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Nest Bedding Flip Mattress Review

Nest Bedding Flip Mattress Review

This is our individual review of the Nest Bedding Flip Mattress, an Amazon exclusive

Last Updated: January 5, 2021

In the realm of flippable mattresses, you really don't see that many budget-tier options. In fact, to our knowledge, if you're looking for a mattress under $500 the Nest Flip mattress is your only option. In this review we pick apart the Flip to figure out if it's the best mattress on Amazon.

Who Is This Best For?

If you like/prefer shopping on Amazon

All sleep styles and body types

If you’re open to a flippable mattress

Who Won’t Love It?

If you don’t want a coil bed

People that were looking for a plush mattress

Honest Nest Flip Mattress Review Video

Here is a quick video that Jeff put together outlining what you need to know about the double sided Nest Bedding Flip mattress.

Per usual, we couldn’t fit every little detail into one video, though. Keep reading to learn more about this affordable bed-in-a-box.

Overview Of The Nest Flip Mattress

Flip is the entry-level, Amazon-exclusive mattress from Nest Bedding. But it’s not your average online bed—and it’s certainly not your average Amazon mattress. This is a flippable coil bed that’s made in the USA. Here’s what the buying process is like.

Firstly, you get free shipping, though, as of the date of this post it wasn’t available for Amazon Prime, which just means shipping could be a few days longer than with other beds. Even so, in our experience, Nest Bedding products usually arrive within about a week of order confirmation. The bed will arrive in a box that’s about the size of a professional golf bag. Here’s what the unboxing and setup process looks like for Nest Flip:

Once the bed is in your possession (i.e. FedEx has dropped it off at your doorstep), you have Amazon’s standard 30-night return window to evaluate the bed. As a heads up, returns with Amazon are a little wonky, and they don’t play by the returns-are-always-free policy that most online mattress companies do. In most cases returns will be free, and in others they might not be. It just depends on your order history with Amazon and why you might be returning the bed. You can check with Amazon to get more clarity here.

If you do end up keeping Nest Flip—which will be the case for the overwhelming majority of buyers—it comes with the industry standard 10-year warranty that accompanies almost every bed.

You Have To See The Price Tag

The best thing about Nest Flip is that it’s a heck of a value, and obviously price is important in that equation. You might want to sit down for this one. If I were to ask you what you thought an American-made coil bed that’s flippable costs, you’d probably reply “Over $1,000.” You’d be dead wrong because the MSRP for the queen bed is under $600! Here’s a look at the prices by size:

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$399
King / Cal King$699

Now, because this is an inexpensive budget mattress as is, you shouldn’t be expecting to see any promotions, however, you can check Amazon to see today’s prices. Most of the time, the queen bed will be $500-600, which I should add is almost unthinkably affordable for this type of mattress.

About the only bed we’ve found to offer this much quality for this low of a price is the Allswell mattress, which is owned by Walmart, but is also made in the USA and has coils.

Overview Of Nest Flip’s Construction

The design of Nest Flip reminds us of a fusion between Brooklyn Bedding Signature (“Medium” side) and the Plank mattress (“Firm” side). It has quilted covers on top and bottom with a stitched railing system. It just looks like a nice mattress despite being highly affordable.

In terms of the general construction of the bed, it has a “Medium” side, which in the image below would be the top side. It will have a quilted cover and a little bit of gel memory foam to provide pressure relief and a contouring feeling.

nest bedding flip mattress amazon bed in a box construction and coils
General breakdown of the layers inside Nest Flip

As you can see, the coils are in the center and these provide the lion’s share of the support for the mattress. They also help to make the bed responsive and durable.

The bottom side is the “Firm” side and it has two thin comfort layers to offer a little cushion, despite being relatively firm.

What’s nice is that in order to tests both sides, all you do is flip the mattress—no need to worry about removing covers and shuffling things around. You can test both the “Medium” and “Firm” side in a matter of seconds. In this sense, Nest Flip reminds us of the IDLE Sleep mattress or Layla mattress in that trying both sides requires little effort.

Our Firmness Estimate For The Bed

Because this is a two-sided bed, we had to approximate the firmness twice. We have the “Medium” side at close to a true medium, while the “Firm” side is somewhere between a medium-firm and proper firm.

nest bedding flip mattress review firmness rating

It is important to note that your interpretation of firmness (or softness) will depend on several things, including your height, weight, and body composition. For instance, an ex-NFL tackle will thick nearly every bed is soft, while a jockey will claim beds are firmer.

As such, our firmness estimates for Nest Flip are just that: estimates. We’re confident that the average person will agree with us that the “Medium” side is close to a medium and the “Firm” side is firm, but not too firm.

What The Bed Will Feel Like

Now that we’ve placed Flip on the firmness scale, let’s tackle comfort and feel. While the bed uses memory foam, the vast majority of what you feel is a neutral foam (more technically referred to as polyurethane foam). It will feel somewhat like a slab of softer foam on springs. I know that sounds like an oversimplification, but it’s the easiest way to categorize Nest Flip.

nest bedding flip mattress amazon bed in a box cover
Nest Flip has a neutral feel even though it has (a little) memory foam

As we mentioned above, the “Medium” side reminds us of Brooklyn Signature in that you get a nice level of pressure relief, but still plenty of bi-directional support. On the “Firm” side, it won’t really feel like much. It’s basically a dense foam layer with bounce—no unique type feel.

A Suitable Bed For Side Sleepers?

Definitely. It’s not the softest mattress on earth, but we think side sleepers will find Nest Flip to be adequately comfortable, especially on the “Medium” side. The only side sleepers that we don’t think will love the Flip are petite side sleepers that want something truly plush.

nest bedding flip mattress amazon bed in a box side sleepers
Good for side sleepers, but it’s not “plush”

At the risk of stating the obvious, the “Firm” side is a no-go for nearly all side sleepers. In the words of Andy from The Office, “Steer clear big Tuna. Head for open waters.”

Also A Nice Option For Back/Stomach Sleepers?

Absolutely! Back and stomach sleepers have their pick of the litter with Nest Flip since we think you can sleep on either side–it just depends on how firm or soft you want the bed to be.

nest bedding flip mattress amazon bed in a box stomach sleepers
Stomach (and back) sleepers can try both sides of the mattress

The bed will feel supportive and bouncy, particularly on the “Firm” side, though, we think if you’re under 230 lbs, the “Medium” side is worth trying as well. Petite individuals might even prefer the “Medium” side, while medium-build individuals will want to test them both. Heavier folks should stick with the “Firm” side.

What If I Rotate Sleeping Positions?

There are two things that you’ll want to consider if this is the case for you. Firstly, you want a responsive mattress—thumbs up for Nest Flip. The coils and foams pop back quickly such that you’ll have no issues switching between sleeping styles.

As you can see in the video above, the bed almost snaps back into position. This is what we call “immediate responsiveness” and it’s indicative of a mattress that will provide no “stuck” feeling. In other words, yes, it has memory foam, but it doesn’t really inhibit your ability to move around on the bed.

The other factor to consider if you’re a combination sleeper is overall firmness. Does it match your dominant sleeping style? For instance, do you favor your side, stomach, or back? The answer to this question will dictate which side of the mattress you go with. Ultimately, we do think Nest Flip is a very nice mattress for combo sleepers.

Any Temperature Concerns With The Flip?

No, but keep in mind how subjective a mattress is. Most people will sleep at a neutral temperature on this bed, but there’s the occasional hot sleeper or cold sleeper in which case Nest Flip doesn’t have technology to help either way. It does have coils that help to circulate airflow, but it’s not considered a cooling mattress.

Nest Flip will be a neutral-sleeping bed, but if you want to goose the results a little, sleep on the “Firm” side. As a general rule, firmer beds tend to sleep cooler since you’re nestling in less.

It’s Affordable, But Will It Work For Couples?

We indeed think Nest Flip will be a nice mattress for couples, especially those on a limited budget. We say this for a few reasons. Firstly, we think the feel and firmness level of the bed are agreeable for two people.

Next, we are impressed by the edge support with Nest Flip. In the word of cheap mattresses, edge support is usually lacking because we’re usually dealing with a soft foam bed. In the case of Nest Flip, the coils help to push back and keep you on the bed.

nest bedding flip mattress amazon bed in a box edge support
Nest Flip has solid edge support

The “Firm” side offers more edge support than the “Medium” side, but we think you’ll be fine either way.

The other factor to think about is motion transfer, or lack thereof. We’d expect Nest Flip to perform poorly here since it has coils, but it’s surprisingly effective at limiting motion. Not the best we’ve ever tested, but not bad whatsoever for a cheaper coil bed.

Closing Thoughts On Nest Bedding Flip

When you go down the list looking at what Nest Flip has to offer, the pro’s seriously outweigh the con’s. It’s a great value, a comfortable bed, and has plenty of support. On the downside, the returns situation is wonky in that you’re dealing with Amazon and the test window is shorter than with most online bedding companies.

At the end of the day, however, if you want a darn good bed at a darn good price, Nest Flip is just that.

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Can I try the Flip mattress in any stores?

As of now, this is an Amazon-exclusive bed, meaning it will only be sold online at Amazon. Nest Bedding does have showrooms throughout the US, but to our knowledge, the Flip is not available in any of them.

Where is the Flip mattress manufactured?

The bed is made in the United States, just like every Nest Bedding mattress.

What other flippable hybrid mattresses are there?

IDLE Sleep makes two different options, and that’s really it. Zenhaven is a flippable latex mattress. Nolah Signature 12 is a mixed foam mattress. And Nest Bedding Signature Series has more of a neutral feel to it. There just aren’t that many flippable mattresses in general.

How firm is the Flip mattress?

It actually has a “Medium” side and a “Firm” side, so there is an option for side sleepers and one for stomach/back sleepers

How did Slumber Yard get the Flip mattress?

We were sent the best for free by Nest Bedding so that we could publish a review about it.

Does the Flip have coils?

Yes. This bed has pocketed coils for support.