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Purple Plush Pillow Review

Check out what we think about the new Purple Plush Pillow

In this review, we tell you all about the Plush Pillow from Purple Mattress. This pillow has a zipper on either side that lets you control the firmness level. We’ll let you know which sleeper type this pillow is best for, what price you can expect to pay, what it’s filled with, and more.

Who Is This Pillow Best For?

  • All types of sleepers
  • Anyone who likes a fluffy, bouncy pillow
  • Those who already know and love the Purple brand
  • People that want to be able to (somewhat) control the firmness level of their pillow

Who Won't Love This Pillow?

  • Those who like a memory foam pillow
  • Anyone who prefers their $4 Walmart pillow over a $49 Purple Pillow

Free Shipping

100-Night Trial Period

1-Year Warranty

Adjustable Design

Machine Washable

Check Current Offers

Purple is one of the leading brands in the world of sleep. The company is most well known for its patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer material, which is featured in the Purple mattresses (Original, 2, 3, 4), seat cushions, and other products. But today, we’re going to talk about a completely new product, the Plush Pillow, that actually does not have Hyper-Elastic Polymer inside.

Buying The New Purple Plush Pillow

Upon purchasing your Purple Plush Pillow, you can expect free shipping straight to your door. To really make sure that you’ll love it, Purple gives you a 100-night trial period to test it out. If within this trial period you decide that you don’t like this pillow for whatever reason, you can return it hassle free.

This means you can just contact the company and let them know you want a return, and they’ll send you a FedEx label to send it back to them. You should receive your refund within a couple days of them receiving your return. Easy-peasy.

purple plush pillow review
The Purple Plush Pillow has a traditional look to it

If you keep your pillow, it will be covered under a one-year warranty. Just so you know, while Purple states that their Hyper-Elastic Polymer pillow should never break down or wear out on you, they state that the Plush Pillow is designed to help the pillow retain its shape longer than your average pillow (but probably not forever).

What Is The Purple Plush Pillow Made Of?

The Plush Pillow looks like a little cloud on your bed because of white and fluffy design. The cover material is made of 60% lyocell and 40% nylon. It’s soft and naturally moisture-wicking, and feels slightly cool. It’s definitely one of those pillows where you can flip it over in the middle of the night to get to the cool side.

purple plush pillow review
Plush Pillow (left) / Purple Pillow (right)

The fluff inside the pillow is very similar to the eidertech fill in their Purple Blanket in that it’s fluffy and bouncy, but it’s actually new technology called “Smart Fluff.” Smart Fluff is made of interlocking denier poly fiber puff balls.

It then has zippers on both sides of the pillow that allow you to close the pillow up for added firmness, open it up for optimal softness, or experiment with something in between. The pillow weighs 3.6 lb.

To clean the Plush Pillow, throw the whole thing in the washing machine and use cold water on the gentle cycle. To dry, tumble dry on low heat. Purple recommends throwing some tennis balls in there as well, which helps to fluff the pillows up a bit and dry them quicker (thanks for the tip, Purple).

Loft Of The Purple Plush Pillow

Loft refers to how tall the pillow is, compressed or uncompressed. These measurements are a little different because we have so many options between the pillow being zipped up, completely unzipped, and all the other options in between.

purple plush pillow review
The compressed loft is between 2″ and 4″

So the loft of the pillow is the same at 8” tall uncompressed, whether it’s zipped or unzipped. But then while it’s zipped up, the pillow has less room to flatten out (which is why it feels firmer), making it 2.5-3.5” tall while compressed. While the pillow is unzipped, the fluff has more room to spread out, so it ranges from 2-4” tall while compressed.

purple plush pillow review
Loft depends on the status of the zippers

We realize this doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but it actually does feel a little different while laying your head on it.

The dimensions of this pillow are roughly 26” x 18”. A standard size pillow case should fit on these pillows just fine, and also make for easier cleaning and more cohesive bedding.

Back And Side Sleepers

Because the firmness of this pillow is adjustable, we think almost anyone will be able to get comfortable, but remember that getting comfortable and keeping the spine aligned has a lot to do with your body size, as well.

purple plush pillow review
The Purple Plush Pillow is Just fine for back sleepers

As a general rule of thumb, back sleepers need a little bit of loft so that their head is properly supported to keep their neck in line with the rest of their spine. Because of this, we’d say back sleepers might want to unzip their pillow for a softer feel and less loft.

purple plush pillow review
It’s a fluffy, comfy pillow

Side sleepers typically need a little extra loft to keep their spines aligned while on their sides. The head needs to be supported so that the nose is in line with your belly button. Side sleepers might want to keep their Plush Pillow zipped up so that it’s firmer and the loft stays higher even with their head’s weight.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers are similar to back sleepers, except their necks are usually turned to the side so that they’re not face down. The key here is to keep the neck in line with the spine, so you’ll probably want a softer pillow with less loft. Again, this will have a lot to do with your body type.

purple plush pillow review

Now, this is a very specific and probably uncommon arrangement, but if you’re like Slumber Yard member McKenzie, you sleep on your stomach without a pillow under you, but with a pillow on top of your head (we know, she’s weird). Because of this pillow’s great airflow, you should still be able to breathe and it should be light enough that it doesn’t give you any neck issues.

Sleeping Temperature

Some people like to sleep on the cooler side, and we get that. We already mentioned how the material of this pillow is slightly cooling and moisture-wicking, but we want to discuss airflow, as well.

If you look closely, the material inside of the zippers that holds the fluff in is a mesh-like material that has holes in it. When both sides of the pillow are unzipped, you can expect to have better airflow through the pillow because it lets the fluff become more airy, which literally gives more room for airflow.

On the other hand, when the pillow is zipped up, the pillow probably won’t be quite as cool. So if you tend to sleep hot and need all the cool-down you can get, we recommend you go for the softer option this pillow offers and unzip the sides.

Purple Plush Pillow Pricing

We’ve reviewed some expensive pillows on the Slumber Yard, like the $170 TempurPedic TEMPUR Cloud Breeze Cooling Pillow, and we’re happy to say that the Purple Plush Pillow is highly affordable by comparison.

One pillow costs $49, but we’ve seen them offer a two-for-one sale in the past. That means two pillows for just $49. Believe us when we tell you this is a steal. You check current promotions on

Purple Plush Pillow Review: Verdict

We’re big fans of most of Purple’s products around here, and we’re excited to add the Purple Plush Pillow to our lineup of approved items. It’s fluffy and comfy, and we love all the customization options for different firmness levels and airflow. And because you can customize your firmness level, we think almost any sleeper type will be able to get comfortable and properly support their spine.

Besides all that, we’re actually pretty surprised and impressed by the price. We think if you’re looking for a quality pillow, this is it.

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How did you get the Purple Plush Pillow?

Purple sent two of them to us to test out. But we promise all the fangirling we do over these pillows is completely our own; we are in no way obligated by Purple to endorse their products.

Do you need a pillowcase with the Purple Plush Pillow?

You don’t absolutely need a pillow case with these pillows because they are machine washable and their cover is a nice and soft material, but you still probably should use a pillowcase. It’ll make for easier cleaning and can prevent the pillow from wearing out as fast.

Was there any off-gassing with this pillow?

None that we noticed. Memory foam typically has more off-gassing, and these aren’t memory foam.

What is the difference between the Purple Plush Pillow and the Purple Pillow?

The Purple Pillow is a 10 lb pillow made out of Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. It’s flat, heavy, and feels firm and squishy. It’s supposed to cradle your neck, and shouldn’t ever wear out. The Purple Plush Pillow is more traditional. It’s soft and fluffy and has zippers on the side to adjust the firmness. This is the type of pillow you can fluff up.