Selecting The Most Comfortable Mattress In The World

When you want the best bed ever, you want it to be comfortable. You don’t need it to be the best bed in the world as far as features go, but your body should be able to be comfortable and relaxed. You can get a comfy bed and one of the top-rated beds. Our team compared dozens of mattresses to pick the best overall mattresses for comfort.

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What Makes These The Most Comfortable Beds?

We perform lots of tests on these beds to make it easy for you to decide the best bed to buy. We test for motion transfer, softness/firmness and edge support. We spend hundreds of hours researching, testing, filming and thinking about mattresses.

If you’re just starting your search for the best mattress for sleep support, this guide will help. You can also use our Mattress Finder Quiz, which runs you through a series of questions to help identify the best bed ever for you. We even take into account your mattress size preferences. So, for example, if you want a king-size mattress, you will only get beds that come in that size in your results. The quiz will help you find the best overall mattress for your needs.

Top 6 Most Comfortable Mattresses Of 2021

Layla – Most Comfortable Flippable Mattress

We like Layla because it feels like a softer memory foam bed but has also has a firm side if you flip it, making it a comfy mattress for lots of people. But it doesn’t just feel like a legacy memory foam mattress—it has a new-age, fluffy feel that a lot of people enjoy.

layla mattress review cover soft and firm side
If you like softer foam, you’ll most likely enjoy the Layla mattress

Why Layla is one of the best mattresses on the market: Layla has a lifetime warranty and is affordable while also being one of the best rated beds. See the current price on We love that you get two options with the same mattress, and, therefore, two options to get things right.

WinkBeds Classic – Best Comfy Hotel Luxury Bed

WinkBed makes thick, durable, luxury mattresses that are like the kinds of mattress used by hotels. You can choose from three firmness options to find the most comfortable mattress for your body and sleeper type. WinkBed even has a Plus option designed to be the most comfortable bed in its lineup for people who weigh 300 lb or more.

winkbed mattress review main image wink bed cover of bed
WinkBed is a solid, but comfy mattress

Whichever firmness option you choose will provide ample support. WinkBed is made with two layers of coils—a core layer of larger pocketed coils for support and to maintain alignment, and then a layer of smaller micro “airsprings” that allow for better airflow and give the bed some bounce—so you can expect a bit of that nostalgic springy feeling.

Why we chose WinkBed: Because this is a premium, well-made mattress, it’s a good option for a wide range of people. Undoubtedly, WinkBed is one of the best innerspring mattresses online right now. Some people might even consider it the best mattress of all time. It’s that comfortable for some people.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora – Most Comfy Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a very comfortable hybrid mattress with the support of coils and a soft foam feel. Just between us, this could be the most comfortable mattress in the world right now, particularly if you want an active-cooling bed.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Eurotop Mattress Review
Aurora is a hybrid mattress with a special cover

Aurora has a cool-to-the-touch cover that helps regulate your core temperature and keep you comfortable throughout the night. The bed is available in soft, medium and firm, so you can choose the firmness option that will be the best mattress for sleep comfort.

Why Brooklyn Bedding is one of the best comfortable mattresses: While it’s a little expensive, this is a thick, quality mattress made in the USA and has some nice features. You can also potentially save money with a coupon code.

Purple Hybrid – Comfortable Mattress For Hot Sleepers

The Purple Hybrid Premiere mattress is for the adventurous who want one of the top 10 most comfortable mattresses. New Purple Hybrid beds use a combination of poly foam, coils and Purple’s special Hyper-Elastic Polymer to provide support and pressure relief while also allowing for great airflow.

purple mattress review online bed in a box hyper elastic polymer
A close look at Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid

It’s difficult to describe the feel of Purple because it’s unlike any other bed. Some people might not love it while others might think it’s the best bed ever. There are three mattress models to choose from that cover all sleeper types and body types, so if you’re ready for something different, there’s a Purple mattress that will work for you (assuming you like the unique feel).

purple mattress review new purple 2 bed in a box
They’re unique, but we are huge fans of Purple mattresses

Why Purple is a popular comfy mattress: Depending on which model you go for, this bed can get expensive, making you wonder if it’s the best bed to buy. But if you don’t mind the price and think it’s one of the most comfortable mattresses, Purple may be exactly what you want.

Casper – Most Comfortable Soft Foam Bed

The original Casper mattress is one of the top five most popular bed-in-a-box mattresses, and it’s considered one of the best mattresses USA has to offer. You’ve probably heard or seen Casper’s ads somewhere before, and they are right that this is a comfy mattress.

Casper’s original mattress is a medium firmness bed with a soft, foam feel that’s great for all types of sleepers. It offers a nice amount of support and ample pressure relief.

casper mattress review original
The Original Casper is a very accommodating mattress

Why Casper might be the best top-rated comfortable mattress: If you’re looking for a simple all-foam mattress from a trusted company, Casper’s worth a look. You might also want to check out the hybrid model, which adds coils for extra support. The queen-size mattress is around $1,100, making it attainable for most shoppers even without the discounts Casper occasionally offers.

Nest Alexander – Most Comfortable Pillow Top Mattress

The Nest Alexander Hybrid is an insanely comfortable and accommodating bed. It comes in multiple firmness options, so you can choose what’s best suited for your body and sleeper type. It has a soft and pillowy feel, but the pocketed coils give plenty of support.

It also happens to be an affordable mattress even before a discount. The MSRP for the queen-size mattress is $1,500. Check for current specials.

nest alexander signature series mattress review cover
Slumber Yard team member Matt enjoying the Nest Alexander Hybrid

Why we chose Nest Alexander: This is a thick, heavy mattress, so it may be a hassle to move around, but most people think its worth it. It’s a comfortable mattress for all sleeper types and all body types, and we think it’s unlikely we’ll find someone who can’t appreciate this bed. The lifetime warranty is a nice bonus, too.

Most Comfortable Mattress Pricing

Note that mattress pricing can fluctuate, so check the website of each bed to make sure the price is what you expect.

TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCalifornia King
WinkBed Classic$1,049$1,149$1,299$1,599$1,799$1,849
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora$799$999$1,239$1,359$1,699$1,699
Purple Hybrid$1,399$1,499$1,699$1,999$1,999
Casper Original$595$695$995$1,095$1,295$1,295
Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid$949$1,099$1,299$1,499$1,699 $1,699
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What Materials Make The Most Comfortable Mattress?

There are several types of mattresses, and we’ve tested and reviewed all of them. Here’s our list of the most comfortable mattress types:

  • Spring & coil
  • Memory foam
  • Latex mattress
  • Poly foam mattress
  • Gel-like materials
  • Air beds

If you’re asking, “what is the most comfortorable mattress?” the answer will depend on which of these is most comfortable for you.

Spring & coil — These provide great support and are often the most durable mattresses. They also have that bounce effect that a lot of people prefer. In general, the immediate comfort of a mattress will depend more on its top layers than its support system. It needs good layers so you don’t feel the coils or it won’t be one of the most comfortable mattresses.

Memory foam — Some people love memory foam, and some people don’t. It comes in different densities and thicknesses, but in general, it provides good support and pressure relief. It also softens when exposed to pressure and heat, which is why you can sometimes feel stuck. It’s great for limiting motion transfer, but it can heat up quite a bit, which clearly is an element of comfort. As such, if you’re looking for the best mattress for hot sleepers, you probably won’t get one with memory foam. Sometimes these beds will change firmness based on room temperature. For example, in summer, your mattress might feel softer than it does during the winter.

Latex foam — This is a slightly lesser known and lesser implemented material, but there’s a lot to love with latex foam. It’s generally airy and bouncy, with good support and pressure relief. It can sometimes feel like a sponge, however. Natural latex is made from the sap of a rubber tree, which is nice, but expensive. Some mattresses will opt for synthetic latex to keep costs down.

Proprietary foam — There are a lot of mattresses that are starting to incorporate their own foams. They’re hit or miss and there’s no hard and fast rule for them.

Air — These are usually adjustable mattresses that use air as opposed to coils or foam for their primary support system. Sleep Number is the largest brand that incorporates air into their mattresses.

Water — Don’t get a waterbed. There are plenty of air, foam and coil mattresses that are more cost effective and require less maintenance.

Polyurethane foam — You will typically see this as the support system of all-foam mattresses. However, some cheap mattresses use it as their top layer. It can be very comfortable because it comes in different densities with varying levels of softness/firmness.

Gel-like materials — You don’t see many beds with a gel-like material prominently used. Purple Mattress is probably the best-known bed that uses a gel-like material. These tend to sleep especially cool at night because they get great airflow.

Consider A Comfortable Pillow

Like with our beds, our pillows are a largely subjective choice. Getting the best pillow pillow in the world can make the difference between a good night’s sleep and a night tossing and turning, and a morning of aches and pains. Here’s how to find the most comfortable pillow based on your body type:

  • Back sleepers need proper support for their heads and a way to keep their spines aligned as they sleep. If you opt for a pillow that’s too flat or soft, it can lead to pain or a “crick” in your neck. You should also avoid pillows that are too tall. Foam, gel polyester, or even bamboo tend to be the best for the back sleeper.
  • Side sleepers need a pillow with a taller loft that relieves pressure and pain and promotes proper spinal alignment. Memory foam or Latex tend to work best here.
  • Stomach sleepers need a middle-of-the-road option. A thick or firm pillow will force your head too high. If it’s too soft, your head won’t have support. A happy medium is what you need. Foam, down or fiber pillows tend to work best for the stomach sleeper.

Add A Mattress Topper For More Comfort

Mattress toppers are mattress pads that don’t have a fitted-sheet design. They come in a variety of materials. Because mattress toppers are usually thicker than their pad counterparts, they provide more comfort,.

Toppers aren’t always necessary, but they can often protect the mattress below and offer an added layer of comfort. Toppers range from 20 bucks or so to upwards of $400 or more.

If you go the topper route, it can help you “get by” until you can replace your whole bed. It’s better to buy the most comfortable mattress for you in the first place.

What Type Of Sleeper Are You?

This will heavily influence what you deem to be comfortable:

  • Side sleepers: You’ll almost certainly prefer a softer mattress or at least one that offers great pressure relief.
  • Back and stomach sleepers: Firmer beds will help to keep proper spinal alignment.
  • Combo sleepers: If you tend to rotate positions at night (otherwise known as a combo sleeper), you’ll be looking at something in the medium range, but it will ultimately depend on which position you find yourself in most often.

If you’re a combination sleeper and you don’t sleep by yourself, buy a king-size mattress. If you’re rolling around all night, you’re going to disturb your partner. With a king-size mattress, you have more room to do so, meaning you have a lesser chance of waking your partner.

Factors That Affect Mattress Comfort

Body Weight

The heavier you are, the softer you’ll generally experience a mattress to be (though in some cases, heavier folks will sink through comfort layers and only feel the support materials). Similarly, the lighter you are, the firmer the mattress will feel. So just keep in mind that if we refer to something as a medium-firm mattress, it could be firmer or softer for you depending on your weight.

Additionally, a heavier person will put more stress on a mattress than lighter individuals, so they’ll want to look for beds with more durability and support.

Temperature Regulation

If you’re a hot sleeper, pay attention to how well the mattress regulates heat. There are materials, like memory foam that naturally warm up via conduction and materials, such as latex foam, that tend to remain cool throughout the night, simply because they allow for more airflow.

In choosing a mattress, pay attention to the construction of the bed. If you see memory foam and you sleep hot, probably stay away, unless it uses a lot of coils to help circulate airflow. If you see gel memory foam, however, that tends to be cooler than standard foam.

How Do You Get A Comfortable King-Size Mattress?

A queen mattress is great, but many people can benefit from a king-size mattress. Who most importantly? Couples – especially if one or both of the partners move in their sleep.

The last thing you want is to have your partner waking you up every time they switch positions. Foam beds tend to do a good job of deadening cross-mattress motion, while coil beds are a little less efficient in this category. This is the primary reason we now have pocketed coils, which help localize support and reduce motion transfer. If you’re concerned with motion transfer, make sure to look into an all-foam bed or one that uses pocketed coils.

The second feature to pay attention to is edge support. Edge support refers to how well the mattress keeps you from rolling off the side. A lot of all-foam beds compress so much along the perimeter that you get a roll-off sensation. In general, coil beds tend to be better for edge support.

How Do You Return An Uncomfortable Mattress?

If you want to make sure you get the most comfortable bed, buy a bed with a return policy and trial period.

Read the stipulations of the return policy. Most online mattress brands have extremely consumer-friendly return policies that allow you to try out their mattress for 100 nights (or more) to see if you like it. Mattress brands do this because they (a) need you to try their bed and (b) they generally have very low return rates. Retailers typically offer some sort of return or exchange policy, but it’s not usually as lax as that of online mattress brands.

In either case, you have at least three months to test out the bed. During that time, think critically about whether this is the bed that you want to sleep on for the next seven to 12 years. If you don’t love the bed, most of these companies will dispatch someone to pick up the mattress, at no extra cost to you.

Top 6 Comfortable Mattresses

Product Highlights Firmness Levels
Layla Most Comfortable Flippable MattressMedium, medium-soft
WinkBed Classic Best Comfy Hotel Luxury BedMedium-soft, medium, or medium-firm
Brooklynn Bedding AuoraMost Comfy Hybrid MattressSoft, medium-soft or medium-firm
Purple HybridMost Comfortable Mattress For Hot SleepersMedium-firm
Casper OriginalMost Comfortable Soft Foam BedMedium
Nest Bedding Alexander HybridMost Comfortable Pillow Top MattressMedium or firm


What happens if I buy a mattress and don’t like it?

The great new is that most online mattress brands take the same approach with regard to returns—and that is they offer 100% free returns. That’s right. In many cases, if you don’t like your online mattress (during the trial period) you can return it for a full refund. They usually even send a person to pick up the bed, at no extra cost to you.

What is most comfortable for side sleepers?

In general, side sleepers will prefer a softer bed. How soft, that’s up to you. Some people will like an ultra-plush mattress, while others will gravitate toward a bed in the medium-firm range.

What is the most comfortable type of mattress?

There are numerous types of beds that we find comfortable, but the most common types are: spring/coil, foam, and latex.

Is memory foam comfortable?

It sure can be, but that’s up to you. What you should know is that memory foam has viscous feel to it. That means it generally feels firmer to start, but will soften as you lay on the bed.

Are expensive mattresses worth it?

Well, that depends. Value means two things: One, great features, and two, a reasonable price. And let’s face it, if you are unhappy with your mattress, it doesn’t matter much what you spent – it’s still a waste. What’s important is that you research and prioritize the key components that will impact your sleep the most, such as sleep style, firmness rating, and body weight, among others.

What is the most comfortable mattress for people with back pain?

For people who suffer from back pain, it’s all about finding a bed that will support your body’s curvature and distribute your weight evenly. A mattress that helps align your spine and relieves major pressure points is more likely to prevent or alleviate back pain. If you have back pain or worry about back pain, choosing the right mattress is not something to take lightly. Memory foam mattresses are ventilated and breathable and some of the best mattresses for back (and hip) pain. We also like hybrid and innerspring types, like WinkBed or Casper Wave.