Who Is This Best For?

Anyone who already knows and loves the Nolah brand

Stomach, side, and back sleepers (all sleeper types)

Anyone who wants to test two types of pillows in one order

Hot sleepers looking for a cooler pillow

Who Won’t Love It?

Those looking for a memory foam pillow

Anyone who is good with their $4 Walmart pillow

People looking for machine washable covers

Buying A Nolah Pillow

We love Nolah as a company because they work with the Defenders of Wildlife to protect North American animals and their habitats. In fact, with every mattress you purchase, you can pick out an animal to support. Besides their mattresses, Nolah also has a catalog with adjustable bed frames, bedding, and of course, the two pillows that we’re reviewing today: the Nolah AirFoam Pillow and the Nolah AirFiber Pillow.

Nolah offers free shipping with both of their pillows and they’ll show up in a small, light cardboard box—make sure you use scissors instead of a knife while unboxing them, because you don’t want to accidentally puncture the pillow. Both the pillows come uncompressed and ready to go. We didn’t even have to air them out from their packaging.

From the delivery date, you’ll have a 120-night trial period to really test the pillow out to see if you love it and find it comfortable. 120 nights is a full four months, which trust us, is plenty of time to test out a pillow. Within these four months you can make a return completely for free. Just contact the company and they’ll guide you through the return process by helping you either send it back (if unused) or donate it to a local charity. You can then expect a full refund within a couple of days.

If you decide to keep your pillow or pillows, they will be covered under a 2-year warranty. You can read more about the warranty on Nolah’s website.


What Are The Nolah Pillows Made Of?

Nolah uses their AirFoam as the top layers of their mattresses, but now they’ve taken this material and turned it into the comfortable AirFoam pillow. Nolah AirFoam is an open cell foam that helps to circulate airflow, and it has a feel that’s somewhere between memory foam and poly foam, like a memory foam that’s lighter and much more responsive.

When we took the cover off of this pillow, we noticed that the foam is aerated in a few different ways. It has holes in it for airflow, but also an interesting border cutout that also promotes airflow, but just in a different way. You can feel the texture of the foam through the pillow, though (it’s bumpy). It’s not that big of a deal, but might bother the most sensitive of sleepers.

nolah airfoam pillow review
An inside look at the AirFoam pillow

The feel of this pillow is great, too. It’s soft but supportive, and much denser feeling than the AirFiber pillow. It feels somewhat similar to the Tuft & Needle pillow, but with slower responsiveness. The cover on this pillow is made with 100% premium cotton and infused with cooling phase-change material. It can be unzipped (on the top and side for super easy removal) and removed, but isn’t machine washable, so we recommend you put your own pillowcase on top of it.

And because we are reviewing both pillows today, the Nolah AirFiber pillow is made from a down-alternative (somewhat similar to the Purple Plush Pillow or Lull Pillow). It’s super fluffy feeling, and unlike your Walmart pillow, it maintains its shape around your head and puffs back into place after pressure is removed. It really looks and feels like a cloud. It has the same type of cover as the AirFoam pillow. We like the cover a lot, it feels thick and quality-made.

nolah airfiber pillow review
The AirFiber pillow is fluffier than the AirFoam pillow.

Loft Of The AirFoam And AirFiber Pillows

The AirFoam pillow and the AirFiber pillow are both about 6” thick. The AirFoam is denser and tends to keep its shape more. Compressed, the AirFoam goes down to about 2” and the AirFiber smooshes down to about an inch. This can vary depending on how much weight is applied.

Who Will Like Which Pillow Best?

Back sleepers tend to need a little less loft than side sleepers. This is because it’s important that both back and stomach sleepers keep their necks aligned with their spines. Whereas, when laying on your side, your pillow will need a little more loft to keep your head supported and spine aligned.

Because of this, we think the AirFoam pillow will be better for side sleepers because it’s thicker, denser, and offers more support from it’s taller loft. The AirFiber pillow will be better for back sleepers, because it has less of a loft. Same goes for stomach sleepers, who should either sleep without a pillow, or one that has only a little bit of loft.

nolah airfiber pillow review
The Nolah AirFiber pillow will be a good pick for back sleepers.

But honestly, both pillows could probably work for any sleeper type. Keep in mind that your individual body type also plays a factor, here. Larger body types might be able to get away with sleeping on their backs on the AirFoam pillow. We recommend you utilize that trial-period and test it out for yourself.

Temperature Of The Nolah Pillow

Both of these pillows have great airflow, which helps to keep them cool in temperature. This is really nice for hot sleepers, or anyone who finds themselves flipping over their pillow in the middle of the night to find “the cool side.”

Nolah pillow review airfoam
Keep cool on either Nolah pillow.

Since the AirFoam pillow is aerated, you feel a rush of air every time you press down on it. The AirFiber pillow fill is a light and airy material, so it leaves room for airflow, as well. Both are cool, but not cold to the touch like the Sealy Chill Pillow.

Nolah AirFoam And AirFiber Pillow Pricing

The Nolah AirFoam pillow is a little bit more expensive than the AirFiber, probably because it’s denser and thicker. A standard queen size AirFoam pillow costs $99 MSRP.

The Nolah AirFiber costs $79 MSRP, even though it’s actually bigger than the AirFoam pillow. Both pillows are only available in a standard/queen size. If we’re being exact, the AirFoam is 17”x23” and the AirFiber is 20”x30”.

Sometimes we find some coupons to save you some money. If we have one for these pillows, it should be in a box floating on the right side of this page. Be sure to check out our Mattress Coupons & Deals page to see any other deals we snagged for you.

Nolah Pillows Verdict

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of these pillows. If you only want one, consider your sleeper type, body type, and pillow type preference. Again, the AirFoam pillow is thicker and feels more dense, and we think it will be better for side sleepers. The AirFiber pillow has a classic pillow feel; it’s fluffy and cloud-like. The AirFiber pillow will probably be better for back and stomach sleepers.

Either way, these are both really comfortable and quality pillows that are Slumber Yard approved.

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How did you test the Nolah pillows?

We got to test them because Nolah sent them to us. Wasn’t that nice of them? But don’t worry, we are in no way obligated to write anything they tell us to. All opinions are purely our own.

Which one is your favorite?

Really, we like both of them because they’re different in their own ways! Some people in the office prefer a traditional fluffy pillow, so they like the AirFiber pillow more, and others like a more supportive foam-y pillow, so they like the AirFoam better.

What other products can I find from Nolah?

Nolah has two mattresses to choose from: their Original 10” and their Signature 12”, both of which we’ve reviewed. They also have adjustable bases. One model has massage and a bunch of other features, and the other is just adjustable, so that you can have your pick. Besides that, they have a mattress protector and a sheet set. And then, of course, the two pillows that we reviewed in this post.

Which of Nolah’s pillows will suit side sleepers?

Nolah’s AirFoam pillow is thicker and denser than the AirFiber model, and therefore, we think it would be more suitable for side sleepers.

Will the Nolah pillows work for back and stomach sleepers?

If you’re somebody who predominately sleeps on their back, we think the AirFiber pillow would be more accommodating because it’s fluffy and has a lower loft.

What if I don’t like my pillow?

Nolah gives you 120 nights from delivery to decide if you like your pillow. If not, you can contact their customer service team to initiate the refund process.

Where are the pillows from Nolah manufactured?

The AirFoam Pillow is made in Elkhart India. As for the AirFiber pillow, the material on the inside is made in the USA, and the cover is manufactured in China.