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Your neighborhood’s friendliest ghost isn’t the only popular Casper in town. This brand is arguably the most popular online bedding brand in the industry, or at least amongst the top 3. The made waves with their extremely well-received bed in a box mattress, and now they have a few Casper pillows to offer sleepers. Before we get into the heart of this review, we want to give you a brief summary of the Casper pillow models.

Casper Down Pillow — Casper’s down pillow is all-natural and constructed with a 5-chamber design, covered in 100% cotton cover and filled with down material that was responsibly sourced. On another note, its about double the price of Casper’s original pillow.

Original Casper Pillow — The Original Casper Pillow is considered a down-alternative, constructed with a pillow-in-pillow design that features a supportive inner pillow and soft outer pillow. The pillow’s filling is made from polyester microfiber, and it’s lined with polyester fabric.

Casper Pillow Reviews Video

  • Honest Casper Pillow Review

Casper Down Pillow Review

The Casper Down Pillow delivers a fluffy feel that people love, but it takes a more ethical approach on the material inside. Though, with that being said, this pillow is the more expensive options versus the Original Casper Pillow. But that’s not a huge shock, considering ethically sourced down material is real high quality. So, if you’re an eco-conscious sleeper who loves a good feather pillow, continue on below for our Casper Down Pillow Review.

Casper Down Pillow Materials

Unlike others made with down materials, this Casper Pillow has a 5-chamber construction—a design we have yet to come across—that’s filled with both white duck down and feathers. While the down material makes the pillow nice and soft, the feathers help give it structure and support.

Casper Down Pillow Review Cover

Here are a few other noteworthy aspects of the Casper Down Pillow construction:

  • The down is 100% ethically sourced and RDS certified (responsible down standard).
  • 2” gusset, which is the side panel that borders the whole pillow
  • A 100% cotton outer shell that gives the pillow a soft, smooth feel.

Casper’s Down Pillow Is Machine Washable

If you’ve ever owned a pillow that wasn’t machine washable, you probably know the struggle of trying to keep it clean after months of drooling, sweating, or occasional spill stains. So one thing we love about the Casper Down Pillow is its machine washable capabilities. According to the site, you can wash it in a front-load commercial washer on warm with mild detergent. Then, tumble dry on low with laundry balls, or even clean tennis balls (please not the ones your dog has been chewing on).

Once it’s done, remove it from the dryer and give it a final fluff—it should look good as gold. Speaking of fluffing, Casper recommends you fluff your pillow once a day to keep it in tip-top shape.

Casper Pillow Dimensions

Size-wise, Casper’s standard size pillow is 18” x 26”, and the king size is 18” x 34”. Casper sent us the standard size, and it fit perfectly inside our basic pillowcase. If you get the king size pillow, you might want to look into buying a king size case to fit it.

How Does The Casper Pillow Feel?

Since the Original Casper Pillow is made with synthetic down-alternative fibers, it feels a little reminiscent of the Casper Down Pillow — just slightly denser because it’s not stuffed with real down feathers. But you do still get that fluffy, soft feel you expect from a down pillow. Like the Casper Down Pillow, this one also doesn’t go flat, which comes in handy for you because you won’t have to wake up several times throughout the night to fluff it.

Original Casper Pillow Responsiveness

As far as responsiveness goes, it’s in the same boat as the Casper’s down pillow. It’s not super responsive, but it’s not as slow as, let’s say a memory foam pillow.

Loft Of Casper’s Down Pillow

The loft of a pillow basically means how high or tall it is. In this case, its loft is about 5.5” decompressed, and about 2.5” when your head is laying on it. More often than not, petite folks should consider a pillow on the thinner side, while heavier individuals should look into purchasing a thicker pillow. We really like this Casper pillow because it compresses enough for petite sleepers, but is thick enough for heavier folks too.

casper pillow review

It doesn’t respond quickly to pressure like the neutral-foam Tuft & Needle pillow, but it’s also not slow like memory foam pillows. Check out the video above to see what we’re talking about—we thought it was similar to the way a marshmallow bounces back if you squeeze it between your fingers. Overall, we thought Casper’s down pillow was pretty comfortable and accommodating.

Sleeper Type Analysis

On the website, the brand claims their Casper pillow is suitable for all sleeper types but is it really?

After testing out this Casper Pillow for a night, we concluded that it’s, indeed, accommodating for all sleeper types, but remember that this all hinges on your body type. It’s supportive enough for side and back sleepers (while I slept on my side, I just fluffed it up a bit and I was good to go), but fluffy and adjustable enough for stomach sleepers to sleep comfortably on it.

Though, heavy side sleepers who need a ton of loft and support might not love this pillow.

Casper Down Pillow Review Stomach Sleeper

Well, as a rule of thumb, side and back sleepers are more comfortable on loftier pillows that keep their heads propped up.

Side sleepers should envision an imaginary line going from their nose down their spine. If their nose is above or below the line, they’re in the clear. For you back sleepers out there, you should have a proper “C” curve in their neck when you’re sleeping, and you should be looking more upwards than forwards.

Unfortunately for stomach sleepers, there are no little tricks to tell if a pillow is right for them. So if this applies to you, just feel it out. If it’s too high, you’ll feel a slight kink in your neck and it won’t be very comfortable.

Original Casper Pillow Review

The Original Casper Pillow has been a crowd favorite for shoppers who are looking for a great value. For those who can’t justify the price tag of the Down Pillow, this may be an ideal option for you.. It still captures the comfort Casper is known for, but is simplified and is about half the price.

Original Casper Pillow Materials

Unlike the Casper Down Pillow’s 5-chamber construction, this model is made with a pillow-in-pillow design. This means it has a firmer, more supportive pillow in the middle while the outer pillow provides the bulk of this pillow’s fluffiness and comfort. The filling is made using polyester microfiber, and the fiber clusters are individually blown into the cover. What does that mean for you, exactly? It means you won’t have to deal with a lumpy pillow with an uneven distribution of filling.

Casper Standard Pillow Review

All you have to do is give it a little fluff, and it’s ready to go. It’s also machine washable like the Casper Down Pillow, which makes it effortless to clean.

Casper Pillow Sleeper Type Analysis

We also think the Casper Down Pillow can accommodate all sleeper types; back, side, stomach, and combo. It’s supportive and lofty enough for most side and back sleepers, but it compresses enough for a stomach sleeper to be comfortable too.

Casper Standard Pillow Loft

Bodyweight, however, does play a big role in how comfortable a pillow is going to be. So if you’re a heavy side sleeper, it’s possible that neither of Casper’s pillows will be supportive enough. But feel free to try them out because you always have that risk-free trial to fall back on.

Casper Pillows Pricing

You can get a standard size Casper Down Pillow for about $125 and the king-size for $165. Again, it is a little pricier than other pillows—but it’s not without reason. Accordingly, if you’re a price-conscious buyer, try looking at the Nolah AirFiber pillow which is manufactured with a down-alternative that’s still really comfortable, but more affordable by about $50.


The Original Casper Pillow is almost half the price of the down model. We don’t think it’s half the quality, however. It’s still a pretty nice pillow. Not quite as luxury, but still nice. We think the price reflects that too. It starts at $65 for a standard model and goes up to $85 for the king size.


Casper Pillow Review Verdict

If you’re a fan of down pillows and their signature fluffy feel, we’re pretty certain you’ll be a fan of Casper’s. It’s a luxury pillow that accommodates a wide range of sleepers, and we were big fans of it here at The Slumber Yard. You can sleep well at night knowing the down was sustainably sourced, and because it’s uber comfortable. We do recognize, however, that it’s kind of an expensive pillow. That’s why we recommend the Original Casper Pillow to anybody looking to save some money. It doesn’t feel exactly the same, but it still has the same soft qualities that a down pillow has. So if you can’t justify the purchase of the Casper Down Pillow, we say go for their original.

The only sleeper who might not love this pillow is a strict side sleeper over 250 lbs. Side sleepers already need a lofty pillow, and it needs to be extra supportive for folks over 250 lbs. With that being said, you’ll have a little over three months to decide if you love the pillow you chose. If not, return your pillow to try out the alternate model, or take a look at our other full-length pillow reviews to check out other options.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the main differences between the Casper Down and the Original Casper Pillow?

The Casper Down Pillow is made with responsibly sourced down and organic cotton, while the Original Casper is a down-alternative pillow with a more affordable price tag.

Is the Casper pillow good for side sleepers?

Casper Pillows are ideal for all sleeper types including back, side, stomach, and combination.

What is special about the Capser Pillow?

We like the Casper pillow because it’s the type of pillow that anyone can sleep on. We consider it a luxury pillow. It’s machine washable and sustainably sourced. Choose between the Casper Down Pillow and the Original Casper Pillow

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