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Tempur-Pedic Hybrid Reviews

Tempur-Pedic Hybrid Reviews

If you can only read one of our TempurPedic mattress reviews, this should be the one.

Last Updated: January 5, 2021

In this review, we’ll get into the specifics of the most popular Tempur-Pedic mattresses in the Tempur Adapt line, which includes the Pro Adapt, Luxe Adapt, Pro Breeze, and Luxe Breeze. All the beds have plenty of memory foam, come in multiple colors, and feature an active cooling cover. We also have a section dedicated to the entry-level mattress, the TempurPedic Tempur Cloud.

Who Is This Best For?

Sleepers who prefer beds with a traditional memory foam feel

traditional memory foam feel If you want your choice between a foam and hybrid design

Who Won’t Love It?

Shoppers with a budget under $1,000

Individuals who prefer pillow tops or latex foam

We’ve tried to include everything you could possibly want to know about Tempur-Pedic mattresses. To make it a little easier for you to jump around, we’ve included an outline below.

We also have a “Frequently Asked Questions” section below if you’re still searching for information.

Comparing Tempur-Pedic’s Mattress Models

Tempur-Pedic spends a fortune on marketing but still confuses consumers with the various beds. Recently, however, the company has simplified its mattress lineup and now has five core models. Below is a graphic that depicts some of the differences between those five models.

tempurpedic mattress reviews comparison chart


The only bed-in-a-bag mattress from Tempur-Pedic. It’s designed to compete with Nectar, Casper and others.


The most affordable mattress with a cooling cover. It’s available in a medium and medium hybrid version.


This is the most popular bed in the lineup. It comes in a soft, medium, medium hybrid and firm version.


The brand says this is the “most advanced” bed. We think it’s unnecessarily expensive, and it only comes in a soft and firm version.


Available in a Medium and Medium Hybrid option. The brand says it can sleep up to 3° cooler at night.


Comes in a soft and firm model and supposedly can help you to sleep up to 8° cooler at night. Price point is shocking.

Tempur-Pedic Adapt Mattress Review

Honest Mega Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review Video

The Soft option is closer to a true medium on our soft/firm scale. It is the best option for strict side sleepers, including petite individuals.

The medium and medium hybrid options are closer to a medium-firm and should work for a variety of sleeping positions, as long as you know they’re not soft.

The firm models are truly firm and are best for back and stomach sleepers.

Tempur-Adapt Mattress Pricing

While the Tempur-Adapt is pricey by normal bed-in-a-box mattress standards, we wouldn’t consider it an expensive mattress, especially when you compare it to other beds such as the Beautyrest Black or Purple 4. The queen-sized Tempur-Adapt has a mid-range price of $2,199. Here’s a pricing breakdown for the Tempur-Adapt Hybrid.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,699
King / Cal King$2,899
Split Cal King$3,398

Is there a Tempur Mattress coupon or discount code?

Prices change during holidays and sales. You can check Tempur-Pedic’s website to see current promotions on the Tempur-Adapt Hybrid. The company usually throws in some sort of incentive during major holidays. Also, you can check out our Slumber Yard Mattress Deals page to see what discounts we spotted today. Our team knows where to find major discounts and we also work directly with certain brands and retailers to procure exclusive deals for our readers.

Tempur-Adapt Mattress Sizes

The Tempur-Adapt is available in all of the typical US sizes ranging from a twin up to a king and even a split California king option. Here’s a look at the dimensions and weight for each size (W x L):

SizeDimensions and Weight
Twin38″ x 75″ (48 lb)
Twin XL38″ x 80″ (52 lb)
Full54″ x 75″ (67 lb)
Queen60″ x 80″ (79 lb)
King76″ x 80″ (99 lb)
Cal King72″ x 84″ (99 lb)

All of the beds will work with different foundations, including adjustable bed frames, platform beds, traditional frames and even the floor. You can see all of the adjustable bed frames on Tempur-Pedic’s website—the company has a few models.

Construction Of The Tempur-Adapt Hybrid Mattress

The Tempur-Adapt mattress comes in two models: an all-foam option and a hybrid. The image below shows a construction breakdown for the hybrid model.

tempurpedic mattress review tempur adapt mattress construction
An inside look at the Tempur-Adapt Hybrid mattress

The Tempur-Adapt Hybrid uses both foam and coils. The base (or foundation layer) is comprised of 1,000 spring coils that are individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer but still offer plenty of support. Additionally, along the perimeter of the mattress is a dense layer of foam that acts as a border for the coils to help with edge support (more on this below). This is why you only see foam, no coils, in the image above.

Next is a transition foam that Tempur-Pedic vaguely calls the “Original TEMPUR Support Layer.” This ensures you don’t feel the coils through the top of the mattress. This is a denser, firmer foam. On top is a slightly softer layer of memory foam, which Tempur-Pedic calls “TEMPUR-ES Comfort Layer.” This is the layer you’ll feel most. It has a true, deep memory foam feel.

Tempur-Pedic Adapt Hybrid Mattress Cover

The Tempur-Adapt Hybrid has a knit cotton cover with a cooling gel technology that makes it cool to the touch. It’s not the softest cover ever, but it does actively cool you down throughout the night, which is a good thing since traditional memory foam beds are known for sleeping a little warmer.

While the cover is removable, we don’t recommend that you ever remove it. It’s not machine washable, so there’s no point. If you do happen to spill and stain the cover, use some mild soap and warm water to spot treat it.

You can get a mattress protector on Amazon if you want to actively protect against stains. Our only qualms with mattress protectors are that they tend to change the firmness profile of a mattress, and they can diminish the cooling effects of the cover.

More About Temperature And The Cooling Cover

While a lot of memory foam beds tend to heat up and sleep warm at night, this Tempur-Pedic mattress does a good job of cooling you down. That’s thanks in part to two things. First, the active-cooling cover helps to dissipate heat. And second, the firmness profile of the bed ensures that most people will sleep on top of the bed rather than in the bed. In other words, less of the material will cover your body, which should help to keep you cooler.

It’s not the coolest mattress in the world, but it’s a nice option for hot sleepers that know for sure that they want a memory foam bed.

Tempur-Pedic Feel And Firmness Rating

Overall, the bed has a dense memory foam feel. When you first lay down, the bed feels firm, but after a few seconds, you start to sink as the memory foam contours to the shape of your body. It offers a good deal of support, but if what you want is a soft mattress, the Tempur-Adapt Hybrid is not it.

The bed has a deep, viscous feel to it. It’s comfortable if you like memory foam, but it’s not for everyone.

This Tempur-Pedic Mattress is about a medium-firm for someone that weighs between 150 lb and 250 lb. It’s a tad softer than DreamCloud but firmer than Nolah.

As a heads up, firmness is a relative measure. The heavier you are, the softer you will experience a mattress to be. The opposite is true for lighter individuals. We might put it at a medium-firm, but that doesn’t mean everyone will exactly agree with us. If you’re closer to 250 lb, you’re going to think the bed isn’t that firm. If you’re 125 lb, you’re going to argue that this bed is the definition of firm.

Tempur-Pedic Hybrid Sleeper Analysis

Given that the Tempur-Adapt Medium Hybrid is a firmer bed, it is a good choice for back and stomach sleepers. It’s not so firm that it won’t conform to the shape of your body, but it’s also not so soft that you’ll feel extra pressure under your lower back. In fact, we would argue that this is a nice bed for individuals with low back pain because it offers plenty of support and it’s on the firmer end of the spectrum.

This would not be our favorite mattress for side sleepers, particularly individuals that weigh under around 160 lb. It doesn’t offer a ton of pressure relief for your shoulders and hips unless you’re closer to the 200 lb mark.

As for combination sleepers that rotate between several positions at night, the Tempur-Adapt is probably not our favorite mattress, but we think most people will be fine.

The only wrinkle here is that the memory foam makes it a little more difficult to switch sleeping positions. Therefore, if you tend to rotate frequently at night, this Tempur-Pedic Mattress can slow you down and possibly even make you feel a little restless.

As a counterpoint, however, there’s a chance that the memory foam feel will help you sleep better if you’re prone to rotating around. We say this because the indentation that your body creates can almost act as a weighted blanket, making you feel more secure and subconsciously less inclined to move around. This completely depends on the sleeper.

Can Tempur-Pedic Handle Heavy People?

Yes. The Tempur-Adapt is a suitable mattress for heavy people, especially if you like memory foam. The springs in this bed provide great support and ensure that the bed will be more durable than your average online mattress. And, at the risk of stating the obvious, because the Tempur-Adapt Hybrid can handle heavier people, it can clearly also take on individuals weighing under 250 lb.

Is Tempur-Pedic A Good Mattress For Couples?

We think this will be a suitable mattress for couples, as long as both partners sleep a little warmer and like memory foam. Beyond that, there are two areas that are important that the Tempur-Adapt performs well in.

The first is edge support, which refers to the strength of the edges of the bed. If the bed is too soft, you can get a roll-off sensation. Fortunately, because it has a dense foam border, the Tempur-Adapt has good edge support. Feel free to spread out on this mattress.

The second element is motion isolation. Remember those Tempur-Pedic commercials from 1995 where they put a wine glass on the bed and jumped around on the mattress and the glass didn’t spill? Well, we tried that with a glass of water, and it didn’t spill with us either.

This means that when your partner moves, you’ll have a lower chance of feeling it. The Tempur-Adapt probably isn’t the absolute best mattress for light sleepers, but it’s one of the better hybrid options.

Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt Mattress Review

Within the Tempur-ProAdapt line, there are four options for you to choose from:

  • Soft — Best for strict side sleepers
  • Medium — Good for all sleep styles (i.e. back, side, etc.)
  • Medium Hybrid — Same as above, but more responsive and supportive since it has a coil foundation.
  • Firm — For individuals that want a firm, dense surface and favor their stomach/back at night

The medium and medium hybrid will be the most popular models because they are the most accommodating in terms of being able to handle all sleep styles.

Heavier individuals should consider going with the Medium Hybrid because of the coil base. Hybrid mattresses are widely accepted to be more ideal for people in the 230-250 lb. weight range over the long run, as compared to beds made entirely of foam.

Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt Construction

You should not cut into the mattress—we did, though. The construction will vary somewhat depending on the model you select, but it will be close to what we describe below with the only difference being density of the foams and whether there is a foam or coil base.

Soft, Medium, and Firm will have four layers of foam

The bed starts with a dense layer of poly foam (or coils) and transitions up to several layers of memory foam. Tempur-Pedic has fancy names for the memory foam such as “TEMPUR-APR Support” and “TEMPUR-ES Comfort Layer,” but to you it will feel like dense memory foam.

tempurpedic tempur pro adapt mattress review memory foam cover
The cover on the Tempur-ProAdapt is cool to the touch

The cover is removable and utilizes a special cooling technology known as phase-change. The cover might be removable, but it is not machine washable, so you should clean it by hand. This is the case with 95% of beds out there.

Feel And Firmness Of The Tempur-Pro Adapt

Given that this is a memory foam mattress and Tempur-Pedic, as a company, is known for memory foam, the Tempur-ProAdapt line, unsurprisingly, has a true memory foam feel.

When you lay down on the bed, it will feel firm at first, but it softens as heat and pressure are applied (i.e. your body). This is common with all memory foams. In fact, memory foam will feel extra firm when it’s cold and softer when it’s warm in your room.

The firmness rating for the bed will depend largely on your body, and, in particular your height-t0-weight ratio. The more weight you concentrate in a given area, the softer the bed will appear. The opposite is true for petite individuals. This isn’t unique to Tempur-Pedic. Firmness is a mostly subjective measurement.

We rate the medium option at about a medium-firm, though it will feel softer as you sink into the bed. This is part of the reason that everyone tends to rave about the pressure relief you get from a memory foam bed—they compress to cradle your body almost exactly.

All Sleeping Positions: Will The Tempur-ProAdapt Work?

Of the four models within the Tempur-ProAdapt line, the soft, medium and medium hybrid should be fine for side sleepers, though it depends on your preference for firmness. Petite side sleepers, for example, might gravitate toward the soft model, whereas someone in the 150 – 250 lb. range would likely prefer the medium or medium hybrid.

Larger side sleepers (i.e. over 250 lb) will want to go with the medium hybrid option for the reasons we mentioned above. The pressure relief will certainly be there, as well as the support given the coil base.

Bottom line, there are plenty of options for side sleepers with the Tempur-ProAdapt mattress. Again, though, a lot of this comes down to your personal preferences.

There is a similar story for back sleepers and stomach sleepers—there is a model that will be suitable. You will likely want to stick to the medium, medium hybrid, and firm models.

When you lay on the Tempur-Pedic mattress, your weight gets distributed, so the firmness level you select will come down to your body type. In any case, though, you have at least three options to choose from with the Tempur-ProAdapt.

For anyone who rotates positions at night (i.e. a combination sleeper), a memory foam bed could be just what you need or don’t need, depending on how your body reacts to the bed. For example, if you toss and turn at night, the memory foam could leave you feeling restless because it takes more effort to switch sleeping positions. On the flip side, because the memory foam creates a little cocoon for your body to lay in, it could stop you from tossing and turning so much.

For the reasons above, we consider this bed a “maybe” for combo sleepers—again, depending on how your body reacts. The medium hybrid model will be the most ideal for combination sleepers because it’s a little quicker to respond.

Temperature For This Tempur-Pedic Bed

Like most things with a mattress, temperature depends on several factors, including your body type, preferred sleeping position, room temperature and bed firmness. As such, we can’t give it a concrete temperature rating, though, for most people it should be neutral or on the cooler end.

While the Tempur-Pedic mattress doesn’t have gel memory foam, the cover is supposed to draw heat away from the surface and actively cool down the sleeper. It is cool to the touch and doesn’t seem to trap heat the way other polyester covers can. We wouldn’t consider this the coolest sleeping mattress, but it’s among the best memory foam beds for temperature regulation. There is no hard and fast rule on temperature regulation though.

Will Couples Like The Tempur-ProAdapt?

The biggest factors for couples are feel and firmness. If you’re in agreement on those two items, the following factors are less important, but still worth considering.

Edge support is a term that refers to the strength along the perimeter of the mattress. It is only worth getting all worked up over if you sleep along the edges of the mattress. The firmer the bed, the better the edge support in many cases.

The Tempur-ProAdapt for the most part has good edge support, but you also have to consider how memory foam works. It will remember its shape, and, therefore if you’re sleeping along the edge, the bed will compress to accommodate your body. Thus, when you go to roll back into the center, it will be more difficult, and actually the path of least resistance is going off the mattress. As such, we can’t say the bed has great edge support—it just has odd edge support. The bed with best edge support is probably the Beautyrest Black, Leesa Hybrid (Sapira), or Stearns & Foster Addison Grace.

Another factor worth considering is motion isolation, which is all about how well the bed deadens movement. You’ve probably seen it demonstrated with a glass of wine and someone rolling on the bed. We have a similar test with water.

There is very little movement that transfers through the bed. If you jump around, more motion will show up, but that’s not what most people will do. Motion isolation is important for restless sleepers and people who get up in the middle of the night or early morning but do not want to disrupt their partner. We’d say that the Tempur-ProAdapt is just fine here.

The last thing that we should bring up for couples is the split king and split California king options. Not many companies offer these, but they can be a nice solution if you plan to use an adjustable bed frame or you and your partner can’t sync up in terms of preferred firmness level.

Tempur-Pedic Luxe Adapt Review

By now, we have covered Tempur-Pedic mattresses, so rather than go through everything with the LuxeAdapt, let’s cover what’s special about it—besides the $3,999 price tag for the queen size. The following is according to Tempur-Pedic’s website.

  • It’s 30% more conforming, meaning the memory foam (i.e. “TEMPUR-APR+”) is more accommodating.
  • It has a 13″ height profile versus 12″ for the ProAdapt.
  • No hybrid option.
  • No double or full size.

We think the vast majority of consumers will be fine with the Tempur-Adapt or -ProAdapt and can save at least $1,000 in the process.

Tempur-Pedic Pro Breeze Review

The Tempur-ProBreeze came out in 2019 and is essentially the same bed as the Tempur-ProAdapt with a few cooling upgrades.

Video Review For Tempur-ProBreeze Mattress

  • It has a new cooling cover (same name though “SmartClimate”) that we actually like better. It’s a little softer.
  • It incorporates a “PureCool+ Phase Change Material” that’s essentially a laminated gel strip, which is situated under the cover.
  • It has a layer of “TEMPUR-CM+ Comfort Foam” that is a thin strip of gel-infused foam under the aforementioned gel strip.

The Tempur-ProBreeze is only available in a medium and medium hybrid but will feel nearly identical to the Tempur-ProAdapt, only it should remain cooler for longer. Our opinion is that you can absolutely feel the cooling effects of this mattress, and it would be a great solution for hot sleepers that want a cooling memory foam bed.

Tempur-Pedic Luxe Breeze Review

Moving over to Tempur-Pedic’s most expensive bed, the Tempur-LuxeBreeze supposedly can help you to sleep up to 8° cooler during the night. Sure, you can 100% tell that it’s a cooling mattress, but we can’t prove or disprove this 8° cooler claim.

So what could make the LuxeBreeze sleep up to 5° cooler than the ProBreeze? Truthfully, we don’t know, but supposedly it has something to do with the ventilated support layers (primary difference over ProBreeze). It definitely sleeps cool, but “how cool?” is the question we can’t answer.

Also, the LuxeBreeze is available in a soft and firm comfort profile, while the ProBreeze only comes in a medium and medium hybrid.

Tempur-Pedic Cloud Mattress Review

The five Tempur-Pedic mattresses offer a range of firmness and price. All of the mattresses, with the exception of the Tempur-Cloud, offer a cooling cover and white glove delivery. The Cloud, priced at $1,999 for a queen, is the only mattress that arrives in a bag and offers just medium firmness. The Adapt, priced at $2,199 for a queen, comes in both medium and medium hybrid. The most popular ProAdapt, priced at $2,999 for a queen, comes in all levels of firmness. The LuxeAdapt, priced at $3,699 for a queen, comes in soft and firm. And finally, the Breeze, priced at $4,699 for a queen, comes in medium and medium hybrid.

The most affordable mattress from Tempur-Pedic is the Tempur-Cloud. To be blunt, we like all of the other beds more, but that’s sort of the point. It’s supposed to be an entry-level mattress at an entry-level price.

The only reason to get the Tempur Cloud mattress is that you want a Tempur-Pedic mattress with a typically dense memory foam feel. You lay on the bed and slowly sink in as the bed conforms to the shape of your body.

Tempur-Pedic Cloud Mattress Design

Tempur Cloud is a three-layer foam mattress. It has a simple design, much like Nectar, Leesa, and many other online so called “bed-in-a-box-mattresses.” We do want to point out that because this is an all-foam bed, it is not recommended for heavy people.

In regards to the cover of the mattress, it is fairly basic. All the other beds in this review have the active-cooling cover that’s truly cold to the touch, but this one is more standard.

TempurCloud Feel And Firmness

This has the typical dense/viscous feel that you’d immediately associate with Tempur-Pedic. If you like a deep sink-in sensation, you’ll probably like this bed. Certain people absolutely love memory foam (around 22% of people according to our research), and others don’t.

Given that this Tempur-Pedic mattress has standard memory foam and no cooling cover, we expect that it will sleep on the warmer side.

Tempur Cloud is technically a “medium” though our editors rate it at a medium-firm. It’s firmer from the start and softens with use, temperature and pressure.

We anticipate that all sleeping positions will be fine on the bed, but this does depend on you. Side sleepers should find ample pressure relief with the bed, while back and stomach sleepers should feel properly supported as well. It mostly comes down to your weight and feelings toward memory foam.

TempurCloud Mattress Price

We aren’t thrilled with the price of this mattress. We understand that Tempur-Pedic is a premium brand, but we don’t think the Tempur-Cloud is as affordable as it should be, especially relative to the Tempur Adapt, which is only about $200 more.

Last time we were on Tempur-Pedic’s website, we noticed that the Tempur-Cloud was $2,000 for the queen-size (again $200 less than the Tempur Adapt, which we think is a nicer bed).

So, just on an MSRP basis, we think you should buy the Tempur Adapt over the Tempur-Cloud, but that’s not the whole story. We are expecting Tempur-Pedic to offer steep discounts on the Tempur-Cloud such that it’s several hundred dollars more affordable than the Tempur Adapt.

Buying A Tempur-Pedic Mattress Online

Tempur-Pedic is usually the first company that comes to mind when people hear “memory foam mattresses.” It’s been around since 1992 and sells its products both online and in stores. Policies toward shipping and returns will vary from retailer to retailer, but if you end up purchasing any of the beds through Tempur-Pedic’s website, here’s how it shakes out.

All of the Tempur-Pedic Mattresses come with free shipping and a 90-night trial period. All the beds (excluding Tempur-Cloud) ship inside a full-size box, which means when you get it, there’s no need to wait for the mattress to decompress. It is ready to sleep on day one. Most online mattresses take about 24-48 hours to fully inflate after you’ve removed all of the packaging.

The Tempur-Cloud, however, it could take up to three days to expand. As a reminder, it’s the only “bed-in-a-bag” mattress offered by Tempur-Pedic.

After the mattress arrives, you will have 90 nights to make your mind up about it. Three months should be more than long enough to allow your body to adjust to the bed and come to a final conclusion.

Regardless of whether you order through or some other vendor, the mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty, which is about the standard length of a warranty for a brand new mattress.

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Ratings

  • Better Business Bureau Rating: Ranked A-
  • Amazon Reviews: Scored 4.4 stars and customers mentioned comfort, support, relief from pressure and quality sleep experiences

Tempur-Pedic Company Info

Tempur-Pedic Mattress physical store locations

  • Bellevue, WA
  • Burlingame, CA
  • Dallas, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Brookfield, WI
  • Burlington, MA
  • Livingston, NJ
  • Charlotte, SC
  • Tampa, FL

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Contact Information

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How did the Slumber Yard get this mattress?

We were sent the Tempur-Adapt by and the Tempur-ProAdapt, Tempur-ProBreeze, Tempur-LuxeBreeze, and Tempur-Cloud from Tempur-Pedic so that we could review them all.

Can I customize the size or shape of my Tempur-Pedic mattress?

You can! Tempur-Pedic is partnered with Artisans as a customizing partner. Artisan can customize any Tempur-Pedic mattress to any specifications on shape, size, or thickness. Contact Artisans to learn more.

What other sleep-related products does Tempur-Pedic sell on their website?

As of early 2019, Tempur-Pedic also sold sheets, adjustable bed frames, pillows, a mattress topper called the TEMPUR-Topper Supreme, neck pillows, seat cushions, comforters, and much more.

Are Tempur-Pedic beds worth the money?

Tempur-Pedic has several -price points for its line of five beds. We think that the Cloud is probably overpriced for a simple foam mattress, and the Luxe may be overpriced because it doesn’t offer much more in the way of luxury than the other beds. However, we think the ProAdapt is great quality and fairly priced for all that it offers.

Does Tempur-Pedic offer financing options?

They do, yes, at least according to their website. It’s really common for mattress brands to offer financing or partner with a financing company. They understand that a mattress is a large purchase and that not everyone will be able to pay in-full on day one.

What are the advantages to buying an adjustable bed frame with a Tempur-Pedic mattress?

There are a few reasons why you might consider bundling an adjustable bed frame with the Tempur-Pedic mattress. For starters, as mentioned above, in some cases Tempur-Pedic offers discounts the more you spend. So, if you think that in the future you will be buying the adjustable bed frame anyways, you might just want to get the deal now. The other reason is that the adjustable bed frames allow you to more comfortably read and watch TV in bed. They can also help to alleviate certain aches and pains if you get them in the right angles.

Does Tempur-Pedic take orders over the phone?

According to Tempur-Pedic’s website, you can call 888-811-5053 to place an order over the phone. The company doesn’t stipulate what products you can buy, but we assume that mattresses are one of them.

Can I buy Tempur-Pedic products on Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist?

It looks like Tempur-Pedic itself does not sell via these outlets, but you might be able to find authorized distributors or resellers that do. That said, it looks like products purchased through Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist would not be covered by Tempur-Pedic’s warranties nor can they be returned.

What does a Tempur-Pedic mattress feel like?

Tempur-Pedic’s entire brand is centered around memory foam. As such, all of the beds have a dense/viscous feel. You slowly sink in and the beds conform to the shape of your body.

Is Tempur-Pedic good for side sleepers?

Yes. Most of the beds from Tempur-Pedic should be comfortable to side sleepers. We would like to point out that if you get a “firm” model then it’s designed more for back and stomach sleepers than side sleepers.

Does Tempur-Pedic offer discounts on its website?

Yes, Tempur-Pedic does from time-to-time offer discounts and promotions. In fact, when we’re publishing this review in early 2019, if you purchased a mattress, you could get credit toward other accessories such as adjustable bed frames and a discount on pillows. Promotions may vary, but incentives are frequent, particularly around holidays and if those incentives get you to purchase other Tempur-Pedic products and increase your cart value. You can always check out our Mattress Deals page to see what discounts we spotted today.

Where can I buy Tempur-Pedic products?

Tempur-Pedic products are sold all over the place, including online at Tempur-Pedic’s website, US-Mattress, and elsewhere. There are also mattress stores in almost every city that carry some Tempur-Pedic products. For instance, JC Penney, Ashley Homestore and Macy’s all carry some Tempur-Pedic products. Tempur-Pedic also has their own retail stores.

Is memory foam good for pressure relief?

Yes, memory foam can definitely offer pressure relief, but you’ll need to make sure that you buy the right firmness for your body weight and sleep style to best relieve your unique pressure points.