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Yogabed Reviews

Yogabed Reviews

We try to cover everything in this Yogabed mattress review

Last Updated: January 5, 2021

Yogabed is a bed in a box mattress from Marpac, a company that sells sleep-related products, including white noise machines. In our mattress reviews we make sure to touch on everything from design to firmness and sleeping positions to the washable cover. Keep reading to learn more about the Yogabed mattress.

Who Is This Best For?

Anyone looking for a comfortable, accommodating foam bed

Consumers seeking a bed with a removable, machine washable cover

Who Won’t Love It?

Anyone looking for a particularly soft or firm mattress

Heavy people who need a coil mattress for additional support

Table Of Contents For This Yogabed Review

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Our YouTube Review Of Yogabed

If you would rather listen than read, then kick back and watch this video that Jeff on our team put together that outlines what you should know about the Marpac Yogabed mattress.

With that said, there’s a lot more to consider when shopping for a new mattress. Keep reading to learn more about Yogabed.

Marpac Yogabed Company Policies

For more reasons than one, Yogabed is similar to Casper, Tuft & Needle, and a number of other prominent bed-in-a-box mattresses. For starters, Yogabed ships for free and arrives at your house in a box that looks better suited for a mini fridge than a full size mattress.

From there, it’s on you to drag the box inside, remove the packaging, and set up the mattress. The whole process is actually pretty fun and only takes about 10 minutes start-to-finish.

Once the mattress is out of the box, be sure to give it 24-48 hours to off-gas and fully inflate to its original size. Since the foams have been compressed for several days, they need a little extra time to shape up. This happens with pretty much every mattress you’ll be shopping for online.

From day of delivery, you have 101 nights to decide if you love your new bed. Yogabed does ask that you give it a minimum of 30 days for your body to get used to your new bed. After that, if for some reason you decide that you don’t want to keep Yogabed, contact Marpac and they’ll have someone come pick the mattress up for free, and refund your purchase. Just make sure that the manufacturing tags are still attached and there aren’t any rips, tears, or pet hair on the mattress.

Marpac also backs the mattress with a 10-year warranty, which is pretty standard for the online mattress space.

How Much Is The Yogabed Mattress?

Yogabed is priced a little higher than the the typical all-foam bed-in-a-box. Here’s how pricing breaks down by size.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin / Twin XL$549
King / Cal King$1,049

However, like most other online mattress companies, Yogabed tends to play the coupon game. During major holidays, and randomly throughout the year, the will offer discounts on their products. You can check here on Yogabed’s website for current promotions. They don’t always have a mattress coupon/deal, but they are pretty regular with offering some sort of discount.

Foam Layers And Design Of Yogabed

Yogabed is a memory foam mattress, but it’s also sort of not a memory foam mattress. By that I mean, you can tell the bed uses memory foam, but there’s no “stuck” feeling the way there is with Nectar, Novosbed, and a lot of other memory foam beds.

As far as construction goes, Yogabed has four layers of foam. The first layer is 1″ of dense support foam—that’s the foundation for the mattress. Then you have 6″ of a slightly less dense support foam. Next is 2” of YogaGel Memory Foam. The top layer is 1″ of Instant Response YogaFoam. This foam feels more neutral and is what shields you from experiencing a true, memory foam feel. In other words, the memory foam is there, but it’s not the top layer and therefore it’s not overwhelming.

yogabed mattress review construction and foam layers
Under the hood of the Yogabed mattress

In total, the mattress is 10″ thick, just like the vast majority of online foam mattresses. The one thing that we appreciate that’s different with Yogabed is that it’s not just using off-the-rack foams, at least not in the top layers. This is what gives it such a distinctive feel (more on this below).

All of the foams within Yogabed are CertiPUR-US certified, which means that they don’t contain any formaldehyde, ozone depleters, flame retardants, or heavy metals. Their foams also have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality. Basically, this mattress is safe to sleep on, and that obviously is a good thing.

The Washable Cover On Yogabed

Another element that makes Yogabed unique is that its cover is not only removable, but also machine washable. This makes it really easy to clean your mattress and means that you don’t need a mattress protector to ward off stains. Make sure you use cold water when you wash it, use gentle detergent, and then lay it out to dry.

yogabed mattress review zip n wash cover washable
A closer look at Yogabed’s Zip N Wash cover

The cover is also hypoallergenic and made with a cotton poly blend. It’s super-soft and really comfortable to lay on. Marpac even sells additional covers on their website, so you can swap them out while you’re doing a load of laundry. The whole situation with Yogabed’s cover is just really nice; we wish more mattresses had a removable, machine washable cover.

Firmness Rating For Yogabed

Yogabed is surprisingly responsive for a bed that uses memory foam. After you apply pressure to the surface, the foam is fairly quick to spring back into place, similar to what we’ve seen on a lot of latex mattresses.

As for the overall feel of the mattress, it sort of sits between proper memory foam and poly foam. It has pressure relief and support, but is still really comfortable. About the closest bed in terms of feel to Yogabed is Leesa or Tulo, both of which have memory foam, but feel more neutral overall.

As for a firmness rating, we’d put Yogabed in the medium to medium-firm range, give or take depending on your weight. We’d say it’s slightly firmer than Casper, but softer than Leesa Sapira Hybrid. Maybe a better way to characterize Yogabed is that it’s a medium+.

yogabed mattress review bed in a box online marpac firmness

As a heads up, softness/firmness is subjective, which is why we have it on a spectrum. For petite individuals, Yogabed will be closer to a medium-firm, but for someone around 200 lb, the mattress will feel more like a medium-soft. Just know that softness/firmness won’t be the same for everyone. Also, Yogabed will soften over time as you sleep on it.

Approved Sleeping Positions For Yogabed

Absolutely. Yogabed should be firm enough to support your spine and keep it in neutral alignment. This means that your hips, trunk, and shoulders are supported and not sinking too far into the bed.

yogabed review back and stomach sleepers
Jeff always finds a way to get in his mid-day cat nap

Keep in mind that support and firmness are relative to weight. The more you weigh, the more stress and pressure you’re applying to the bed, and, resultantly, the more you’ll sink in. As such, if you’re in the range of 250-275 lb or more, Yogabed probably isn’t your best option, especially if you mostly favor your back or stomach. In this case, we’d push you more toward, Saatva, Big Fig, or a handful of other mattresses for heavy/obese sleepers. If, however, you’re under 250 lb, you’ll be just fine with Yogabed if you plan to sleep on your back or stomach.

We think the Yogabed will be a very good option for combination sleepers that like to rotate between sleeping positions during the night. It just has such an accommodating feel and it’s so responsive that it’s basically a combo sleeper’s dream (pun absolutely intended).

yogabed review sleeper type

As for side sleepers, Yogabed probably won’t make our list of the best mattresses for side sleepers, but we wouldn’t consider it a bad option. Out of the box, it will be a little firmer, but all beds soften over time, so we’re really confident that side sleepers can sleep on this mattress—it just won’t be as plush from the get-go as, say, Brentwood Home Oceano.

yogabed mattress review side sleeper
Slightly firmer to start, but will soften over time

For a lot of people, it might make sense to start with a bed that, brand new, is a tad firmer than they want because it will get softer after just a few months of use. Point is, yes, you can sleep on your side with Yogabed, but no, this is not a plush mattress.

Heavier People: Is Yogabed A Good Option?

In general, all-foam beds are not ideal for heavier folks (i.e. over 250 lb). Nothing against Yogabed or other 10″ all-foam mattresses, but they just won’t be as supportive over the long run as will a lot of hybrid or innerspring mattresses. It’s not that Yogabed isn’t a durable mattress—we actually think that it will be highly durable—but it’s not the best option if you’re over 250 lb.

Yogabed’s Sleeping Temperature

Although memory foam beds typically sleep warm, we found the Yogabed to be more temperature neutral. Since the bed is slightly firmer than your average foam mattress, and more responsive, you end up sleeping more on top of the bed. This leads to better airflow because the material isn’t wrapping around you and trapping in all of that body heat.

YogaBed Is A Good Mattress For Couples

Yogabed is indeed a really nice bed for couples, especially if both partners are under 250 lb. We say this not only because of the accommodating, neutral feel of the mattress, but also because it has pretty dang good edge support and deadens movement efficiently. Let’s unpack that for a minute.

For a 10” all-foam mattress, Yogabed has surprisingly good edge support. This means that the edges keep their shape so that you’re not left feeling like you’re going to roll off of the bed. Edge support is key when you’re sharing a smaller mattress such a a full. In this instance, space is really limited and you need to be able to be able to utilize the entire surface of the bed, including, of course, the edges.

yogabed mattress review edge support
Consider yourself edge-ucated on the Yogabed (wow, that was bad)

In terms of motion isolation, we’d give Yogabed high marks as well. As you can see in the video below, the movement does transfer through the bed, but just barely. We were pleased with how Yogabed performed here, but we weren’t surprised. In general, all-foam beds—particularly those with memory foam—do a great job of deadening movement.

Why is it important that a bed do a good job of limiting motion transfer? Well, it’s really all about not disturbing your partner if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night or you’re just an active sleeper. A lot of innerspring or coil beds will push motion throughout the mattress and if one of you wakes easily, that motion can really disrupt the quality of your sleep.

Marpac Yogabed Review: Verdict

Yogabed is a solid option for petite to medium sized individuals. It has an interesting feel, but it’s very comfortable. That said, our favorite part about this bed is actually the removable and machine washable cover. To be honest, it’s hard to point out negatives with this bed—it checks a lot of boxes and is a really nice bed.

Review team

  • Tharon
    Tharon Green

    Stomach Sleeper

  • kenzie
    McKenzie Dillon

    Combo Sleeper

  • Jon Gomez

    Side Sleeper

  • JD
    JD Christison

    Combo Sleeper


How did the Slumber Yard get Yogabed?

It was sent to us by Yogabed so that we could review it. We did not accept any money to say good or bad things about it. We review products independently without the influence of outside actors.

Does Yogabed work with all bed frames and bed bases?

It should. Marpac also offers an All-in-One frame/foundation to use with your Yogabed mattress. It’s 100% steel construction, and will raise your mattress 14” off the floor. It doesn’t come with a headboard, but it’s “headboard-friendly” and comes with the appropriate hardware to connect one.

What all will my Yogabed come with?

Your bed will come with the aforementioned “Zip N Wash” cover, and depending on current offers, it might come with a gift of two complementary pillows.

Does Marpac offer financing options?

Yes. They use a company called Affirm, which is used by about 60% of online mattress companies.

Does Marpac offer white glove delivery?

As of September 2018, no they do not.

Where is Yogabed manufactured?

It’s made in the United States.

Should you flip Yogabed?

No. This is a one-sided mattress. You should, however, rotate the bed a few times per year so that it wears evenly throughout.

How firm is the Yogabed mattress?

It’s around a medium to medium-firm on our firmness scale. It will work for all sleep styles, but it’s not a “soft” mattress.

Is the cover removable and washable?

Yes. You can unzip the cover, remove it, and throw it in the washing machine.

Is this a coil mattress?

No. Yogabed is made entirely of foam and has a responsive memory foam feel.