When a friend first told me about the power of blue light glasses, I was skeptical—especially since I have never worn glasses before, so why start now? And besides, how could these lenses help me sleep better? Or even help my headaches?  

To appease my friend and satisfy my own curiosity, I decided to give blue light glasses a try. I browsed various websites, tried on a few styles, and ultimately chose a pair. I then wore these glasses for a month straight and continued with my daily routine’s excessive screen time. I didn’t change anything else. 

After a month of wearing these glasses, it is safe to say that I am entirely pleased with the results. 

What Are Blue Light Glasses?

According to Harvard Medical School, exposure to blue light from any screen at night “throws the body’s biological clock—the circadian rhythm—out of whack. Sleep suffers.” In a recent Harvard study exploring the dark effects of blue light, researchers concluded that “blue light suppressed melatonin for about twice as long” as any other light source. This means that looking at a computer screen or a phone screen for a long period of time at night tells our brains to stay awake. 

This is where blue light glasses come in. They work by blocking—you guessed it—the blue light of our screens. But would they work for me?

Fewer Headaches

Migraines afflict 12% of the American population—and this even includes children.  

I am fortunate enough to have never had a history of migraines. On the other hand, I do experience fairly regular headaches followed by long exposures to bright lights (such as my computer). In college, I had to remind myself often to give my eyes a break from my screen. Long exposure to my phone screen had similar effects. 

About two weeks in, I noticed that I could go through my entire workday without the annoying pain of a headache. I no longer required an Advil around 4 p.m., which meant I was able to take fewer breaks. Especially with work at home and lots of Zoom calls, this was very important.  

Less Time To Fall Asleep 

During my first week, I didn’t notice much of a difference when I spent my days on my computer with my glasses on. I was still struggling to get to sleep at night. Then, I stumbled onto something that worked even better. 

The trick—I didn’t take them off the second I logged off of my computer for the day. Nope. I wore my glasses for the rest of the night: while eating dinner, scrolling on my phone, and especially watching TV. Turning off my brain and turning on a TV show (whether that be trashy reality or a suspenseful drama) is my favorite nighttime activity. I kept my glasses on while sitting down on the couch or even in my bed with a laptop. When it was time for me to go to bed, I found that I spent less time waiting for sleep to wash over me. Before wearing my glasses full-time, I often had to wait a while until I actually fell asleep. Now, when I reach over to the nightstand to turn my lamp off, I am truly ready to sleep.   

More Energy In The Morning

During my month-long experiment, I found that I tossed and turned less at night. I was able to fall asleep soon after I hit the pillow. In the mornings, I woke up with more energy simply because I had achieved more sleep the night before. I was ready for whatever the day might throw at me. 

And more energy equals a better mood. I am truly happy that I gave these glasses a try, and, of course, liking the way they look is a huge plus! 

Why I’m Never Going Back

I keep my blue light glasses in a case on my nightstand. They are the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night. My daily and nightly routine now involve my glasses. I believe that my exposure to less blue light has helped me fall asleep faster, given me more energy in the morning, and helped stop my headaches before they begin. 

I’ve never needed glasses ever before, but now, I don’t see myself ever stopping!

Where Can You Get a Pair?

If I have sold you on the power of blue light glasses, you are in luck! There are a lot of stores and eyeglass brands that carry these special glasses. Warby Parker, Amazon and Target all have vast collections of blue light glasses to choose from. Warby Parker even offers a Home Try-On feature, where you can select five styles of frames, and they send them to your door for free. All three of these companies offer prescription and non-prescription lenses. 

I personally own a pair of Warby Parker glasses, in style Whalen. I enjoy how they don’t glare when I am on a Zoom call or working on my computer. Regardless of the brand, find a pair that works best for you!  

Too Long? Didn’t Read?

After hearing that blue light glasses can help you fall asleep faster, I knew I had to try them myself. After a month of wearing them for all of my screen activities, I found that I experienced fewer headaches, more quality sleep, and increased energy throughout the day. I was exposing myself to less blue light that kept my brain awake at night. I have never had to rely on glasses before, but now I believe that I will be a blue light glasses-wearer for a long time!