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puffy mattress review

Puffy Mattress Reviews

Our full review of the comfortable Puffy bed in a box mattress that is quickly growing in popularity.

In a very short time Puffy has defied the odds and become a household name in the competitive mattress-in-a-box industry. In this review, we take a detailed look at the company's recently updated flagship mattress. We cover feel, firmness, ideal sleeper types and a whole lot more.

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • People who want a soft foam feel
  • Side, back, stomach and combo sleepers
  • Petite and medium sized individuals
  • Consumers seeking purchase protection (lifetime warranty)
  • Clean freaks (stain resistant and washable cover)

Who Won't Love This Bed?

  • Heavier individuals (250+ pounds)
  • Folks who prefer innerspring/coil beds
  • People with a budget of $850 or less (queen size)

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Free Shipping & Returns

101 Night Trial Period

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Framework For This Review

This happens to be a pretty lengthy post, so in order to make it all easily digestible, here’s an overview of what we’ll be covering.

Introduction To The Puffy Mattress

Puffy is one of the more popular foam mattresses available online. It was first popularized by the Ellen Show back in 2017 and has since really taken off. Here is a quick video review of the Puffy mattress.

To be honest though, we couldn’t fit every detail into one video. Keep reading to learn more about the Original Puffy mattress.

Current Price Of The Puffy Mattress

In terms of MSRP, Puffy is priced about average for the bed-in-a-box industry (maybe a tad bit higher). Here’s how pricing breaks down by size.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$825
King / Cal King$1,350

However, the MSRP prices are a little deceiving. Like a lot of bed-in-a-box companies, Puffy is very aggressive when it comes to deals and discounts. The company is almost always running some sort of sale or promotion. You can typically expect to take $250-$300 off the MSRP price. You can check Puffy.com for current promotions or check the discount box on the right hand side of the screen to see what you can save.

Pay Special Attention To Your Weight

When it comes to mattresses, your weight is very important. The same mattress can feel quite different to various sized people.

Generally speaking, heavy people (250+ pounds) will feel like most mattresses are on the soft side since they exert more force onto the surface of the bed and as a result sink into the top layers more than smaller sized people. Correspondingly, more petite sized individuals will feel like most mattresses are on the firm side since they exert very little pressure onto the surface of the bed (i.e. they sleep more on top of the mattress).

Keep your weight in mind as you progress through this review. We generally write through the perspective of an average size individual but we also make sure to reference other body types later in the post.

Puffy Is A 3-Layer Foam Mattress

The Puffy mattress is 10” thick and comprised of three separate foam layers. For its foundation, the mattress uses a 6″ layer of firm support foam. In the middle is a 2″ layer of what the company calls its “Climate Comfort Foam”. This is a proprietary foam that effectively serves as a transition layer between the dense base layer and the top comfort layer.

Puffy mattress review layers
A look inside the Puffy mattress

Speaking of the top comfort layer, the company uses its special “Cooling Cloud Foam”. This is a proprietary foam that is made of gel infused visco polyurethane foam. The top layer is 2” thick and is manufactured with Puffy’s Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) process. Despite its name, we’ve found that the top layer feels and functions like memory foam.

The VPF process mentioned above is a fancy way of saying that the company’s foams are manufactured in an environmentally friendly fashion. Essentially, the foams are manufactured in a closed chamber, which helps to minimize process emissions and cut out harmful chemicals.

In fact, all three layers of foam in the Puffy mattress are CertiPUR-US certified. This means that they do not contain harmful chemicals, and pass CertiPUR-US standards for foam content, emissions and durability. Specifically, Puffy says the foam in the mattress is made without formaldehyde, ozone depletes, heavy metals, phthalates, and TCEP flame retardants.

Cover On The Puffy Mattress

Wrapping the three layers of foam is a soft, removable cover that is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. First, the cover is stain resistant. This is a nice feature to have for people who like to enjoy breakfast in bed or just like to veg out and watch their favorite TV show while eating and drinking.

puffy mattress review cover
A look at Puffy’s removable and machine washable cover

Furthermore, the cover is also machine washable. The company technically uses the term “zip-n-wash” to describe it, which we interpret as a cover that you can unzip and throw in your washer to remove dirt, germs and bacteria. A machine washable cover is pretty rare in the industry. Most bed-in-a-box mattresses have removable covers but typically it’s recommended you spot clean them rather tossing them in the washer. All in all, the cover on the Puffy mattress is definitely a big plus.

Our Thoughts On Feel, Firmness & Responsiveness

In the construction section above, we mentioned that the top layer of Cooling Cloud Foam resembles memory foam. That is true, however, it’s a slightly different type of memory foam feel than you’re probably used to. Instead of a thick, dense memory foam feel, the top layer of the Puffy mattress has a more of a light, airy memory foam feel.

Now previously, the Puffy mattress used 4″ of this special Cooling Cloud Foam on top, which gave the bed a memory foam feel overall. However, in early 2019, the company updated the bed and changed the construction a little. It now (as you learned above) only uses 2″ of the Cooling Cloud Foam, which sits on top of a new 2″ transition layer.

puffy mattress review stomach sleeper
Very comfortable soft foam feel

As such, we’d no longer consider Puffy to be a pure play memory foam mattress. In our opinion, the mattress now has a more of a blended, soft foam feel. You can still feel a little bit of that top layer that mimics memory foam but it’s not an overwhelming sensation anymore.

All in all, our team thinks the bed is very comfortable. Since it sort of sits in-between that of a memory foam feel and a neutral-foam feel, we’d say Puffy is a very safe pick for people who aren’t exactly sure what type of feel they want. We think most consumers out there will find the bed very accommodating.

Plus, the other nice thing about the mattress is that we found it very easy to switch between sleeping positions. In other words, our testing team didn’t notice much resistance when moving around and shifting positions, which isn’t always the case with beds that contain memory foam top layers.

In terms of firmness, this bed is about a medium on our soft-to-firm scale. All in all, the Puffy mattress finds a pretty nice balance between support and pressure relief.

puffy mattress review firmness and feel

Keep in mind that firmness is somewhat subjective. To reiterate what we stated above, the heavier a person is, the softer they will perceive the mattress to be and vice versa.

Do We Like Puffy For Stomach And Back Sleeping?

Yes, in fact (spoiler alert), we think the Puffy mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions. In terms of back and stomach sleepers though, the bed provides a good amount of support under your lower back and trunk.

puffy mattress review back sleeper
Good option for back and stomach sleepers

However, it’s important to note, the statements above are in reference to petite and medium sized individuals. People who weigh over 250 pounds are a different story. We discuss large body types in more detail in the coming sections.

Is Puffy Good For Side Sleepers?

Yes, the Puffy mattress provides a good amount of pressure relief for side sleepers. As mentioned above, the top layer is soft-to-the-touch and somewhat functions like memory foam. As such, you’ll notice that the Cooling Cloud Foam cradles your hips and shoulders well (i.e. your main pressure points).

Puffy mattress side sleeper review
Good amount of pressure relief for side sleepers

Generally speaking, this soft cradle sensation that Puffy provides is exactly what side sleepers will want to look for. Sometimes when a mattress is too firm, side sleepers will experience some discomfort around their hips and shoulders.

What If You Rotate Positions At Night?

Yes, as you can probably guess, we think the Puffy mattress will work for combination sleepers as well. The mattress is accommodating regardless of how often you switch between your side, back and stomach.

puffy mattress sleeping position

Also, keep in mind, our testing team didn’t have any issues switching between sleeping positions. They found it fairly effortless to switch from their stomach to their side, for example. Sometimes with other beds, especially ones that use multiple layers of memory foam, our testing team finds that it requires a little extra energy to move around given the high level of resistance from the dense foam layers.

Is Puffy Made For Heavier People?

As we alluded to above, we do not think that the Puffy mattress is ideal for exceptionally heavy individuals due to its all-foam 10″ construction. This is not a knock against Puffy by the way or a denunciation against the quality of the bed. In fact, we say this about the majority of all-foam bed-in-a-box mattresses.

Typically, we almost always recommend big folks go with a hybrid or innerspring bed that contains coils. That’s because coils have proven to be more durable and provide more support than the dense poly foams that all-foam beds (like Puffy) use for their foundations.

If you weigh over 250 pounds, be sure to check out our list of the Best Beds for Heavy People.

Sleeping Temperature Estimates

Traditionally, memory foam has been known to trap and retain heat. As such, you might assume that the Puffy mattress sleeps hot due its top layer, but actually, we found that it sleeps more temperature neutral. In other words, you won’t find yourself warming up on the bed but it also won’t actively cool you down either.

puffy mattress review temperature regulation for hot sleepers

Keep in mind that temperature regulation is a very touchy subject in the bedding industry. A lot of companies like to market that their beds “sleep cool” but in reality external factors play a role as well. We’re talking about factors like what climate you live in (Canada in the Winter vs Arizona in the Summer), what kind of pajamas you sleep in (flannel vs naked) and how often you run your air conditioner. Factors like these can impact how cool or warm you sleep throughout the night.

With that said, we have tested several beds that we would consider to be “cooling”. If you’re a warm sleeper or you live in Arizona and refuse to use your air conditioner, be sure to check out our list of the Best Mattresses For Hot Sleepers.

Considerations For Couples

All things considered, we think the Puffy mattress is a viable option for folks who share a bed. It performs well in terms of edge support and motion isolation.

First up, edge support is particularly important if you are sharing a bed with a partner (or a large dog), and plan to buy a smaller sized bed (i.e. full or queen). A lot of times if you’re sleeping with a bed hog who creates a moat around the middle of the mattress, you’ll find yourself confined to the edge. In this instance, nobody likes to wake up from a peaceful slumber feeling unsupported or as though they’re about to plop onto the floor.

Puffy mattress review edge support
Solid edge support overall

That’s where edge support comes into play. If your bed is supportive around the perimeter, you can sleep comfortably on every inch of the bed. Luckily, we’ve found Puffy to be fairly supportive, even while sleeping on our side, with some of our legs hanging off the edge.

Puffy also excels when it comes to motion isolation. For people who don’t live and breathe mattresses like the Slumber Yard team, motion isolation refers to a bed’s ability to deaden movement.

Most all-foam beds do a good job at absorbing impact, and Puffy is no exception. We tested this by placing a half-full glass of water on one side of the bed, and then we proceeded to roll around near the glass.

So what does this mean for you? If your partner tends to move around a lot in their sleep or has a small bladder, chances are you will not be disturbed when they shift positions or get out of bed.

Buying A Puffy Mattress: Policy Overview

Like most bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Puffy mattress comes with free shipping. Puffy compresses their beds into a box so they can be shipped via FedEx directly to your door. Once you place the order online, Puffy says the bed should arrive within two to five business days.

Once the bed is delivered, simply move the box to your room and unroll the mattress onto your bed frame or foundation. From there, it’s always a good idea to let the mattress fully inflate for about 24-72 hours before sleeping on it. Here’s a look at the Slumber Yard team setting up the Puffy mattress.

Now here comes the good part. Puffy also offers a 101 night sleep trial. Essentially, the company is giving you over three months to test the bed and decide whether you like it. In that time, if you decide that the mattress is not for you, no problem, the return process is very simple. All you have to do is contact customer support and they’ll schedule a time for your mattress to be picked-up. Once the mattress has been removed (or donated to a local charity), the company will issue you a full refund.

If you decide to keep the bed though, Puffy backs their mattress with a lifetime warranty. This is actually pretty rare in the industry. Most companies offer a 10 year warranty instead. You can read more about what the lifetime warranty entails on the company’s website. All in all, Puffy has some of the most customer friendly polices in the bed-in-a-box industry.

Puffy Review Verdict

Overall, we can see why Puffy has become so popular. The bed is moderately priced (after discount), accommodates people in all sleeping positions and performs well in almost every category. Plus, we think most people will like the feel of the mattress since it sort of the tows the line between memory foam and neutral-foam. If you’re just looking for a comfortable, soft foam mattress that won’t break the bank, then you should definitely consider Puffy.

Related Content

What Makes The Puffy Mattress Unique?

Given the vast amount of online mattresses on the market, shopping for a new bed these days can become very confusing very quickly. To help you separate certain beds in your mind, here are the major standout features of the Original Puffy mattress:

Feel – The Slumber Yard team thinks the Puffy mattress is universally comfortable. It has a slight hint of memory foam thanks to its top layer but overall, we’d say it has more of a soft, neutral-foam feel. That means people who like memory foam will like the bed as will people who dislike memory foam.

Special Cover – Not many bed-in-a-box mattresses have a cover that is both stain resistant and machine washable. That’s a clear difference between Puffy and the average online mattress.

Lifetime Warranty – If you’re a consumer that wants the peace of mind of long-term protection, it’s hard to beat Puffy’s lifetime warranty.

That’s all we have for you today regarding the Original Puffy mattress. Hopefully you found our review entertaining and informative.

Review Team

Jeff Rizzo

Jeff Rizzo

Combo Sleeper


Jack Reynoso

Combo Sleeper


Matt Ross

Back Sleeper

Dillon Payne

Dillon Payne

Combo Sleeper


How did the Slumber Yard get this mattress?

Puffy sent us this mattress for free for testing purposes. Keep in mind, The Slumber Yard team independently reviews products. We received no monetary compensation from the company to publish this review. The opinions and viewpoints expressed in the review belong to us and us only.

What should I put my Puffy mattress on?

If you do not have a bed frame or a box spring, Puffy says their mattress will be comfortable on any surface. This includes adjustable bed frames, slat frames, and even the floor. If you don’t have a bed frame and would like to purchase one for your new mattress, Puffy does sell a variety of bed frames on their website.

Where is the Puffy mattress made?

Every part of the Puffy mattress are made in the United States of America. That means it is assembled, designed, and sewn in the US, before being shipped to your home. They are exclusively sold online.

Where can I purchase the Puffy mattress?

Last we checked, the Puffy mattress is only available for purchase on the company's website. If you go to your local mattress store, you won't find it there among the sea of TempurPedic, Sealy and Serta beds. It wouldn't shock us to see Puffy partner with a popular brick and mortar retailer in the future but for now you'll just have to purchase the bed online. If you're worried about testing the bed before purchasing, let's not forget that the company offers a 101 night risk-free trial period. That should be more than enough time to figure out whether you like the bed or not. If you don't, no problem, you can just get your money back.

How soft/firm is Puffy?

It's actually about a "medium" on our soft/firm scale. It's not too soft or too firm.

Does the bed have coils/springs?

It does not. This is a 10" all-foam mattress.

How does Puffy compare to Puffy Lux?

Puffy has more of a neutral/classic foam feel, while Puffy Lux is a soft memory foam mattress.

How can I clean this mattress?

According to Puffy, the cover of the mattress is machine washable.

Is it good for side sleepers?

We think it is, so long as you know it's not overly soft or firm. It should be good for all sleeping positions.