PlushBeds Botanical Bliss
PlushBeds Botanical Bliss
Why it’s Great
Botanical Bliss is the most popular mattress from PlushBeds. It features organic latex foam and organic cotton.
Best for
If you want a latex mattress
People that like responsive beds
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Latex Foam
Trial Period
100 Nights
25 Years
Made in


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Applying A PlushBeds Coupon

You’re probably used to a coupon code providing a cash discount. PlushBeds might sometimes operate this way, but we’ve seen them more commonly offer free gifts with their purchase. For instance, with a discount, we’ve seen that PlushBeds will throw in free pillows, sheets, and other bedding products. It might not discount the mattress directly, but it will help you outfit your home. Having said all of that, there’s no telling what PlushBeds will do during major American holidays. Take Black Friday, as an example, they might offer a cash discount or an even larger gift bundle with your purchase of a mattress. One thing that is for sure is that with the majority of mattress brands, a major American holiday is the best time to shop for a mattress, with and without a coupon code. And, by far, the best holidays for mattress shopping are Black Friday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

What Makes PlushBeds Unique

The company’s overall branding is a big reason that people end up researching PlushBeds and their coupons. Beyond that, however, they make several natural and organic beds that people just seem to love. Botanical Bliss, for example—their most popular mattress—is made using organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton. There is a large subset of consumers that are specifically looking for an eco-conscious mattress with health certified materials. Botanical Bliss is a simply wonderful option, particularly if consumers like a bouncy and responsive feel. The bed is heavy and difficult to move, but if you’re specifically looking for a natural or organic bed, it’s a small tradeoff. What’s also nice is that in order to get these health certifications you do not have to pay extra, and if you apply a coupon code they won’t change the mattress in anyway. It will just either discount the bed or get you free bedding products.

Policies Offered by PlushBeds

Let’s discuss the Botanical Bliss mattress in particular since that’s the bed that most people end up getting. For starters, you get free shipping with this bed. Interestingly, however, it ships in two separate boxes and you assemble the bed for yourself. This process sounds more laborious than it actually is, but it will take you about 30-45 minutes start to finish. Make sure you have someone with you and you’ll be just fine. You also get to arrange the layers however you want to increase or decrease the firmness level.

Once you have a bed at your house you have 100 nights to test it out. Our gut tells us that you’ll have a definitive answer within the first few weeks. Don’t rush to judgement, however. Take the extra few weeks to try the mattress. Your body takes up to a month to adjust to a new bed.

If you don’t like Botanical Bliss you can return it. All you do is call the company at 1-888-404-9041 and request a refund within those first 100 nights. They will dispatch a company or charity to your house to pickup the mattress. They won’t charge you anything or levy any fee to return it.

The bed also comes with a 25 year warranty. That’s right, 25 years rather than the standard 10 year warranty. You can read more about the warranty on PlushBeds’ website. It’s important that you do that since latex mattresses have fairly strict warranty terms. One such example is that your mattress foundation is even more important with a latex bed.

What Products Does PlushBeds Offer

Are you ready for this? PlushBeds offers a heck of a lot of products. They sell natural latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and RV mattresses. Even more, they sell mattress toppers, bed frames, pillows, sheets, and other bedding products. They have so many products that it’s almost confusing. They offer 2-3 products of each type. For instance, PlushBeds offers several different RV mattresses, not just one. Are coupons available for all of their products? Not all of them, but the major ones should work with our PlushBeds coupon code. There’s only one way to find out, though, just try applying it at checkout.