Who Is It Best For?
Shoppers seeking a cheap online mattress
If you like the feel of dense memory foam
Who Won’t Love It?
Consumers who want a premium memory foam mattress
Heavy people who require extra support

Buying the Sleep Signature Memoir Mattress

Signature Sleep sells predominantly through Amazon, where the 12″ Memoir mattress has a 4.2-star rating and over 8,000 customer reviews (as of late 2018). We are naturally skeptical of Amazon reviews, so we thought we’d put the Memoir to the test ourselves. Spoiler: we do not agree with the ratings on Amazon, at all.

After purchasing your Signature Sleep Memoir 12” mattress, it will ship free straight to your doorstep, compressed, rolled up, and vacuum sealed in a cardboard box. Try to unpackage your new bed as soon as possible. This mattress will need up to 72 hours to fully expand and air out any odors. If your mattress hasn’t fully expanded after this amount of time, contact Amazon for a return or exchange.

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Unlike other bed-in-a-box companies, Signature Sleep does not offer any trial periods or free returns. If you want something with a trial period and free returns, check out other budget beds, such as Tuft & Needle. If you need to return your mattress, contact Amazon for their return policies based on your situation. You can also look for information on the bed’s Amazon product page. Be aware that your mattress may not be eligible for returns.

The Memoir Mattress Is Cheap

This isn’t just an affordable mattress, it’s a cheap one. It’s made to compare with other Amazon mattresses such as Linenspa or DreamFoam. If you’re looking at this bed because of the price, check out this list of the Best Mattresses Under $500. Regardless, here’s a pricing breakdown of the Memoir 12” mattress.

SizePrice (MSRP)

Be sure to keep your eye on this mattress for a while, as the pricing fluctuates. A queen size usually hovers around $250, though. Be sure to look around at the other bed options while you’re there. You can check current pricing on Amazon.

Memoir Mattress Construction

This is your standard, 12”all-foam mattress. Keep in mind that this bed also comes in 10”, 8”, and 6” models, as is the case with Zinus and the AmazonBasics mattress.

The Signature Sleep Memoir 12” starts out with 8” of high density foam, and then is topped with 4” of “Memoir Foam,” which is essentially standard memory foam.

signature sleep mattress review memoir 12 memory foam bed amazon construction
A look inside the Memoir mattress

The Signature Sleep is made in China, but complies with American health standards. The Signature Sleep Memoir 12 mattress is made with CertiPUR-US certified foam, which means the foam in this mattress is made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, ozone depleters, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals.

The Memoir mattress supposedly comes with a “soft cover” made of knit fabric. We found it to be not that soft, and very thin and cheap looking. You can almost see the slabs of foam through the cover. It’s also very loose and bunches up under your sheets.

signature sleep mattress review memoir 12 memory foam bed amazon cover
We like pretty much nothing about the cover on this mattress

Signature Sleep specifically states that the cover of this mattress is non-removable. If you have a spill and want to clean it up, we recommend that you simply mix warm water with a mild soap and spot treat the stain.

What The Memoir Mattress Feels Like

This is a very firm memory foam mattress. So firm, that we gave it a proper “firm” on the soft-to-firm spectrum. And that was in the summer time—memory foam mattresses tend to feel softer in warmer rooms and firmer in colder rooms.

signature sleep mattress review memoir 12 memory foam bed amazon firmness

Despite the fact that it’s a firm mattress, it’s really not that supportive. Laying on the bed actually feels like you’re sinking into thick quicksand. That is the simplest and most succinct way to describe the feel of the mattress.

At first touch it’s very firm, but then you find yourself sinking ever so slowly into the foam, deeper than you think you would. Even our smallest team member sunk in a few inches. Don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night and feel like you’ve fallen down a mattress hole.

You definitely get a strong stuck-in-the-mud sensation with this bed. We can’t imagine anyone finding it comfortable, unless it’s used infrequently.

Signature Sleep Memoir Sleeper Type Analysis

In theory, this would be a good mattress option for back and stomach sleepers because it’s quite firm, but you will definitely still sink in a few inches. In other words, firm, but not supportive.

  • Back and Stomach Sleepers
    Not So Good For

    Back sleepers and stomach sleepers need to keep their shoulders, hips, and knees all in the same line to keep their spine in neutral alignment and not curving. If the Memoir mattress is good for anyone, it’s back and stomach sleepers, but it’s still not ideal as any every-night mattress.

  • Side Sleepers
    Not So Good For

    As for side sleepers, the answer is no! This mattress isn’t pressure relieving enough for the hips and shoulders of side sleepers, which may leave you with that pins and needles feeling in your arms.

  • Combo Sleepers
    Not So Good For

    We don’t think this bed is a good option for combo sleepers, because it has so much of that stuck-in-the-mud feeling.

Can Heavy People Sleep On The Memoir Mattress?

Nope. This bed isn’t supportive or durable enough for individuals that weigh at or around 250 lb. Our heavier guys on the Slumber Yard team sank right through this bed. We typically recommend heavier individuals go for hybrid beds with coils, which have great support and durability for more weight. If this sounds appealing to you, check out our list of Best Beds for Heavy People.

signature sleep mattress review memoir 12 memory foam bed amazon
Even at 12″ thick, we can’t recommend the Memoir mattress to heavy people

The only time we would recommend this bed is for kids. Kids will still probably sink into this bed a bit, but not as much as an adult would. Honestly, we wouldn’t even recommend this bed to college students or teens. I guess if you didn’t want your teen to sneak out of the house, get them this bed, because it’s so difficult to get up from it.

Does The Memoir Mattress Sleep Hot?

We did notice that the Signature Sleep Memoir heats up quite a bit. Because it’s made with memory foam, you do sink into the foam of the mattress, and it absorbs your heat and maintains it through the night. If you like to sleep warm and cozy, this might be nice for you, but we think this bed is lacking on the cozy part.

Any Chance Couples Will Like This Mattress?

This is not a great bed for couples. The edge support of this mattress is poor. If your partner likes to hog the middle of the bed, and you’re forced over to the edge of the mattress, you’re probably going to end up on the floor. Since it’s memory foam, it’s hard to climb back into the center of the bed. We see this with a lot of memory foam mattresses.

signature sleep mattress review memoir 12 memory foam bed amazon edge support
The edge support is nothing special

The bed does, however, do a decent job of isolating motion. It’s not the best we’ve ever seen, but it’s not absolutely terrible. Nothing to get excited about either way.

Final Thoughts On Signature Sleep

Let’s be honest. This is probably our least favorite bed of all of the mattresses we’ve reviewed. It’s extremely firm, but also has a lot of sinkage to it along with that stuck-in-the-mud feeling, which makes it difficult to move around on. It also heats up, has bad edge support, and heavier people will find themselves sinking right through the bed. We think the perfect option for this bed is using it for camping trips in the cold outdoors, or as a truck bed mattress, because we here at the Slumber Yard believe that every mattress has a purpose in life.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How did we get this mattress?

We bought it because we wanted to try it. We like to have a full spectrum of premium mattresses to cheap mattresses. Of course, all opinions are purely that of the Slumber Yard team.

How do I properly unpackage my mattress?

We’re glad you asked! The process is amazingly quick and easy. (1) Remove the packaged bed from the box. Make sure that it’s on a flat surface. (2) Cut the outer bag. Use scissors, not a knife, and make sure not to cut the plastic bag inside. We don’t want the mattress to inflate just yet. Then, roll out the mattress on the frame that you intend to you use with it. (3) Cut the outer bag on the mattress now, and watch your mattress inflate! Be sure to give it 24-72 hours to fully inflate and air out. (4) Enjoy your new mattress!

What type of mattress is this?

The most popular model from Signature Sleep is the Memoir mattress, and it is a memory foam mattress.

Where can I buy this bed?

It is available on Amazon and other online retailers.