the same time. I say “believable” because most online mattresses come with free shipping. It’s unbelievable in the sense that most people would expect that buying a mattress via the Internet is prohibitively expensive, in part because of shipping costs. Obviously, that’s not the case nowadays since Muse comes with completely free shipping.

You might be wondering how someone could ship a full size mattress quickly. In the case of Muse, they roll-pack the bed and sandwich it into a cardboard box. From there, they ship the box via UPS or FedEx, or some other major carrier. You will typically get the bed within about five business days of ordering. Here’s a look at the setup process for the Muse mattress:

video thumbnail

Now, that’s all well and good, but how can you purchase a bed without having first tried it. After all, a mattress is an intimate product that you’ll use for roughly 30% of your life for the next seven years. I have good news here as well. Muse comes with a 120 night test period during which you get to evaluate the bed from the comfort of your own home. While retailers like Amazon might have a 30-day return window, most mattress brands go above and beyond to allow you to try their respective mattress for around three full months.

And if you do not like Muse, the company offers 100% free returns for mattresses purchased via their website. There’s no catch either. If you do not like the bed just contact customer service for a full refund. They usually even dispatch a charity to your house to pickup your lightly-used mattress. Your refund will take about two weeks, but you should get all of your money back if you request a refund and follow all of the guidelines on their website. What’s also nice is that if you end up returning Muse, there’s a good chance that a charity in your area will benefit from your mattress. In other words, either you get a mattress that you love or a charity (in some cases) gets a free mattress to use or sell.

muse mattress review
Muse is a unique and comfortable foam mattress

For the vast majority of people that read this Muse mattress review, the bed will be exactly what you’re looking for, and you will end up keeping it. I don’t say this in an effort to sell you bed—I could care less what you do—but because Muse could not afford to have a free return policy if it wasn’t profitable for them. Many of these online brands have less than 10% return rates. So, assuming that you do keep Muse, it comes with the standard 10 year warranty.

We like to encourage consumers to read warranties not only because they don’t take long, but also because they explain what and whom the warranty covers, alongside suitable foundations for the mattress.

Pricing Section

Muse is an affordable mattress—far more affordable than you’d expect for a cool-sleeping mattress. We would expect Muse to sell for over $1,000 for the queen size, but surprisingly, it’s closer to $950. Here’s a breakdown of the prices by size for the Muse mattress:

Twin XL$845$1,160
Cal King$1,395$1,833

As you can see above, Muse will not break the bank for the majority of consumers. And remember, the prices above are MSRP and do not reflect mattress coupons and deals. In many cases, Muse will run a promotion during major American holidays and throughout the year.

The last time we checked their website, after discount, the queen size bed was between $750 and $800. As such, it’s a good idea for you to visit MuseSleep.com to see current discounts and promotions if there are any. We can’t promise anything, but we can say that we doubt you’ll pay full retail for the Muse mattress.

That’s great, but how does Muse compare to other beds in terms of price? Well, for an all-foam bed, it’s affordable, but certainly not “cheap.” For a cooling mattress, however, it’s quite affordable, especially when you compare it to GhostBed Luxe, Brooklyn Bedding Aurora, and others.

Let’s take GB Luxe, as an example. That bed is also a memory foam cooling mattress, but the MSRP for the queen is around $1,600. Even after discount, GB Luxe is around $1,400. As you can see, the Muse mattress is competitively priced for what it offers.

Inside The Muse Mattress

Muse is a 12″ foam mattress with a unique feel. Now, since you can’t feel the bed for yourself right this second, let’s take a look inside the bed. We find that this is an effective way to demonstrate what the bed will feel like.

The first layer in the Muse mattress is a support core, otherwise known as a dense slab of poly foam. This layer is 8″ thick in total (actually made of two layers). It acts as the main foundation for the bed and prevents you from “melting” into the mattress. Any bed that is made of foam will start with a support core of poly foam, although typically the layer is 4-6″ thick, not 8″ thick.

muse mattress review construction and design
The Muse mattress is 12″ thick and has a cooling cover

On top of the support core is 2″ of memory foam that both acts as a transition layer and comfort layer. The memory foam is the primary layer that Muse will change to make the bed feel softer or firmer. You won’t necessarily feel the layer, but it adds to the overall comfort.

Next is 2″ of gel memory foam to offer pressure relief, support, and cooling effects. Gel memory foam is different from standard memory foam in that it typically has little gel beads to help dissipate body heat so any one area of the mattress doesn’t retain heat the way a standard memory foam does. Now, this layer alone would not make Muse a great mattress for hot sleepers. It might make the bed really comfortable (and it does), but it’s not going to earn the Muse mattress a spot on our best list.

About The Cooling Cover

Perhaps the best part of this mattress is its cover, which has a phase-changing material layered on. It reminds us a lot of the cover on the BB Aurora mattress, and that’s a good thing. But it’s not just a cooling cover, it’s also removable and washable.

muse mattress review cooling
Close up with the cooling cover on the Muse mattress

The image above shows you just how detailed and nice the Muse cover is, but it cannot demonstrate the fact that it’s cool-to-the-touch. That’s right, when you lay on the Muse mattress, you’ll immediately notice that it’s a cooling mattress with a cover that is literally cold-to-the-touch.

It’s one of our favorite covers on any mattress, it makes Muse a refuge for hot sleepers—particularly those on a budget that want a comfy foam bed. You can learn more about the cover on MuseSleep.com.

What The Muse Mattress Feels Like

Now that we’ve discussed what’s in and on the Muse mattress, let’s take a few minutes to explain the overall feel of the mattress. As a reminder, feel is different from firmness. We have a firmness section below also for you. The short story on Muse is that it feels like a mixed foam mattress with hints of memory foam and poly foam.

It’s tremendously comfortable and reminds us a bit of the Nolah mattress in that you can tell it uses memory foam, but it doesn’t have that “stuck” or “sink-in” feeling that you’ll usually get with a memory foam mattress. As such, moving between sleeping positions is fairly easy without the prototypical resistance provided by memory foam. Below is a video that will demonstrate Muse’s pressure relief and responsiveness.

video thumbnail

As you can see in our clip above, Muse wants to remember your shape and provides plenty of pressure relief, but bounces back a little quicker than a standard memory foam. Now, the level of responsiveness will change based on which firmness level you select, but for the most part you’re getting a totally unique, comfortable feel with this mattress.

At the risk of belaboring my point, chances are that Muse doesn’t feel like any bed you’ve ever tried. You get more pressure relief than a classic soft foam mattress and less of a viscose feel than off-the-rack memory foam mattresses. We are of the mindset that whether or not you like memory foam, you should most likely find Muse to be a comfortable mattress.

Our Firmness Estimates

One of the chief advantages with a Muse mattress is that the company allows you to select your preferred firmness level. It comes in a Soft, Medium, and Firm, so whether you’re a petite side sleeper or a 175 lb back sleeper, there is a Muse mattress for you—assuming, of course, that you want a cooling mattress.

muse mattress review firmness rating

The most popular model is the Medium, but here’s a quick overview of all three firmness levels:

  • Muse Soft — Primarily targeting side sleepers that need a bed with a lot of pressure relief. You might get this model if you have shoulder or hip pain, or you want a plush foam bed.
  • Muse Medium — Able to accomodate all sleep styles because it’s not too soft or firm. Get this model if you don’t know where to start and want a comfy foam bed.
  • Muse Firm — Best for back, stomach, and combination sleepers, but still not overly firm. Given its firmness level, this bed will sleep the coolest of the three.

Keep in mind that our estimates for firmness are based on the average size American that weighs between 160 lbs and 230 lbs. If you’re under about 130 lbs, you will think each model is a tad firmer. Likewise, if you’re over about 250 lbs, you will swear up and down that all of the beds are softer, even the Firm model. We bring this up because we want to make clear that firmness is not the same person to person, which is why we show a spectrum not a specific point on a graph.

Sleeping Positions Discussion

As we discussed above, there’s a Muse mattress for just about everyone—excluding people that weigh over ~250 lbs. Let’s go position by position and discuss which model is best.

  • Side Sleepers

    No problems here. In fact, both the Soft and Medium models are fantastic options for side sleepers. Both offer ample pressure relief and contour to the shape of your body.

    It just comes down to how soft you want the mattress to be. If you want something in the medium range, the Medium option is for you. If you prefer a truly soft mattress, the Soft model is your best bet. For instance, if you’re a petite side sleeper with neck or shoulder pain, the Soft model is most likely where you should start.

  • Back and Stomach Sleepers

    If you’ve read any of our other reviews, you’ll know that we typically bundle back and stomach sleepers together because both need a firmer mattress. In fact, the right firmness level for you will depend more on your body type and shape than anything. All we can say is that you’ll usually want a firmer bed—and remember, firmness is subjective.

    Most back and stomach sleepers will want the Firm model from Muse. Petite individuals should be just fine on the Medium option, but most people will gravitate toward the Firm model.

    The big thing you’re looking for is a bed with lower back support so that you won’t experience your spine getting all out of whack. If you do have back pain, you’ll want to consult your physician before you purchase a mattress.

  • Combination Sleepers

    First things first, what is a combination sleeper? Most people are combination sleepers even if they spend the majority of the night in one position. This is the reason why beds in the medium firmness are so popular nowadays. In any case a combo sleeper is a person that rotates between two or more sleeping positions at night.

    Knowing this, the best model from Muse for combo sleepers is the Medium. It’s the most popular firmness level and a crazy comfortable bed overall.


muse mattress review side sleepers
Side sleepers should love the Muse mattress
muse mattress review back sleepers
Back and stomach sleepers should try out Muse Firm

Edge Support & Motion Transfer

These last two elements are primarily important for couples, but as you’ll soon read, we have zero concerns with Muse as it pertains to edge support and motion isolation.

Edge Support — Just to shoot you straight, we have been impressed with how strong the edges are on the Muse mattress, especially considering it’s an all-foam mattress.

muse mattress review edge support for couples
Muse has notably good edge support for a foam bed

If you’re sharing a full size mattress, or even a queen, you’ll want a bed with great edge support. Muse is a pretty nice option. Edge support is certainly not a reason to avoid this bed. It’s definitely better than the average all-foam bed you’ll buy online.

Motion Transfer — We are increasingly of the mindset that motion isolation, with most modern mattresses, is not an issue. We rarely see beds that do a poor job of isolating motion Most of those are latex mattresses, not memory foam beds. As expected, Muse does a really good job of deadening movement.

If you’re sleeping with a partner, we sincerely doubt you’ll be returning Muse due to motion transfer concerns. Given it’s all-foam construction, it does a really nice job of absorbing movement.

Final Review Verdict

If you skipped directly to the review verdict for the Muse mattress, here’s what you need to know: it’s a comfy, affordable foam mattress with special cooling features. Do we like it? Heck yeah we do, and we anticipate that a lot of people will agree with us.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider purchasing the Muse mattress:

  • If you have a budget for a cooling mattress of $1,200 or under.
  • You like a mixed foam feel that takes the best of memory foam and poly foam.
  • You sleep with another person. It has surprisingly good edge support and motion isolating properties.
  • You prefer to buy American-made products.
  • Buyer’s remorse is something you commonly feel. Muse comes with free returns.

Here are the major reasons why you should not buy this bed:

  • You weigh over 250 lbs.
  • You do not want a cooling mattress. If you’re a naturally cold sleeper, you do not need Muse.
  • If you’re a college student that needs a mattress for under $500.
  • You prefer the bounce/feel of an innerspring mattress.
  • If you’re 100% sold on buying a natural and/or organic mattress such as Avocado.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How did SY get this mattress?

We were sent it for free by Muse Sleep so that we could review it. That said, we review products independently and do not allow brands to influence our opinion of products.

What other products are for sale on Muse’s website?

In addition to their flagship mattress, Muse also sells a cooling pillow and mattress protector. We expect that at some point they will start offering sheets and bed frames, but we haven’t seen those pop up just yet.

Tell more more about the Muse mattress customer care.

Muse has both an FAQ and Contact Us page for you to learn more about their mattress and policies. Apparently, customer service is online from 8:30AM – 5:30PM ET Monday through Friday. The number to call is 855-699-6873, but you can also message them through the website.

Does Muse have the CertiPUR-US certification?

Muse does in fact have the CertiPUR-US certification. You should insist that any foam mattress you buy—regardless of its manufacturing origin—has the CertiPUR-US certification.

Where is the Muse mattress made?

The Muse mattress is made in the USA.

Is Muse an innerspring mattress?

No. This is an all-foam mattress with a soft foam feel, with a little memory foam mixed in.

Does it have a cooling cover?

Actually, yes it does. The cover is cool-to-the-touch on the Muse mattress.

How firm is the Muse mattress?

The Muse mattress is available in 3 firmness options: Soft, Medium, and Firm.

Will it be a good mattress for side sleepers?

Yes! We think the Soft and Medium options will both be good for side sleepers. Some of this will come down to personal preference, but we do think they have two options for side sleepers.