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OkiOki Mattress Review

Everything you need to know about the OkiEasy cooling memory foam hybrid mattress from OkiOki.

Last Updated: July 16, 2020

OkiOki is a relative newcomer to the mattress industry but they have made it their mission to provide high-quality mattress options at an affordable price. In addition to the OkiEasy hybrid, OkiOki makes three other mattresses: one other, firmer hybrid and two all foam mattresses. In this review, we will cover the price, construction, feel, and other aspects of the OkiEasy to help you decide if it is the right choice for you.

Who Is This Best For?

If you need a cheap mattress

People that like memory foam

Who Won’t Love It?

Heavy and overweight people

People that do not like memory foam

What To Expect In This Guide

Above is a general outline of what we will cover while discussing the OkiEasy. You can jump to a specific point in the article if you’re in a rush and just need a few questions answered.

Overview Of OkiOki Mattress Models

Though we will primarily discuss the OkiEasy in this guide, we figured it would be a good idea to give a bit of background about all four mattress models offered by OkiOki so you can make the most informed decision.

OkiOki makes two hybrid mattresses, meaning they are comprised of a combination of foam and coils. They also make two all-foam mattresses which use several layers of different foams to achieve the desired effect.

okioki mattress review comparison chart

OkiSoft — Just as the name suggests, this is the softest option offered by OkiOki. Using a layer of gel memory foam, which is more porous than regular memory foam, this mattress has a cloud-like feel without trapping too much body heat. The manufacturer places it at a 5/10 or medium-soft to medium on the firmness scale.

OkiEasy — The company’s most popular mattress. It’s very similar to the OkiFlex, however, just a tinge less firm. We still consider it a medium-firm, but probably more like in between a medium and medium-firm in reality. It also has coils rather than foam in its support core.

OkiFlex — This is OkiOki’s other hybrid mattress. It provides stable yet gentle support with a layer of pocketed coils which are topped with a layer of graphite-infused memory foam. The graphite helps make the foam hold its shape a bit better while still offering the same contouring effects that you’d expect from memory foam. OkiOki says this mattress is a 7/10, or around a medium-firm to firm.

OkiFirmThe firmest option from OkiOki, this all foam mattress uses a few thick layers of high-density and graphite-infused foam to provide firm support that still cradles pressure points effectively. On OkiOki’s firmness scale they rate this mattress as 8/10, which we’d likely place around true firm.

Policies With An OkiOki Mattress

OkiOki has some pretty friendly policies for consumers, which is a common practice among online mattress companies.

First things first, when you order your mattress it will ship for free roll-packed in a box that is super easy to open and assemble. Just pull the wrapped up mattress out of the box and unroll it onto your desired bed frame by pulling off the plastic wrap.

Because this mattress has a fair amount of memory foam in it, it may take up to 48 hours to fully expand to its normal shape after being packed up so tightly. We recommend that you allow it a day or two of time to expand before sleeping on it to really get the full feel of the bed, but once it is out of the box you technically should be able to sleep on it without any issue.

Now that you have your bed all set up comes the best part: testing it out. OkiOki gives buyers a full year–365 days–as a risk-free trial period to make sure the bed is right. This means that if you finally realize in January that the bed you bought in May just isn’t doing it for you, you can just get in touch with OkiOki to initiate the “no questions asked” return process. They will fully refund your money and either arrange for the mattress to be recycled or donated to a local charity.

For those who decide to keep their mattress, OkiOki backs all of their beds with a 10 year warranty. Make sure you read up on the warranty via the company’s website so you know what it covers. Ultimately, though these are relatively standard practices in the mattress industry, they really make a difference in the overall ease and convenience of the mattress buying process.

Pricing Discussion

We have seen some mattresses with an even lower price tag than OkiOki–if you wanna check those out try our list of mattresses under $300–but in all honesty, it is hard to find a mattress that is both a good bargain and good quality.

OkiOki has made it their goal to make a high-quality mattress that is still appealing and affordable for the masses. As a memory foam hybrid, it has a wide variety of competition at all ends of the price spectrum: the Lucid mattress and the Allswell mattress, for example, are only a few hundred dollars; the GhostBed Flex or the Brentwood Home Oceano, on the other hand, could cost you a few thousand.

Here is a look at the pricing breakdown for each available size of the OkiEasy. It’s worth noting that all four of OkiOki’s mattresses have the same pricing, so you can easily choose the model that will be best for you without worrying about spending more for it.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$335
King / Cal King$750

It is also super common to see special deals and coupon codes offered by OkiOki to bring down the price even more. It is not a 100% guarantee that they will have a deal running, but if you are thinking about purchasing from OkiOki keep an eye on their website to see if you could save $50 to $100. Also, if we have any information about deals for OkiOki we will display them on this page in that green box to the right to save you some time and money!

Materials Inside The Mattress

We’ve already mentioned that the OkiEasy is essentially made up of a layer of coils topped by some foam layers, making it a hybrid mattress, but let’s take a closer look at the details of these layers and how they give the mattress its distinctive feel.

First, the mattress has a 1” base layer of dense polyurethane foam to provide a solid and stable foundation for the coil layer. Around the sides of the mattress, this foam extends up and around the coil system in order to strengthen the edges and increase the durability of the coils.

We tested the edge support of the mattress to see how well this foam layer works to strengthen the edges and honestly, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. The edges were relatively strong and didn’t slope down too much but they didn’t feel particularly sturdy either. So, for couples who have a tendency to spread out, the edges might not be as supportive as necessary.

OkiOki Review Construction Graphic
The layers inside of the OkiEasy mattress

The 5.5” tall pocketed coil system is the second layer of the mattress. Pocketed coils take the innerspring model that you’ll probably find in your grandma’s guest room and improves several features while still offering the same support and durability. By wrapping each 2.3 mm gauge coil in a fabric sleeve, the coils are able to move more independently of one another.

This, coupled with the slow responding memory foam, helps eliminate some motion transfer across the mattress, which is important if you are a light sleeper or have a partner who moves around a lot in their sleep.

On top of the coils, the OkiEasy has two layers of foam. The first layer is 2.5” of a high-density polyurethane foam. This foam is supportive yet contouring and acts as a great transition layer between the coils and the memory foam top layer.

The 2” of memory foam, gives the top of the mattress that cloud-like squish that fans of memory foam are crazy about. Having a supportive base, like the OkiEasy does, is really important with memory foam top layers so that the foam is able to be contouring in all the right places without sinking too much. It’s great to feel like you are being embraced by your mattress, but not so great to feel like you’re being eaten by it.

We should also note that OkiOki ensures that the materials they use in their mattresses are high-quality and healthy. Their foams are CertiPUR-US certified to ensure that they are safe and non-toxic and have been produced with low to no exposure to VOCs, formaldehydes, phthalates, or other harmful substances. They are also approved by OEKO-TEX to be safe for the environment and free from dangerous chemicals.

More About The Cooling Cover

All 11” of the mattress is surrounded by a unique cover made of a cooling and hypoallergenic ice yarn. The cover feels silky smooth and cool to the touch which makes it a great option for hot sleepers.

Most beds that we review here at the Slumber Yard are neutral sleeping by default, meaning that they won’t actively heat you up or cool you down but instead should keep temperature fairly well regulated. We have found that memory foam is a material that has a tendency, more so than most other mattress materials, to trap body heat a bit, so having a cooling cover on a memory foam mattress is a really good call by OkiOki to make sure that the mattress will stay actively cool, rather than getting too warm.

OkiOki Review Cooling Cover Picture
A closer look at the cooling cover

The cover is also removable and machine washable. There is a convenient zipper around the bottom of the mattress that allows you to easily remove the cover if it is ever in need of a little TLC. Then you can just throw it in the washing machine et voilà, a clean mattress!

We have seen a few complaints that, because of the slick texture of the cooling cover, some folks have had difficulty keeping their sheets in place. This can be a major pain, so if you have issues with this, we have compiled a few tips to prevent your sheets from slipping.

Rest Easy? How Does The OkiEasy Feel?

The OkiEasy is OkiOki’s second softest mattress and they placed it at a 6/10 on their firmness scale. We would say that the mattress should feel medium to medium-firm to most sleepers.

okioki firmness graphic

The soft memory foam top allows sleepers to sink in and have their pressure points cradled by the mattress. The dense poly foam and pocketed coils that bolster the memory foam, on the other hand, ensure that you won’t experience too much of that stuck-in-the-mud feeling. There is still plenty of support and a fair bit of bounce because of the coil base.

Coupling coils and memory foam actually creates a really interesting feel for the mattress. The coils provide bounce and responsiveness that will move as you move and adjust the amount of support that you need while the memory foam, which reacts much more slowly, will gently form to the contours of your body once you’ve settled into a comfortable position.

Will This Mattress Be Comfortable For Me?

Our answer is, most likely. We think that most sleepers should be able to sleep soundly on this mattress, but, as always, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if a mattress is right for you. When we talk about feel and firmness, we try to form our opinions based on the average sleeper, but we acknowledge that every sleeper is different, so something might work great for one person but feel really weird for others.

The first thing to consider is your sleeping style, there are four:

Stomach — Those who sleep on their stomach need a good bit of firmness in their mattress to ensure that their spine stays straight and their bottom doesn’t sag. It is also usually a good idea for stomach sleepers to have a bit of pressure relief from the top of their mattress to prevent any tenderness from laying on the more delicate areas of their body. The OkiEasy provides both support and softness for stomach sleepers.

okioki stomach sleeper
OkiOki is a comfy option if you prefer sleeping on your stomach

Back Sleepers — These sleepers also need support and contouring to keep their spine in line. Back sleepers can also usually get away with a slightly less soft mattress as long as it has good support. The coils in the OkiEasy make it a strong and supportive option for back sleepers.

Side Sleepers — It is really important for those who sleep on their side to have a softer mattress that will contour to their pressure points. Laying on your hip and shoulder all night can put a good deal of strain on them, so having a soft surface to alleviate pressure is always a good idea for side sleepers. The memory foam layer of the OkiEasy makes it soft and comforting and shouldn’t cause too much pain to these pressure points.

okioki side sleeper
A great choice for side sleepers too

Combination Sleepers — Folks who spend the night switching between sleeping positions are called combination sleepers. Because the mattress is on the medium side of firm, it should offer the right amount of support and pressure relief if you are this type of sleeper, no matter what position you end up in. One thing that is worth noting is that memory foam does take a few seconds to respond to your body, so it may take a little bit to get comfortable in a new position as the memory foam adjusts, but it generally shouldn’t be a huge issue for most sleepers.

It is also good to think about your body type when selecting a mattress because weight can have an effect on the feel of the mattress.

Heavier People — Generally those who weigh over 250 lbs should look for a thick mattress with coils that will support their larger frame and will hold up over time. OkiEasy might be a good option for larger folks because of the coil support system. It is possible, however, that heavier people might find the OkiEasy to feel a bit too soft because, often, if you have more body mass you put more pressure on a mattress and therefore might feel a bit like you are sinking into the bed more than an average sized person might.

Lighter People — Similarly, those who are especially petite often have a hard time finding a mattress with the right feel for them. Just as those who are heavier can feel like a mattress is softer than average, those who are lighter can experience an opposite effect, and feel like a mattress is too firm. This likely shouldn’t be an issue with the OkiEasy as it has a fluffy memory foam layer that should cradle just about anybody.

OkiOki Mattress Review: Conclusion

So, in summary, the OkiOki OkiEasy mattress is a cooling and comfortable mattress at a really approachable price point. It would be a suitable option for just about any sleeper, but especially for those who like the cushiony feel of memory foam while also craving the support and durability of coils, and those who sleep hot or live in a warm climate. OkiEasy is not the only mattress from OkiOki, and it might be worth it to look into the other three beds as well before making your final decision but overall, this is a great mattress for the money.

Review team

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    Combo Sleeper

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How did the Slumber Yard get the OkiEasy mattress?

OkiOki sent us their mattress to test out for the purposes of this review. We did not, however, accept any form of payment or compensation for the things that we have written here and all views and opinions expressed in our review have not been influenced by OkiOki. Our reviews are honest. Always.

Where are OkiOki mattresses made?

OkiOki designs all of their products in California but they are produced in Vietnam.

What bed frame should I put my OkiEasy on?

The OkiEasy should work with just about any base. This includes box springs or foundations, platform or slat frames, adjustable frames, and divan beds. OkiOki also sells a few versatile bed foundations and a line of stylish mid-century modern inspired bedroom furniture.

Do I need to flip or rotate my OkiEasy mattress?

Nope! Because of the layered nature of the OkiEasy mattress it is actually not flippable. If you are worried about uneven wear you can rotate it every few months, but it is not required.

How can I figure out which OkiOki mattress is right for me?

OkiOki has created a super simple sleep quiz that you can take on their website which will tell you which of their mattresses will suit you. You can also reach out the OkiOki’s customer support for more information.

What does this bed feel like?

OkiOki makes memory foam mattresses with a dense/viscous feel.

Does it have coils?

OkiOki makes several mattresses with coils.