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Bear Pillow Review

Complete review of the Bear Mattress Pillow.

Last Updated: July 6, 2020

Bear is just one of many online mattress companies that also makes pillows. In this post, we’re taking a look at the Bear Pillow, which incorporates a Double Ice fabric cover so that it’s cool to the touch. We’ll go over our likes and dislikes, who we think will be a fan of the Bear Pillow, and who should probably check out some other options.

Who Is This Best For?

Back, side, and combo sleepers

Fluffy pillow lovers

Hot sleepers

Anyone that wants a durable pillow

Who Won’t Love It?

Anyone on a budget that will balk at $100 for a pillow

Petite stomach sleepers (the Bear Mattress Pillow will just have too much loft)

People that like traditional down or feather pillows

Bear Pillow Review – Shipping, Returns, etc.

Industry standard includes free shipping, a risk-free trial period, and free returns. The Bear pillow comes with most of that. You get free shipping via FedEx and a 100-night trial period. If you wan’t to return the pillow, though, you’ll have to pay return shipping. If you keep it, however, you get a 2-year warranty, which is pretty typical for a high-end pillow.

Bear Pillow Price and Coupon Code

The Bear Pillow is priced fairly high by regular pillow standards.


That probably sounds outlandish if you’re used to buying your pillows at Target. But that price is actually very comparable to other high-end pillows like the Layla Pillow, and is even quite a bit more affordable than something like the Leesa Hybrid Pillow.

As for a coupon code, we haven’t seen anything on the pillow specifically, however, Bear does run promotions and bundles from time to time. For example, during certain major holidays we’ve seen them offer a larger discount if you purchase a mattress and a pillow. It all just depends on the time of year and what promotions Bear is current running.

Sizes, Dimensions & Weight

The Bear pillow comes in two sizes—Queen and King. The Queen is 27″ x 15″ x 5″ and the King is 35” x 15” x 5″.

When you lay on it, the loft compresses to around 3.5″ or 4”.

bear mattress pillow review king and queen options
Bear Pillow comes in a queen and king (photo courtesy of bearmattress.com)

Now, this is not what you’d call a lightweight pillow, weighing in at 5lb for the Queen and 7lb for the King. While that may sound excessively heavy for a pillow, it’s pretty on par with the Sealy Chill Pillow at 6lb, and actually a ways less than the 10.2lb Purple Pillow.

Materials & Construction

Bear uses just one material for the insides of their pillow. It’s a LOFT-X hybrid foam, which has the support of memory foam as well as the bounce of latex foam. Here’s a look at just how responsive the LOFT-X foam is.

The LOFT-X material is also aerated. Unfortunately, the loft of the pillow is not adjustable. It’s a 5″ loft that compresses down to about 3.5″, but you don’t have any options for removing material to make it smaller.

Despite it being non-adjustable, the Bear pillow does have a removable cover. It’s made with “double ice fabric” (cooling yarn and polyester) and has mesh on two ends for ventilation.

bear pillow review side view with ventilated mesh
Side view of the Bear Pillow (photo courtesy of bearmattress.com)

Feel & Firmness

The Bear pillow has a soft and cool feel. It’s a durable pillow, but that doesn’t mean it’s dense. It actually has plenty of fluffiness. So if you’re looking for that sink-in memory foam feel, this is not the pillow for you. But if you like a pillow that has good responsiveness and a bouncy, fluffy feel, the Bear is a good option.

Although, as we said, it does have a cool feel, there’s no cooling gel pad or anything, so it doesn’t get overly cold and we like that.

Loft & Sleeper Type

A pillow’s comfiness is based on two things—what you prefer in terms of feel and what position you generally sleep in. For example, if you sleep on your side or back, you’ll want a pillow with more loft in order to keep proper alignment, but if you sleep on your stomach, you need something thinner that doesn’t kink your neck.

Like we mentioned before, the Bear pillow’s loft is 5″ uncompressed, and about 3.5″ compressed. We think it will be best for back, side, and combo sleepers. With a loft of that height, you’ll probably experience neck discomfort if you sleep on your stomach. Of course, what will be comfortable for you does depend on your body type.

This pillow, for example, is going to be a better fit for average size and larger people. If you’re rather petite, we don’t think the Bear pillow is the right option for you. It’s just not the right loft height/feel combination for a shorter neck.

Side & Back Sleepers

Like we said, the Bear pillow is going to be better suited for back and side sleepers than for stomach sleepers.

bear mattress pillow review side sleepers
Side sleepers should be A-OK

Pro Tip (No, really, we asked a professional): If you sleep on your side, you want to be able to follow a straight line from your nose down your spine. You don’t want your head too high or low—it needs to be in a neutral position.

bear mattress pillow review back sleepers
Back sleeper approved

For back sleepers, you should make sure that you’re not being pushed forward by the pillow. In order to maintain the “C” curvature in your neck, you should sleep with your head facing mostly upwards.

Clearly, you need to do what’s more comfortable for you, but in general, that’s what you want to think about as a side or back sleeper.

How about for Stomach Sleepers?

This isn’t the best option for stomach sleepers. The loft is just too high to be comfortable in that position.

bear mattress pillow review stomach sleepers
Loft is too high for strict stomach sleepers

You’ll more than likely end up with a kink in your neck. If you sleep on your stomach, you should look for a pillow with a lower loft.

Caring for your Bear Pillow

The cover on the Bear, you remember, is removable. And it’s also machine washable, which is a plus in our book. It’s always nice to have the convenient option of just tossing the cover in the wash. I mean, yes, usually you can just wash the pillowcase, but sometimes you need to go a little deeper than that and spot cleaning can be a pain.

Bear Pillow Review: Verdict

It’s a little pricey, but there’s a lot to like. It sleeps on the cooler end of the spectrum without being freezing cold. It’s fine for back, side, and combination sleepers. And it comes with a 100 night trial period. The one wrinkle is that it doesn’t come with free returns (unfortunately).


How did the Slumber Yard get the Bear Pillow?

We were sent the pillow by Bear in order to review it. As always, we didn’t accept any money to say good or bad things about it. We review products by ourselves and without the input of other companies.

How do shipping and returns work with the Bear Mattress Pillow?

The pillow is shipped via FedEx (for free) and it will usually take 4-7 business days to show up at your house. In even that you’d like to return it, you have to cover the return shipping charges.

Is the pillow hypoallergenic and anti-microbial?

Yes it is indeed. This means that it will to prevent bacteria, allergens, and dust mites.

What does the pillow feel like?

It has a responsive foam feel. It’s quite comfortable.

What other products does Bear make?

They also have two mattresses, a mattress protector, a mattress foundation, sheets, and a bed frame.

Is this a cooling pillow?

Yes. It is actually cool-to-the-touch.