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beautyrest black calista mattress review

Beautyrest Black Calista Reviews

Our multi-step review guide of the Simmons Beautyrest Black Calista mattress

Beautyrest Black Calista is available in two firmness levels (Plush and Extra Firm). In this review we discuss what each of those firmness profiles is like as well as other pros and cons of this mattress.

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • Anyone that wants a luxury mattress at a relatively affordable price
  • All types of sleepers (Calista is available in two firmness levels)
  • Petite, medium, and heavy individuals (Beautyrest Black is a supportive, durable bed)
  • Individuals that like buying products from trusted, well-established brands
  • Anyone that gets a smaller size mattress (Beautyrest Black has fantastic edge support)

Who Won't Love This Bed?

  • Anyone working with a very limited budget (i.e. under $1,200)
  • People that want a quick and simple bed-in-a-box mattress
  • Individuals that are prone to experiencing buyer’s remorse (not always free returns)

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Review Overview: Simmons Beautyrest Black Calista

Buying The Beautyrest Calista Mattress

Given that Serta-Simmons is one of the largest, and oldest, manufacturers of mattresses in the world, they have multiple distribution channels. In fact, as of this post, Simmons doesn’t even sell their own beds on their own website. They sell through mattress retailers such as Macy’s and For purposes of this review, we’ll act as though you’re buying through US-Mattress since they’re one of the top online retailers, and you’re researching online.

beautyrest black calista mattress review
The Beautyrest Black Calista in all its glory

If you do order through US-Mattress, you’ll get free delivery, which just means that a local carrier will bring the mattress to your house—no need to go to a store to pick it up yourself. Often times, that local carrier will deliver the bed to your doorstep, but won’t actually set it up in your house for you. That’s fine. All you need to do is drag it in, plop it on your bed frame, remove the plastic wrapping, and get to sleeping.

US-Mattress has a 120-night trial period, from the day of delivery, to sleep on the Calista mattress. We see this with a lot of bed-in-a-box mattresses, but traditionally, retailers haven’t had such long trial periods. US-Mattress does request that you sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights.

In the event that you keep the bed (which hopefully is what happens), it comes with a standard manufacturer, non-prorated, 10-year warranty. This protects against defects, excess sagging, and similar faults related to materials/workmanship.

As for returns and exchanges, for this particular mattress, US-Mattress does assess a $139 “Processing Fee,” which goes toward covering delivery costs. With certain other mattresses, US-Mattress offers 100% free returns, but the Calista for whatever reason isn’t totally free to return. That’s as of when we’re posting this review (November 2018). You can check to see what their policy is like currently.

Pricing For Beautyrest Black Calista

This is your prototypical luxury mattress. In fact, if you were to go to most mattress retailers and ask a sales associate to see only premium beds, they will most likely take you straight to the section with Beautyrest Black mattresses.

Even so, the price point for the Calista bed is still fairly affordable. Here’s a pricing breakdown before any discounts.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,349
King / Cal King$2,299

Most retailers don’t tend to offer proper coupon codes or cash discounts on Beautyrest mattresses, but you will often see special incentives like gadgets or gift cards that they bundle in with your purchase. For example, at the time that we’re posting this review, US-Mattress was offering a free $100 gift card and sleep tracker with the purchase of the Calista mattress.

You can check US-Mattress to see current specials, or you can peruse our Mattress Deals page to see what we spotted today in terms of sales and offers.

What Is Beautyrest Black Calista Made Of?

Simmons is extra vague about the exact layers within the mattress, but all the foams are CertiPUR-US certified, which means the bed is completely safe to sleep on. Beyond that, it’s basically an amalgam of foams on top of pocketed coils. Here’s a construction side view.

simmons beautyrest black calista mattress review construction
Construction overview for the Calista mattress

While the graphic above is almost hilariously simple, it’s actually pretty accurate as to what’s going on inside the mattress. Simmons will play up all of their “special” foams when in reality we’re dealing with poly foam and gel memory foam for the most part.

For example, Simmons has something they call “MicroDiamond Memory Foam,” which is supposed to draw heat away from the surface of the mattress. The only issue with this assertion is that the foam is in the middle of the mattress. In other words, there are multiple layers of other types of foam on top of the “MicroDiamond Memory Foam,” rendering any active-cooling elements pretty much useless.

As for the cover of the mattress, it’s non-removable, but it definitely looks and feels premium. It has a floral pattern and little divots that give the surface a little texture. The cover also has “SurfaceCoolPlus” fibers woven it to help with temperature regulation. We’ll discuss this in a minute.

beautyrest black calista mattress review cover
We like the cover a lot on the Calista mattress

In terms of keeping the mattress clean, since you can’t remove the cover, your best bet is just spot cleaning. You’ll want to use warm water, mild detergent, and a rag to blot out stains. Alternatively, you can get a mattress protector from Amazon or wherever to make certain you never stain the bed. Just make sure you get one that’s waterproof, breathable, and machine washable.

As a heads up, mattress protectors do tend to change the feel and firmness of a bed somewhat. You’re adding a somewhat thick layer on top of the bed, which will take away from the soft foam feel that you’d otherwise experience without the protector.

Firmness And Feel Ratings For Calista

The overall feel of the Calista mattress is neutral. Sure, it has memory foam, but we didn’t experience an overwhelming stuck feeling the way we did with the Serta iComfort Blue Max and TempurPedic Tempur-Adapt mattresses.

We think the bed is comfy and accomodating, but it is available in two firmness profiles, so a lot of your opinion of the bed will come down to that. They offer a Plush and an Extra Firm version. We consider the Plush version to be between a medium-soft and medium. The Extra Firm is somewhere between a medium-firm and hardwood flooring.

simmons beautyrest black calista mattress review firmness

The bed is quick to respond to pressure thanks to the coil base layer. It pops right back into shape, at least with the Extra Firm model. The Plush version will be a little slower, but still will be fairly responsive.

With a lot of memory foam mattresses, you’ll see a cavity when pressure is removed from the mattress. This makes it a little more difficult to rotate positions during the night and can work against you getting a restful night sleep—that is, if you tend to switch positions frequently. Luckily, with the Beautyrest Black Calista mattress you’re good to go in terms of being able to freely switch sleeping positions at night.

Sleeping Positions For Beautyrest Black Calista

Given that Simmons sort of took a barbell approach with the regard to firmness options, there is a Calista mattress for every type of sleeper. Allow me to explain.

The Plush version is ideal for side sleepers—who generally require a softer surface for their hips and shoulders. Put differently, pressure relief is the key factor for side sleepers and the Plush version has plenty of it.

beautyrest black calista mattress review side sleepers
Plush version is designed for side sleepers

For back and stomach sleepers, a firm mattress is the way to go. It just so happens that the Extra Firm version is just that—a firm bed. We expect back and stomach sleepers to really like the Extra Firm version.

simmons beautyrest black calista mattress review stomach sleepers
The Extra Firm version is A-OK for back/stomach sleepers

Combination sleepers are individuals that can’t really choose a sleeping position—they tend to rotate between several. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to choose based on your dominant sleeping position. In other words, if you’re 80% stomach sleeper, stick to firmer beds. If you’re 80% side sleeper, you should err on the softer side with the Plush model.

simmons beautyrest black mattress review calista sleeping positions

One thing we should point out is that firmness changes based on your height-to-weight ratio. The heavier you are, the softer a bed will appear. The inverse is true for petite individuals. That’s why in the graphic above we have a range for firmness, not a set point.

We mention this because someone that’s 110 lb can probably get by no problem sleeping in any position on the Plush version. We can’t say the same for someone around 200 lb. All of this is relative, so just keep that in mind as you read the rest of this review.

Can Heavy People Sleep On Beautyrest Black Calista?

Yes. In fact, Beautyrest is the one of the better brands in terms of being able to accommodate people of all body types. Given that the bed has coils, several layers of foam, and measures in at 12.5″ thick, we think it’s a nice mattress for heavy individuals.

beautyrest black calista mattress review profile shot
Built for people of all shapes and sizes

Needless to say, since it will work for individuals above 250 lb, Beautyrest Black Calista can handle anyone under 250 lb without issue. You’ll still want to rotate the bed periodically—usually every quarter or on a semi-annual basis, at minimum.

Will Calista Sleep Hot Or Cold?

No. But it also will not sleep cold. This is pretty much standard in terms of temperature. That said, if you opt for the Extra Firm version, it will sleep cooler than the Plush version since you’ll sink into the bed less. If you’re looking for an active cooling mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses for hot sleepers and our list of the best mattresses for hot flashes and night sweats.

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Will Couples Like Beautyrest Black Calista?

Yes. Calista a nice mattress for couples, assuming of course that you both agree on the neutral feel and the firmness level. There are two other factors that are important to consider when trying to find a new mattress, but Calista is good on both of them, so we’ll breeze right through this section.

The first thing is motion isolation, or how well a mattress deadens movement. Most mattresses made nowadays are pretty good in this department, thanks in part to the advent of individually wrapped, pocketed coils, which the Calista mattress has. They do a much better job of absorbing motion than do traditional innerspring units.

As you can see, the bed is really efficient at deadening movement. This is good news for anyone that has a partner that’s an active sleeper or tends to get up in the middle of the night.

On to the next—edge support. This is all about how strong the perimeter of the bed is. Does it compress and leave you with a roll-off sensation? Or does it hold its shape, keeping you on the mattress? In the case of the Calista mattress, it holds its shape nicely and has was what we would consider excellent edge support, at least on the Extra Firm model.

beautyrest black calista mattress review edge support
Solid edge support with Beautyrest Black Calista

Edge support is truly only important when you have limited space on your mattress—like when you sleep on a full size bed. Generally, regardless of what actual bed you get, if you’re sleeping on a queen size or larger, edge support isn’t really worth worrying about.

Final Review Verdict

It’s not a cheap mattress, but it is a good mattress for the money. If you just go down the list of things that you want to see in a bed, Calista has a lot of them. It’s accomodating with a neutral feel. It comes in multiple firmness profiles and, therefore, has a real chance of pleasing all types of sleepers. It’s also supportive, durable, and premium. It’s just a good bed.

Review Team

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Jeff Rizzo

Combo Sleeper

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How did SY get this mattress?

We were sent this mattress from Serta-Simmons so that we could review it. We are in no way obligated, however, to say good things about it. This review is produced independently without the input of Serta-Simmons or other brands.

What's the difference between Beautyrest Black, Platinum, and Silver?

Because there are so many mattress models within each line, the only tangible difference ends up being price. Silver is the most affordable (in general) and Black is the most expensive (again, in general).

Why aren't these beds compressed inside a box?

Not sure. Perhaps they're too big and bulky or Simmons just prefers to keep them uncompressed.