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Novosbed Review

Novosbed Review

Novosbed could be one of the best memory foam mattresses online today.

Last Updated: October 14, 2020

Matt Ross

Novosbed is a Canadian-based bedding company that was founded in 2009. We recently tested their flagship memory foam mattress and in this review, we'll break it all down for you and cover all the details, like edge support and construction, as well as who will like this bed and who probably won't be a fan.

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Who Is This Best For?

People that love memory foam

If you want to choose the firmness level of your mattress

Who Won’t Love It?

Heavier people

Individuals that hate memory foam

Novosbed Mattress Overview

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Honest Novosbed Mattress Review Video

We like to produce videos to go along with our reviews. We just think that they do a better job of showing things like feel, softness/firmness, and pressure. Here’s our video review of the Novosbed mattress.

As you’d expect, there’s a lot to know about the Novosbed mattress—more than we could fit into the video. That’s the reason we have the rest of this review. Keep reading for more details on Novosbed.

Novosbed Mattress Price

There are a lot of online mattresses out there. No matter what, you’re spending at least a few hundred bucks. Compared to the other numbers in the industry, the Novosbed’s price tag is pretty middle of the road. We’ve seen more affordable beds, but we’ve also seen much pricier options. You can see a breakdown of the pricing in the table below.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$849
King / Cal King$1,199

Unfortunately, Novosbed doesn’t offer any coupon codes or discounts. What you see is what you’ll pay.

Novosbed Mattress Construction and Materials

There are basically two categories of construction when it comes to beds: (1) all-foam mattresses and (2) hybrid or innerspring mattresses. Novosbed, as you might already know, is an all-foam mattress made of three foam layers for a total thickness of 11″.

novosbed mattress review construction and layers
Construction breakdown of Novosbed

One interesting thing about Novosbed is that it’s offered in three firmness levels, and the exact construction varies depending on which one you choose (all three of them are 11″ thick).

The measurements for each layer (range accounts for the firmness option differences) are:

  • 6-7” of dense support poly foam
  • 2-3″ of transitional memory foam
  • 2″ of aerated memory foam. You can actually see the perforations in the top layer of memory foam—this is, in part, to help with temperature regulation.

Caring For Novosbed

Comfort+ Topper

If during days 30-60 of your trial period, you decide to opt for the Comfort+ topper, you’ll get a layer of foam that is meant to either soften or firm up your bed, depending on what you request.

The Comfort+ topper comes with a cover extender, as well, so you have the space to add in the extra foam and then zip the cover closed.

The topper does change the softness/firmness of the bed and helps to get away from that prototypical memory foam feel. Essentially, the Comfort+ topper is a slab of softer or firm polyurethane foam.

It’s a cool idea, but it’s a weird experience to open your mattress and add another layer. In our opinion, it could possibly even cheapen the bed in the eyes of a customer since you end up dissecting the mattress somewhat.

Mattress Cover

A convenient feature of the Novosbed is its cover. In the case of most mattresses, the covers are not removable and therefore are not machine washable.

novosbed mattress review cover
Removable, washable cover

The Novosbed, though, has a removable and washable cover. And while stripping a bed of its cover and then wrangling it back may not sound like a great time, a cover that’s gone through your washer’s cycle is more reliably clean than a cover you’ve dabbed at with some warm water and detergent (that’s called spot cleaning).

We think this is a great feature, especially if you have kids or pets or love having breakfast in bed.

Feel and Firmness of Novosbed

The Novosbed, as we said before, comes in three firmness options. When you order your bed, you can choose between soft, medium and firm. The medium version is the most popular, and we’d say that’s for good reason because it really is a medium in terms of softness/firmness.

novosbed review memory foam mattress firmness graphic

Just because a mattress is an all-foam bed doesn’t guarantee that it’s going to feel foam-y in a stereotypical way. But this one does have a dense, memory foam feel to it.

Also, keep in mind that memory foam tends to get firmer when it’s cold and softer when it’s warmer out. This can be off-putting for some people because the mattress can change firmness levels throughout the year. In fact, if you live in Maine versus California, the bed might feel slightly different—just a weird quirk of memory foam.

Responsiveness And Motion Transfer

“Responsiveness” is how we talk about the time it takes for a mattress to bounce back to shape after being depressed. It’s what prevents you from feeling like you’re “stuck in the mud” when you try to turn over or move around on the bed.

In terms of responsiveness, we’d say the Novosbed is actually pretty slow (as a result of having a lot of memory foam). It doesn’t have that immediate bounce back you get with hybrid or latex beds and it’s even a little behind some of the other all-foam beds we’ve tried.

The motion transfer control with this bed is really good. That doesn’t surprise us at all since it’s an all-foam bed.

The ability to effectively isolate motion within a mattress is a nice feature if you or your partner is a particularly active sleeper, or if one of you is a light sleeper and the other wakes up earlier. There’s a much lower chance that anyone will be jostled awake with the Novosbed.

Novosbed Mattress Sleeper Types

Side Sleepers

The Novosbed is good for side sleepers. You’ll get the support you need if you sleep on your side.

When you sleep on your side, you still want to be sure you keep your spine straight, which means you don’t want to have any space under your side body. Similar to what we mentioned above, if you want an especially soft memory foam mattress you could (a) request the soft Comfort+ topper or (b) order their softer version.

Back And Stomach Sleepers

When you sleep on your back or on your stomach, you need support around your hips and trunk. The idea is to keep your spine in alignment so you don’t wake up sore and achy. 

novosbed mattress review back and stomach sleepers
Nice mattress for stomach (and back) sleepers

While this mattress is in the middle of the scale, we’d say that adding the firm topper sways it towards being a primarily back and stomach sleeper bed, as opposed to an all-sleeper-types bed. But, of course, if you did want it to be firmer you could (a) request the firm Comfort+ topper or (b) order the firm version as opposed to the medium one.

Combo Sleepers

For combination sleepers that tend to rotate between different sleeping positions throughout the night, Novosbed would not be one of our favorite beds. It just has that “stuck” feeling, which makes it more difficult to rotate positions.

Novosbed Mattress Body Type Analysis


The Novosbed mattress is ideal for petite or average body types. The medium firmness provides the right amount of support to all zones of the body for a comfortable night’s sleep. Kids and extremely petite adults who are looking for a soft, fluffy bed may find the mattress is a bit too firm. Otherwise, it’s an ideal mattress with plenty of support.


We do think this mattress will work for heavier people. It provides a good amount of support under your hips and trunk. However, heavier folks might want to think about adding the firm topper or ordering the firm version for a little extra support (especially if you’re a back or stomach sleeper).

Also, we also almost always encourage heavier folks to first look into innerspring mattresses rather than all-foam beds. Typically the bed-in-a-box mattresses out there that are constructed entirely of foam won’t have the long term support that a 250 lb person needs. Novosbed is kind of in the middle here. It’s supportive, but it wouldn’t be our number one choice for those with heavier body types.

Considerations For Couples

Edge Support

It’s typical for all-foam beds to have edge support that’s just okay, and we wouldn’t say the Novosbed diverges from that stereotype.

This does depend on the firmness you choose, though. The firmer the bed, the better the edge support (typically). So in the case of the Novosbed, you’ll likely get better edge support with the Firm model, and rather poor edge support with the Soft model. But in general, we don’t think this bed is particularly average in terms of edge support. Read more about edge support here.

Novosbed’s edge support

Motion Isolation

Couples typically opt for an all-foam bed for the motion-dampening effects of the foam. The Novosbed runs about average in this department. You’ll definitely notice less movement from your partner, although the Novosbed isn’t the best in class in this category.

Hot Sleepers

When it comes to temperature regulation, we’d say this is a temperature neutral bed. It’s not particularly cool, although we would say that it is cooler than a lot of memory foam beds because it has that aerated foam.

If you’re looking for a cooler bed, you’ll want to go for the firmer model. With the softer one, you end up sinking in more, and as we mentioned above, that can trap heat around your body. You can also check out our list of the best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers.

Novosbed Review Verdict

We see this bed being best for people that love a dense memory foam feel. We also like how it comes in multiple firmness levels and that you have the option of the Comfort+ topper.

Other Novosbed Products 

Novosbed Reviews

  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Amazon Reviews: Customers rate Novosbed with a 3.1 out of 5. There aren’t many reviews, but the typical Novosbed mattress review consists of customers thinking the mattress is too “mushy soft”.

Company Info

Novosbed Mattress Contact Information

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Comparing Novosbed vs. Yogabed 

When comparing the Novosbed with the Yogabed, the Yogabed has four layers — one more than the Novosbed. It provides more value for the price, costing less than the Novosbed. The Yogabed sleeps cooler than the Novosbed because of the bed’s Thermocool Technology. As far as sleep styles, the Novosbed may be best for combo and back/stomach sleepers and the Yogabed’s support system is better for side sleepers.

Comparing Novosbed vs. Nectar

When comparing the two beds, the first thing that stands out is cost. Nectar mattresses cost less than the Novosbed, making the Nectar the ideal choice for those starting out or on a budget. Don’t let the price fool you — the Nectar mattress comes with a longer trial period of 365 days vs. 120. Novosbed does provide different firmness levels, which is a good selling point and something Nectar doesn’t offer. 

Company Policies

  • Shipping: When you buy a mattress online you get free shipping. Setting up the mattress takes a few minutes, but you should give it time just to sit out by itself before you start sleeping on it. 
  • Trial period: Novosbed offers a 120-night trial period. For the first 30 days, you test the bed as is. Then, for the next 30 days you’re eligible for the Comfort+ Kit, which is a free topper that you can request to change the feel of the mattress if the bed isn’t quite right for you. And then, after those 60 total days, you’re eligible for a return. 
  • Warranty: You’ll receive a 15-year warranty with the Novosbed.

Review team

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    Stomach Sleeper

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    JD Christison

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What does Novosbed feel like?

All Novosbed mattresses are made in the United States.

How firm is the mattress?

It’s offered in three firmness options: soft, medium, and firm. The most popular is the medium, which is about a 5/10 in terms of firmness.

What foundation do I need for this mattress?

It should work with any foundation or platform bed with next to no give. Also, the floor and adjustable bases should work. Novosbed has an FAQ section on its website with more details.

How did the Slumber Yard get Novosbed?

Novosbed sent us this mattress; however, we are under no obligation to provide a favorable review or endorsement of this bed. We retain full editorial control over the content on our website and have not accepted any monetary compensation from the brand to provide this review.

Does Novosbed offer a payment plan or financing?

Yes, it does! But only if you live in the USA. For USA customers, Novosbed offers financing through its third-party partner Affirm. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option for Canadian customers.

Will Novosbed remove my old mattress when the new one arrives?

No, they don’t do that. That’s usually included in something called White Glove Delivery, but Novosbed ships via FedEx Ground. Your bed will arrive in a box and it’s all on you from there.

Where are Novosbed mattresses made?

All Novosbed mattresses are made in the United States.

What happens to my mattress if I return it?

Should you decide to send your mattress back, Novosbed makes an effort to donate the used beds to charities when they can. It’s not always an option due to various regulatory requirements, in which case, the returns are disposed of. Novosbed never re-sells used mattresses.