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Nest Hybrid Latex Mattress Review

Nest Hybrid Latex Mattress Review

Looking for a natural and organic mattress with latex foam and coils? You’re in the right place. But just how good is the Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress?

Last Updated: September 10, 2020

In this review, we go through all of the major points with the Nest Hybrid Latex Mattress. We discuss shipping, returns, construction, feel, firmness, and much more.

Who Is This Best For?

People that want a latex mattress with coils

All sleeping styles (comes in multiple firmness options)

Who Won’t Love It?

If you don’t like responsive beds

People with a really tight budget

Table Of Contents — Nest Hybrid Latex Review:

Company Policies When You Buy This Bed

Regardless of which mattress you buy online, there will be a few baseline policies that you will get (and should expect). The first of which is free shipping, which Nest Bedding offers with all of their mattresses.

The Hybrid Latex Mattress will actually show up in a box that’s surprisingly small considering it houses a whole mattress—even a king or Cal king. All you do is rip off all of the packaging and give it a few minutes to inflate. Here’s a look at that unboxing process.

The second thing that we’ve seen with darn near every mattress we’ve reviewed is a trial period. Nest Bedding is no different. They offer a 100-night trial period with all of their mattresses, including this one. The trial period is your chance to evaluate the Hybrid Latex Mattress for yourself—to see if you like it and ultimately want to sleep on it for the better part of a decade.

Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Overhead
An overhead look at the Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid

The next thing you’ll commonly see with most bed-in-box mattresses is free returns inside the trial period. Nest also offers free returns and exchanges, but only after the 30th night of the trial period. So, essentially, you have night 31 to night 99 to return it if you no longer want the mattress for whatever reason. Clearly, the overwhelming majority of people end up keeping their new mattress, otherwise Nest Bedding and others couldn’t afford to offer free returns.

Last up on your new mattress checklist is the warranty. Most companies, such as Casper and Purple, back their mattress with a 10-year warranty. Nest Bedding offers a lifetime warranty on all of their beds—even the Love & Sleep mattress, which is their budget mattress.

Here’s a pretty neat video that Nest produced about the making of one of their mattresses:

In addition to the lifetime warranty, Nest has a lifetime comfort guarantee, which acts sort of like insurance in the event that you change your mind after night 101. What this comfort guarantee allows you to do is purchase a softer or firmer, smaller or larger Nest mattress at 50% of its current selling price. It’s pretty out-of-the-box thinking, but we appreciate that Nest goes the extra mile. We only know of one other company (WinkBed) that also has a comfort guarantee.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that Nest Bedding offers potential customers the opportunity to call their support line with any unanswered questions. The company has a full staff dedicated to helping consumers figure out which Nest Bedding mattress is best for their needs. You can reach the customer support line by calling 1-888-992-2001.

Price Of Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress

Given that this is a premium mattress, Nest charges above-average prices, but not by much. In fact, we actually think this is a fairly affordable bed and a good value.

Here’s a pricing breakdown of this mattress.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,199
King / Cal King$1,799

Because Nest competes in the fast-growing, hyper-competitive online bedding industry, they do offer mattress coupons and deals. As you might imagine, during major holidays, such as 4th of July, Black Friday, etc., they tend to offer their steepest discounts. That said, they typically run promotions year-round. The exact promotions change from time to time, but you click here to see current specials/discounts on Nest’s website.

What is the Nest Hybrid Latex Mattress Made Of?

If you just glance at the Nest Hybrid Latex Mattress, you can tell it’s not the typical online bed. And by that I mean, it’s not a three-layer memory foam mattress that’s primarily targeting college students and people on a tight budget. It’s a well-built, premium mattress that you will (hopefully) actually look forward to sleeping on.

In terms of the actual construction of the mattress, it has five separate layers and measures over 12” thick in total.

The bottom layer is the bedrock for the mattress and is comprised of a dense, firm layer of latex foam. Next are 6” “Caliber Edge Coil Support Pocketed Coils”, which tend to do a better job at limiting motion transfer than traditional innerspring units. On top of that is a 1” layer of 1.5lb eco-friendly “Comfort Foam.” It basically works as a transition layer in between the dense support foam, and latex foam above.

Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Construction Graphic
The five layers that make up a Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid mattress

Speaking of latex foam, the next layer is 3″ of OEKO-TEX certified Dunlop latex foam, sourced directly from rubber trees found in nature. The exact density and feel of the latex foam will change depending on which firmness level you select (more on that below).

The fourth layer from the bottom above the Dunlop latex is “Eco Flex Quilting Foam” that’s 1.5″ thick, and it’s a proprietary foam that adds another comfort component to the bed. Additionally, if you happen to dislike the feel of your mattress during your 100-night trial, you can replace this layer with a different one that they’ll send you in order to adjust the bed’s firmness to your liking.

Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid cover
The cozy organic cotton cover on Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid

Bringing it all together is a soft, quilted organic cotton and Joma wool cover. Not only does it look nice, but also feels like a giant pillow, which most people seem to quite enjoy.

Firmness Options For Hybrid Latex Mattress

The Hybrid Latex Mattress is offered in more than one firmness level, and you can choose between Plush, Medium, and Firm. You can also take your firmness preferences a step further by purchasing a split model. For split models, your options are Plush/Medium, Medium/Firm, etc. This is one feature we don’t commonly see, and we’re impressed that Nest Bedding offers it.

Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Mattress Firmness Graphic

As you can see in the graphic above, each of the firmness levels falls on a spectrum. This is because softness/firmness will change from person to person. A more petite individual will experience a bed to be firmer than a heavier person would. Therefore, we can’t say exactly how firm you will interpret the bed to be, but we can give you a pretty accurate range.

As for how the mattress feels, well, it’s more neutral and bouncy (i.e. no stuck-in-the-mud feeling). As mentioned above, the bed kind of feels like one big responsive pillow. It’s very comfortable—almost dangerously comfortable.

Will Side Sleepers Like The Hybrid Latex?

This mattress will indeed be just fine for strict side sleepers. It offers a heck of a lot of pressure relief and is one of those mattresses that’s immediately comfortable.

Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Mattress Side Sleeper
Side sleepers will want to stick to either the Plush or Medium firmness level

We actually think the Medium firmness level is the best option for average to heavy side sleepers because it’s soft, but not too soft for when you want to switch positions. If you’re more petite, however, you’ll probably want to go with the Plush version so you really feel those pressure reliving comfort layers. Weight plays a role in how firm or how soft a bed feels, so petite folks will probably think a Medium feels more like a Medium-Firm.

What About Stomach And Back Sleepers?

The Firm model is the way to go. The Medium option is probably a bit too soft for average to heavy strict back and/or stomach sleepers.

Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Mattress Stomach Sleeper
All sleeper types can find an accommodating firmness, including back and stomach sleepers

You really want to feel extra support under your hips and no excess pressure in your low back. We worry that back/stomach sleepers, over time, will have issues if they go with anything but the Firm option. If you weigh less than ~150 lbs, though, the Medium model should provide ample support for you.

And Combo Sleepers? Will They Like The Bed?

If you tend to rotate between several sleeping positions, you should first consider which position you favor most. If that’s your back or stomach, we’d say look at the Firm option. If that’s your side, we’d say go for the Medium option. Either way, the bed is highly responsive and makes switching positions at night pretty much effortless.

nest hybrid latex mattress review sleeper type

The only model that we can’t recommend for combo sleepers is the Plush model. That’s really for side sleepers only.

Does the Hybrid Latex Mattress Sleep Hot?

We wouldn’t say that this mattress sleeps particularly cool, nor would we say that it sleeps hot. It’s more neutral overall. If you sleep slightly warm, neutral, or slightly cool, we think you’ll be just fine with the temperature regulation of this mattress.

nest hybrid latex mattress review temperature hot sleepers

Also, keep in mind that how hot or cold a mattress sleeps is affected by numerous things beyond just the material makeup of the bed. For example, firmer beds tend to sleep cooler than softer beds because less of the mattress is in contact with your body. We mention this because petite individuals will almost certainly experience this mattress to be cooler than a heavier person will.

Can Nest Hybrid Latex Handle Heavy People?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that we’d prefer you try out the Firm model first if you’re over 250 lb. Again, since softness/firmness is subjective, the Firm model will feel a bit softer to those with heavier body types than it will to average sized and petite people.

mattress review durability scale

At the end of the day, because this mattress has 6” coils, resilient latex foam, and is over 12” thick in total, it’s going to be far more ideal for heavy people than most other online mattresses. In fact, we almost exclusively tell heavy and obese individuals to first try out hybrid/innerspring mattresses when they’re shopping for a new bed.

Will Couples Like the Hybrid Latex Mattress?

Maybe. Pleasing one person is difficult as it is, but when you throw a second person into the mix, there’s a lot more to consider.

Does this mattress match your feel and firmness preferences? We’d probably guess the answer is yes for both of those since the feel is so accommodating and there are three different firmness levels to choose from.

How’s the edge support and motion transfer? We haven’t covered that yet, but they’re both very important so let’s dive in.

What is edge support and why should you care? Edge support is all about how strong the perimeter of the bed is and it’s of greater concern to couples sharing a queen or full size mattress.

Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Edge Support
Slumber Yard member McKenzie making sure the edge support on Nest Latex Hybrid is A-okay

If you have two people on a smaller mattress, sleeping space becomes the hottest commodity around. As such, you’ll want to be able to get the edges of the bed without feeling like you’re going to roll off. This bed doesn’t have the best edge support we’ve ever seen, but it’s no slouch either. Also, softer coil beds tend to be worse than firmer coil beds for edge support.

Motion isolation is important when one partner is active in their sleep or frequently gets up in the middle of the night. Fortunately, this mattress is surprisingly good at limiting motion transfer.

As you can see, the water moves around a little, but not much, especially considering this mattress has coils.

Nest Hybrid Latex Mattress Review: Verdict

This mattress is all about health, options, durability, and comfort. If that’s what you’re looking for in a bed, you’ll probably really enjoy the Hybrid Latex Mattress. Sure, it’s not the most affordable bed on the market, but it’s not trying to be. This is a premium bed that’s made for someone looking for latex foam, coils, and a big pillow-top.

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How did the Slumber Yard get this mattress?

We were sent the Hybrid Latex Mattress by Nest Bedding so that we could review it. We review products independently and do not accept money to say good or bad things.

What happens if I want to return the bed inside the first 30 nights?

You can still return it, but Nest might assess a restocking fee.

Can I test Nest Bedding products in-person?

Yes. Nest has several showrooms where you can try out their mattresses, pillows, sheets, etc.. You can check Nest’s website for a full list of showrooms.

Does Nest offer financing?

Yes. They use a company called Affirm, which is used by many other mattress companies.

Where are Nest Bedding products made?

They’re made in the United States.

How firm is it?

They offer numerous firmness levels, including Medium and Firm. As such, there is a model for all sleeping styles, including side sleepers.

Is this a certified organic mattress?

Nest Bedding actually makes 2 different versions of this mattress: (1) all-natural and (2) certified organic. You can choose between the two on NestBedding.com.

Do they offer a hybrid latex mattress?

Yes. While this bed is the all-latex mattress, Nest Bedding does offer a hybrid latex mattress as well.

What is the warranty like?

Nest Bedding offers a lifetime warranty on all of their mattresses.