Who Is It Best For?
Side sleepers and people that want a soft bed
If you’re looking for a bed-in-a-box mattress
Who Won’t Love It?
People that want a firm mattress
Heavyset individuals

Nolah Mattress Overview

Nolah offers a few comfortable all-foam mattresses that compete with the likes of online beds like Casper and Nectar. This review will focus on its entry-level Original 10 Mattress, but we’ve also written about the more expensive and flippable mattress, Nolah Signature 12, that you may want to check out as well!

Though, aside from its comfortable and versatile bed options, Nolah is one of the more animal-friendly bed-in-a-box brands in the industry, as they will “adopt” an animal for every mattress sold and donate to a wildlife preservation charity whose aim is to save and protect animals that are local to the United States. We know, cool right? If we’ve peaked your interest and Nolah sounds like a comfortable mattress for you, continue along in our full-length Nolah mattress reviews.

  • Honest Nolah Mattress Comparison Video

We are really into video reviews. We think they show more and allow us to clearly convey what a bed is like. Here is our full video review for the Nolah Original 10 mattress. Keep reading to learn more.

How Does Nolah Mattress Feel?

Overall, we’d characterize the feel of the bed as neutral with a hint of soft memory foam. The Original 10 Nolah bed is fairly quick to respond after applying pressure to it, which means you won’t get that stuck-in-the-mud feeling. Combination sleepers tend to prefer more responsive mattresses such as Nolah.


The Nolah bed falls in between a medium and medium-soft on our firmness scale. That’s based on the opinion of several average-size people — it will feel softer to heavier individuals and firmer to petite folks.

Pressure Relief

We should add that it’s comfortable and offers great pressure relief thanks to its soft profile, especially if you’re sleeping on your side. It really molds around the curves of your body and offers a plush feel that most side sleepers and some combo sleepers will enjoy. 


Nolah Original 10 mattress doesn’t sleep hot, but it doesn’t sleep especially cold either thanks to the brand’s proprietary Airfoam inside the mattress. We’d say it’s temperature neutral. The temperature in your room or whether you’re wearing flannel pajamas will most likely be the dominating factor in determining whether you sleep hot or not.

Learn more about temperature regulation and how we rate it!

Nolah Mattresses Construction and Design

We usually categorize mattresses into two construction types: foam mattresses and hybrid/spring mattresses. The Nolah Original mattress is an all-foam bed, made with a proprietary foam that makes up the top layer. A lot of beds will have a unique top layer of foam. We’ve seen it on Puffy, Casper, and many others. That said, they now offer two models of the same bed — an all-foam and a “hybrid” model. They are both all-foam mattress, however the hybrid model has a different foam support system that’s more durable. There are no coils in their hybrid model.

As you might have guessed by now, the Nolah Original 10 is a 10″ thick mattress, as are most mattresses in a box. Here’s a breakdown of the three layers:

nolah mattress review construction and layers
  • Base layer — A 7” base layer of high density foam to provide support for the remaining mattress layers and of course, your body. The Hybrid mattress will have a more durable foam for the base.
  • Transition layer — A 1” layer of softer poly foam to provide cushion, and prevent you from feeling the dense bottom layer.
  • Comfort layer — 2” of “Cooling Nolah AirFoam,” Nolah’s proprietary foam which will provide a bulk of the mattress’ comfort.

The Nolah AirFoam is an open cell foam that helps to circulate airflow. Part of the goal here is to better regulate temperature within the mattress, so you don’t wake up sweating because the mattress has been retaining all of your body heat.

Nolah 10 Mattress Cover

Nolah original mattress review updated cover close up
A look at the textured cover on Nolah
  • Nolah 10 Mattress Cover

    The Nolah Original 10 is wrapped in an extremely soft cover made with Tencel, with a textured white finish that gives the mattress a very clean, bright look.

    Like many online mattresses, the cover is not machine washable. Instead, grab some mild detergent and warm water and spot clean where you need to. If you are worried about keeping your mattress clean, Amazon has plenty of affordable mattress protectors that you can pick up, as does Nolah. A cover may restrict airflow in the mattress, or change how the bed feels.

Nolah Mattress Pricing

The Original 10 is the most affordable mattress that Nolah makes. In fact, as the name states, it is the original Nolah mattress.

The Nolah mattress is affordable considering how comfortable it is and the company policies that Nolah holds. There are certainly other cheaper mattresses on the market, but Nolah it’s priced such that most people can afford it. Here’s a pricing breakdown before any discounts:

Twin XL$799$1,163
Cal King$1,349$1,836

Does Nolah Offer Promos And Discount Codes?

Like the rest of the mattress industry, Nolah sets prices a little high in terms of MSRP so the company can offer discounts. You can check Nolah’s website for current offers and discounts.

As you might have expected, the biggest mattress deals are during major holidays such as 4th of July and Black Friday. Make sure to check out our best bed deals to save some dough! We also should have a coupon on this page for you to save money on the Nolah 10, regardless of the time of year you’re shopping. After the discount, you can get this mattress for around $200 cheaper.

Sleeper Type Analysis For Nolah Original 10

  • Back And Stomach Sleepers

    Given that the Original 10 Nolah mattress is a softer mattress, it’s not ideal for strict stomach or back sleepers that weigh over 230 lbs. Generally, if you sleep primarily on your stomach and/or back, you’ll want a firmer mattress. A few good examples of firmer beds are DreamCloud and Cocoon Chill by Sealy. That said, if you’re petite, you can likely sleep on your back/stomach just fine on Nolah.

    Firmness is relative based on body weight and size. The more you weigh, the more pressure you’ll be putting on the bed, and thus it will feel softer to you. The inverse is true for lighter individuals—they will typically experience mattresses to be firmer overall.

  • Side Sleepers

    Because the Nolah Original 10 is on the softer range of the firmness spectrum, it will provide great pressure relief for your hips and shoulders, which makes it ideal for side sleepers. When you lay on Nolah you do sink in and the bed sort of hugs you, but it’s comfortable. Simply put, the Nolah Original 10 is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers you can purchase online. There are a lot of other mattresses that we like here as well, but Nolah is the quintessential bed for side sleepers. If you’re looking for soft foam, maximum pressure relief, extra comfort, Nolah is it.

  • Combo Sleepers

    Combo sleepers typically either need to choose a mattress that falls in the middle of the firmness scale or pick one that’s designed for their most common sleeping position. If you’re a combo sleeper but you tend to sleep more often on your side, the Nolah is a great option for you.

    Because the Nolah has excellent responsiveness, it’s good for combo sleepers that move constantly as well. But if you mostly find yourself sleeping on your back or stomach, you might be better served with another mattress.

nolah mattress review sleepers

Nolah Mattress Body Type Analysis

Nolah Original 10 Mattress Review Profile Overview
This all-foam mattress is best for petite to average-sized individuals
  • Heavy Individuals

    Unfortunately, this mattress won’t work great for heavy body types. The Nolah Original 10 is an all-foam mattress that’s only 10” thick. Heavier people are going to need a thicker, extra supportive mattress—probably one that incorporates innersprings or pocketed coils. If you’re over 230 lb, there are other mattresses that are going to be more comfortable and durable for you than Original Nolah 10, such as the Nolah Evolution. Or, you can take a look at our list of the best mattresses for heavy and obese sleepers if you want to check out a few of our recommendations.

  • Average To Petite Individuals

    This bed is best suited for petite individuals and medium size individuals. It’s the same for Leesa, Tuft & Needle and many other 10″ foam mattresses. You can also compare Nolah vs. Tuft & Needle if you are having trouble deciding.

Is Nolah a Good Mattress for Couples?

There are two other important factors that couples should consider when selecting a new mattress: how well it isolates motion and how strong are the edges of the bed. Here’s our Nolah mattress review of each characteristic.

Motion Isolation

The Original 10 Nolah mattress does a good job of isolating motion. Motion isolation is important for couples with restless sleepers. If you are in a relationship and are not planning to purchase a king-size mattress, this bed is a good option.

Edge Support

Nolah Original 10 mattress review edge support test
JD testing edge support on the Nolah Original 10 Mattress

In regards to edge support, the Original 10 is average, like a lot of other 10″ all-foam beds. It’s not bad, but we’ve tested plenty of mattresses with better edge support, including Beautyrest Black. Edge support is only critically important for couples that share a smaller size mattress like a twin XL or a full.

If you like the Nolah bed and sleep with a partner, we think you should get a queen, king, or California king. Though, keep in mind, while support is important, it’s not nearly as important as feel, firmness, temperature regulation, motion isolation, and price.

Nolah Mattress Alternatives

These mattresses are all similar to the Nolah Mattress, but at varying price points.

Mattress TypeFirmnessTempBody TypeThicknessStarting Price
Nolah Original 10 Nolah Original 10 productMixed FoamSoftNeutralUnder 230 lb10inch $1149* *Queen mattress
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Brooklyn Bedding Signature productSoft FoamAllNeutralAll Body Types11.5inch $1124* *Queen mattress Read Review
Brentwood Home Oceano Brentwood Home Oceano productPillow TopSoftNeutralAll Body Types14.5inch $1499* *Queen mattress Read Review
Layla Layla productMemory FoamAllNeutralUnder 230 lb10.5inch $1099* *Queen mattress Read Review
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Nolah Mattress Review Verdict

During our Nolah Mattress review, we found the Nolah Original 10 is a great option for side and combo sleepers who are looking for a plush foam mattress. Folks who weigh over 230 lbs. or need a particularly firm mattress, however, may not love this bed. But at the end of the day, it’s comfortable and comes with a trial period so that you can test it for yourself. Plus, we do appreciate that Noah donates to help a wildlife animal of the buyer’s choice with every purchase.

Other Nolah Reviews

Nolah Mattress Ratings

  • BBB: Nolah has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Nolah Company Policies

Both the trial period and the warranty surpass what is typical for the industry. However, you should read the warranty for more information about what’s covered. With Nolah, you get:

  • Free shipping and completely free returns
  • A 120-night risk-free trial period
  • A lifetime warranty
Frequently Asked Questions
How firm is the Nolah mattress?

It is about a “medium-soft” meaning it’s good for people that want a lot of pressure relief.

Which Nolah Mattress is best for me?

If you’re heavier, or you’re a back or stomach sleeper, the Nolah Evolution 15 would be better for you. Petite individuals and side sleepers will likely do well with the Nolah Original 10”.

Is there a Nolah Mattress discount code I can use?

Nolah frequently provides discount codes on its website. We’ve seen offers for 25 percent off mattresses in the past, so check back frequently.

Is Nolah Memory foam?

Nolah uses its own “Cooling Nolah AirFoam,” which feels like a mix between memory foam and neutral-foam. It’s lighter and doesn’t give you that “stuck” feel you get with some memory foam mattresses.

How do I unbox my Nolah mattress?

Unboxing your mattress is unbelievably easy. First, take your Nolah Original 10 bed out of its shipping box. Next, position it where you want to sleep, then tear away the protective plastic coating. Your mattress should then start to expand and come to life! Just be sure to give it 24-48 hours to fully expand, air-out, and settle before sleeping a full night on it.

How did the Slumber Yard get these mattresses?

We were sent the beds from Nolah so that we could review them. We did not accept any payment from Nolah (or any other brand) to say good or bad things about the beds. We review products independently and with our own team.

Where are Nolah mattresses made?

Nolah is a Colorado based company. All of their mattresses are made in the United States. They are made in one of their eight factories across the USA. All the materials used in their mattresses, both foam and cover, are also 100% made in the USA.

What type of foundation will work with this mattress?

You can use your Nolah mattress on any flat surface, including the floor. Nolah specifically states on their website to just place the Nolah mattress directly on the floor or other flat supportive surface. Slats in your bed frame should be okay, as long as they are no more than 3 to 4 inches apart. Nolah also sells their own adjustable base bed frames on their website. One of their bed frames even includes a full body massage feature. Check out their website for more information.

Where do I try a Nolah Mattress?

Nolah operates 100 percent online to keep costs down, so you won’t be able to try before you buy, but you can return it for free within 120 days if you’re not satisfied.

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