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Helix Pillow Review (Ultra Cool & Standard Model)

Helix Pillow Review (Ultra Cool & Standard Model)

The Helix Sleep Pillow is adjustable and can accommodate all types of sleepers.

Last Updated: September 2, 2020

The Helix Pillow is one of the more interesting pillows out there given that it comes with two inserts, a 100-night sleep trial, and a fluffy, comfortable feel. Budget shoppers need not apply, but this is a heck of a pillow, all things considered. And if you want a pillow that’s cool-to-the-touch, you can upgrade to the Helix Cool version, which will cost you more, but might be just what you’re looking for.

Who Is This Best For?

All types of sleepers since you can go from 2 inserts—if you want a firmer tall pillow—all the way down to zero inserts if you want a very minimal loft and a softer pillow

Anyone that’s sensitive to traditional down feathers

Someone that wants a pillow that’s made in the USA and that’s incredibly comfortable

Anyone that sleeps warm will prefer the Helix Cool Pillow

Who Won’t Love It?

Someone on a strict budget and not looking to spend nearly $100 on a pillow

Anyone that wants a firm pillow

Policy Stuff – Helix Sleep Pillow Review

Helix Sleep offers free shipping on both the Helix Pillow and Helix Cool Pillow. Regardless of which you order, it will show up in a box all rolled up just like you see in the video below.

Once you remove the packaging, the pillow will inflate and take its intended form. You may want to give it a few hours just to make sure that’s it has time to fully inflate though.

From there, you have 100 nights to sleep on the pillow and to discern if it’s the pillow you indeed want. If you decide that you don’t want it anytime during that trial period, you can return it for free and get a full refund. Helix will actually send you a pre-paid UPS label to ship it back. Additionally, the pillows come with a 3-year limited warranty. You look at the Helix Sleep website for more details on shipping, returns, warranty, etc.

Construction of the Helix Sleep Pillows

Both pillows have essentially the exact same construction until you get to the cover, so let’s start from the inside out.

These are adjustable pillows with two inserts and a gusset on the top and bottom. The gusset and inserts are filled with a combination of memory foam and Down Alternative, which is preferable for folks with allergies to feathers.

helix sleep pillow review filling and construction
What’s inside the Helix pillow

The pillows are incredibly soft and comfortable and truly do feel like a hybrid between down and memory foam.

Pillow Covers

The regular Helix Pillow is made of a super-soft polyester. The Cool Pillow uses polyester as well, but then Helix adds in a Ultra Cool Knit Polyethylene Fabric, which is cool-to-the-touch.

You can actually feel the cooling affects through your pillow case, which is really nice. If you sleep warm at night, the Helix Cool Pillow is the way to go between the two. It’s a really nice pillow.

helix pillow review ultra cool sleep pillow
Close up of the Helix Sleep Ultra-Cool Pillow

The regular pillow—since it uses memory foam and no cooling materials—can tend to warm up if you sleep warmer at night already.

Now, if you sleep really really hot at night (excessively hot), even the Cool Pillow won’t do you justice—you should consider the TempurPedic TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze or Leesa Hybrid, both of which use a gel cooling pad, which does sleep extremely cold at night.

What’s the Loft Like?

Since these are both adjustable pillows, the loft depends on how many inserts you have inside the pillow. With zero inserts, the pillow has an uncompressed loft of about 2.5″. This is ideal for stomach sleepers only. You will be relying on what’s in the gussets, which makes for an extremely thin pillow. And what do you do then with the extra inserts? They make for great knee pillows!

helix pillow review stomach sleepers
Suitable for all sleeping positions

If you have one insert in the pillow, it has an uncompressed loft of about 5.5″ , which makes it ideal for medium and petite individuals that sleep on their side and back primarily or rotate positions at night. The loft will simply be too high for strict stomach sleepers, unless you have a very large frame.

If you have two inserts within the pillow, it’s about 8.5″ in terms of its uncompressed loft. This is only ideal for back and side sleepers that are very large. Most people won’t be ok with both inserts, as the pillow will just have too much loft. It will, however, make for a nice back rest if you’re watching TV in bed.

Helix Pillow Price & Coupon Code

These are two pretty expensive pillows. The standard Helix Pillow retails for $85 for a queen and $99 for a king. The Helix Cool Pillow is even more expensive at $115 for a queen and $129 for a king (ouch!).

Standard (Ultra-Cool)$115
King (Ultra-Cool)$129

Helix doesn’t typically run any promotions with their pillow, however, you can technically save money if you’re already getting the Helix Sleep mattress.

For example, during their 2018 Memorial Day sales event, we saw Helix offer $150 off when you purchase a mattress and some other sleep accessory (such as a pillow). While you’re not getting a straight discount on the pillow, you are technically saving money on the bundled items. You can check here for current offers from Helix Sleep.

Helix Pillow Review: Verdict

Let’s put price aside because obviously these are expensive pillows. It is really nice that they’re adjustable and will work for all types of sleepers, plus Helix offers the cooling pillow option.

Can you find a cheaper pillow Amazon? Of course you can. Will it be as good as these? Probably not. And you have return option if you don’t end up loving them, so it’s kind of hard to not like the Helix pillows.

What’s our personal favorite between the two? Oh, it has to be the Helix Cool Pillow. That’s an awesome pillow.

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How did the Slumber Yard get the Helix Pillow?

We were sent these pillows from Helix Sleep in order to review them.

Was there any off-gassing with the pillows?

Basically none. Typically there’s a little of that ‘clean’ or ‘chemical’ smell, but these were pretty neutral and odorless. If, however, you get one that smells a bit like a clean factory, just give it a few days to shake the smell—it will go away.

Is shipping really free?

It is for all US orders, which apparently also includes Alaska and Hawaii. For Canadian orders, shipping is an extra $150 CAD (whooo!!) plus you have to pay any customs tax (as of mid-2018).

Do these require special pillowcases?

No. They should fit on any standard/queen or king pillowcase. The only issue you may have is that with both inserts inside the pillow it may be a little more difficult to fit into a pillowcase—still really no trouble at all.

Where are these pillows manufactured?

Both the Helix Pillow and Helix Cool Pillow are made in the Unites States.

Will these pillows work for back sleepers?

They will work for any size back sleeper because they come with removable inserts, allowing you to adjust the loft according to your specific preferences.