Do you tend to warm up at night when you’re asleep, do you sleep cold, or is temperature not something you typically think about when you’re in bed?

Your sleeping style, pajamas you wear, climate you live in, temperature of your home, and your mattress can all have an impact on how hot or cold you sleep at night.

The Truth About Cool Mattresses

Regardless of all the different factors that go into a person’s sleeping temperature, it’s not uncommon to see a mattress brand claim that their mattress will sleep “cool.” The truth of the matter is, most mattresses sleep temperature neutral or on the warmer side if it’s traditional memory foam.

purple mattress review hyper elastic polymer topper bed online
Cooling airflow inside of the Purple mattress

The beds that actually sleep cool will be the ones with some type of cooling technology woven inside the cover such as the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress, or within the layers of the mattress. Purple Mattresses also tend to sleep cool because of the number of air pockets inside the Purple Grid, which allow for an impeccable amount of airflow.

Which Beds Sleep Warm?

If there are mattresses on the market that sleep cool, are there such things as beds that sleep warm? Yes and no. Bands usually don’t set out to make a warm sleeping mattress, unless it’s a bed Eight Pod where you can control the temperature on each side of a bed. However, some materials like traditional memory foam naturally sleep warm because of heat retention. Memory foam tends to conform to you, and forms a mold around your body absorbing your body heat, and making it uncomfortably warm for some sleepers.

loom and leaf mattress review
The construction of Loom & Leaf’s laminated cooling gel panel

If you take a look at Loom and Leaf, on the other hand, it’s a memory foam mattress with a laminated cooling gel strip within the construction, made from the same material used in hospitals to treat burn victims. So not all memory foam beds will sleep warm, and if it’s a concern for you, we suggest you pay attention to the materials inside the bed and keep a look out for mention of active cooling technology.

How We Test Temperature 

In every one of our mattress reviews, you’ll notice a section where we discuss a bed’s temperature regulation. We don’t like to say with absolute certainty whether a mattress sleeps cold or warm because it heavily depends on the factors we mentioned above like your pajamas, the temp of your home, whether you sleep alone or co-sleep, etc.

With that said, we will discuss our experience with a mattress, and will be honest how a mattress performed on the cooling spectrum. Some beds, like a few of the ones mentioned on our Best Cooling Mattress, were actually given our stamp of approval on coolness. And some just sleep temperature neutral in our opinion, even if a brand claims it keeps sleepers cool.

We base our opinion on the perspective of 10 different sleepers, some who sleep warm, some temperature neutral, and even one cool sleeper. Me, (Slumber Yard member McKenzie Dillon) sleeps on the warm end and lives in the high desert, so I can get pretty warm at night.

temperature regulation scale

We also have our own scale in which we judge temperature and temperature neutrality based on the materials inside. As you can see from above, springs and Hyper-Elastic Polymer sleep on the cool end of the spectrum. Latex foam lands around the middle of the spectrum thanks to its aerated design.

Near the end, you can find memory foam and polyurethane foam. They don’t always sleep warm, but generally, this is what we’ve experienced during our time testing mattresses.

Why Trust Us?

This is a great question, and you should always be cautious of who/where you’re getting your information. We are an independent testing group, and are sent each bed from the company with NO STRINGS ATTACHED. We don’t accept any monetary compensation for our review, nor do we give them a better rating. Our reviews are honest, thorough, and backed medical professionals and experts. We’ve tested over 150 beds and are well-versed in the world of online mattresses, which is exactly why we want to help you navigate it!