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Saatva Mattress Reviews

In this Saatva mattress review we dissect the Classic, HD, and Solaire models

Last Updated: July 27, 2020

Saatva was one of the early players in the online mattress space and is known for making high-quality, durable beds. They actually operate under three different brands, but today we are going to focus on the Classic, which is a hybrid mattress with dual layers of coils, Saatva HD, a heavy duty mattress for overweight and large people, and Solaire, a premium air mattress that is pure luxury.

Who Is This Best For?

Consumers seeking a supportive innerspring mattress

Individuals who want multiple firmness options to choose from

Who Won’t Love It?

Sleepers looking for an extra plush mattress

If you want a bed with a traditional memory foam feel

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Because of how lengthy and in-depth this review is, we’ve provided jump-to links above so you can easily find particular sections. If you have any questions whatsoever with the Saatva Classic, Saatva HD, or Solaire mattresses, feel free to email us.

YouTube Review Of Saatva Classic

We realize not everyone likes to read about beds so if you fall into that category, here is a quick review video of the Saatva Classic mattress. There’s more information about Saatva HD and Saatva Solaire in the post below.

There’s only so much information we can fit into one video though. There’s a lot more you’ll want to know about this bed. Keep reading for more detail.

Overview Of Classic, HD & Solaire Models

Under the Saatva brand, the company has three flagship models: Classic, HD, and Solaire. They are all luxury mattresses, but different in their own right. Here’s a quick overview of each of the beds:

  • Saatva Classic — An innerspring mattress with a fluffy pillow top and reasonable price tag. Also comes in three firmness levels.
  • Saatva HD — A bed built specifically for people weighing between 300 lbs and 500 lbs. It’s a crazy durable mattress that has almost no flaws.
  • Saatva Solaire — A premium air mattress that allows you to infinitely customize your feel preferences.
saatva mattress review classic hd solaire comparison chart

That’s just a brief outline of what to expect from the Saatva beds. Below we have reviews for each of the products so that you can learn even more.

Saatva Classic Mattress Review

The Saatva Classic mattress (aka just “Saatva”) is available in three different comforts (aka firmness) options (plush soft, luxury firm, firm). The luxury firm option is their best seller. As such, that’s the option we will primarily be referring to throughout this review (although we will touch on the other options as well).

saatva mattress review firmness rating for this bed

Saatva also gives you the option to select your mattress height. You can choose between a 11.5″ custom slim model and a 14.5″ premier luxury model. Both options feel the same though. It’s really more of a personal aesthetic decision. The extra height is just added to the innerspring system at the bottom of the bed.

For those of you wondering about the differences between the three firmness options, we got you covered. Below is a video Jeff on our team published regarding the feel and firmness of each model.

As always though, it’s difficult to fit all the relevant information into one short video. Keep reading to learn more about the three different Saatva models so you can figure out which one is best for your particular body type and sleeping preferences.

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress, in our opinion, is priced fairly affordably. A queen size mattress costs about $1,300 MSRP, which is slightly more than the average online bed. However, given the high-quality construction of the mattress and extras like free white glove delivery, we think it’s an excellent value. It’s definitely a nicer bed than the two and three layer foam mattresses that are priced in the same range. Here’s how pricing breaks down by size.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$999
King / Cal King$1,699

Is There A Saatva Mattress Coupon Or Discount Code?

Unfortunately, Saatva doesn’t really offer evergreen discounts or promo codes. However, they do occasionally run sales around major holidays. We’ve seen them offer up to $200 off before. You can check current prices and promotions on Saatva.com.

Saatva Mattress Performance Ratings

  • Off-gassing: Off-gassing is a mattress’s tendency to absorb and emit odors. Most mattresses will emit off-gassing odors when they’re new, but the best mattresses shouldn’t absorb odors. Since the Saatva mattress is made with several layers of pillow top and foam, it does a good job of protecting against odors. And since it arrives at your home in a normal state (not wrapped up in a box), the initial off-gassing smell will quickly fade.
  • Durability: The Saatva HD is an ultra supportive and durable mattress as it can withstand up to 500 lbs of pressure while maintaining medium-firm support. All other Saatva mattresses are also built with durability in mind. Each model contains both an innerspring and pocketed coils to support a variety of weights and help maintain its shape after extended use.
  • Pressure relief: The Saatva mattress includes a layer of memory foam that helps offer pressure relief for most users. If pressure relief is important to you, we recommend the Plush Soft model, which offers a medium firmness. When looking for pressure relief, it’s important to look for softer models that can contour to your body and take the pressure off of your spine and hips.
  • Motion isolation: Motion isolation is especially important for couples who are looking for a new mattress. Optimum motion isolation means movement on one side of the bed won’t affect the other side. In other words, your partner’s tossing and turning won’t wake you up at night if you have a mattress with excellent motion isolation. The Saatva is just average when it comes to motion isolation since it includes dual layers of springy coils.
  • Temperature neutrality: Temperature neutrality is important for a good night’s sleep. Especially if you live in a warm climate or sleep with a partner, temperature neutrality means your mattress can help keep you cool. Though Saatva mattresses don’t come with cooling technology, their hybrid constructions can help keep you cool throughout the night. The coil layers will help stimulate airflow, while the mattress’s firm support keeps you from feeling hugged by the mattress.
  • Edge support: Edge support is essential for couples or sleepers who move around a lot at night. Saatva mattresses include a layer of foam around the perimeter, which keeps you stable even if you’re close to the edge. Unlike other mattresses, you won’t feel dips when you’re close to the edge, so you can enjoy a broader sleeping area. Noise: Noise is an important consideration for getting an undisturbed night of rest. Since the Saatva mattress has two layers of coils, they could lead to creaks and other noises after extended use. However, in general, it doesn’t make much noise.
  • Sex: The Saatva mattress’s double coils make it pretty springy, which could be great for some couples who are looking for a nice bounce.

Saatva Mattress Construction And Layers

The Saatva mattress starts with a thick steel coil support support system for its base. This gives the bed an extremely solid foundation and is designed to help prevent sagging.

On top of the steel coil innerspring system is another layer of coils. Specifically, the company uses individually-wrapped, pocketed coils. This provides additional support and gives the bed a bit of bounce near the top of the mattress. On top of the dual layers of coils is a layer of memory foam for comfort and pressure relief.

saatva mattress review construction and layers
Construction breakdown of the Saatva mattress

The top layer is a Euro pillow top,which offers additional cushioning and comfort. The mattress also incorporates dense foam around the perimeter of the bed for edge support purposes.

saatva mattress review
Euro pillow top with organic cotton cover

Wrapping the bed is a non-removable, organic cotton cover that is anti-microbial. It’s fairly soft and gives the bed a premium, luxurious appearance.

Overall, we are pretty impressed with the construction of this bed. The company uses high-quality materials and the dual layers of coils will help extend the life of the mattress.

Overall Feel Of The Saatva Mattress

As you might imagine, having dual layers of coils, the Saatva mattress has more of a traditional innerspring type feel. The bed is very supportive and has quite a bit of bounce. However, the euro pillow top gives the bed an element of comfort not found with the innerspring mattresses most of you grew up on.

Overall, we thought the luxury firm model came in around a medium-firm on the firmness scale. This model is very supportive and responsive. Additionally, we found it quite easy to switch between sleeping positions.

Sleeping Positions

To put it simply, yes, Saatva can handle all sleeping positions, including back, stomach, side, and combo. Let’s start by discussing side sleepers.

The Luxury Firm and Firm options will be a little too firm for strict side sleeping. These models just simply do not provide enough pressure relief for your hips and shoulders when you’re on your side.

saatva mattress review side sleepers
Plush soft model is best for side sleepers

Instead, We’d recommend strict side sleepers go with the Plush Soft model. Saatva layers this model with softer and more conforming foams so that your hips and shoulders feel like they’re being cradled a little more.

For back and stomach sleepers the bed provides a ton of support under your hips, trunk and lower back.

saatva mattress reviews back sleepers
Great bed for stomach and back sleepers

The coils do a great job of compressing but also providing a little push-back. This means you’ll sink in a little through that top pillow layer but never to the point where your spine is no longer properly aligned. We’d recommend strict back and stomach sleepers stick with either the Luxury Firm or Firm options.

Moving over to combo sleepers, the Plush Soft and Luxury Firm models, are your best bet. If you’re primarily a stomach or back sleeper, but you occasionally end up on your side, you might want to go with the Luxury Firm bed.

If you tend to favor you side, but end up on your stomach or back throughout the night, you might look into the Plush Soft model first. Combination sleepers need to first think of their dominant sleeping position and match the mattress to that position.

Discussion Of Temperature Regulation

While the Saatva mattress technically does not have any special cooling technology built-into the bed, we do feel like this mattress will sleep on the cooler side for two reasons.

First, the bed has two layers of coils, which allow for more airflow throughout the bed compared to dense support foams, which are known for somewhat trapping heat.

temperature regulation scale

Second, as we’ve already stated, all three comfort levels land on the firmer side of the spectrum. This means the majority of sleepers will sleep more on top of the mattress rather than it. This should help sleepers from feeling like the mattress is hugging them and thus less heat being trapped by the top layer of foam.

However, we have to add a little disclaimer here. Temperature regulation is a very finicky subject given that external factors can play a significant role in determining your sleep temperature. For example, if you crank your heater to the highest setting at night, chances are you won’t sleep cool. Other factors include what types of pajamas you sleep in, what climate you live in and how much you like to cuddle with your partner. Speaking of partners, let’s discuss couples next.

Is The Saatva Bed Good For Couples?

We have some good and some not so good news to report on this front. Let’s start with the not the so good, which is that the Saatva mattress is just average when it comes to motion isolation.

This shouldn’t come as a huge shock though considering the bed uses dual layers of coils. In general, all-foam beds, such as Puffy and Leesa, are a little better at deadening movement since they don’t really have any bounce from coils.

This means someone that shares a bed with an active sleeper might notice and feel a little more movement when their partner switches positions or gets up off the bed. Overall though, we don’t think it will be a major issue. At the end end of the day, the Saatva mattress is still going to be better than your eight year old worn out bed in this department. Plus, we really haven’t heard any complaints from customers regarding this subject so couples will likely be just fine.

On the positive side, the Saatva mattress has great edge support. This is an important consideration for couples that like to spread out or when one partner likes to hog the middle of the bed leaving only a little bit of space near the edge for the other person to sleep.

saatva mattress review edge support
Darn good edge support with the Saatva mattress

As we mentioned earlier, the bed has a firm layer of foam around the perimeter of the bed to ensure sleepers never feel as if they’re going to roll right off. Solid edge support also means the bed will have a large sleeping surface since the edges really won’t compress all that much.

Pros And Cons Of The Saatva Bed


  • Excellent features for couples
  • Durable build to withstand extended use
  • Supportive build helps relieve pressure
  • High-quality materials.


  • Dual coils take away from motion isolating abilities
  • Options may be too firm for petite side sleepers
  • Not for budget shoppers

Other Saatva Products

  • Saatva mattress topper
  • Saatva pillow
  • Saatva adjustable base
  • Saatva foundation
  • Saatva frame

Buying A Saatva Mattress Online

Before you make a decision, you need to know that the Saatva Classic, Saatva HD, and Solaire mattresses ship for free and comes with free white glove delivery as well as free removal of your old mattress. The beds do not arrive compressed and rolled-up in a tiny box (i.e. it technically should not be considered a bed-in-a-box).

Rather, the mattress arrives in its normal state protected by a plastic sleeve and a huge box. Don’t worry though, that’s why Saatva offers free white glove delivery. Someone else will be there to do all the heavy lifting and help you set it up.

Once the mattress is delivered, the company gives you 120 nights to test out the bed (that’s 20 nights more than the industry average). By the way, that applies to Saatva Classic, Saatva HD, and Solaire.

If you decide you don’t like it during the trial period, just give the company a call and they will arrange for someone to come pick it up from your home and issue you a full refund. However, the company will hit you for a $99 return fee so keep that in mind.

Saatva also backs their Classic mattress with a 15 year warranty, which protects against defects in workmanship and materials. In the first two years, the company will replace the mattress free of charge if defects are discovered. In years 3-15, the company will repair or re-cover the mattress if defects are found but they will charge you a $99 transportation fee. Saatva HD and Saatva Solaire have 20-year and 25-year warranties respectively. You can read about all of the warranties on Saatva’s website.

The company also offers a Fairness Replacement Option. Basically, instead of you sending back your bed to be repaired, they give you the option to purchase a brand new Saatva mattress at 30-75% of the original purchase price (depending on how long you’ve had the original bed).

Saatva Bed Review Verdict

We are big fans of the Saatva Luxury Mattress. It has a sturdy, durable construction, it’s available in multiple comfort levels and it accommodates all body types. While it may not be the most plush mattress ever, there’s a lot of people out there that truly like and enjoy the feel of innerspring beds. So if that’s you, it’s tough to beat Saatva considering its approachable price point.

Company Info

  • Manhattan, New York

Saatva Mattress Contact Information

Saatva Mattress customer service phone number: (877) 672-2882

Website: saatvamattress.com

Find Saatva On Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saatva/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saatva/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SaatvaMattress

What Makes The Saatva Mattress Special?

Shopping for a new mattress online these days can be quite the adventure. There are just so many brands out there that all the mattresses can start to blend together over time. In order to clear things up for you, here are the major standout features of the Saatva mattress.

  • High-quality, durable construction – The Saatva mattress is one of the few online beds that utilize both an innerspring unit and pocketed coils. As such, this bed can properly support all body types and will most likely last a long, long time.
  • Value – The Saatva mattress is an excellent value in our opinion. If you were to walk into your local mattress store and ask for a bed with dual layers of coils, a euro pillow top and an organic cotton cover, the salesman would likely show you beds that cost $2,000 minimum.
  • Firmness Options – We like that the bed comes in three different firmness profiles. This means every type of sleeper will be able to find a model that fits their particular sleeping habits.
  • Saatva HD – Based on design and support alone, Saatva HD is differentiated. If you weigh over 300 lbs, it should absolutely be on your short list of beds to try.

Those are three big selling points in our book. If you want more information about how Saatva compares to other brands, check out our Saatva vs Avocado Mattress comparison.

Saatva Plush Soft Review

If you’re a petite sized individual or you spend a lot of time on your side, you’ll likely want to go with the plush soft model. This model is the softest bed Saatva offers (as the name implies). Overall, we think it lands right around a medium on the firmness scale. It’s somewhat soft-to-the-touch and provides a decent amount of pressure relief for your hips and shoulders.

Saatva Firm Review

The firm model that Saatva offers is best for heavy individuals, people that sleep strictly on their back and stomach, or folks who need/want extra lumbar support. We realize there are a lot of people out there that love to sleep on an ultra-firm, flat surface. If you fall into that category, the Saatva firm mattress is your ticket to happiness.

Saatva HD Review: A Mattress For Heavy People

Saatva HD is one of the best mattresses for heavy and obese sleepers. There’s very few mattresses out there that incorporate a steel coil innerspring unit, memory foam, and latex foam. It’s just a beast of a mattress designed to accommodate up to 500 lb sleepers.

The easiest words to describe Saatva HD are: supportive, durable, comfortable, and luxurious. It’s basically the same story with Saatva Classic, but to the next level. Ignoring WinkBed, Big Fig, and Beautyrest Black, we haven’t felt quality like this. In all honesty, Saatva HD is one of the nicest mattresses available today, anywhere—online or in-store. Here is our quick video review of the bed.

Comfort And Feel — Saatva HD feels like a crazy supportive pillow top mattress. It has this airy quality to it that is balanced out by the bi-directional support from the coils. We rate Saatva HD as a medium-firm on our scale, which means for heavy people it will feel more like a medium. As such, we can confidently say that this is a solid mattress for all sleeping styles.

Pricing Of Saatva HD — It’s an expensive bed, no doubt. But if you get it, we sincerely believe that you’ll also be impressed by the quality. For the queen size bed without a foundation, Saatva HD is about $2,600. Again, not cheap, but a darn good bed nonetheless.

Saatva HD Construction — Below we dissect Saatva Classic, but in this section, we’re going to take a peek inside Saatva HD. Contrary to what you’d expect, Saatva HD is different inside from the Classic mattress. For instance, it uses just one layer of coils. In fact, the bed uses a thick-gauge innerspring unit that provides support for the entire mattress. You can see the innersprings in the image below.

saatva hd mattress review construction
Saatva HD has coils, latex foam, and memory foam

The coils are actually wrapped edge-to-edge in foam to provide increased edge support—it works. Then you have a transition foam layer which includes memory foam. More interestingly, however, the bed has a 5-zone Talalay latex foam layer. Latex is a durable and responsive foam, which helps to give Saatva HD its overall supportive feel.

On top, Saatva HD has a familiar—yet different—organic cotton cover. It has a little foam quilted inside, and it just oozes luxury. All in all, Saatva HD is one heck of a bed.

Why Your Weight Is Important — There’s no one size fits all mattress, which is something that we like to point out whenever possible in our mattress reviews. Every person is different and should take into account how their weight affects how they sleep. In our reviews, we write and talk about mattresses through the body of an average size person (150-250 pounds). However, we realize not everybody out there fits into that particular weight category so want to take a moment and talk about different body types.

In general, heavier individuals will feel like most beds are on the softer side of the spectrum. That’s because people over 250 pounds exert a lot of extra pressure, stress, and weight onto a bed and thus will sink down into the top layers more than the average size person. Again, Saatva HD is specifically made for heavy people.

Smaller individuals, on the other hand, will feel like most mattresses are on the firmer side. The opposite is true for these body types since they won’t sink in as much and will lay more on top of the bed. As you will find out throughout this review, bodyweight affects other factors as well.

Saatva HD Review Verdict — Name something bad about this mattress. Ok ok, the price isn’t our favorite, but beyond that, it’s hands-down one of the best beds that money can buy. Having said that, unless you’re over 300 lbs, you should just get the Classic mattress because it’s cheaper and just as nice.

Saatva Solaire Review

Solaire is the company’s premier air mattress meant to compete with Sleep Number most specifically. It has no shortage of interesting features, but you have to be prepared to pay for them.

Design Of Solaire — From a high level, Solaire is really similar to IDLE Air in that it has a foam-encased air chamber. This is the main support structure for the mattress and what allows you to customize the firmness level.

On top of the air chamber is a moisture barrier, gel memory foam, Talalay latex foam, and a pillow top. These two foam layers provide the bulk of the comfort for the mattress. It has a blended feel in that you get the bounce from the latex, but the pillow top adds a little fluff and extra comfort. Like the rest of the Saatva mattresses, Solaire has an organic cotton cover on the pillow top—it’s really nice.

Feel And Firmness — Solaire is a mix between a foam and air mattress, and overall has a pillow top feel. It’s a unique take on a bed-in-a-box mattress, that’s for sure.

Also, given that it is an air mattress you can select 50 different firmness levels for the bed, ranging from extra plush to extra firm. We could go on and on about the firmness levels, but the fact of the matter is that this feature works the way you’d expect it would—in a good way.

Dual Air Chambers — The queen, king, and California king models are split by default, meaning they have two air chambers inside. Saatva actually provides you two remotes with these beds so that you can customize each side of the bed.

That way, if you want a soft mattress and your partner needs a firm one, you can both have exactly what you want. Now, obviously, this is not a feature the vast majority of people need, but if you and your partner are polar opposites, or have some sort of health condition that requires the constant retuning of your mattress, Solaire could be a really nice option.

saatva solaire mattress review
For the larger sizes, Solaire has dual air chambers

Upper-Flex — One particularly interesting thing about Solaire is that you can upgrade to get the Upper-Flex feature. What this means is that the top half of the bed is split in half on the queen, king, and California king so that you can adjust the mattress up/down. This is a clever way to get a fully adjustable mattress without having to pay for two separate beds (i.e. a split king or split Cal king).

Now, by default, when you select “Upper-Flex” on the Saatva website they will add the Lineal Adjustable Base, but you can opt out if you already have one at home. Keep in mind that if you get the Upper-Flex you most likely need two twin XL adjustable bases so that you can raise/lower the top portion of the bed.

Price Of Solaire — So far, we’ve been pretty happy with Solaire, but this is our least favorite part for sure. The MSRP for a queen size Solaire is about $2,800, and if you add the Upper-Flex feature the queen goes up to $3,400. There’s no sugar-coating it. Solaire is just a premium bed with a premium price tag.

We also wouldn’t recommend you hold your breath waiting for coupons. Saatva doesn’t like to offer discounts or coupons, so our gut tells us that the price is what it is with Solaire.

What We Don’t Like — The main things we don’t like with Solaire are what you’d expect. For starts, the inflation/deflation process is audible. It’s not terribly loud, but it’s enough that you could wake someone up. Unfortunately, there’s probably no way around this.

Secondly, the bed doesn’t get as firm as you’d expect. Inflated to the max, Solaire is about a medium-firm (i.e. on par with Saatva HD and Saatva Classic Luxury Firm). It gets plenty soft, but thanks to the comfort layers, the bed just doesn’t get super firm. If you’re fine with a medium-firm we think you’ll really like it, but if you were hoping for an extra firm mattress you’re better off getting Saatva Classic Firm.

Lastly, Solaire comes with wired remotes. I know, I’m blowing this out of proportion, but something about having wired remotes isn’t my favorite.

What We Like — Firstly, it’s really comfortable. It’s just a fantastic mattress with a really comfortable pillow top feel. Also, it’s fully customizable, by side, so you can get essentially the exact firmness you want.

We also really appreciate that they made the split king and “Upper-Flex” options available. Not that everyone will choose these, but we do prefer having options.

Solaire Review Verdict — There’s no denying that it’s a nice bed. It has luxury all over it and there’s definitely a strong case to be made as to why you should buy Solaire. That said, your decision should hinge on two primary questions:

  • Do you want/need an air mattress?
  • Are you willing to pay more for luxury?

If your answers are “yes” and “yes,” then Solaire is likely your next bed. If you answered “no” to the first question, we’d recommend you get the Saatva Classic mattress because it’s a heck of a bed at a fraction of the price.

Saatva Mattress Reviews

  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Saatva Mattress Amazon Reviews: Amazon only carries one Saatva mattress, which is the Luxury Innerspring Mattress. Customers give this mattress an average of two stars, citing off-gassing and limited durability. It’s unclear if Saatva is selling directly through Amazon, or if the mattress is only available on Amazon through a reseller.
  • Saatva Mattress Review Reddit: On the r/Mattress subreddit, users have expressed their experiences with Saatva mattresses. Most users say the level of firmness was something to get used to, but the mattress helped relieve their pressure and back pain.
  • Saatva Mattress Reviews Consumer Affairs: Reviewers on Consumer Affairs give Saatva Mattress 4.5 stars out of 5. Most customers enjoyed the back support provided by their mattress as well as the company’s customer service.

Review team

  • reynoso
    Jack Reynoso

    Combo Sleeper

  • JD
    JD Christison

    Combo Sleeper

  • kenzie
    McKenzie Dillon

    Combo Sleeper

  • Owen Poole

    Side Sleeper


How did the Slumber Yard get the Saatva mattresses?

Saatva sent us all three mattresses for free in order to test them. Keep in mind, we retain complete editorial control over the content we publish. That means the opinions and viewpoints stated in this review belong to The Slumber Yard team.

Will Saatva work with my existing bed frame?

Yes, the Saatva mattress will work with most box springs, foundations and slatted frames (as long as they are in good condition).

Are they 100% organic?

No, but their foams are eco-friendly (i.e. they use at least 30% soy or corn oil). The cover use organic cotton.

Can I test them in any stores?

No, the Saatva mattress is not available to test or purchase in any retail locations. That means if you head down to your local Mattress Firm store, you won’t see the Saatva mattress there. The bed is sold exclusively online. However, that’s why the company offers a 120 night trial period. That should be more than enough time to figure whether the Saatva mattress is the right bed for you. Even if you find it’s not the right bed, the worst case scenario is that you’ll be out the $99 return fee.

Are Saatva mattresses made in the USA?

Yes, Saatva beds are constructed and built in 19 factories across the United States.

What type of mattress is Saatva?

Saatva is an innerspring mattress with a pillow top. It has a traditional innerspring mattress feel.

Is Saatva good for side sleepers?

The “Plush Soft” model is made specifically for side sleepers. We also think side sleepers might like the “Luxury Firm” if you prefer a firmer bed.

What is white glove delivery?

Rather than compressing the bed and shoving it into a cardboard box, Saatva ships the bed full-size through a network of distribution companies. They bring the mattress to your home, carry it into your room, and set it up. They even remove your old mattress, for free.

What firmness options are offered?

Saatva comes in three firmness options: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. The most popular is Luxury Firm.

Is Saatva a good mattress for heavy people?

The company makes “Saatva HD” a mattress for people that weigh over 300 lbs.