Who Is It Best For?
Consumers seeking a customizable mattress
All types of sleepers, including side, back and stomach
Who Won’t Love It?
Individuals who prefer traditional memory foam beds
Consumers seeking a cheap online mattress

Brooklyn Rubix Mattress Review From YouTube

For people that prefer videos over written articles, here is a quick summary of what you need to know about the customizable bed-in-a-box from Brooklyn Bedding.

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As always, there are additional details you should consider. Keep reading to learn more about the Rubix mattress.

Customer Policies For The Rubix Mattress

Like most bed-in-a-box companies, Brooklyn Bedding is very generous in terms of customer policies. The company makes it very easy and convenient for consumers to test their beds.

First, the Rubix mattress ships for free and arrives compressed and rolled up in a box. Once you hear your doorbell ring, just the move the box to your room and follow the lead of the Slumber Yard team below. Basically, you’ll just unbox the mattress and unroll it onto your foundation. The whole process is very easy and shouldn’t take longer than 5-10 minutes. Once you unroll the mattress, it’s recommended you let the mattress breathe and inflate for about 24-48 hours before sleeping on it.

Once the mattress arrives, Brooklyn Bedding offers customers a 120-night risk-free home trial period. Essentially, the company lets customers test the bed in the comfort of their own home for four months to see whether they like it or not. If, after 30 nights, you decide the Rubix mattress isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry, you can get your money back. In order to do so, all you have to do is contact Brooklyn Bedding customer support and they’ll schedule a time for the bed to be removed from your home. Once the dispatch team has picked-up the mattress, the company will issue you a full refund. The entire refund/return process is very easy. As you might imagine, we’ve returned plenty of online mattresses and never had any issues.

Lastly, Brooklyn Bedding backs the Rubix mattress with a 10-year limited warranty. You can read more about the warranty entails on the company’s website.

Does Brooklyn Bedding Offer Other Beds?

Yes, the company offers several other mattresses in addition to the Rubix. We won’t bore you by going over each one, but here is a quick summary of their top selling models.

Bowery — This is the company’s entry-level option. It’s a three-layer, all-foam bed-in-a-box that has a soft, neutral-foam feel. It’s one of the most affordable online mattresses you can buy.

Signature — This is the company’s most popular model. It’s a hybrid mattress that contains both coils and layers of foam. It also comes in three different firmness levels.

Aurora — This bed is designed with hot sleepers in mind. The cover contains special cooling materials that make the bed cool to the touch.

brooklyn bedding aurora mattress review edge support
The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is an ideal option for hot sleepers.

I’d also like to add that Brooklyn Bedding is one of the most well-respected online mattress companies. They are one of the few online brands that actually own and operate their own manufacturing facility. This gives them complete control over the manufacturing process from start to finish. As a result, the company has a reputation for producing high-quality, durable beds.

Rubix Mattress Price And Coupon Code

The Rubix mattress is priced near the middle to higher-end of the bed-in-a-box industry. Given the bed’s high-quality construction and the different configurable firmness options, we actually think it’s a solid value for consumers. Here’s how MSRP pricing breaks down by size.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$949
King / Cal King$1,499

The MSRP prices don’t mean much, though, because Brooklyn Bedding regularly offers coupon codes and discounts. You can almost always snag the mattress on sale. Check the discount box on the right hand side of the screen to see what kind of savings you can currently score.

What Is The Rubix Mattress Made Of?

The Rubix mattress has a hybrid construction, meaning it contains both coils and layers of foam. The bed uses six different layers and totals a whopping 14.5″ thick. For the very bottom, the mattress uses a 1″ layer of dense support foam. Don’t worry, this ins’t considered the primary support structure for the mattress, it more so serves as a foundation for the coils above to sit on. Speaking of those coils, the next layer is comprised of 6″ Ascension pocketed coils. Together these coils serve as the primary support framework for the bed. Depending on which size bed you select, the Rubix mattress will contain up to 1,024 individual coils.

rubix mattress review layers
Rubix mattress construction

Resting on top of the coils is a 2″ layer of transition foam. The name says it all—this layer is there to act as a soft transition from the firm coils below. Now, here is where things start to get interesting. You actually pick which layers you want next. The company gives you three 2″ Energex foam layers to choose from. We’ll discuss exactly how this works in the next section. Finally, rounding out the bed is a 1.5″ quilted topper that is very soft and plush.

Why Is It Considered A Customizable Mattress?

As we alluded to above, what makes this bed unique is that you can more or less customize the top layers of the mattress. The bed contains a special Euro top that can be unzipped so you can rearrange two of the top layers.

How exactly does this work? First, the mattress comes with three separate 2″ foam layers, all of which vary in terms of firmness. There’s a soft, medium, and firm layer. From there, you pick the two that you want to to be included in the mattress and decide how you want to arrange them. For example, if you want a super soft mattress, you’d pick the soft and medium layers and arrange them so that the soft layer is on the very top. Conversely, if you wanted a super firm mattress, you’d pick the medium and firm layers and arrange them so the firm layer is on the very top. Pretty cool, right?

In total, there’s six different configurations for you to choose from (two times three—I think I got that right). Overall, we like the flexibility of the Rubix mattress. We think most sleepers will be able to find a combination that they like and enjoy.

Caring For The Rubix Mattress

Although you can unzip the top of the Rubix mattress, you should not machine wash it. Rather, if you happen to spill something on the cover, the company recommends you spot clean the dirty area with mild detergent and some water.

If you’re interested, Brooklyn Bedding does offer a Mattress Encasement to protect against spills and stains. Alternatively, you could always just shop among the dozens of popular mattress protectors on Amazon.

Body Type And Weight

Before we get too hot and heavy, let’s discuss how your body type, BMI, and weight affect how you observe a mattress to feel. In short, heavier people generally find most mattresses to feel quite soft. People with large body types place a lot of stress and pressure onto the surface of a bed and as a result tend to sink into the soft comfort layers more than smaller individuals. More petite sized people, on the other hand, generally think most mattresses are quite firm since they place very little pressure onto the surface and sleep more on top of the mattress.

We typically write through the context of an average sized person, but we will address people of all shapes and sizes later in this review. We employ a diverse team here at the Slumber Yard, which gives us varied perspectives on the beds we review.

Different Firmness Options With Rubix

Regardless of which foam layers you to choose to pair, you’ll mainly feel the soft, quilted pillow top that we referenced above in the construction section. Overall, we’d say the quilted topper and the two Energex foam layers give the mattress a neutral-foam feel. What we mean by the term “neutral” is that the bed has more of a generic foam feel as opposed to the conforming sensation memory foam provides or the bouncy feel latex foam provides. Overall, the mattress is extremely comfortable. All of our team members here at The Slumber Yard really enjoyed the bed. That’s not a huge shock considering neutral foam generally pleases a wide range of sleepers. It seems like people who have different preferences in regards to materials typically agree that a neutral-foam feel is very accommodating.

brooklyn bedding rubix mattress review stomach sleeper
Soft, neutral-foam feel

Another nice thing about the Rubix mattress is that it’s quite responsive. The coils give the bed a little bounce and the top layers snap back to position quickly after pressure is released off the bed. This high level of responsiveness is a good thing for people who have a habit of moving around a lot throughout the night. Generally speaking, active sleepers find it quite easy to switch between positions on responsive beds. In other words, you won’t ever feel like you’re “stuck” in the mattress.

In terms of firmness, well, obviously it’s a little hard to comment on this subject since you can basically pick how firm or soft you want the bed to be. That’s the appealing aspect about this bed. You’re not just buying a mattress that comes in one firmness level. You can start firm and if you don’t like it, rearrange the top layers so that it’s a little softer.

Sleeper Type Analysis

  • Side Sleepers
    Good For

    This bed is going to be a good choice for all types of sleepers, again due to the flexibility of the top layers. Typically, side sleepers prefer softer mattresses that are gentle around their pressure points.

    As such, if you’re a primary side sleeper, we recommend pairing the soft and medium top layers for maximum pressure relief. Start with the soft layer on top, but if you find it a little too plush, you can always flip flop and put the medium firmness layer on the very top. Overall, we think this mattress is an excellent choice for side sleepers. The bed is very soft and accommodating.

  • Back & Stomach Sleepers
    Good For

    We think the Rubix mattress will work for back and stomach sleepers, as well. However, we don’t think the bed is quite as ideal for these types of sleepers as it is for side sleepers given the firm layer is still considered soft, but nevertheless we think it will get the job done.

    Back and stomach sleepers generally prefer firmer mattresses that offer a greater amount of support under their lower back and trunk. Given this, we recommend pairing the medium and firm layer if you spend a lot of time on your back or stomach.

  • Combo Sleepers
    Good For

    The Rubix mattress will definitely work for combination sleepers who rotate between all three positions. These types of sleepers will likely have to fiddle around with the layers a little to find the right pairing, though. The amount of time you spend in each position on average will most likely dictate which pairing is optimal (see above for our recommendations).

    Plus, as we mentioned earlier, combo sleepers will appreciate the responsiveness of the mattress and find it requires very little energy to switch from their back to their stomach or vice versa, for example.

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Different Body Types

First, we think petite body types will be just fine on this mattress. People that are small in stature will find the bed to be very accommodating in all positions. Remember, small folks generally think most mattresses are on the firmer side of the spectrum. As such, individuals who weigh less than 150 lb will likely want to stick with a soft/medium top layer combination.

Moving on, we also think the Rubix mattress will work for heavy people. First, the bed is quite a bit thicker than the average bed-in-a-box. Typically, thicker beds are more ideal for heavy folks since they are more difficult to bottom out. More importantly, though, the bed uses 6″ pocketed coils for its main support structure. Beds that contain coils are generally more optimal for heavy individuals than beds that are comprised entirely of foam. That’s because coils are more resilient and offer more support compared to the dense poly foams that all-foam beds use for their support structures. Big people need more support given all the extra force and pressure they apply on a mattress when laying down.

However, keep in mind, large folks generally find mattresses to be softer than the average sized sleeper. As such, we think these types of sleepers will want to stick with a medium/firm top layer combination.

Does The Rubix Mattress Sleep Hot?

No, we do not think the Rubix bed sleeps hot. In our experience, the mattress sleeps what we call “temperature neutral,” meaning the bed won’t be the primary reason why you warm up or cool down throughout the night. Instead, we think external factors such as what climate you live in, what kind of pajamas you wear to bed, and how often you run your air conditioner will play more of a role in determining your sleeping temperature. If you’re an especially warm sleeper and want a mattress that actively cools you down throughout the night, you may want to check out our list of the Best Mattresses For Hot Sleepers.

Considerations For Couples

Lastly, we think the Rubix mattress will work for people who share a mattress. The bed limits motion transfer well and also provides pretty decent edge support. These are two of the most important factors for couples to consider when mattress shopping. Let’s discuss each subject individually.

First, the top layers on the bed do a good job of muting the bounce from the coils and deadening movement. In our tests, we noticed very little motion that was transferred from one side of the bed to the other.

As you can see above, the water in the glass doesn’t move much, which is a positive sign for people who share a bed with a person that tends to toss and turn or get up a lot during the night. Generally, the less motion that transfers between one person to other the better. After all, no one wants to be jolted awake every time their partner switches positions or gets up off the mattress.

Next, the bed also provides adequate edge support. As you roll over towards the side, there’s not much compression and you never feel as if you’re going to fall off the bed.

brooklyn bedding rubix mattress review edge support
Fairly solid edge support

Edge support is particularly crucial for couples who sleep on a full or queen size bed. A bed with good edge support means there is more room for both partners to spread out and still feel supported. Sometimes with beds that have poor edge support, one or both partners feel as if they don’t have their own space since the useful surface area is limited.

Brooklyn Bedding Rubix Review Verdict

All in all, our entire team really likes the Rubix mattress. If you want a “custom” bed, we think it’s one of the best options on the market. After testing the mattress, one of our team members even took the bed home to sleep on it permanently.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How did the Slumber Yard get this mattress?

Brooklyn Bedding sent us the Rubix mattress for free in order to test the bed. However, we did not receive any monetary payment from the company to publish this review. The Slumber Yard team retains full editorial control over the content we produce.

Does Brooklyn Bedding ship the Rubix mattress to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada?

Yes, the company charges an additional fee for shipping to these territories. The final amount will be calculated on the checkout page.

Does Brooklyn Bedding use chemical fire retardants in the Rubix bed?

No, the company does not use any fire sprays or chemical retardants in the Rubix mattress. They do use a fire retardant sock, though, which is made from a combination of silica, rayon, polyester, and cotton.

Is the Rubix mattress flippable?

No, but the company recommends you rotate the mattress every 6-8 months to evenly distribute weight across the entire surface of the bed.

Is The Slumber Yard the best mattress reviews website?

You bet. The Slumber Yard website is best thing since sliced bread. You’ve come to right place, my friend.

Is this bed made in the USA?

Yes. Brooklyn Bedding makes all of their mattresses in the USA.

Is this a coil bed?

Yes, Rubix is a coil mattress.