All sleep lovers and pup owners, welcome to our Slumber Dog initiative! As you might have noticed from our website, we’re big on sleep quality here. That goes for you, and just as importantly, your furry family members.
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    October is
    National Pet Wellness Month

    From now through the end of October, the Slumber Yard will be focusing on doggos and their different sleeping habits. Not only do we dive deep into research about dogs and sleep, but we also go on the hunt for the best, coziest dog beds (with the help of some volunteers). Our end goal is to bring awareness to the importance of sleep for canines, and support an organization who cares about a pooch’s well-being just as much as we do.

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    We’re Giving Back

    October may be the spookiest month of the year, but it’s also National Pet Wellness Month and Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Unfortunately, most shelter dogs only receive about 11 hours of sleep a day due to stress — 1-3 hours less than your typical household pup. That’s why we’re donating 50% of proceeds from all dog bed sales to the Humane Society of Charlotte and the Conway Area Humane Society, organizations who help make a positive impact in the lives and sleep quality of anxious shelter dogs!


1 in 4 adults would rather sleep with their dog than their significant other.

Sleeping with a family can improve a dog’s sleeping habits, but what can a dog do for a human’s sleep? Our recent study revealed that a significant number of dog lovers would prefer to share a bed with their dog over their partner. Can you blame them? Dogs are cute, cuddly, and never hog the blankets.
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We want you to join in on the fun — we’d love to see your furry friends! Share a photo or video of your dog sleeping to your Instagram or TikTok with #slumberdog in the caption, follow our social accounts, and tag our Slumber Yard account for a chance to win a $500 Visa gift card and new dog bed from the following brand.

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