Who Is This Best For?

All sleeper types

Hot sleepers (cooling model)

Memory foam lovers

Those who like latex foam (Talalay latex model)

Clean freaks (machine washable cover)

Who Won’t Love It?

Folks who prefer down feather pillows

Super budget shoppers

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Buying A Brooklyn Bedding Pillow

Brooklyn Bedding has made a name for themselves in the sleep industry as a brand who designs high quality mattresses and bedding products for a fair price. Their secret? They own their own manufacturing facility, so they don’t have to fork out extra money to a middle man. We’re pretty big fans of their beds like the Brooklyn Bedding Bloom mattress and Aurora mattress, so we were excited to review their four different pillows.

Before we get into the review, we want to go over some important company policies like shipping and warranty coverage. With all Brooklyn Bedding products, including their pillows, you can expect free shipping. Once the pillows arrive at your home and you unbox it, you’ll want to give it time to fully expand because it’ll look a little flat.

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You’ll have a 30-day window to return your new pillow if you aren’t fully satisfied with it. If you do decide to keep it, however, it’ll be protected under a 3-year warranty policy. We suggest you head over to their website and read more into the fine print so you know exactly what you’re covered for, and for how long.

Overview Of The Pillow Models

It isn’t very common to see a company offer so many pillow choices, and we appreciate their attempt to appeal to all sleeper types. But before we dive into the details of the brand’s different pillows, we want to give you a brief rundown on each one. You can also learn more on BrooklynBedding.com.

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Talalay Latex Pillow$89 – $99
Cooling Pillow$129 – $149
Shredded Foam Pillow$44 – $49
Memory Foam Pillow$69 – $79

Every one of these models come in either king size or queen size, and two of the four have different loft options to choose from. You might have noticed they don’t sell down pillows. If you’re a fan of the more traditional, fluffy pillows, then take a look at the Purple Plush Pillow or Casper Pillow.

Talalay Latex Pillow Review

Materials: Brooklyn Bedding’s latex pillow is natural and eco-friendly, constructed with material derived from the sap of a Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber) tree. You can expect natural materials in the cover too, which is made from soft organic cotton. It’s also moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, which means its resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites. As an added plus, the cover is easy to keep clean because it’s machine washable.

Talalay Latex Pillow Overview
The Talalay Latex Foam Pillow with a soft organic cotton cover

Feel: If you aren’t familiar with latex foam, it’s a really soft and responsive material. The pillow literally bounces back when you apply pressure to it. It’s a little reminiscent of rubber, but soft and luxurious rubber. It’s not a pillow you’ll have to fluff — in fact, none of them are. So overall, it’s a light and responsive pillow we find to be pretty comfortable.

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Sleeper Type: This pillow comes available in both low and high loft levels, making it suitable for any sleeper type (combo, side, stomach, back). Side sleepers and most back sleepers want a pillow with a little more loft so their neck is supported, and in alignment with their spine. Stomach sleepers might want to look at the model with less loft to avoid neck pain, and to keep their spine in a neutral position.

Price: All of Brooklyn Bedding’s pillows come in a queen or king size, so you have options depending on your preferences. If you want the queen size pillow, it’ll cost you about $90, and a king size one retails around $90.

Luxury Cooling Pillow

Materials: The brand’s cooling pillow is constructed with special open-cell, quick responding memory foam — a much different material than standard, heat retaining memory foam. When you lay your head down, it uses pin core ventilation for increased airflow and a cool gel surface infusion that pulls your body heat away from you. They also added copper-graphite, which contributes to the pillow’s breathability and antimicrobial properties. The cover on the Luxury Cooling Pillow is made with a soft, knit material and is machine washable like the covers on the other Brooklyn Bedding pillows.

Feel: This pillow was designed to actively cool down hot sleepers, and we think it does a good job at it. Right away, it feels cool to the touch as you run your hands across the cover. And even though it’s made with memory foam, we think it feels more like soft neutral-foam, since it’s aerated and responsive. So if you can picture a soft, pressure relieving neutral-foam pillow, that’s what the Luxury Cooling Pillow feels like.

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Sleeper Type: Similar to the Talalay Latex Pillow, this one comes with two different loft options. You might want to consider the model with a lower loft if you’re a side sleeper, and the model with a higher loft if you’re a stomach or back sleeper.

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Again, side and back sleepers usually need a loftier pillow that’ll keep their shoulders and neck supported, while stomach sleepers should look into a pillow with lower loft to prevent uncomfortable kinks in the neck.

Price: With a name like “Luxury Cooling Pillow,” you can assume it’s going to be on the pricier side of the pillow spectrum — and it is. It’s the most expensive pillow out of Brooklyn Bedding’s four models. We aren’t really surprised though, because it’s a specialized pillow constructed with extra materials that are meant to cool you down. The king size is currently sold out, but it usually goes for about $150. The queen is a little more affordable, and retails at about $130.

Premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Materials: The name of this pillow gives away the material on the inside — shredded memory foam. The brand calls it “deconstructed” quality memory foam, and if you were to take off the pillow’s moisture-wicking cover, it’d look like your windshield when you pay for the “ultimate” option at the car wash. Basically just a bunch of colored memory foam pieces scattered about.

Infused in the deconstructed foam is cooling gel foam, which is supposed to draw the heat away from your body so you sleep cooler. And again, similar to the other pillows on this list, it’s antimicrobial and comes with a machine washable cover.

Feel: This pillow feels like a blend between neutral-foam and memory foam. It cradles your neck and head with contouring support, but it’s a little more responsive than typical memory foam. It doesn’t bounce back as quickly as the latex foam and cooling pillows, though. It feels like a blend of really soft foam, and it’s pretty malleable.

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Although the Premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillow contains cooling gel foam, we wouldn’t say it sleeps cool. It sleeps more temperature neutral — not too hot, but it isn’t exactly cool-to-the-touch either.

Sleeper type: You only get one standard loft option with this pillow, but they claim you can adjust it by leaving your pillow zipped, or unzipped. When we tested it out, the loft didn’t change a ton. There was maybe a slight change, but we don’t really think you’ll see the difference. With that being said, we still think it’ll suit all sleeper types. The loft is suitable for side and back sleepers, but it’s malleable enough where back and stomach sleepers can lay their head on it without getting a stiff neck.

Price: This is Brooklyn Bedding’s most affordable pillow model, and it’s available in both queen and king sizes. If you have your eye on the queen size, it’ll be about $45. For the king size pillow, it’s a hair less than $50.

Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

Materials: The Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow is essentially just a slab of soft, true memory foam. It also comes with pin core ventilation like the cooling pillow, which helps prevent you from getting too warm while sleeping on it. The edges are rounded to give it a traditional down pillow look, and the machine washable cover is made from a soft knit material. You can also expect this pillow to be antimicrobial, which again, means it’ll stay clear of mold, bacteria, dust mites, and other nasty things you don’t want lurking in your pillow.

Feel: Out of all four models, the Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow feels the most like the memory foam you’re probably used to. When we press our hands down on it, you can see its imprint for a few short seconds, before it slowly molds back to normal. In general, it’s a soft, dense, slow responding memory foam pillow. If you’re a die-hard memory foam fan, this might stick out to you the most.

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Sleeper Type: You can’t choose your desired loft for this pillow either, what you see is what you get. We think it’s a great pillow for side sleepers because it’s a little higher in loft, but we also think it’ll suit back and stomach sleepers. When it’s compressed (aka when your head lays down on it), the compressed loft is low enough where it shouldn’t cause discomfort.

Price: This pillow is moderately priced compared to the others we’ve tested — it’s about $70 for a queen size pillow and $80 for one in the king size. So it might not be the best pillow for budget shoppers, but it’s certainly not going to break the bank either.


With a wide range of options, we think most people can find one they think is really comfortable (unless you’re only into down pillows, then this review isn’t the most helpful for you). We have several members on our team, and we each chose different models as our favorite.

  • If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll probably want to consider the Luxury Cooling Pillow.
  • For folks who love the feel of memory foam, you’ll probably really love the Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow.
  • Do you want something soft, bouncy and eco-friendly? We don’t think the Talalay Latex Foam Pillow will disappoint.
  • Are you a budget shopper, or looking for something generally soft and comfortable? The Premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillow checks those boxes.

Remember, if you don’t like the once you purchased, you can return it for a refund within 30 days and try another one out. Or check out our other pillow reviews, we’ve tested out a bunch. Otherwise, thanks for coming to The Slumber Yard.

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How did you get these pillows?

Brooklyn Bedding sent us all four pillows so we could test them out, and write an honest review about them for our audience.

What is Talalay Latex?

Talalay just refers to the manufacturing method that was used to make the foam. Talalay latex tends to be more expensive than dunlop latex, but also can be more consistent in terms of feel.

Is the Brooklyn Pillow Washable?

The pillow itself is not, but the cover is indeed washable.

Suggested pillowcases?

A standard pillow case will work for a queen size pillow, but a king size pillowcase would be more fitting for the king pillow.

What are the pillow’s care instructions?

To wash these pillows, throw it in your washing machine on a gentle setting, then tumble dry on low or leave them out to air dry.

Where are these pillows made?

All Brooklyn Bedding Pillows are made right here in the USA.