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Saatva Mattress Review

Saatva is an affordable, luxury, innerspring mattress that's becoming really popular online

Saatva was one of the early entrants in the online mattress space and is known for making high-quality, premium beds. They actually operate under three different brands (Saatva, Zenhaven and Loom & Leaf) but today we are going to focus on their flagship offering, the Original Saatva Luxury Mattress.

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • Individuals who prefer a traditional innerspring type feel
  • Folks who want choices (three different firmness levels)
  • All body types (petite, medium and large)
  • All sleeper types (side, back and stomach)
  • People who need extra support (dual coil layers)

Who Won't Love This Bed?

  • Partners who share a bed with an active sleeper (not great motion isolation)
  • Indecisive shoppers (Saatva charges a $99 return fee if you change your mind during the trial period)
  • Couponers (Saatva almost never offers discounts)

Free White Glove Delivery

120 Night Trial Period

15 Year Warranty

Free Mattress Removal

Check Current Offers

Saatva Review Video

We realize not everyone likes to read about beds so if you fall into that category, here is a quick review video of the Saatva mattress.

There’s only so much information we can fit into one video though. There’s a lot more you’ll want to know about this bed. Keep reading for more detail.

Shipping, Returns, Trial Period and Warranty

Before we begin discussing the mattress itself, there are a few housekeeping items we should cover first.

The Saatva mattress ships for free and comes with free white glove delivery as well as free removal of your old mattress. The bed does not arrive compressed and rolled-up in a tiny box (i.e. it technically should not be considered a bed-in-a-box).

Rather the mattress arrives in its normal state protected by a plastic sleeve and a huge box. Don’t worry though, that’s why Saatva offers free white glove delivery. Someone else will be there to do all the heavy lifting and help you set it up.

saatva mattress review white glove delivery
White glove delivery with all Saatva mattresses

Once the mattress is delivered, the company gives you 120 nights to test out the bed (that’s 20 nights more than the industry average). If you decide you don’t like it during the trial period, just give the company a call and they will arrange for someone to come pick it up from your home and issue you a full refund. However, the company will hit you for a $99 return fee so keep that in mind.

Saatva also backs their mattresses with a 15 year warranty, which will protect against defects in workmanship and materials. In the first two years, the company will replace the mattress free of charge if defects are discovered. In years 3-15, the company will repair or re-cover the mattress if defects are found but they will charge you a $99 transportation fee.

The company also offers a Fairness Replacement Option. Basically, instead of you sending back your bed to be repaired, they give you the option to purchase a brand new Saatva mattress at 30-75% of the original purchase price (depending on how long you’ve had the original bed). You can read more on Saatva’s website.

Saatva Comfort Levels and Mattress Height

The Saatva Luxury Mattress is available in three different comfort (aka firmness) options (plush soft, luxury firm, firm). The luxury firm option is their best seller. As such, that’s the option we will primarily be referring to throughout this review (although we will touch on the other options as well).

saatva mattress review firmness graphic

Saatva also gives you the option to select your mattress height. You can choose between a 11.5″ custom slim model and a 14.5″ premier luxury model. Both options feel the same though. It’s really more of personal aesthetic decision. The extra height is just added to the innerspring system at the bottom of the bed.

Why Your Weight Is Important

There’s no one size fits all mattress, which is something that we like to point out whenever possible in our mattress reviews. Every person is different and should take into account how their weight affects how they sleep. In our reviews, we write and talk about mattresses through the body of an average size person (150-250 pounds).

However, we realize not everybody out there fits into that particular weight category so it’s important to note how heavier and lighter sleepers will perceive beds.

saatva mattress review heavy sleepers
Saatva is a highly supportive mattress

In general, heavier sleepers will feel like most beds are on the softer side of the spectrum. That’s because people over 250 pounds exert a lot of extra pressure, stress and weight (obviously) onto a bed and thus will sink down into the top layers more than the average size person.

We discuss all body types in this review

Lighter sleepers, on the other hand, will feel like most mattresses are on the firmer side. That’s because the opposite is true for these body types. These types of sleepers won’t sink-in as much and will lay more on top of the bed.

As you will find out throughout this review, body weight also effects other factors as well.

Saatva Mattress Price and Coupon Code

The Saatva mattress is actually priced affordably considering its high-quality construction. It’s priced about average for the online mattress industry with a queen size coming in around the $1,000 mark.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$749
King / Cal King$1,499

Unfortunately, Saatva doesn’t really offer coupon codes or promo codes. They might occasionally run a sale around a major holiday, but for the most part, what you see is what you’ll pay. You can check current prices and promotions on

Saatva Mattress Layers and Construction

The Saatva mattress starts with a thick steel coil support support system for its base. This gives the bed an extremely solid foundation and is designed to help prevent sagging.

On top of the steel coil innerspring system is another layer of coils. Specifically, the company uses individually-wrapped, pocked coils. This provides additional support and gives the bed a bit of bounce near the top of the mattress. On top of the dual layers of coils is a layer of memory foam for comfort and pressure relief.

saatva mattress review construction and layers
Construction breakdown of the Saatva mattress

The top layer is a Euro pillow top, which offers additional cushioning and comfort. The mattress also incorporates dense foam around the perimeter of the bed for edge support purposes.

saatva mattress review tag
Euro pillow top with organic cotton cover

Wrapping the bed is a non-removable, organic cotton cover that is anti-microbial. It’s fairly soft and gives the bed a premium, luxurious appearance.

Overall, we are pretty impressed with the construction of this bed. The company uses high-quality materials and the dual layers of coils will help extend the life of the mattress.

Saatva Feel, Firmness and Responsiveness

As you might imagine, having dual layers of coils, the Saatva mattress has more of a traditional innerspring type feel. The bed is very supportive and has quite a bit of bounce. However, the euro pillow top gives the bed an element of comfort not found in the innerspring mattresses most of you grew up on.

saatva mattress review responsiveness and feel
There’s still some give, but Saatva is a responsive mattress

Overall, we thought the luxury firm model came in around a medium-firm to firm on the firmness scale. This model is very supportive and responsive. We found it quite easy to switch between sleeping positions.

Is Saatva Good For Side Sleepers?

Yes and no. The luxury firm and firm options are not. These models just simply do not provide enough pressure relief for your hips and shoulders when you’re on your side.

saatva mattress review side sleepers
Owen apparently likes the Saatva mattress—he’s out

We’d recommend strict side sleepers go with the plush soft model. Saatva layers this model with softer and more conforming foams so that your hips and shoulders feel like they’re being cradled a little more.

Is Saatva Good For Back And Stomach Sleepers?

Yes, this mattress will definitely work for these types of sleepers. The bed provides a ton of support under your hips, trunk and lower back.

saatva mattress review stomach and back sleepers
Great bed for stomach and back sleepers

The coils do a great job of compressing but also providing a little push-back. This means you’ll sink in a little through that top pillow layer but never to the point where your spine is no longer properly aligned. We’d recommend strict back and stomach sleepers stick with either the luxury firm or firm options.

How About Combo Sleepers?

The answer is yes for the plush-soft and luxury-firm models, but no for the firm model. If you’re primarily a stomach or back sleeper, but you occasionally end up on your side, you might want to go with the luxury-firm bed.

saatva mattress review sleeping positions

If you tend to favor you side, but end up on your stomach or back throughout the night, you might look into the plush-soft first. Combination sleepers need to first think of their dominant sleeping position and match the mattress to that position.

Will The Saatva Mattress Work For Small And Medium Size People?

Yes. The bed provides solid support and is decently comfortable. For people in this size category, we think the mattress is best for primary back and stomach sleepers. If you’re primarily a side sleeper, the plush soft model will work, it just isn’t the best option on the market.

How About Heavier People?

Yes. In fact, we think it’s one of the best mattresses for heavy and obese sleepers, especially when you factor in the price. There’s very few mattresses out there that incorporate both a steel coil innerspring unit and a layer of individually wrapped coils.

As a result, this bed is well-equipped to handle all the extra pressure and physical force big folks apply on a mattress. Coils provide more support and are just a lot more durable than dense support foams that a lot of online beds use for their foundations.

saatva mattress review heavy sleepers
Saatva is built to a higher standard

We think the luxury firm model is ideal for heavy sleepers. These size folks will find this model provides more than adequate support and will actually be quite comfortable since they will feel a little more of the euro pillow top and memory foam than light and average size folks.

If you fall into this category and need a little extra lumbar support though, you may think about going with the firm model.

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Does The Saatva Mattress Sleep Cool?

While the Saatva mattress technically does not have any special cooling technology built-into the bed, we do feel like this mattress will sleep on the cooler side for two reasons.

First, the bed has two layers of coils, which in general allow for more airflow throughout the bed compared to dense support foams, which are known for somewhat trapping heat.

saatva mattress review temperature regulation and hot sleepers

Second, as we’ve already stated, all three comfort levels land on the firmer side of the spectrum. This means the majority of sleepers will sleep more on top of the mattress rather than it. This should help sleepers from feeling like the mattress is hugging them and thus less heat being trapped by the top layer of foam.

Factors That Are Important For Couples

We have some good and some not so good news to report on this front. Let’s start with the not the so good, which is that the Saatva mattress is just average when it comes to motion isolation.

saatva mattress review motion isolation transfer
A little motion but overall not too bad

This shouldn’t come as a huge shock though considering the bed has dual layers of coils. In general, all-foam beds, such as Puffy and Leesa, are a little better at deadening movement since they don’t really have the bounce innerspring beds have.

This means someone that shares a bed with an active sleeper might notice and feel a little more movement when their partner switches positions or gets up off the bed. Overall though, we don’t think it will be a major issue. The Saatva mattress is still going to be better than your eight year old worn out bed in this department at the end of the day.

On the positive side, the Saatva mattress has great edge support. This is an important consideration for couples that like to spread out or when one partner likes to hog the middle of the bed leaving only a little bit of space near the edge for the other person to sleep.

saatva mattress review edge support
Solid edge support

As we mentioned earlier, the bed has a firm layer of foam around the perimeter of the bed to ensure sleepers never feel as if they’re going to roll right off. Solid edge support also means the bed will have a large sleeping surface since the edges really won’t compress all that much.

Saatva Bed Review Verdict

We are big fans of the Saatva Luxury Mattress. It has a sturdy, durable construction, it’s available in multiple comfort levels and it accommodates all body types. While it may not be the most plush mattress ever, there’s a lot of people out there that truly like and enjoy the feel of innerspring beds. So if that’s you, it’s tough to beat Saatva considering it’s fairly approachable price point.

Review Team


Kaite Johnston

Combo Sleeper

Kelsie Longerbeam

Stomach Sleeper


Owen Poole

Side Sleeper


JD Christison

Combo Sleeper


How did the Slumber Yard get the Saatva mattress?

We purchased the mattress via Saatva's website.

Will The Saatva Mattress Work With My Existing Frame?

Yes, the Saatva mattress will work with most box springs, foundations and slatted frames (as long as they are in good condition).

Are Saatva Mattresses Made In The USA?

Yes, Saatva beds are constructed and built in 19 factories across the United States.

Are Saatva Beds 100% Organic?

No, but their foams are eco-friendly (i.e. they use at least 30% soy or corn oil). The cover use organic cotton.

Can I Test A Saatva Mattress In-Store Anywhere?

No, the Saatva mattress is sold exclusively online. However, that's why the offer a 120 night trial period.

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