ReST Mattress Review

In today’s environment, there are a plethora of online mattresses to choose from. So much so that it can become overwhelming for some consumers. Alas, that’s why we’re here — to break down the online mattress jargon and give you the juicy details on the different beds you can choose from.

In today’s review, we discuss the ReST Smart Bed, which is far different than most mattresses you’ll find online. The bed uses specialized air chambers and smart technology to deliver customized support for sleepers. In addition, the ReST mattress also incorporates Purple’s unique grid for its comfort layer to further differentiate itself from competitors. Keep reading to learn more about the technology used in the bed as well as what types of sleepers/consumers we think the mattress is best for.

Honest Video Review

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Check out our ReST Mattress video review above — we typically accompany our reviews with a condensed video version so you can get the full scope before you decide to purchase.

ReST Mattress Design & Construction

As you might expect, the ReST mattress has a fairly unique design. It’s definitely different than your typical two-or-three-layer foam bed. Here’s a quick rundown of the different layers starting from the bottom:

ReST With Purple Mattress Review Construction Thickness
ReST Mattress is 13″ thick, and you can choose to include a special Purple Grid layer
  • Air Chambers – As we alluded to earlier, the ReST mattress is an adjustable air bed. The mattress includes medical-grade, polyurethane air chambers that serve as its foundation.
  • Sensor Grid – Sitting on top of the air chambers is a 1,000 data point smart sensor grid that relays information to the pump and mobile app. We’ll discuss all the technology related to the bed in the next section.
  • Memory Foam – Acts as a soft transition from the air chambers and sensor grid to the primary comfort layer.
  • Purple Grid – Serves as the comfort layer for the mattress. It’s made of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which gives the mattress a very unique feel.
  • Sleep Skin – This is the cover for the mattress. It’s made of a cooling fabric that is both removable and machine washable.

All in all, the ReST mattress totals 13” thick. For the record, the original ReST mattress is essentially the same except is swaps out the Purple Grid for an additional 2” of memory foam.

ReST Bed Smart Technology

What truly makes the ReST mattress special is the technology it boasts compared to the average mattress. In fact, the company holds over 20 patents for the smart fabric and sensors utilized in their beds. Below is a summary of how all the different parts of the bed come together to form a smart, customized sleeping experience.

Air Chambers

The bed uses five separate air chambers on each side that are strategically positioned under the leg, hip, lumbar, shoulder and head regions of your body.


The patented sensor section in the mattress is comprised of three layers of fabric. The top and bottom layers include sensor lines that run in opposite directions of one another, which essentially creates a grid of sensors. The middle layer is a warp knit nylon-polyester blend that the company says is treated with their “secret sauce”. Supposedly, this layer is the one that does the actual “sensing”.  Combined, the three layers form a pressure map that is able to read 2,000 pressure points on each side of the bed.  

The Pump

The pump connected to the mattress generates its own WiFi signal, which allows consumers to directly control it via the ReST Bed application. In addition, the sensor grid described above collects data from the pressure map and continuously sends it to the pump. This data is then processed in real time using AI to make automatic adjustments to the mattress.

Three Operating Modes

Within the mobile app, consumers have three different modes to choose from – manual, position and automatic.

  • Manual Mode – Allows consumers to set the exact firmness or comfort level they want across the different air chambers.
  • Position Mode – Similar to manual mode except for different sleeping positions. Users can set distinct preferences for each sleeping position. Then, as you rotate between positions throughout the night, the sensors will automatically detect your position and instantly adjust the firmness/comfort level to your pre-set preferences.
  • Automatic – This mode allows the bed to do the work for you. Simply set your preferred level of firmness/comfort to fall asleep to and the sensors/pressure map in the mattress will send adjustment signals to the pump as needed throughout the night.

ReST Feel And Firmness Analysis

As odd as this might sound, the feel of the bed actually depends on what firmness/comfort level you select within the ReST app.

If you select a soft setting within the app, you can feel more of the Purple Grid on top. If you’re unfamiliar with the feel of the Purple Grid, be sure to check out our review of the Purple mattress, which contains a lot more detail. In summary, the Purple Grid has a responsive almost gel-like feel to it. It’s a unique sensation that a lot of people really love, which helps to explain why Purple beds have become so popular over the past several years.

If you select a firm setting within the app, the feel of the Purple Grid becomes less distinct since the air chambers sort of push-up against the top layers. Overall, we’d say the bed has more of a neutral feel to it when firmer preferences are selected in the mobile app.

As far as firmness goes, it’s ultimately up to you. That’s one of the benefits of an adjustable air mattress. You get to decide what firmness level you want (or you can let the sensors do it for you). Whether you prefer soft or firm mattresses, simply use the app to adjust the air levels within the chambers until you get the exact pressure relief or support you’re looking for.

ReST Mattress Responsiveness

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Sleeping Temperature

This is a difficult, subjective topic that is frequently debated in the mattress world. Consumers almost always want to know – “does the bed sleep cool?”, “does it sleep warm?” – but the truth is there are a multitude of factors that affect sleeping temperature. We’re referring to considerations such as your home climate, what kind of sheets you use and what type of pajamas you normally wear to bed.

temperature regulation scale

We do think the ReST mattress sleeps fairly cool for two primary reasons. The first is that the modular design of the bed allows for a lot of airflow. After all, the majority of the bed is made of…well, air.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, the top layer of the bed helps with temperature regulation. The Purple Grid (or Hyper-Elastic Polymer) is not a foam material. It simply does not retain heat like memory foam or a lot of polyfoams (i.e. it’s a temperature neutral material). The Hyper-Elastic Polymer is also manufactured in a grid-like design, which allows air to flow freely along the surface of the mattress.

Is ReST A Good Mattress For Couples?

First, we should start by saying that the ReST mattress is an excellent option for couples, especially those with different sleeping preferences. In fact, the bed is purposely designed to accommodate two different individuals at the same time. As we mentioned earlier in the review, each side of the bed is comprised of five different air chambers. That means each person can control their side of the bed through the ReST mobile app. This is good news for couples who can’t compromise on what they want.

We should also mention ReST offers split king and split top models for couples who use adjustable bases.

Edge Support

Rest Mattress With Purple Review Edge Support
JD testing out the edge support on ReST Mattress

Besides finding the perfect firmness/comfort level for their own side of the bed, couples should also consider edge support. This refers to how well the sides of the mattress hold up against pressure. As you might expect, couples want to make sure they purchase a bed with solid edge support. Luckily, the ReST mattress comes equipped with interlocking foam around its perimeter to help prevent any sagging or bowing. As such, we found the bed provides more than adequate support around its edges. We don’t envision couples experiencing any issues with the ReST mattress in this regard.

Motion Isolation

Although the Purple Grid is quite responsive, we didn’t notice any serious issues as far as motion transfer. The ReST mattress certainly isn’t the best bed we’ve ever tested in this department, but it’s also not bad by any means either. Overall, we think couples will be just fine on this mattress. As long your partner isn’t thrashing around wildly throughout the night, you should be able to get some restful shuteye.

Sleeper Type Analysis For ReST Mattress

The answer to which sleeping positions the ReST mattress accommodates is simple – all positions. Again, this is part of the beauty of adjustable mattresses. You can set your own firmness/comfort profile to exactly match your sleep style.

What’s also nice for sleepers is that you can control the air chambers down to the individual level. Remember, as we stated earlier, the bed comes equipped with five different chambers on each side of the mattress. That means if you want a little more pressure relief under your shoulders, but you want to keep the area under your hips and legs a little firmer, you have that option.

Side Sleepers

If you’re a side sleeper that prefers softer beds, just set the air chambers to your liking so you can feel more of the pressure relieving Purple Grid on top.

Back And Stomach Sleepers

ReST With Purple Mattress Review Back Sleeper Example
You can adjust ReST Mattress to make it firm enough for back and stomach sleepers

Alternatively, if you’re a back or stomach sleeper that prefers firmer beds, simply adjust the air chambers until you feel properly supported.

Combo Sleepers

Lastly, we’d like to point out that the bed is an excellent option for combo sleepers as well. Not only can these types of sleepers take advantage of the automatic mode mentioned earlier (the bed  will automatically adjust to your sleeping position as you shift throughout the night), but the Hyper-Elastic Polymer top layer and air chambers are also very responsive making it easy to switch between positions.

Suitable Body Types

In our opinion, the ReST mattress is a viable option for people of all shapes and sizes. We normally point heavier people (~225+ pounds) towards hybrid mattresses that contain coils, but in this case, we do think the ReST mattress is able to properly support larger individuals given its unique, adjustable design and capabilities.

ReST Bed Pricing & Discounts

Let’s just discuss the elephant in the room from the get-go. The ReST mattress is expensive. There’s no getting around it. However, there is some context here that needs to be explained. First, this isn’t your typical bed-in-a-box mattress. It shouldn’t be compared with the likes of Nectar, Leesa or Casper. That’s like comparing apples to oranges.

Instead, the ReST mattress belongs in the same category with Sleep Number and the higher-end beds from TempurPedic and Beautyrest. With that in mind, let’s discuss pricing.

There are two different ReST models you can choose from. The first is the model that utilizes the Purple Grid. This model ranges from around $4,550 for a twin XL to $9,100 for a king. If you opt for the original model (no Purple Grid), the price drops by about $3,700 to $7,200 depending on the size.

Now we’re aware that may have created some sticker shock for you, but the good news is that ReST almost always offers a discount for consumers. In most cases, you can expect to receive $1,000 off your purchase. Be sure to check the green discount box on your screen for current pricing and promotions.

After you apply the discount, a queen size ReST Smart Bed with the Purple Grid drops down to around the $3,700 mark, putting it on par with luxury smart mattresses from Sleep Number.

As such, we do think the ReST mattress is one of the few beds on the market that sleeps fairly cool. Again, we’re not promising anything. If you live in Florida or like to crank up the heat in your home, you likely won’t sleep cool. We’re just simply saying you shouldn’t overheat on this bed all else being equal.

Verdict: ReST Mattress Review

Overall, there’s a lot to like about the ReST mattress. Sure, its price tag is extremely high compared to most bed-in-a-box mattresses, but again, this bed doesn’t belong in that category. If you’re considering this mattress, chances are price or budget is not a concern for you anyways.

Instead, this mattress is made for luxury shoppers seeking a smart, customizable sleep experience. We see it being best for couples with different sleeping preferences who want complete control over the firmness/comfort level of their bed. The Purple Grid is also a nice addition that helps differentiate the ReST mattress from competitors such as Sleep Number. Some people may dislike the unique feel of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, but we think most people will end up liking the polymer, memory foam and air chamber combination.

All in all, it does take some time to setup the mattress, download the app, and get familiar with how the bed operates, but in long run, we think the ReST mattress will be the perfect solution for a lot of sleepers out there.

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Overview Of ReST Company Policies

Although the ReST mattress is quite different from your typical bed-in-a-box, the company does offer some stellar policies similar to other online mattress brands.

  • Free Shipping – The ReST mattress comes with free white glove delivery. This means you won’t have to setup the bed yourself. Instead, a delivery crew will do the hard work for you. For the record, we attempted to setup the bed ourselves and it took us around 30 minutes to complete the job so the white glove delivery service is definitely a huge plus.
  • 90 Day Trial Period – The ReST mattress also comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee.
  • 10 Year Warranty – ReST offers a non-prorated 10 year warranty on all parts and components within their beds. This is nice since the mattress utilizes a modular design. If one part or component within the mattress somehow breaks or malfunctions, the company can simply send you a new part rather than an entirely new mattress.

ReST Company Info

ReST Mattress Contact Information

Does ReST Mattress sleep cold?Yes, we actually think the ReST Mattress sleeps on the cool end of the spectrum thanks to its cooling cover and breathable construction.
How do I get the ReST Mattress mobile app?You’ll have to download the app from your device’s app store, like the Google Play store for Android or Apple App Store for iPhone.
How firm is the Rest Mattress?Due to the adjustable nature of this bed, you can give it a firm mattress profile, soft, or in the middle.
Does ReST work for heavy sleepers?Thanks to the thick, supportive design of ReST Mattress, we think it works for all body types.