We are no longer accepting applications for the 2021 Slumber Yard Scholarship, but please check back next year for our 2022 application!

A Scholarship… On A Mattress Site?

You probably know My Slumber Yard from our mattress reviews and expert sleep advice. But we’re not just a mattress site. We want to empower our readers to make the best decisions for their sleeping habits at every stage of their life. What you may not have known about My Slumber Yard is our commitment to helping students achieve their professional goals. 

Our annual scholarship program allows us to assist driven students to better themselves by earning a degree. The reality is that college is expensive and the costs continue to rise. Expensive to the point that people weigh the benefits of getting the degree against the amount of debt it will take. We want to help get people a little closer to their goal, whatever it may be. 

Students should be able to focus on academics rather than external financial circumstances. We also know that sleep during college is hard to come by. The all-nighters and the crummy dorm mattresses leave a lot to be desired. Finances are the last thing you should be losing sleep over. So we created this scholarship to help give back. It’s as easy as submitting a video telling us your college plans and goals. 

A few words from the founders:

“Speaking from personal experience, I know how valuable a business degree is for achieving professional success. My hope is that the Slumber Yard Scholarship will enable a special student to achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations.” – Matthew Ross, Certified Sleep Coach

“I am very sympathetic to this reality and personally was a beneficiary of scholarships to help finance my education. As such, the Slumber Yard Scholarship is something I deeply care about and am optimistic will help a young person get closer to their goal of earning a degree.” – Jeff Rizzo, Certified Sleep Coach

Application Requirements

And Submission

The deadline for the My Slumber Yard scholarship application is August 13, 2021. To be eligible, please send an email to info@myslumberyard.com with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Current mailing address
  • Phone number
  • The name of your current college or the college you plan to attend
  • A link to your application video on YouTube – please include:
    • Why are you interested in pursuing a degree and/or career in your respective major/field?
    • What is your ultimate goal or dream job? What are the steps you are taking to achieve your goals?
    • What will you do with your future degree to help promote healthier, more restful sleep at night? Be creative! For example, will you help calm stress so individuals can get better sleep? Will you help people cope more efficiently with their emotions?
    • Be sure to include some personal anecdotes/examples so the Scholarship Committee can get to know you.
  • Attach a copy of your latest transcript (high school or college) so the Scholarship Committee can verify GPA

Student Status

Applicants must be currently enrolled at or planning to attend a 2-4 year university, community college, or graduate school program located in the United States.


The minimum GPA required for application is 3.0, indicating that all candidates are in good academic standing.


In order to be considered for the My Slumber Yard scholarship, applicants must be subscribed to our Youtube channel. It’s simple really, all you have to do is push the subscribe button.

Selection Process And Notification

The Slumber Yard Scholarship Committee will review each application and notify the winning student of their award by phone no later than September 1, 2021. Upon notice of winning the scholarship, the winner will need to supply a current proof of enrollment or a letter of acceptance to receive their scholarship check. In the event the winner does not respond within 96 hours of the initial contact attempt, a new winner will be chosen.

      Award Amount

      One-time award of $1,500.

      So, how far can $1,500 get you? 

      What you can get:Cost:
      Brooklinen sheet sets for 10 years$135 per set. $1,350 total
      A new hypoallergenic comforter for the next 15 years Around $100 each. $1,500 total. 
      New text books for a year.$1,240
      Three Series 6 Apple Watches$399 each. $1,200 total
      Six pairs of Bose noise-canceling headphones$230 each. $1,380 total. 
      15 graphing calculators Around $100 each. $1,500 total.
      2021 Winner
      Student Face
      Kaitlyn Gonzalez is currently attending Florida International University and plans to graduate with a Master’s Degree from their School of Interior Architecture. Once she receives her degree, she hopes to become a licensed interior architect and open up her own interior architect firm in Miami and make her number one supporter, her mom, proud. With her firm, she hopes to continue expressing the love she has for design and contemporary homes.
      2020 Winner
      Student Face
      Hannah Sanchez is currently attending California Aeronautical University and plans to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Business Administration. Hannah plans to use her degree to start her own business within the aviation industry. We do not doubt that Hannah will be successful in her career and a positive member of her community. We’re rooting for you, Hannah!
      2019 Winner
      Student Face
      Daniel Naqui will be attending the University of Miami, Florida and plans to get a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics. Daniel hopes to one day start a non-profit organization to help individuals with special needs. His hobbies include: collecting trading cards, playing sports, and volunteering at local hospitals. With a 4.0 GPA, we have nothing but confidence in Daniel and his plans.
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Do I need to use YouTube for the video?

      No. You can use any platform you’d like to host your video, including Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, and others.

      Does the video need to be public?

      No. You can share a private or unlisted video with us or send us the video file directly.

      When will the scholarship funds be available?

      The funds will be mailed within 30 days of providing current proof of enrollment or letter of acceptance.

      Is The Slumber Yard scholarship renewable?

      No, The Slumber Yard scholarship is a one-time award. However, new scholarships are awarded each year and winners may re-apply.

      Can I mail in a paper application?

      No, we do not accept any paper applications. To be considered, you must use electronic submission outlined above.

      Do you have any suggestions for college student mattresses?

      Yes we absolutely do! Check out our page on the best mattress for college student apartments and dorms here: Best Mattress For College Student Apartment & Dorm

      Further questions?

      Please direct all questions to info@myslumberyard.com