The Green Tea Zinus Mattress is a very affordable foam mattress sold on Amazon and basically all over the internet. It is one of the cheapest beds and is a great value for anyone trying to save money for college, get a bed for an Airbnb property, or simply spend more money on a great mattress accessory. Read on or skip to the ideal section to learn who this Zinus bed might be perfect for.


Zinus Green Tea
Zinus Green Tea
Zinus Green Tea is a budget memory foam bed that offers ample pressure relief for side sleepers.
4.1 out of 5
Product Details
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MemoryFoam MATERIAL Memory Foam
MemoryFoam FIRMNESS Soft
trial-period TRIAL PERIOD 100 Nights
shipping FREE SHIPPING and Returns
warranty WARRANTY 10 Years
Moderate $141 – $N/A Price Range
Our recommendation
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thumbs-up Budget shoppers looking for an affordable memory foam bed
thumbs-up Side sleepers who need ample pressure relief
thumbs-up Heavy people who need a good amount of support
thumbs-up Back and stomach sleepers who prefer firm beds

How Does The Zinus Mattress Feel?

The Green Tea mattress is around a medium-soft on the firmness scale and has a pure memory foam feel. By this, we mean that you’re going to slowly melt into the material as it surrounds you, like a big hug or like super comfortable quicksand.

We also noticed that the firmness of this bed changes per season because of the temperature. This bed seemed to be firmer in colder weather and softer in warmer weather.

Given that the Green Tea mattress has a true memory foam feel, you get a good amount of that stuck-in-the-mud feeling. Switching positions does take extra effort and could leave you feeling restless if you tend to rotate between sleeping positions frequently during the night.

Mattress Responsiveness

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That said, we do think the Green Tea mattress is comfortable, it’s just that you have to really like memory foam to get this mattress.

In addition to firmness and feel, people who sleep with a partner at night should also consider how the Zinus mattress stacks up for couples. To measure this, we took a look at three key criteria for couples: motion isolation, edge support, and temperature regulation.

What Our Experts Have To Say

  • I love soft memory foam so the Zinus Green Tea mattress is right up my alley. I also love how affordable it is.

    Jon Gomez

    Side Sleeper

  • As a heavier back sleeper, the Zinus Green Tea mattress is the opposite of what I like or want. I prefer firm hybrid beds that use pocketed coils for their support layer.

    Dillon Payne

    Back Sleeper

Motion Isolation 

Because the Green Tea mattress has a classic memory foam feel, it does a great job of absorbing movement. This is perfect for couples where one partner is active in their sleep or tends to get up in the middle of the night. A lot of the memory foam beds are superb at isolating motion.

Edge Support

As for edge support, we found it to be just average. You will get a bit of that roll-off feeling along the perimeter of the mattress.

Temperature Regulation

As we’ve discussed, memory foam beds generally allow for a nice amount of pressure relief. The material kind of swaddles you as you sink into the bed. The downside of this is the temperature. As your body warms while you sleep, the memory foam surrounding you will absorb that heat and maintain it through the night.

If you live in Alaska and don’t bother with a heater, this is great. If you’re a small person who is cold all the time, this is great. If you’re a chronic hot sleeper, this isn’t the bed for you. Instead, make sure to peruse our list of the Best Cooling Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Zinus Green Tea Construction & Design

The Zinus memory foam mattress is made entirely of foam, but the exact construction depends on which height you choose. Below is a construction breakdown for the 12″ Green Tea mattress.

zinus green tea mattress review construction and layers
Inside the 12″ Zinus memory foam mattress

The 6″ bed has only two layers. It has egg crate support foam on the bottom and memory foam on top. The 8″ and 10″ models both have three layers. They have support foam on the bottom, transition foam in the center and memory foam on top. The 12″ model just adds a second layer of egg crate support foam on the bottom.

Here’s a deeper look at each layer of the 12” Zinus memory foam mattress.

Green Tea Memory Foam
Z:Comfort Foam
Z:Base Foam

    Underneath the cover is the first layer of foam. Since it’s memory foam, it will slowly respond to pressure, and the material will cradle your body. It’s 3” thick on the 12” model, but it’s thinner on Zinus’ smaller beds.



  • Next up, the Zinus mattress has a 2” layer of transition foam. In fact, this layer is included on all models except for the 6” bed. It provides a cushiony layer between the memory foam and the egg crate support foam.

  • The thickest part of the Zinus foam mattress is the egg crate support. On the 12” model, there are two layers of base foam, which account for 7” of the bed’s height. The 8” and 10” beds only have one layer of egg crate support.

All of the foams in this mattress are CertiPUR-US certified. This assures you that the mattress has been tested and certified by an independent laboratory to meet specific physical performance criteria, indoor emissions, environmental stewardship and is made without ozone depleters, heavy metals, or formaldehyde. The Green Tea mattress has been tested and passed the requirements of the Cigarette Smoldering Test and the Open Flame Test.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Review Cover
A closer look at the cover on the Zinus Green Tea Mattress

The cover for this mattress is made of a knitted jacquard fabric. It’s white and soft, but to be honest, it’s not our favorite cover. It’s thin and bunches up easily. You can grab the cover and pull it up in the air a good six inches.

The cover is removable, but Zinus states that removing it can affect your warranty, and we agree that you should not do it. If it gets a stain, just use some warm water and mild detergent to spot clean -that should do the trick. You risk shrinking the cover if you run it through the washing machine. If you’re interested in a bed with a machine washable cover, check out the Puffy Mattress or the Novosbed Mattress.

Green Tea Mattress Sleeper Type Analysis

When shopping for a mattress, your weight and sleeper style should factor into your decision.

  • Side Sleepers

    The Green Tea mattress is best for side sleepers. It’s soft enough to offer great pressure relief for the hips and shoulders when you’re on your side.

  • Stomach and Back Sleepers

    Typically, back and stomach sleepers prefer firmer mattresses—that’s not the Zinus Green Tea mattress. We do not think this will be a good mattress for back sleepers and stomach sleepers unless you’re on the lighter side (i.e. under 140 lb).

    If you sleep predominately on your back, make sure to check out our list of the Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers. Same thing for stomach sleepers—see our list of the Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers.

  • Combination Sleepers

    As for combo sleepers, because the Zinus memory foam mattress gives you that stuck-in-the-mud feeling, you’ll face a little resistance while moving around on the bed. If you’re of a lighter build, it’ll be easier for you, while heavier people will sink into the mattress more and get that quicksand feeling.

    To answer your question, though, yes, the Zinus mattress will work for combo sleepers who sleep most of the night on their side. But it wouldn’t land anywhere near our list of the Best Mattresses for Combo Sleepers.

Body Type Analysis

Heavy Individuals

Zinus Green Tea is not the best mattress for bigger people. We usually recommend heavier individuals go for a hybrid or spring mattress as opposed to an all-foam bed. While the 12″ bed is better than the 6″ bed for heavy people, overall, we can’t recommend the Zinus Green Tea mattress for individuals that weigh 250 lb. or more. Foam beds just don’t typically have the long-term support that coil beds do.

Petite Individuals

Petite people should find this to be a comfortable mattress if they like one that is not on the firmer side. This foam mattress will provide enough support for smaller builds.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Pricing

As mentioned previously, this bed is cheap. In fact, depending on the height that you choose (6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″) the Green Tea mattress might be the cheapest bed available. Here’s a pricing breakdown for the 12″ model as listed in Zinus’ website.


Zinus Green Tea Award

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Review Verdict

The Zinus Green Tea mattress is one of the most affordable beds on the market today. To be honest, there’s nothing overly special about it beyond the shockingly low price point. That said, we actually think it will make a great mattress for kids, college students and guest bedrooms, so long as you definitely want a memory foam bed. However, heavy people and back and stomach sleepers who want a firm bed should avoid it.

Overall Rating

4.1 out of 5
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Mattress TypeFirmnessTempBody TypeThicknessStarting Price
Zinus Green Tea Zinus Green Tea productMemory FoamSoftWarmUnder 230 lb12inch $215* *Queen mattress
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Zinus Company Policies

The Zinus Green Tea Mattress has a generous trial period, refund policy and warranty, which we’ll review below.

  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100-night trial period
  • 10-year warranty

Zinus Green Tea Company Information

  • Zinus has been around since 2004.
  • The company got its start in Seoul, South Korea, and has expanded from there, including distribution centers in the US.

Zinus Physical Store Locations

  • Zinus is an online company and does not appear to have showrooms.

Zinus Contact Information 

More Zinus Beds

Zinus also has a variety of other mattress types, such as hybrid, spring and gel memory foam. Below we’ll look at two of the top models in comparison to the Zinus Green Tea bed. 

Euro Top Memory Foam Spring Hybrid Mattress

  • This Zinus bed model has steel springs added to memory foam for a night of more supportive sleep.
  • It still has the odor-eliminating green tea and a memory foam top, however.
  • Like the Green Tea mattress, you can choose different thickness levels. You can choose between 8’’, 10’’ and 12’’, making the selection a little more restrictive than the Green Tea’s 6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″ options.  

Cooling Gel Memory Foam iCoil Hybrid Mattress

  • This model uses the green tea-infused memory foam and has iCoil springs, which are individually wrapped. The springs add individual spinal support. The mattress also reduces motion transfer, like the Green Tea Zinus bed.
  • Unlike the Green Tea model, the memory foam has a cooling element to it.
  • You can only choose between a 10’’ or 12’’ thickness, which are fewer options than what you have with the Green Tea mattress.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long can I keep my mattress in a box?

We recommend you take your mattress out of its box as soon as you can, preferably the same day as delivery. Remember, you need to give your mattress time to inflate and off-gas, and the sooner you start, the sooner you can sleep on it. If you must wait to unbox your new bed, try not to wait longer than a week from the day the bed was delivered.

Where is the Zinus Green Tea mattress made?

Green Tea by Zinus is a memory foam mattress that comes in different height profiles. It is made in China. Interestingly enough, Zinus makes beds for several other companies in their facility in China.

Is Zinus a good mattress?

Zinus is ideal for sleepers who love memory foam, are a side or combo sleeper, and are on a budget. If you want a more luxurious experience or are a back sleeper, you may not like it.

Is Zinus owned by Amazon?

No. While you can buy Zinus mattresses on Amazon, it doesn’t own the brand.

The Review Team

  • Jon Gomez

    Side Sleeper

  • Dillon Payne

    Combo Sleeper

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