Putting on a sleep music playlist as you get ready for bed can help relax your mind. Leaving a relaxing sleeping music playlist on while you drift off to sleep can also help welcome you into a peaceful sleep. Studies have shown that soothing music at night can help you fall asleep and sleep better, as music can have a relaxing effect on your brain. Some studies have even shown that songs at exactly 60 BPM are perfect for sleeping because that’s the heart rate that’s ideal for sleep. Classical music often fits this requirement, but most soothing, quiet, or ballad-style songs can help you sleep. Check out some of the best sleep playlists ahead.

The Best Playlists to Fall Asleep to

Deep Sleep

Source: Spotify

Spotify’s own curated Deep Sleep playlist is designed to help you have a peaceful night of rest. The playlist in its entirety is more than 11 hours long, which should fulfill an entire night of sleep plus some. The advantage of a playlist this long is that you can put it on as you’re getting ready for bed to help wind down for the night. The ambient noise and soothing music will help wash away the day’s stressors and get your mind ready for sleep.

Sleeping Songs 2022

Source: Spotify

If you’re looking for a Spotify sleep playlist with recognizable songs, this one includes artists like James Bay, Adele, and The Weeknd. This playlist’s creator put together more than 10 hours of music by popular artists, searching for each one’s most relaxing and chill tracks. While you might worry that you’d be too invested in singing along with this music at bedtime, the familiar music can bring a sense of calm.

Peaceful Night

Source: YouTube

This eight-hour YouTube playlist is the perfect length for a proper night of sleep. The whole playlist runs at 528Hz, which is known as the love frequency. It is thought that this frequency can aid in repairing the mind and body and connecting a person to the divine. If nothing else, it’s a calming frequency that should help you have a relaxing night of sleep.

Sleep Piano Music

Source: Spotify

If something instrumental is more your vibe, try this Spotify playlist of just piano music. It clocks in at just over eight hours to give you a full night of music, and the dulcet tones of this percussion instrument should help put your mind and body at ease at night.

Relaxing Sleep Music + Rain Sound

Source: YouTube

This YouTube sleep playlist gives you a bit of a hybrid listening experience. At just over three hours, this set of music has both soothing music as well as just some ambient rain noise. While this playlist won’t last you through the entire night, hopefully, three hours is enough to help you fall asleep and keep you there.

ASMR Sleep

Source: Spotify

Spotify’s playlist of ASMR sleep sounds is a good option for people who are into ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response. If you aren’t familiar with it, these are sounds that connect with your senses in a way that can be soothing. Sometimes it’s the sound of a voice in a certain tone, and sometimes it’s everyday objects making noise. But these noises are all designed for a soothing auditory experience. This playlist includes everything from playing with beads in a cup to someone whispering.

4 Hours of Classical Music for Sleeping

Source: YouTube

This YouTube sleep playlist is exactly what the title says it is. This classical music combination can be played at a low volume to woo your mind into settling down for sleep. It includes many of the greats, like Johann Sebastian Bach, Claude Debussy, and Frederic Chopin.

Lofi Sleep 2022

Source: Spotify

LoFi music was practically created for sleeping — but in the best way. LoFi music is full of imperfections that make it sound DIY, which gives it a soothing, homemade quality that feels so comforting. This nearly five-hour Spotify sleep playlist has a ton of sleep-inducing songs you can put in your ears to help you fall asleep.

Relaxing Japanese Zen Music

Source: YouTube

Some Japanese music is known for bringing a certain level of calm. This YouTube sleep playlist may be just under three hours, but it’s still enough calming music to put you to sleep. You’ll be treated to traditional Japanese instrumentals with this music, and it’ll transport you to a peaceful garden full of zen.

K-Pop Sleep Playlist

Source: YouTube

In case you’re into K-pop — or even if you’re not — this YouTube sleep playlist is worth a shot. It’s short, just an hour, but it’s enough music to send you off into dreamland. It includes some of the more chill music by K-pop’s biggest stars and can help even non-fans find a peaceful night of sleep.

Final Thoughts

Put on a bedtime music playlist tonight when you head to bed and see if it helps you sleep. The calming music in any of these Spotify sleep playlists or YouTube sleep playlists is sure to satisfy your brain, check-out from a tiring day, and head into a restful night of sleep — for the whole night.