IMPORTANT: Tomorrow Sleep No Longer Selling Beds

In early 2019 Tomorrow Sleep stopped selling mattresses. If you’d like to learn more about a similar mattress, see our review of Nectar.

Tomorrow Mattress Reviews: Outline For The Post

In this review we will be going over the ins and outs of the Tomorrow Sleep mattresses—and in order to make it easier for you to navigate this post, we’ve included quick links below.

Buying A Tomorrow Sleep Mattress

Before we jump into the review, let’s quickly cover a few important items. As we previously mentioned, this is a bed-in-a-box mattress, meaning you won’t be able walk into your local mattress store and give it a try before purchasing.

To make up for this, Tomorrow Sleep and pretty much all other bed-in-a-box companies have policies in place to make it as easy as possible for consumers to purchase and test their beds. The industry standard when it comes to this stuff is free shipping, free returns, a 100-night trial period, and a 10-year warranty. Tomorrow Sleep, though, goes above and beyond that standard in almost every respect.

First, the company offers free shipping. The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid will arrive compressed and rolled-up in a surprisingly small box. However, the company does offer optional white glove delivery (i.e. someone will personally deliver the mattress and set it up for you) and removal of your old mattress for a small fee.

Once you receive the mattress, Tomorrow Sleep gives you 365 nights to decide whether you want to keep it or not. That’s not a typo by the way. Yes, they give you a full year to test out their bed. They’re one of only a few online mattress companies that offer a full year trial period. Needless to say, a full year is more than long enough make a final decision on a bed. Chances are that you’ll have a firm opinion within the first month.

If you do decide that Tomorrow Sleep isn’t for you (within the trial period), no problem, just give the company a call and they will arrange for someone to come pick it up from your home free of charge and issue you a full refund.

Lastly, their mattresses are backed by a 10-year Serta Simmons warranty, which protects against manufacturing defects and material failures.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Models: Foam & Hybrid

It’s important to note Tomorrow Sleep has two different bed-in-a-box mattress mattresses:

  1. All-foam version that’s targeting budget shoppers, and
  2. Hybrid model adds in coils for more support, bounce, and long-term durability.

If you settle on the hybrid model (which we’re mostly focusing on in this post), you can then choose between a medium-firm option and a medium-soft option. The medium-firm option is their best seller, though. That’s the model we tested and, honestly, it’s the model most sleepers will probably want to go with. We’ll reference both options throughout this review.

Price Of A Tomorrow Sleep Mattress

The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid is priced about average for the bed-in-a-box industry. However, we actually think this mattress is a pretty good value considering its high-quality construction and the fact that it’s manufactured in the USA by one of the leading bedding companies in the world.

Here’s how pricing breaks down by size for the hybrid model.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$645
California King$1,250

In addition, Tomorrow Sleep is aggressive when it comes to coupon codes and promo codes. They’re almost always running some sort of special sale or offering a code to make their beds even cheaper. Check the box in the right hand column of this review to see what their current promotion is, or you can go to

Take Into Account Your Body Weight

Body weight is an important subject that we like to discuss in all our reviews. We generally write and talk about mattresses through the body of an average sized sleeper (150-225 lb). However, we realize not everybody falls into that weight category. We also acknowledge that every mattress feels different depending on your weight, hence the reason we bring up the subject.

In general, heavier body types (225 lb or more) will feel like most mattresses are on the softer side of the spectrum. This is because big folks apply more stress and pressure on a bed than average sized sleepers and thus will sink into the soft, top layers of a bed a bit more.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are lighter body types (150 pounds or less), which will generally find that most mattresses are firmer than what average and heavy people think. This is because petite folks exert very little pressure on a bed and as a result sleep more on top of the mattress.

In fact, one of our smaller team members sometimes even has trouble distinguishing between different types of foam because she can barely feel the top layer. As you will find out below, body weight effects other factors, as well, so it’s important to keep this subject in mind throughout the review.

Construction Of The Hybrid Mattress

As implied in the name, this is a hybrid mattress that is comprised of both coils and layers of foam. The bed starts with a thin layer of high-density foam for its base. This layer is just there so the individually wrapped pocketed coils above have something to sit on.

The coils give the bed a strong support foundation and also provide a little bounce. In general, we like when beds incorporate coils or innerspring units. Coils are just more durable and provide more support than thick poly foams that a lot of bed-in-a-box mattresses use for their foundations.

tomorrow sleep hybrid layers
A look inside the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress

On top of the coils is a layer of response memory foam. This layer (as the name implies) is a bit more responsive than typical memory foam and sort of acts as a transition layer. The next layer is comprised of gel-swirl memory foam. This gives the bed some deep pressure relief. Finally, on top is a layer of open-cell memory foam. This is obviously the comfort layer of the bed and also provides a good amount of pressure relief.

tomorrow sleep mattress reviews cover
Tomorrow Sleep mattreses have a soft, wavy cover

Wrapping all these layers is a thin, removable cover. It’s soft and fairly comfortable, but it is not machine-washable. If you happen to spill something, like food or wine, or have a little accident (i.e. child or pet is not potty trained), you should just spot clean the cover with some warm water and a mild detergent. That’s the case with most removable covers so it’s not really a big deal.

Firmness Levels And Feel Of The Mattress

As you can probably guess by reading about the construction of this mattress, the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid has a memory foam feel. The bed is extremely comfortable. This is certainly one of the most comfortable mattresses, at least in the memory foam varietal. Pretty much everyone in our office loves the feel of this bed.

However, it’s not for everyone. You’ll obviously have to really like the feel of memory foam. If you prefer more of an innerspring or neutral-foam feel, this bed isn’t for you.

As you lay down on the bed, you’ll notice it’s very soft, you’ll start to sink in a little and the top layers will sort of hug you. As such, it means you will encounter resistance as you rotate from your side to your back, for example. The top layers of the bed are also a little slower to respond after releasing pressure, which means active sleepers who switch positions frequently might find it requires a little extra effort to switch from their back to their stomach or vice versa.

video thumbnail

In terms of firmness, we actually think the hybrid medium-firm model is a tad bit softer than what the name implies. We’d put it more around a medium on our firmness scale, maybe a little firmer inching towards the medium-firm rating, depending on your weight. The medium-soft option, on the other hand, lands closer to a medium-soft (funny how that works out sometimes).

tomorrow sleep firmness

Although the bed feels very soft, it actually does provide a good amount of support. You sink down into the top layer a little, but never to the point where your spine is no longer properly aligned. Plus, the coils provide some bi-directional support, meaning they compress, but also push-back against pressure. Overall, it’s a very accommodating mattress.

Sleeping Positions Discussion For Tomorrow Sleep

Remember that your weight determines which firmness option is best. If you’re a lighter or average sized person that primarily sleeps on your side, we’d recommend going with the medium-soft option. That option will provide even more pressure relief and do a great job of cradling your hips and shoulders.

tomorrow sleep hybrid sleeper

If you’re a heavier side sleeper, we’d recommend sticking with the medium-firm option. Again, heavier sleepers will sink in more than the average sized sleeper, so the medium-firm option will almost feel like the medium-soft option to big individuals.

Yes. We think the medium-firm hybrid model is best for these types of sleepers. The coils and multiple layers of high-quality foams provide more than adequate support under your hips, trunk, and lower back.

tomorrow sleep mattress reviews stomach sleeper
The medium-firm option is best for back and stomach sleepers

Overall, this model finds a really nice balance between comfort and support.

based on our two previous answers, you probably already know that it is. However, again, your weight will determine which firmness option is best for you. Petite sleepers will most likely be able to get away with the medium-soft option. Average and heavy combo sleepers are probably better off going with the medium-firm option to maximize support when they’re on their back or stomach.

tomorrow sleep mattress reviews side sleepers
Tomorrow Sleep has plenty of options for side sleepers

Also, keep in mind, you will get a bit of resistance when you attempt to rotate sleeping positions on either of the Tomorrow Sleep beds. As such, combo sleepers who tend to be restless will find it slightly more difficult to switch between sleeping positions. Honestly, though, that’s the case with most memory foam beds, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Will The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Work For Large People?

Yes. We primarily say that thanks to the coils in the bed. Again, to reiterate, coils are very supportive and last longer than dense poly foams.

Slumber Yard team member Dillon, who used to weigh around 240 lb, found this bed to be very supportive. Of course his hips and trunk sunk in a little (a little bit of sinkage is normal and expected), but he never felt as if his lower back and shoulders were not being properly supported. Heavy folks will want to stick with the medium-firm model, though, to ensure they are receiving the most support possible.

Let’s Discuss Edge Support And Motion Isolation

Let’s start with motion isolation, which is very good with this bed. This isn’t a big shock. Memory foam is known for deadening movement very well. The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid passed our tests easily. The top three layers of memory foam pretty much muffles any of the bounce the pocketed coils provide.

video thumbnail

This is good news for people who share a bed with an active sleeper or someone who tends to get up a lot throughout the night. The less movement that reaches you means the more restful night’s sleep you’ll get.

tomorrow sleep mattress reviews edge support
The side rails really help with the edge support

The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid also provides pretty solid edge support. As you approach the perimeter, you’ll notice a little bit of compression through that top layer (which is normal), but not enough to where you feel like you’re going to slide right off the bed. In fact, Tomorrow Sleep actually uses a railing system around the perimeter of the bed to ensure just that.

This is an important consideration for couples who like to spread out (a.k.a. the no cuddle zone) or in which one partner likes to the hog the middle of the bed. Solid edge support translates to more useful surface area for the partner who is in the dog house near the perimeter (only good boys get to share the middle of the bed).

Will Tomorrow Sleep Beds Sleep Cool?

We wouldn’t go that far—this is not a cool-sleeping bed. In fact, memory foam in general is actually known for retaining heat and sleeping on the warmer side. However, we wouldn’t say that this bed will sleep warm. Rather, we’d say this mattress sleeps more temperature neutral. You won’t wake up drenched in your own sweat in the middle of the night, nor will it actively cool you down.

tomorrow sleep memory foam mattress review temperature regulation

First, the bed uses open-cell and gel-swirl memory foam, not the traditional memory foam your parents grew up on. Also, the bed contains coils which allow for more airflow throughout the bed compared to dense poly foams.

These points combined with the fact that you do sleep a little more on top of the bed compared to other less supportive memory foam beds serve as the primary reasons why we think most people will sleep neutral in terms of temperature.

However, heavy people are always a different story. Extra big folks will sink into the memory foam a bit more than the average sized person, so they might find that they warm up a little since the top layers will contour to their shape and hug them more.

Keep in mind, external factors, like how often you run your air conditioner and what climate you live in, also affect how warm or cool you sleep throughout the night.

Final Thoughts On The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Overall, we really like the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress. It’s dangerously comfortable, priced affordably and accommodates all sleeping positions and body types.

Really, you just need to ask yourself one question—do you like memory foam? If you do, it’s hard to find a better memory foam bed under $1,000 (queen size) out there.

Review team

  • dillon lopez slumber yard
    Dillon Lopez

    Combo Sleeper

  • Jon Gomez

    Side Sleeper

  • Tharon
    Tharon Green

    Stomach Sleeper

  • wesley-ott
    Wesley Ott

    Combo Sleeper

How Did The Slumber Yard Team Get This Mattress?

Tomorrow Sleep sent us a medium-firm hybrid mattress. However, we are under no obligation to provide a favorable review or endorsement of the bed. We retain full editorial control over the content on our website and have not accepted any monetary compensation from the brand to provide this review.

What’s The Difference Between The Firmness Options?

The two firmness models use the same materials. The company just uses slightly denser foams in their medium-firm model. The company states around 70% of people prefer the medium-firm option.

Is The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress Made In The USA?

Yes, all Tomorrow Sleep mattresses are manufactured in the Serta Simmons facility in Charlotte, NC.

Are There Any Harmful Chemicals In The Tomorrow Sleep Mattress?

No, the foams the company uses are CertiPUR certified. They are non-toxic and completely safe.