Who Is This Best For?

People that need/want a cooling pillow

If you want a fluffy foam pillow

Who Won’t Love It?

If you don’t want to spend up on a luxury-tier pillow

People that want something more traditional

Eight Sleep Cooling Pillow Review Intro

This brand believes that a comfortable, quality sleep can be achieved through combining comfort and technology. Several of their products, including their Eight Sleep Mattress, almost double as a fitness tracker since they also track heart rate, your REM sleep, the amount of time you spent asleep, and more using their mobile app.

While the Carbon Air Pillow doesn’t feature anything crazy high-tech, it is built to be both cozy and cool. Continue along in our review to learn all about the Eight Sleep Carbon Air Pillow and what our different team members thought of it.

Eight Sleep Company Policies

If you’re familiar with their mattress and mattress policies, they’ll look a little different on the Eight Sleep Pillow. First things first, as always with these online brands, you’ll receive free shipping to your front door, and free returns.

Besides free transportation costs, all customers will receive a 30-day trial to test out their new pillow. We think most people should be able to make a decision by then; for those who decide against it, you speak with an Eight Sleep customer service rep to return your order.

Eight Sleep The Carbon Air Pillow Review Packaging
Owen can’t wait to unbox the Eight Sleep Carbon Air Pillow

If you do decide to keep your pillow, it’s backed by a 5-year warranty, which is about 4 years longer than your average bedding accessory policy. In our eyes, this means the brand really stands by the integrity of their product.

Price And Coupon

Upon first glance at the table below, the Carbon Air Pillow may seem pretty expensive. Especially if you’re using the ones from Target as a reference. This price is in par with the likes of Purple Harmony, and it’s definitely one of the more expensive pillows we’ve tested here.

With that said, we know there are a lot of hot sleepers in particular who wouldn’t mind the price tag of this pillow if it meant they were going to stay cool while they sleep.

There is just one standard size for this pillow, and you can buy it individually or in a pack of two if you sleep with a loved one who also wants to try out the pillow.

SizePrice (MSRP)
2 Pillows$265
1 Pillow$150

As we said, it’s not a budget-priced pillow, but it’s reasonable if you’re a hot sleeper looking for relief. Compare it to the Layla Hybrid Pillow or Purple Harmony Pillow which also sleep cool, but are more costly.

Eight Sleep Pillow Materials And Design

Before we get into the cooling technology, let’s go over a few important specs you might be curious about. The standard size is 16” x 29” so it’s slightly smaller than an average queen size pillow.

Eight Sleep The Carbon Air PIllow Review uncovered
A look at the inside of the Carbon Air Pillow without its cover

Even though it might be smaller than the one you’re used to, it certainly isn’t limp or unsupportive. You can rest easy because the uncompressed loft of is about 6″. But we’ll talk more about loft and what that means in a bit — so let’s finish up our review on materials.

The inside is made from a big hunk of comfortable, aerated memory foam infused with graphite, meant to give the memory foam temperature regulating properties and draw heat away from your body.

Taking Care Of Its Cooling Cover

The slab of memory foam inside the Carbon Air Pillow is surrounded by a tencel cover fitted with a phase-change material to provide active cooling relief. So it’s soft, but very breathable. The mesh cover contributes to the pillow’s overall stellar airflow as it has tiny holes across the entire surface to allow air to pass through.

You can also machine wash the cover, which is great for those who have kids, or messy significant others who always spill their coffee in bed.

How Does The Eight Sleep Pillow Feel?

Now that you know that materials inside the Eight Sleep Pillow, you might guess that it feels like a big slab of memory foam. Though, it has more of a light, and airy memory foam feel. You can also feel little bursts of air when you press down on it, so it’s super breathable.

video thumbnail

While it doesn’t retain heat like average memory foam, it does respond slowly to pressure. It has a slight viscous feel, so if you aren’t a fan of memory foam, you might want to consider something like the Purple Harmony Pillow. It sleeps cool, but it’s made with Talalay latex and Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

Eight Sleep Loft And Sleeper Types

Loft is a mattress industry term for height, how thick a pillow is. Why does this matter, you ask? Different lofts accommodate different sleeper types. So depending on whether you sleep on your side, back, stomach, or a combination, you’ll want to find a pillow with a loft to accommodate you.

Eight Sleep The Carbon Air Pillow Review Side Sleeper Loft
The Carbon Air Pillow is lofty enough to support side sleepers like Dillon here

Since this pillow was a 6” loft, we suggest it to side sleepers of all sizes, combo sleepers, and most back sleepers.

Eight Sleep The Carbon Air Pillow Review Back Sleeper Loft
We think back sleepers will also enjoy this pillow, but stomach sleepers might want to consider other options

Those who sleep on their stomach might find this pillow to be too tall, and promotes an uncomfortable kink in your neck in that position. The only exception might be heavy stomach sleepers who need a bit more loft and support.

Eight Sleep Pillow Review Verdict

Here are some of our final thoughts on the Eight Sleep Carbon Air Pillow. There aren’t that many pillows out there specifically designed for hot sleepers, but we think this would be one of them. If you’re somebody who habitually heats up while they sleep, it may be worth $150 if it means you’ll receive a more quality rest. Plus we think it’ll be really comfortable for individuals who enjoy memory foam.

The only sleepers we might not recommend it to are folks who are interested in buying king size pillows, or strict stomach sleepers. Unless you’re over 250 lbs, stomach sleepers are more comfortable a pillow that has less loft.

If you need extra help choosing the right pillow, head over to our how to choose a pillow page.

Review team

  • kenzie
    McKenzie Dillon

    Combo Sleeper

  • JD
    JD Christison

    Combo Sleeper

  • Owen Poole

    Side Sleeper

  • dillon lopez slumber yard
    Dillon Lopez

    Combo Sleeper

Does it come in a king size?

No, as of right now, there is only one standard size for Eight Sleep’s Carbon Air Pillow.

Does the Eight Sleep Carbon Air Pillow sleep cool?

While we don’t love talking about temperature because it can be dependent on several factors, we do think it helps relieve hot sleepers.

Will I receive free shipping and returns?

Yes, Eight Sleep offers both free shipping, and free returns within their 30-day trial window.

What is this pillow made out of?

The majority of this pillow is made with carbon-infused memory foam. The carbon is meant to attract excess heat from your body so you sleep more cool and comfortable.

How did the Slumber Yard get this pillow?

Eight Sleep was nice enough to send us their pillow, and in return, we write them an honest review on the design, materials, price, and everything else we think is important.