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All sleeping positions (multiple options available)
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If you want a feather/down pillow

You might have seen a MyPillow ad on TV, but if you haven’t, we’d bet you’ve at least scrolled passed CEO Mike Lindell’s infomercial on your guide once or twice. So far, television marketing has proven to be hugely successful for the company, since MyPillow has almost become a household name. Since the company started in 2004, they’ve sold over 41 million pillows.

But, is MyPillow good? On their website, MyPillow claims to have the “world’s most comfortable pillow,” and the team members at Slumber Yard wanted to see how well that claim holds up. Is it just your basic pillow or is it truly all it’s cracked up to be?

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Watch Our My Pillow Video Review

Here’s our video review of the famous My Pillow:

  • Honest My Pillow Review

Now let’s get into the details of My Pillow and why it’s been so widely popular among sleepers.

My Pillow Materials Overview

We tested My Pillow in the medium fill level (white) and firm level (green). We’ll get into a more in-depth explanation on the significance of their fill levels soon, but first we want to go over Supima’s construction. There isn’t a ton of information about the pillow’s construction on their website, but this is what we do know.

My Pillow Review
  • 100% cotton
  • Packed with the company’s unique patented interlocking fill made from shredded polyurethane foam (neutral foam)
  • Manufactured in the U.S.

For a visual reference for the inside material, imagine putting neutral-foam through the pulse setting on your blender. The result is chopped up, mangled pieces of soft foam.

Feel And firmness Of Supima

During our My Pillow reviews, we determined the overall feel of the Supima models we tested is airy, soft foam. When you first pick up a Supima MyPillow, it feels fluffy and light and it’s quick to respond to pressure. One thing you may notice is that it’s a little lumpy. It might throw you off at first, but the texture is easy to get past when you’re laying down and it has a pillowcase covering it. We think you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.

MyPillow Specs

Again, there isn’t a lot of information on the company’s website about weight or additional specs, but here’s what we could gather:

  • Standard size – 18.5” x 26”
  • S/Queen size – 18.5” x 28”
  • Queen size – 18.5” x 30”
  • King size – 18.5” x 34”

Fitting Guide

T-shirt sizeWomenMen

* People used to sleeping on down or feather pillows should reduce one level of support, for example, from green to white.

You pick your ideal model based on your T-shirt size and a helpful chart on the company’s website and at Amazon help you pick the most appropriate firmness level. For example, if you’re a woman who usually wears a medium T-shirt, your recommended fill level is white.

MyPillow Works For All Sleeper Types

My Pillow has options for all sleeper types (back, stomach, side, combo) and body types, which is something we really like about My Pillow. This could also be a reason it’s so popular, because many types of people can find a model that will work for them.

My Pillow Review Back Sleeper

My Pillow Fill Options

You can purchase a Supima pillow in either medium or firm fill. The amount of fill in the pillow determines how firm it is — the more filling it has, the firmer your pillow will be. Your pillow should have a thin strand around the outside indicating what color it should be — ours is green.

Both the medium and firm pillows are fairly comfortable. They don’t go flat once you put your head on them which is something we like about them. However, we thought our MyPillows were slightly underwhelming and unremarkable. Are they comfortable? Yes, we think so. After considering their prices, are they among our favorites? No.

My Pillow Reviews Pricing

Roll & GoAnywhere Standard$29.99

If you’re shopping for an expensive pillow, you probably have high expectations for the pillow’s functionality and quality. A pricey pillow might have advanced cooling technology like the Helix Sleep Cooling Pillow or unique construction with a material unique to the brand, like the Purple Pillow. We have even compared MyPillow vs Purple Pillow to give you an easy glance at the two. Based on that, we aren’t sure how to justify the price of MyPillow’s Supima model.

We aren’t obligated to make positive comments on the products we receive, including our My Pillow reviews. As such, we’re going to be honest when we say we think MyPillow’s prices are a little steep. There’s nothing particularly extraordinary about the construction or feel of MyPillow’s Supima model.

Does MyPillow Offer Discounts?

MyPillow does offer discounts, often to get a second pillow free or at a discount. Visit MyPillow’s website or Amazon to check for specials.

Caring For The Pillow

  • When you first open your My Pillow, put it in the dryer with a damp cloth for about 15 minutes on high heat to give the pillow’s interlocking material a chance to activate.
  • Clean it in the washer and dryer as often as you wash anything else.
  • Use the washer’s regular cycle with cold or warm water.
  • You can use any detergent, but you can’t use fabric softener.
  • Top-loading washer — balance the load with another pillow or towel.
  • Front-loading washer — wash your My Pillow with a full load of laundry.
  • Wash it every four months, or every two months if you have allergies.
MyPillow Review Wash Instructions

MyPillow Review Verdict

We’ve tested many pillows here at The Slumber Yard and after completing our My Pillow reviews, we probably wouldn’t rank MyPillow among our favorites. We won’t argue with the fact that it’s comfortable and accommodating, but it might be a stretch to call it the “most comfortable pillow in the world.” Their prices are also something we can’t get past, since we think you can get a nicer pillow for around the same price. There’s just nothing that gives MyPillow an edge, and it definitely didn’t make us think “wow” when we laid on it.

If you aren’t price conscious and love purchasing from big brand names, you might like MyPillow. Especially if you’re looking for a universally comfortable and accommodating pillow without all the added features or fancy materials some other brands are using. If you’ve heard good things from your neighbor, parents, siblings and your best friends—give it a try. Remember, you have 60 nights to try out your pillow, so if you don’t like it, you can always get your money back.

If MyPillow isn’t your choice, look at our other pillow reviews to see if you can find one you may like better.

Other Reviews and Products

MyPillow Consumer Reviews

  • Amazon reviews: 4 stars. 68 percent of the 1,747 customer rankings for MyPillow’s Classic medium-fill queen-sized pillow were rated with four or five stars.
  • Reddit reviews: Many MyPillow complaints were found on Reddit, primarily about the use of chunks of foam for the fill. Other reviewers love MyPillow and like that it’s manufactured in the U.S. and can be run through the washer.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does MyPillow sell other products?

Yes, they also sell pillow cases, bed sheets, a MyPillow mattress, a mattress topper, and even pet beds. You can always head to MyPillow’s website and browse around to see what else they have to offer.

Can you buy MyPillow in store?

There are 500 show and store locations throughout the United States where you can purchase MyPillow, but you’ll have to check their store locator on their website to see if there’s any in your state. So make sure to double check before you head to any bedding retail stores.

What kind of pillow cases do you use for MyPillow?

They recommend you use open ended 100% cotton pillowcases to make sure you don’t affect MyPillow’s cooling properties.

What does MyPillow feel like?

It feels like a fluffy foam pillow. It’s made with hundreds of little shreds of foam.

Is it good for side sleeping?

MyPillow makes multiple different pillows, several of which are good for side sleeping. It just depends on the loft that you choose.

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